1. jschoen

    make a favorites tab somewhere between your sets and your classes?

  2. THE_LEGEND232

    sort the sets better

  3. fmmmlee

    The study feed could use some work. A set I worked on yesterday was in the "yesterday" category, and then an hour or so later it was in the "Today" category. I'm not sure if the first instance was a figment of my imagination, or if it really happened. You might add a little menu to ask people what time zone they are in to get accurate "Today" etc. times. Great work!

  4. jenkinsrc1 PLUS

    Maybe you should let us organize them in different folders and make it so we could have favorites. Of course, I love Quizlet how it is!!!

  5. conorholcomb

    what is quizlet? happy birthday

  6. sydney-artlover

    organize them into favorites

  7. cyclone18

    add the space race to the iphone app and on the app for the learn part don't just take 7 at a tie make it the normal all terms in that group and make it look like the one on the computer

  8. MatthewB_W2

    make space race easier

  9. jbaade

    Add a button for creating a set so I don't forget where the "Create Set" button is up by the "Inside Quizlet".

  10. jackwiseman4

    Folders and things like that for organizing sets

  11. maria_sharapova

    ok,i know this doesnt have to do w/dashboard but,can you let 2 or more users play multiplayer in the games?

  12. Planar

    Make a tab in the Dashboard where you can view replies to your feedback from the staff.

  13. izzygeller

    make it possible to have friends without using facebook. like a quizlet frind so its easier to get to certain users and so you dont forget their names!

  14. 2015lheffron

    u should let the user move the sets that are made by others that they dont always have other peoples sets on there dashboard. so just pressed a set about cats and i dont want it on my dashboard u could make it so i could take it off my dashboard. hope it helps!

  15. allAstudent

    Let us have the option to change the colors on the dashboard. And make it availible for EVERYONE! A good color scheme can get anyone ready to work, study, learn, and of course have fun.

  16. theawkwardbutterfly

    I agree that the dashboard should have folders. I also would love it if the group page could have a side bar with subject categories. I think users could find specific unstudied sets more conveniently if they could click on a subject tab. For members of my own group, I formulated a list, but that used a lot of time and is not very open to new changes.

  17. anastasia3rd

    make it easier to download a picture profile but really for the most part Quizlet doesn't need anything

  18. anastasia3rd

    Oh! one more thing it would be cool to have more study games becuse the ones we have right now are really hard , and that's good, but some easier games would be nice. More games of any kind would be nice.

  19. Micro734

    I think you should organize the sets into categories(history, spelling, math etc.)

  20. horsesbatchelor

    have the ability to friend other users

  21. he_laoshi

    add a filter to the dashboard
    be able to arrange the order of the sets according to the names or preference.

  22. Agent-Romanoff

    I think there should be folders and a favorites bar.

  23. Agent-Romanoff

    And I agree with allAstudent. We should be able to have a color scheme or theme. If someone doesnt want to study, a nice photo might help them.

  24. sammy1237

    good job

  25. carliebelle

    well i absolutely love quizlet but we need some color people!!:)under settings we should be able to give ourselves backgrounds/screensavers for our accounts!how fun would that be??:)

  26. Work_Hard_Study_Hard

    Hello. Can you make files so we can name the files each a different subject and organize the sets by putting them in the files and if there is junk we can put it in a junk file. I depend on Quizlet for my studying. I just deleted my old account because I couldn't organize al the stuff I had and wanted to start again.

  27. borao

    Maybe you can set something to allow us to customize it for ourselves. BTW, can you bring back the manager role? it was useful

  28. supereasyusername

    Maybe next to the name of the flashcard set, it can also include your progress on it. For example, if the flashcards are about multiplication, and you always miss 12x11, then it can say that. If you're perfect, then it should say that you're perfect.

  29. monkeyman77

    have folders so you could arrange them neater
    or on a term, it can say if you know it or not. like if you had gotten it wrong on test, it would say. if you've gotten it wright a certain # of times it would say 'know'

  30. readjfb

    Add folders for sets. Really would help for finding sets

  31. monkeyman77

    something else- have the 'active right now' green italic thing be more accurate

  32. mariahmurphy

    folders would be nice, also organizing them into alphabetical categories. I would have the alphabetical categories than the cards being in the order of what I had done most recently. Just a thought! :D

  33. mariahmurphy

    I actually meant 'I would like to have the alphabetical categories more than the cards being in...'

