1. nina-day

    :O I didn't know we could upload gifs. I just tried it and it worked, awesome! lol

  2. BuckyRob

    So I wanted to make my own set of cards. I made my list first, which is one way you can start the account-making process. Then I put in my account info and everything.
    However, once I activated my account, I was dismayed to find that the set of cards I'd already made was absolutely gone. Is this normal?

  3. SimplySarahh

    Gifts??? How do you do gifts???

  4. Kanyon2Dope

    Yes But I LOVE QUIZLET!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  5. fmmmlee

    Animated?? Wow!

  6. nanalaloca


  7. fmmmlee

    I believe Andrew meant "gifs." I'm pretty sure that a gif is a type of picture file, like a "jpeg" or a "png" file.

  8. bcookie20

    i love quizlet and i will kept studying on quizlet

  9. oomiak

    Favorites more easily accessible... Maybe in the dashboard or in the top menu.

  10. sydney-artlover


  11. EvanVolkin

    quizlet is so awesome!!!!!

  12. WeirdToTheMax

    What's that?

  13. bobzox

    Go quizlet!!!
    Just one suggestion. Make it possible to save incomplete quizlet sets you're creating. It would be nice in various circumstances.
    Yet again, you guys are doing great. Great people working for a great cause just like it should be.

  14. headams17

    What are gifs and how do I work one into sets????

  15. Planar

    A '.gif' file is a type of picture file, except animated.

  16. mr_Roham

    thats cool

  17. nina-day

    Yah, and you can insert it into sets just like you would insert pictures. Just find any random gif, then upload it to quizlet.

  18. minecraftercreeper

    P.S. I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lridgdell TEACHER

    Is there a way to create files to help organize quizlet sets?

  20. mr_Roham


  21. deanhassan7

    why didn't anybody tell me you could put animated gifs on the flashcards on quizlet?!?!? TIME TO HAVE FUN WITH MY BROTHER'S PLUS ACCOUNT!!!! :D

  22. Awesomejarrod

    i <3 quizlet. it helps me with spanish.

  23. lgoodman18

    Quizlet is all wacky for me and my fellow classmates. Please fix this.

  24. asuth STAFF

    @lgoodman18, what's the problem you're having?

  25. siberionhusky

    my adio isn't working can you fix it

  26. karissambroadley

    Wow, i din't know that you could put animated gifts on there. AWSOME!!!

  27. terbb

    how do you upload gifs?

  28. Squidward36

    kalebems i agree

  29. Nick0077

    I would try to organize it differently, like there is a drop down arrow that gives you an option by date, by class, etc.

  30. monkeyman77

    i am having a problem
    the discussion messages are getting mixed up when i go on a set

  31. ayvonsilva

    I love quizlet, I really do! But you guys should already make the *Create Set* button in the mobile app !! IM WAITING FOR IT

  32. Luc-_-Levine

    I cannot upload my own profile picture.

  33. Missliberty

    im at school :/

  34. flashcardguy2012

    NC is PERFECT!!!

  35. WeirdToTheMax

    Quizlet's chat discussions are going down now because noone is talking about study related discussions and even bothering to report it. Please fix this.
    Quizlet's #1 Fan

  36. bubblegum321

    Please put your app on the Google Play Store! I can't find it on the google play store and i really want it!

  37. PesichAl

    i love quizlet. at first i thought it was weird but now i dont think it is anymore it really helps me!

  38. kingdivonte


  39. sophiaurshan

    thats cool

  40. Planar

    It's not gifts! It's '.gif's! Read the comments, and read the blurb thing carefully!

  41. MonkeyMichelle

    What are gifs?

  42. ibrahimkhanhgs

    whats a gif?

  43. Planar

    An animated picture file.

  44. WeirdToTheMax

    On the iPad app, something is blocking all the sets in me of the classes
    One of my classes had about 4100 sets but on the app now it shows 0 sets. This is a problem. Please fix this

  45. MsShawtShawt

    Do you want another round of the scatter?Whoever win is the scatter champion.!

  46. Planar

    GIFS, not gifts.

  47. delabi

    I really love quizlet. I just got on quizlet today and it's really helpful.

  48. tmsmith15

    I thank every person that help to invent quizlet!!! I would not be making a 4.0 with out it. I know it completely of subject to what he posted but I truely am thankful!! I'm thankful for all those endless nights studying for chemistry and anatomy!!! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!

  49. LizArmstrong22


  50. eliza-steinberg


  51. tikyut

    I'm with you on that tmsmith15! I'm very grateful too...

  52. Kandipati_8P

    i need to upload my profile picture. May someone help me?

  53. One-Winged-Angel

    Well, sasquatchthebest, if you want to upload an image, you click upload on change image, and it will show you a lot of images that are saved on your computer. click on one and then, BAM! You then will have that image as your profile picture. does that give you a hint?

  54. delabi

    I really agree with tmsmith15. I think Quizlet is AWESOME!!!! I am also very thankful to whoever invented Quizlet

  55. Christian-Ihenyen

    just made a account

  56. Wadestauss

    The new dashboard rocks!!!

  57. samuelderobertis1

    love it

  58. atg56

    The new dashboard is soooo cool!!! love it

  59. Arnay_Vohra

    how do you chat on class

  60. Arnay_Vohra

    I love this

  61. AbigailBaldwin

    I like everything, but I have a few downsiders to this... plus, will there be more adding to the website? If so, I will die! I cannot afford to loose any more Quizlet studying cause it's down and we are getting more "new" and "cool" stuff...

  62. AbigailBaldwin

    I know your trying to make our experience on here more fun Quizlet, but pls add this type of stuff on days ppl don't have a ton of stuff to study for! :)

  63. AbigailBaldwin

    P.S. I am a Quizlet fan. This is the first time I've complained of Quizlet. A kid at school makes fun of me for using this, but who cares! He doesn't know what he's missing! HA!

  64. weeeoop

    thanks for this quizlet website. man was i bad at most of my vocabulary tests like i got 80's but now i get 90's. still didn't get a 100 but will soon. by the way, what is gifs?

  65. monroeg

    It is fantastic that you can upload .gifs to Quizlet sets. This is an amazing website! (The .gifs may explain the lag issues I have been having with Quizlet, in actuality.)

  66. monroeg

    I must say though, that looking at previous comments, I agree wholeheartedly with "rarr3" because the "new and cool" updates, while nice, deprive people of study time, which is way more important than adjusted graphics, better fit for ipods, and the like.

  67. tobtob4

    I dont get it

  68. mariamrox4eva

    can we have gifs as profile pics?plzz?cuz that would be AWESOME!

  69. mariamrox4eva


  70. wgccgirl

    this is so cool

  71. benmarkwang

    My profile picture is going CRAZY, it won't let me add a gif as my profile picture, but I've seen other people do it! Help!

  72. MLG_geo047

    how do u UPLOAD quizlet

  73. dmitrijmoreinis TEACHER

    still buggy. just tried right now not working!

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