1. Celeste_Everwhite

    Ooh, looks interesting!



  3. Surfkid

    kewl:) but space race is all wacko. Is that just my computer or did u change it? If u did I hate the new one please bring the old one back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. yoyo26

    @Surfkid, could you tell us more about what's happening in Space Race? Please write to us here: Thanks!

  5. sailax

    that sounds awesome

  6. vincent_li8

    not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!
    where is the definition chose! we used to use it to find word's definition faster!

  7. vincent_li8

    not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!not good!!!!!!!

  8. victor_zeng

    Love the definition section....please put it back......allll my college friendsss are using this to study!!!

  9. masquerade

    We're working on adding definition search back, and it'll be back later tonight.

  10. wesley_miller

    I think in doing some of these updates you changed the Auto-define option. After clicking it, it brings up random terms! Please help!

  11. katerussell2

    what happened to space race???????????????????????????????????????????

  12. artygirl

    It isn't bringing up the options on tiles, it's just a long list of blue words desribing sets. It looks like some sort of glitch, because it isn't a thing like the photograph. I'm on a Kindle Fire if that matters. I also support bringing definitions back.

  13. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Thank you everyone for your feedback - We're working on fixing auto-define and definition search will be back in soon

  14. Lionhead

    "auto-define" is not working properly, fix it please.

  15. koeokochancyrus

    I dont understand anything.. -_-

  16. wesley_miller

    Thank you so much for acknowledging the problem rygorde4!

    I hope it is back soon.

  17. HistoricusArcturus

    Please bring back preview or tell how it is done on the new search! Pls?

  18. tantamount

    wow...... i thought my computer was going crazy

  19. sophiabk

    @HistoricusArcturus If you hover on the set, a preview should come up. Is that not working for you?

  20. Logic848

    is the definition section back?

  21. LeonieDupuis PLUS

    I personally love the new interface. Although I am excited for the definition search to come back, this is definitely an upgrade!

  22. Fromkimwithlove

    Can you please bring back the definition part when you search because it is just bringing up random sets and terms. Or is there a button where you can go back to the original? I need this for my finals this week to study!!

  23. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Hi everyone,

    Definition search should be back - let us know how its working for you and auto define should be mostly fixed!


  24. Logic848

    cant find Definition search.

  25. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Logic848, if you search for a definition in the regular search and if we have a matching definition in our database you will see a link on the top right which says "Looking for definitions?." You can then click that to see the definitions we found correlated to your search term. Does that work well for you?

  26. FC_Barcelona

    OK, is it only me or still the "Definition Search" is not accessible? I cannot see any change...

  27. artygirl

    It is finally working properly!!! I am on a Kindle Fire, and search has been fairly unusable for days. But it is fine now, and it looks vastly superior to the old version. Thank you!!!

  28. joyashford PLUS

    The new search is clearer, doesn't require switching through a bunch of different viewing modes, and has a much better interface. Great job, Quizlet! :)

    I didn't know it was possible to search by term/definition. How does that work?

  29. Ironvil

    I wondered why search wasn't working a couple of days ago. Looks good though I can't remember what the old one was like.

  30. lovemehdi

    thanks for every word....i am a new member...i try to lern germany....

  31. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Hi FC_Barcelona, we improved the definitions link to always show now whether or not there is a result. Let us know if this works better for you

    scripturegirl, thanks for the kind words! We currently don't search through terms/definitions yet but we will be able to within a few weeks!

  32. ebergstr TEACHER

    I'd love to see a check box that would allow me to hide my own sets in a search. I am trying to save myself some hours of typing by copying sets done by others, but I'm to the point now where I have so many sets personally that my own sets populate the first page of the search forcing me to scroll... scroll... scroll...

  33. shantrion12356

    Hi everyone this is the best day ever i am learning so much

  34. so_sew

    I agree with ebergstr. A feature to hide my own sets would definitely be useful.

  35. aggiemba

    I am getting no definition returns on terms that used to give the max of 100. For example, "diabetes" only returns one definition but 4,903 sets. Not sure what happened, but I'd really like the old definition functionality as it was incredibly helpful.