  34. CJSurtz

    By 'Dashboard' are you referring to just the Study Feed and Recently Studied, or does it include Classes and their interface?

  35. frenchgirl5480

    Maybe we could become friends with people so then we don't have to search them up every time to find a set.. How do you upgrade anyways?

  36. frenchgirl5480

    It would also be really cool if we could have a choice of cool backgrounds for your dashboard! (:

  37. asuth STAFF

    thanks everyone for the ideas, we're discussing now :)

  38. CJSurtz

    I see a lot of people are requesting folders - but at first glance that doesn't make much sense given the Classes feature. However, it would be nice to be able to organize your sets within a class - over the course of a semester, we'll cover multiple sections of a textbook but don't need to study them all at once.

  39. wongs21

    Maybe you can sort the sets in diffrent ways, like in a-b-c order, or the ones you studied the most.

  40. CJSurtz

    Also it could be neat to see the Dashboard become more of an actual 'dashboard', meaning it could have a different type of layout, possibly with user info in one section and the Classes in another - somewhat like the format of the Profile page, but with added graphics and such.

  41. 4000639

    create a way users can combine different sets.

  42. MrAReyes TEACHER

    A feature to divide sets in playlists or groups.
    Also a score board on the side to track class member high scores.

  43. smarterthanallu

    Be able to have your picture something thats on your computer. Without loging into facebook

  44. MyNamesNotRick

    Separate audio buttons for each language (ie. one button for Korean audio and one button for English audio).

  45. straightupknives

    have a way to where my sets wont dissapear.....

  46. cecipiecie

    I like the idea of having (kinda like facebook) friends... I have a bunch of friends on this, and it's hard to remember all of their usernames!

  47. SSouthard


  48. ptepolt

    I love this site, thank you!
    Space race is a great thing but I would like the items to not over-lap.
    Is there any subject discussion outside of leaving comments on a set? That would be great too!

  49. ptepolt


    "create a way users can combine different sets."

    I love the idea of combining the sets and being able to separate them again.

  50. pandalover2000

    make it possible to make friends without facebook

  51. supernuggetfy

    a way to store the flashcards, just like a My Documents

  52. Max_Bal_PKCC

    Adding friends would be a nice thing!
    So you can chat or share sets together?
    [without creating a class]

  53. ryanpolito09

    On the Quizlet app, you should be able to create sets via iPhone, iPad, Android.

  54. benjamin01px2018

    Could you make it as pretty as the homepage (without logging in)? It would be nice with more categories like Yesterday. A huge high-five if the dashboard was more space-efficient, because I have to scroll a lot to the bototm.

  55. nina-day

    This probably isn't fully dashboard related. But, it'll be good to have something like the iPhone quizlet app, where you press the sound button, it reads the card out. Instead of just reading the card selected out, it'll be able to move on to the next card automatically (and read that out loud also).

  56. Celeste_Everwhite

    Can we organize sets in classes? I really need that for my group!

  57. ccoleman6875


  58. bfisher4983

    yes wowwwwwwwww

  59. JJJJJD

    Could you make a way to delete sets in the history? Like if I'm looking for a set, and I found two that would work, and then picked one. Both sets would show up in the recent/yesterday/earlier today tab. There is no way, as far as I know that I could remove that set from my history so I could just click on the set I wanted without picking the wrong one. Thanks a lot!

  60. MsShawtShawt

    Yaye can't wait!!

  61. vote4swagg

    scatter champion

  62. mslangston TEACHER

    Last week, I could have my students search my name and it would come up with all of my sets for them to view and use. This worked really well. Why is it not doing that now?

  63. Hanifanclan

    sorting folders:)

  64. stephbing

    I love supereasyusername's suggestions! It is truly rewarding for the students to see their accomplishments (as well as what they need to keep working on). Files or sub-sets would be great! For example we have IEW Vocabulary. However, there are 28 lessons in that category. We also have Shurley English Vocabulary - again with several lessons. We need to keep each lesson's words separate from the others, but seeing a dashboard with 100 lists is frustrating (not to mention, it makes it hard to quickly find what you need to study).
    Thank you for creating this site! It is an excellent tool for students, teachers, and parents! You rock!

  65. robquiz

    make a announcements box on the classes, sort of a chat box that only the admins can edit.

  66. LinHamilton89

    sort the sets after the date they were created.
    ( from most recent to the oldest)

  67. misscastner

    Study progress by student in class, perhaps with statistics

    Not dashboard, but wondering if you could set a default for languages on the create set page to English and English. I am assuming that the majority of people are creating sets in English for use in all subjects and not just sets for foreign language classes. Just a thought.

  68. fmmmlee

    Points for championships would be cool. Or badges, like Khan Academy ( )

  69. DUNNY_1000

    Points for champinship would be cool

  70. onedirection777

    I like quizlet alot ,i think it is a good website but an idea would be to use folders

    QUIZLET ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. jackwiseman4

    definentally adding friends and tracking sets of theirs and things like that, but not chatting. This is not a social site. It is a place to learn and prepare for tests and quizzes.

  72. Goooshia

    good 4 yall

  73. Goooshia

    and y do u hav 2 do sumtin 2 da dashboard

  74. awesomeguy12345

    You should add something that shows how many times people had seen this specific file,sort of like youtube?

  75. SSouthard

    You should make it so hat there are different ranks within groups, i.e. one rank can only view sets, the next rank can add sets, the 3rd rank can invite/allow people to join groups, 4th rank can remove from groups, 5th rank is group owner.

  76. himynameis_

    move this comment thing to the top so i don't have to scroll down so far
    and add some form of friends list so people can easily study together

  77. tixquiana

    have more oppurtunity to chat with friends

  78. drazion6690

    make the space race more spacey, and maybe a few more games?

  79. atreiling2016

    make it easier to acess units/ groups of vocab. maybe have a tab at the top where the units/groups are organized into general folders (example a spanish folder tab and when u click it it brings you to all your spanish vocabulary set). Thanks for making quizlet so helpful!

  80. mariahmurphy

    Have it so we can have cool backgrounds

  81. mariahmurphy

    Oh, and definitely chat with teachers and students

  82. Foxandotter

    -categories with in classes for sets.
    -customizable background
    -2+ people can work on one set in live time
    -pop out class discussion
    -have a nice day =D

  83. Bubblez2326

    ball sackz

  84. jinnybean13

    Sorting sets (subjects) and multi delete function!

  85. Hudbudpaine

    Make it so that you can flag stuff... This would help me a lot... Thanks!

  86. fmmmlee

    Themes. [Uploadable?]

  87. fmmmlee

    More Spacey space race. With stars or an astronomy image background, but one that is mostly black, with white word targets.

  88. luv1direction

    I know this has nothing to do with the dashbord, but you could add a save button on the create set so we could save it more often evn when it is an existing set. Thank you!!!! Quizlet is awesome!!!!

  89. gsembeninitato

    Could you guys make the dashboard more colorful(like in a customizable color and have cool backgrounds)?

  90. bossybossninja

    make a favorites tab somewhere between your sets and your classes

  91. mimivirus

    let's be able to see more sets at a time on the screen

  92. sarav99greenkoala


  93. ZCornwall69


  94. ZCornwall69


  95. ZCornwall69

    nobody :(

  96. sarav99greenkoala


  97. ZCornwall69


  98. ZCornwall69


  99. sarav99greenkoala


  100. 4me2remember

    Bing able to delete items that are not mine on the feed and any other window.
    I tried out something and now it still comes up.

    Folders would be great.

  101. ZCornwall69

    Today's Hits Radio

  102. pjmaxx924

    Don't make things bright blue!!!!!!!

  103. Supahwaffle132

    Maybe you can add in a spot where you can see how many people are on the set?

  104. rr913777316

    Maybe you could destroy this whole website instead?

  105. irocktobe

    Add more games to it :)

  106. maguire2015

    make it so we can sort our sets by course!

  107. ggirlforprez

    you should have something where it says the definition and you have to write the word. that's how my tests are. thanks!

  108. adeleaver

    more games
    add color to the dashboard
    more interactive

  109. Planar

    Make a board which shows which sets you currently hold a champion score in.

  110. bobzox

    How about adding custom user due dates for sets and showing them in that order? You know, so you can prioritize your studying.

  111. gphillyphan9

    Create folders to organize the sets by class or however

  112. samanthamcgrath

    Be able to send messages to friends and create folders to organize classes. Also a calender so teachers can write tests and quizzes to give up reminders.

  113. MeganDraws

    I think u should put in photos for free, u can have ur profile pic as anything u want, and have people be able to do videos and or put there voice for the speaker.

  114. gaboylan PLUS

    Favorites on dashboard

  115. coltman3300


  116. tphamd5474

    You should add folders

  117. tphamd5474

    Organize the sets better

  118. tphamd5474


  119. jawilliams001

    Maybe make something where you can tag a textbook or something because there are so many sets for something you look up and it could or could not be from the same textbook.