  36. starslayer_1983

    I hate it

  37. MarxChowder

    I love Rayong

  38. MarxChowder

    Robbie Gray & I are so close.

  39. FC_Barcelona

    I complete agree with aggiemba - currently there are no "definitions". Do you know when the old fixtures will be recovered?

  40. One-Winged-Angel

    I don't really like the new and improved version of searching, because it is more confusing.

  41. One-Winged-Angel

    oh, and one more thing, join my class, which is called, class of awesomeness. join today!

  42. whatsitya

    sounds great

  43. quizlette38909

    i prefer the old design simply because then i could navigate through the pages of the search results rather than point the cursor at the bottom of the screen to load up more flashcard sets.

  44. rickenjus

    Guys why don't you do a poll, new design vs old.

    Personally what I feel:--

    Design wise this version is much better but sets are looking cluttered now.

    Also older version was much simpler and easy to navigate.

    Now, it is not possible to directly navigate to the set creater's page of a particular set from the search results.

    and only two ways to sort "most relevant and recent". Add more options like "sort by no of cards in the set". Sorting classes and finding a right class is more headache now. For example I want to choose a class with fair no of student and sets, simply that is not possible.



  45. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Thank you for your feedback everyone - We're definitely listening as we continue to improve search

    Also, definition search should be completely fixed in a few days


  46. kehodge

    why was "right click" disabled? when i search I cannot right click a set to open in a new screen and keep my search results on the first screen. Please re enable the right click feature.

  47. aspappas17

    Wow that looks really cool! Can't wait to check it out, guys!

  48. ShrutiM

    There is some problem with "searching by author" on android apps-specifically 'Flashcards+' which is linked to; and I now think that this could be related to the modified search here. I can't access the sets I create here on Flashcards+ anymore, as I can't search my sets on the app, which I used to do earlier by using the "search by author" option.

  49. MELCidiomas

    DON'T LIKE THEM!!! new modifications have made it BORING to study. It was a lot more fun to study the flashcards from my iphone or galaxy tab. you had to tap the word to see the meaning now all the fun is gone since the meaning is shown all over... DON'T LIKE IT!!!

  50. Nina_2017

    i love it

  51. minchey

    The definition search doesn't bring up definitions that I know are there. Any luck fixing this?

  52. Ro1104

    Love this site but auto define is only searching for one word. Ex: Pulmonary Edema... It will only define pulmonary. Please Please fix this.

  53. ayaksich

    Is the definition search broken again? I can't find definitions.

  54. jayson_pullen

    Auto-Definition has been broken since the update, and they STILL haven't fixed it.

    Come on guys! This is ridiculous.


    the old design was better it was alot less confusing.but keep up the good work!!!!!!

  56. jamildriscoll

    PLEASE FIX THE AUTO-DEFINE! No longer does it include user-contributed definitions.

  57. emilybarnard

    Fix autod-define!!! It was the best part of it only autodefines random words from a term/phrase

  58. d_wall1221

    this is a great web sit

  59. THydeFHS

    Japanese is bomb doe (;

  60. plpsopa

    Fix AUTODEFINE please !!!!! Why did you let this feature die?

  61. amalianc STAFF

    @plpsopa - Auto-define should be working - what are you trying to define?

  62. maceyroberts713

    SOOOOOOOOO much better than the old one

  63. bluedomke


  64. bluedomke


  65. bff0309

    that's hard :-\

  66. wang18

    Make it possible to edit and create sets on the mobile version

  67. Brains56

    What's up! The sky

  68. taylor_boyd2 PLUS


  69. jeiwong

    Auto-defined is not working now, please help!

  70. Nallely_Meza3

    Auto-defined is not working and I that tool saves me so much time when creating my study sets. Please help me! Finals week is coming soon!!

  71. hbiggs

    Auto-define does not seem to be working for me. Is there any way I can jump start it? I am in Italy, and it has been a godsend for definitions...

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