  120. maria-5

    I love Quizlet and the improvements are always helpful! Maybe some more learning games?

  121. maria-5

    And maybe you can have a "tell about yourself" thingy where you can separate discussions and stuff... I don't know... I guess maybe a kind of social media thing but I realized this isn't really a social media site... Hahaha

  122. Chris_Taylor97

    I'm a parrot

  123. fmmmlee

    Supereasyusername's suggestions are great! Progress of flashcards learned, and percentage scores. The dashboard/study feed could get an aesthetic upgrade, instead of beige and white. Maybe choosable backgrounds for your dashboard and profile?

  124. MariahLCT

    u should add folders, let u friend other people an message them, an have diferent backgrounds. I I

  125. misscastner

    Another frustrating thing is how learn defaults to the answer and not the term/question. Could it default to the term/question first, please?

  126. oomiak

    Favorites more easily accessible .......

  127. oomiak

    Make just one language on my flash cards audible .... For example, I know what the English version of a word sounds like 'cause I speak it (so I don't need to hear it)... I don't know the Korean so I do need to hear it.

  128. 1Sophie

    Would love to be able to alphabetize my sets within a class. Perhaps a button right next to each class to do this?

  129. krhawkins99

    Make it so it states your name (under your username) (and if you want it to) so when you type in people to add to your class, you type in their name and it pops up. Especially if you don't know their email address or Facebook.

  130. krhawkins99

    Also, be able to customize what your Quizlet page looks like.

  131. Squidward36

    You should have a part that lets you make a description under your username, or type what you are doing at the moment. Kind of like a facebook description. And you should have a page that has every username on quizlet with their description, like sets, but for usernames.

  132. Squidward36

    You should have a part that lets you make a description under your username, or type what you are doing at the moment. Kind of like a facebook description. And you should have a page that has every username on quizlet with their description, like sets, but for usernames.

  133. Squidward36

    make a announcements box on the classes, sort of a chat box that only the admins can edit.

  134. Squidward36

    make it possible to have friends without using facebook. like a quizlet frind so its easier to get to certain users and so you dont forget their names!

  135. WeirdToTheMax

    Make a password for classes that only admins can set and change. Because there are many people that somehow hack classes and delete all the sets.

  136. tcole8

    I can't seem to see what grade my students make on a test. I can tell that they took a test but not what they actually made on it.
    It would be nice to see the grade. Thanks!

  137. headams17

    I agree with the whole color/background thing, but also put that other game back on here. The multiplayer one where we were all quizzed on a default set and we had to make a sentence with the word from the set that made sense, then we voted the best one. I MISS THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. DaniGirl69

    I think there should be a way to customize the background... It would make it more appealing. There could be different backgrounds for different subjects.

  139. DaniGirl69

    YES! I DO HAVE ANOTHER SUGGESTION! What if there was Quizlet friends??? Like Facebook?

  140. luv1direction

    can we upload photos for our profile image?

  141. luv1direction

    DanielleRadniecki, i do like the idea of quizlet friends!!!

  142. muratore01

    Please, please, Something to sort the sets better.

  143. victoriameadow

    oh! it would be cool if you could make the dashboard look like a bulletin board,like with cork backround or something :)

  144. victoriameadow

    also, another idea would be to let us customize the back rounds with different colors !

  145. JOC18

    ok so I think that you should be able to make folders/ classes that are personal for you and that you can also find those folders. you should also make the background look like something cool like a cork board. you should also be able to send sets and if you make them folders to other people.

  146. SimplySarahh

    Make space race easier for iPads.

  147. StanislawPaw721

    add more games

  148. fmmmlee

    Yeah. Multiplayer went out around June, so it would be fun to see that again.

  149. desperion PLUS

    The ability to organise the Study feed as one required would be a great help.

  150. laurencox72

    Multiplayer games would be AmaZayn!

  151. elsnewton

    You only have 'LIST' view. You should have a 'GRID' view as well, imho.

  152. Nataniah_

    PLEASE HAVE DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS!!! BEIGE ON BLUE IS BORING! Oh and let other users see your dashboard and like and dislike stuff. And have a way to edit your dashboard like what your favorite sets are, pictures from your school, and things of that sort.

  153. jesus_III

    organization is what I would want

  154. bug-franklin11

    cool I like it

  155. scarlett_ohara

    I've been trying to get my quizlet cards onto my kindle fire without having to pay. With quizard I can only upload 15 cards at once, and I've been trying with gwhiz but I can't seem to find a way to get my cards. Is there a way you can make a quizlet app for the android? thanks!

  156. BMurray4010


  157. grayson118

    i know what you mean! Thats a great idea! i dont have an android, and that would be AWESOME
    ps. nice nickname. I've read that book!

  158. janetrobles

    My students and I LOVE Quizlet. As a teacher, my only suggestion would be to make classes easier to manage. For example to be able to see ALL students from a class AND their activity in a spreadsheet format. That way I wont have to click on every student individually to see when was the last time they visited Quizlet. Best classroom tool created in years!!!

  159. valentina_seward

    I want to be able to friend people outside of Facebook.
    And have folders for sets.

  160. bentrac

    I want to have all in french.
    Les titres, les explications, avant ça fonctionnait c'était en français mais maintenant tout est en anglais et je ne trouve pas où changer ça dans l'aide. Merci!
    I don't understand ;-)

  161. terbb

    make a new game

  162. terbb

    + it would be awesome if we could like compete against other people

  163. terbb

    also if we could color code the flash cards that would be cool

  164. A13TeskeA

    Can you please make a way to delete the sets under recently viewed. It crowds up the whole dashboard.

  165. batestiah

    You guys should add more games to
    Quizlet. Fun but educational...

  166. dgarten

    we could save flashcards we were using, but not the ones we made.

  167. dgarten

    You could also make more games

  168. dgarten

    And maybe you can have different themes sets to change the colors of your dashboard

  169. RyleHS PLUS

    Several things. Drag your sets to your classes. I feel like you need to organize the home page. Perhaps you could add a tab that says study feed. Sometimes, I make a set I didn't mean to make and I want to delete it. That would be nice if you added that. Change the background color to the "inside quizlet" color. I like that better than plain white or a customizable background! Progress reports and grades also could be mentioned on Quizlet.

  170. LacyGeedy

    It would be great if you could select just certain words in the set for the scatter game. So the student can just work on the words that they are having difficulty with and not have to go through them all. If you can do this, please let me know how. Thanks, Lacy

  171. rcloherty2018

    Maybe the ability to combine sets.

  172. afosberg606918

    i agree with rcloherty combine the sets.

  173. reyr12

    How do u share sets this is very frustrating

  174. tdog1414

    this is a good site

  175. kate915

    i dont know if this is dashboard, but you should be more sensitive to fill-in-the-blank cards.

  176. kate915

    totally a new game

  177. historygirl455

    I think you should be able to take off sets that you don't need from your classes. Also the study feed and overall dashboard needs to be put into more organized folders. But I really do love Quizlet anyway.

  178. jessica_johnson

    make a learned section so you don't have to sort through the ones you have already studied

  179. Loper1

    If possible can you please make the sets and classes sort alphabetically. Also can you create sub sets or classes. For example, a "Jane Doe 5th Grade" Class with a sub set for "Jane Doe 5th Grade ENG", "Jane Doe 5th Grade SCI", " Jane Doe 5th Grade GEO", etc.
    Thank you

  180. Loper1

    In our school we often use hard copies of the flash cards. If possible can you make it so that when you print flashcards, it adds the name of the set on the bottom of each card, in small print. That will help to keep our cards organized.
    Thanks again :o)

  181. Poulin123

    Make more of a "profile", where people can put a bio and you can friend people to keep tabs on them and their classes and sets and stuff

  182. sysprog

    I agree with mkhara's suggestion, which I made to Quizlet myself in June last year. It is inconvenient to have to scroll to the bottom of a long set if you just want to save a change to the title, description, or subject. It would be so easy to duplicate the Save button at the top of the set, and would require minimal development and testing.

  183. csmith1909

    It would be cool to see where your group ranks as having the most users or sets.... if not in the dashboard on your group homepage.

  184. brennan_wright97

    add ranks in groups for more detailed permissions

    guest- use sets
    member- edit sets and use sets
    moderator- kick people from class use and edit sets
    Administrator- add/remove sets use and edit sets kick and ban people from class and change user rank in class

  185. ggkklj

    The ability to add a background image to dashboard (or for that matter, class) pages would greatly increase the "ambiance" of said pages. I admire the clean, uncluttered layout you have promoted in your website, so an offering of themes keeping simplicity in mind (I'm thinking Mondrian and Zen patterns) in addition to the ability to upload your own themes would be fantastic. Thanks for your work!

  186. Shalom0_0-1

    if you guys had these u would be the learning BEST website in the world.

  187. halieswartz687

    no, but you should add more pics for choice on the profile pics.

  188. Angelisawesome

    You should probably make it easier for people to find the flashcards they need by letting them put the cards in categories. You should also give some ideas on the dashboard about what you can make your flashcards on. I think it would help little kids a lot.

  189. Shalom0_0-1

    i think one more thing ...........
    if you have more than 10 views on a certain topic for this suggestion thing then you should put it to vote or have each quizlet user take a survey on a main topic that everyone wants for their dashboard. if more than 75 people argree it should be a thing on the dashboard.
    the reason i got this idea was because i like how websites ask your opinion but most of the time it doesnt even get heard about so if you guys actually anyof the suggestions are a good idea then respond back i guess.
    =) thanks Quizlet Team (p.s. this website makes learning more fun and easy)

  190. tyler2133

    be able to change your username more than once

  191. jaelardiz

    - Colours and highlights
    - Left justified cue cards (instead of solely centred)
    - Create new cue cards in the middle of the deck (instead of dragging to the desired position from the bottom of the deck

  192. BellaB02

    neon colors

  193. tinaunglinn91

    I don't want to say about dashboard. I just wanted to brief these comments up in a very solid trimmed form.

    Thanks You!

  194. powelldanaaa_

    love this website!!!!!!:)

  195. Flamer117

    More colors and a way to search up people

  196. deFontie

    Folders! That would be awesome

  197. Kaitlyn_Kittle

    i love quizlet my teacher Mr.Rafforty recomended it to my class and we all fliped ever science ive been geting a's but it could use difrent games! scater is getig boring!

  198. Kaitlyn_Kittle

    since not science

  199. kjroot


  200. Sooper_Rayenbo_Babie

    Suggestion for creating sets: There could be an option for the administrator to start creating a set, and then ask members of their class or from one of the other classes they're in to help contribute to the set, like Google Docs. After a certain amount of time searching for any invited members that are online, it could stop and say something like, "Giving up, nobody from your list of invited members is online right now".
    Just a suggestion.

  201. diannev

    percentage score correct for multiple choice, also number of times you have attempted the questions. Also the ability to sort in learned/mastered and on acquisition.

    matching rather than scatter, for some of my content there is too much text so cannot read it.

  202. BerndRechberger

    It would be great, if we could make a fix order in groups. A new set is over the others and with a "order" button, cou can giv them a fixed order.

  203. BerndRechberger

    And it would be cool if i would have my subjects (Englisch, Latein, ...) under "created by you".
    So it would be easier to learn for a subject, because you can click on it and see all the content.

  204. Yoloswag9090

    And it would be cool if i would have my subjects (Englisch, Latein, ...)
    under "created by you".
    So it would be easier to learn for a suject, because you can click on it and see all the content.

  205. thunderapet

    have different subjects

  206. jared_weide

    I don't like having recently-used showing, sometimes I use a set that turns out to be garbage and it's stuck on my dash. I'd like to see a favorite system with folders. (With each of the options - space race, speller, etc... - underneath the set's name for quicker access)

  207. sleepingwithsirens

    If i may i suggest you bring private messaging back... Just a suggestion...

  208. Yoloswag9090

    If i may suggest you bring private messaging back... Just a

  209. MonkeyMichelle

    Add scatter to an Iphone/Ipod touch app.

  210. MonkeyMichelle

    Have an private "facebook" for each persons classes.

  211. annathms91

    Being able to print off the flash cards you make would be really awesome!!!!!

  212. PurpleRi26

    Oooooh ooooh, how bout a graph to show your progress like they heve on Khanacademy!!! That would be awesome. I also agree with annathms91 because some schools don't allow phones or laptops or other gadgets so that would be cool! I would also like some cooler background designs and if possible you could make it so that we could personalize it and decorate it ourselves like on Storybird!I agree with jared-weide. I don't like seeing my deleted sets on my dashboard. difontie also has a point. Folders would be awesome, but please show the subject on them. We should be able to personalize our folders too. Pretty much I just want to personalize my dashboard!
    Thank you

  213. PurpleRi26

    We should also be able to choose a font and a font color for our usernames appearing on Quizlet! Sorry for not adding this to my original note I left

  214. Nataniah_

    Oh bringing back the private messaging would be cool, and we should have the dashboard available for other to see like facebook and comment on your sets. And add some color and pictures to it

  215. forbiddenshadow

    you can already
    1) go to a set
    2) just blow the phrase that says how many terms is a print button

  216. luvthebch

    Have offline capability so can review flash cards downloaded to hard drive

  217. DJX02

    Make it for Android Pleaseeeee!!

  218. lancebunch

    Make a favorites tab on the dashboard.

  219. smexysunny

    Yes i think you need to enable us to organize the sets.
    Also the messages boxes for sets keep duplicating messages. Please fix that.

  220. Obito101man


  221. Maverick43

    I'd like a tool that lets me upload my own images

  222. Danieljw123

    Make it so you can search by username and projects.

  223. higgihei

    Quizlet should create folders or make it so that you can move around the sets in the order that you choose.
    (Ex. ---> you created your sets out of order, so your dashboard has them as 3, 1, 2, 4, when you want the order to be 1, 2, 3, 4.)

  224. DuctapeTurtle

    Make it easier to manage classes and possibly put sets into folders or sort them...

  225. DuctapeTurtle

    ...also be able to prevent people from coping your sets but still keeping them public...

  226. Star12345678910

    make it so that you can delete sets of flash cards, or edit the names, or stuff like that.

  227. mrsproberts

    Sometimes I search sets just to see what's available. I would like the ability to delete the "recently studied" sets from my dashboard.

  228. dwallguy

    Create the option of using folders to organize our quizlets by classes.
    I have 10 quizlets for like 6 classes. Use of folders would be awesome.

  229. CoachGorman

    Have you thought about creating more animated or not animated games for studying words? more variety keeps student's attention

  230. CoachGorman

    My students would like to upload pictures from the internet.

  231. mlasnick

    Allow teacher to view the scores that students got on the test mode.

  232. annaliseh144

    you should be able to have friends!! and u can chat while studying!!!!

  233. Mgarman2270

    I agree with frenchgirl5480!!!!

  234. iwilleatyou

    can you make it so that on your dashboard there is a folder for sets that you have and sets you have already studied, and put the cool map thingymajiger on it too?

  235. iwilleatyou

    i agree with rishbird in the idea of personalizing your dash board, but maybe you could add and image and have the option of tiling it, putting in in a corner or center, maybe fixed, or fitting it to the screen?

  236. iwilleatyou

    Ohh! Oooh! i agree with annaliseh144! Great idea because then you could send a set that you like to a friend and tell them to look at it! but you wouldn't have to force them either!

  237. iwilleatyou

    it would also be neat to be able to change your profile pic to a custom one without a facebook account if possible! Does anyone agree?

  238. iwilleatyou

    how about being able to post comments on the dashboard? that would be awesome!

  239. delabi

    I really agree with iwilleatyou that would be awesome if we could post comments on the dashboard. Someone else I agree with is flashcardguy2012 North Carolina is the best state. It is number 1

  240. lauradote

    Favorites tab!
    Customizable options!

  241. danny_holder

    iwilleatyou and and delabi are TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!

  242. Vnicolosi

    A multi-player game would be great.

    You had something going a while back that allowed multi-player functionality, but that went away for some reason. We would love to have it back!

  243. bacon613

    games would be awesome! :)

  244. koperap TEACHER

    Yes, it would be very help if there was a way to organize sets into folders or categories. For example, I have 28 sets in my class - I would like to organize them into 3 separate sub-groups so I direct students to a particular collection of sets within all from that class.

  245. goldenlab

    Why make space race easyer my brother made it rally hard!

  246. goldenlab

    I have two brother one is 13 and ther other is 10 ANd I am nine

  247. goldenlab

    no he not 10

  248. goldenlab

    he is 15

  249. goldenlab

    my other brother is 18

  250. poohboo12


  251. andrewbeckster

    list of people who have studied your sets

  252. andrewbeckster

    allow you to add users as a favorite

  253. iwilleatyou

    i agree with F-tech100. good idea.

  254. makermatic21

    I refresh my dashboard and all of a sudden, it looks different but my sets are gone!

  255. anthony_wheeler

    You should be able to put images on both sides of the cards.

  256. madeleineglawson

    If you scroll over a person's picture in a class their name should automatically pop up.

  257. anthony_wheeler

    You should be able to insert new cards IN BETWEEN existing cards, instead of having to add new cards to the end and then drag them up.

  258. madeleineglawson

    PLEASE put the dashboard back to normal; the texts are too small. The same goes for the stream of sets coming into classes- Make. The. Font. Bigger. I don't even have glasses and I still have issues. Also could you put the dashboard as a tab on the top, in the same bar as "your sets" and "create."

  259. Monkbug

    I just was on quizlet and suddenly it like updated so whenever i press dashboard nothing pops up i feel like i just lost everything so what just happened because it looks updayed but know i have no things in my dashboard?

  260. minorex123

    I have an older macintosh, and no things show up. I can't see the animated map or any lists. my OS is 10.5.8. this is a serious problem for a student whose teacher makes all tests off of quizlet

  261. madeleineglawson

    Instead of saying "Leave a comment", "Share a comment", I think, would sound better.

  262. madeleineglawson

    Could you make the comments from this steam deletable?

  263. mduffey1

    Can I get my sets back? Thanks! Due to this reconstruction of the dashboard, my sets are now lost in cyberspace... If you could add a "get lost sets due to Quizlet malfunction" button, that would be cool, thanks :)

  264. joyakuchie

    So I was just working and all the sudden the the dashboard changed on me and all my sets are gone! Noooo! Are they gone forever?????

  265. tdosmon PLUS

    Somehow when you edited the dashboard, on the "learn" feature, now I cannot filter by case, space, symbol, etc. Its messing me up. Please add that feature back in:)

  266. e23498

    It's extremelly slow un-like the other and keeps pulling up error reports or somthing with error in it. Can you change the bugs with the speed?

  267. Jordan-b-luvz-donuts

    Heads up when working on it

  268. jian_wuz_here

    How come the discussion bar on the side of the class is gone? Or maybe I just didn't find it yet...

  269. jian_wuz_here

    Other than that, I think new Quizlet is perfect! ;)

  270. drrichards2

    Bulk image upload would be awesome. I'd pay for it if I had too!

  271. Hlasoccer

    also, when will we be able to create sets on an iPhone!?!?!?! it will make my life so much esaier cuz right now i have to use two different apps of create on the computer then upload to phone.. please work on it!! Thanks, but I dont know what I would do without quizlet!! U guys are the best!!!

  272. ShellieLewis

    It would be SO helpful for me if I could click on a certain spot on a flashcard and "star" it.

    If a flashcard is starred I can concentrate on only the starred flashcards. That would save students a ton of time from having 2 windows open and copying and pasting terms into a new set of flashcards you still need to learn.

    I know for me if I'm having a hard time with a specific term its hard to remember it after you have gone through 50-150 other flashcards. I love Quizlet thank you!!!!!!!

  273. MeggaMango

    I noticed that in the "edit my sets" page, writing the descriptions in the descriptions box is a little off, like when clicking Enter to make a new line on the set page it does the opposite...I know not major but still a pain

  274. tamingfire18

    Be able to subscribe to people so that you could get an email every time some one makes a new set.

  275. swimmom2012

    Make it so you can alphabetize your dashboard. Sometimes its easier to find sets that way.

  276. hermionegrangerpower

    It would be cool if you could just make a high-five button and a "star" button on each flashcard so we could say if we liked the card or if we really liked it.

  277. hownl

    Create a high five section for vocab and comments

  278. AbigailBaldwin

    ABC order! I agree with that one comment above. Also... change to "hownl"'s.. if you study with a friends, you can send them (click on a button) a high five w/a special customized note made in the settings beforehand!

  279. AbigailBaldwin

    Of course if you get it right.

  280. SSouthard

    Maybe add something like teamspeak or ventrilo to classes and sets so members can talk amongst each other as they study (especially in the scatter games etc so they dont have to go into the set page to chat.)

  281. headams17

    Add a friends list so we can chat more privately

  282. Artomadium

    its too hard to create a class for me for sum reason, plz make a button on the dashboard.
    i also agree with headams17

  283. irunonstaar

    make link to make class

  284. Joshy_lit


  285. PaulGrewar PLUS

    Redesign the user interface. Give it a more modern fresh look.

  286. DanQuiz

    There's a page that explains how to delete studied sets from history. Sorry, it does not WORK!

    Even signing out and back in again, they are still there.

    The only sets I can delete are my own, which are only a fraction of what I've studied.

  287. AnnamarieS

    Deleting things in the study history because mine is now just a mess and a cannot tell what's what

  288. LilacPetals

    I would love to be able to change my Quizlet username more than once with my changing interests, or be able to add a little about/bio section or the ability to follow, like decks, etc to my account!

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