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Three-sided learn mode is enabled for Japanese language sets as well as Chinese now. Check out the earlier blogpost about better mandarin support to see how it works!


  1. robaulak

    Wow, I'm first to say GREAT WORK Quizlet!!!

  2. artygirl

    This three sided learn mode sounds really cool. You should make it available for all languages. I can finally comment again! I'm not sure what happened, but it wouldn't let me comment for weeks. I hadn't done anything wrong either.

  3. robaulak

    進步是進步,不過只有三面生詞卡我才滿意. 謝謝你們的努力!

  4. Celeste_Everwhite

    That is awesome. Great work!

  5. issiahbadgett5


  6. redwings_88

    Great! Can you please make it available to English too?

  7. reppePtgS

    This sounds great!

  8. AlyssaPosecion

    It doesn't seem to be working for me right now though =/. I put kanji in the term box, and in the definition box I have the english meaning and then the hiragana in parentheses. Did I miss a step somewhere? If I could get it to work, this sounds awesome. This is the set I'm testing it out with before I use it on my other sets.

  9. Momape

    It seem to work very arbitrarily for me. Some sets work all the time, some don't work at all, and some work sometimes but not other times...

  10. KSLR

    hey 11th comment second time that has happened. Great job quizlet!

  11. bgontowski

    Doesn't seem to be working for me. I put "げつようび (月曜日)" in the Japanese field and "Monday" in the English field. I tried reversing the Kanji and Hiragana too.

  12. bgontowski

    Ok, I tried putting the Hiragana after the English word, and that worked. Although having to put Japanese text in the English field is quite odd and unintuitive. Is this really how this is supposed to work? Why not add a checkbox to enable a third field?

  13. rygorde4 TEACHER

    Hi bgontowski,

    We're looking into your issue, thanks!


  14. Momape

    I have tripple checked this Chinese set and cannot find any mistakes. Still it is not working. Could you please check it?

    This one works sometimes, but sometimes not:

  15. steelers43


  16. filardos TEACHER

    Please enable it for Math language as well!

  17. NinjaKirby

    Where did high five go? Currently 4:18pm on 8/18/13

  18. gheebner

    My "auto-define" (Chinese words finding English and Pinyin definitions) function is not working at all for a week!! I really cannot see any great things you guys are talking about here.. :-( LOVE Quizlet, REALLY hope it works SOON! Thanks!

  19. LouisCardona TEACHER

    Why don't let all languages use this feature?

  20. azismith

    I'd like to create a three sided set for the names, symbols, and states of elements. Can you let EVERY set use this feature if they want to???

  21. iceclaw14

    I can't get my set to work, either. I have kanji in the Japanese side and then on the English side I have hiragana in parentheses. I've got some commas and such in side of the parentheses as well, too, in order to separate different pronunciations of the same word. Is that what's screwing it up?

  22. hockeystar

    what will be different on my account if i use the google login

  23. monroeg


  24. GracieEmily

    Do you have Spanish?

  25. liumingke

    Quizlet is an AMAZING website. Now with the apps it is even more fantastic! What about the 'macron' for writing Romanji. Maybe you can add it as a feature when someone wants to type it in. I have to use a Maori keyboard in order to type ō,ā,ū, etc. for Romanji. Still an amazing website and you guys/gals are always improving. Great Job!

  26. PCDH2014

    I don't see the "Other blog post" about it... where is that?

  27. savannahduval

    thats really weird

  28. Qough_Medicine


  29. Qough_Medicine

    to bad that is my worst

  30. noraneko1

    I am a big fan of Quizlet!. I haven't been able to see the 3-sided functionality work in any situation. I really want the Chinese character, then pinyin/katakana/hangul, then English. Is this the scenario described for this feature. My dream feature is to specify the order of presentation of the three or to offer them randomly.

  31. bluedomke

    Thats great!

    But Why don't you let all languages use that feature?

  32. tjstol2000

    34th comment.nice.

  33. bluedomke

    35th comment.nice.

  34. gmoulding TEACHER

    I have the same problem like some of the people here. I have 6 Chinese sets. Only one set works. the other 5 don't work at all. Could you tell me the possible reasons? Thank you so much!

  35. emfer19

    i figured out that in order for the pinyin to be recognized you have to type the pinyin with the letter followed by the tone number. i retyped all the toned letters in my definitions using that method (so like if i already had ă i deleted it and retyped it like a3) now it works. try that for your sets. retype each toned letter using this method and it should work. hope this helps!

  36. aldenc98

    Hi, are there any updates to the Japanese decks where the three-sided cards aren't being detected? I just made a deck, and the cards aren't being detected correctly. Do all of the cards need to have the hiragana in parens in the English column for the set to be detected? Thanks!

  37. SaintFu

    The option for a third side should be available in all languages. I like having vocabulary words to also have a synonym/antonym option as well as the standard definition.

  38. lfrohling

    I agree. The third column should be a standard feature not just for Japanese and Chinese but most languages would benefit from it (ie. 1st column: French, 2nd column: English, 3rd column: masculine/feminine group/location/pronunciation/additional notes). As for me I'm still trying to get the Japanese 3rd column working :( Maybe having a simple checkbox would solve the problem and "hide it" from users who only need the two.

  39. michellebonalee

    I've succeeded with making 3 columns with Chinese, but I can't get it working in any way in Japanese. It would help very much if you could elaborate on how exactly we should make inputs in terms and definitions. Plus I definitely agree with other users that we could use another checkbox for all languages.

  40. michellebonalee

    I would seriously consider upgrading to Quizlet pro if it has features of 3 columns. Thanks for your hard work! :)

  41. etobaracl

    I agree with all of you. I think we really need a third column to solve this. Thanks for the hard work.

  42. FireMedic122

    3 sided option for all study sets please :-)

  43. seanbrown8

    Same here, I currently use another Flashcards program because I like making 3 sided cards, with the second side used for fill-in-the-blank sentence examples. If Quizlet had 3-sided support, I would switch to Quizlet Pro in a minute.

  44. Bbbcca

    I just realized there mustn't be a space between the English definition and the opening parenthesis. This would be much better and much easier to work with if one could just insert the kanji, the furigana, and the definition each into a column of its own. The adding of the furigana after the definition does not make sense to me either. In addition, I agree that this feature would be useful for other languages as well, even for English. Given that we are dealing here not with real paper cards but with a website, it does not matter whether there are two columns or three. There could just be a button "Add another column", simple as that.

  45. Kerao TEACHER

    Since the blog posts cannot be searched, it is really hard to find the explanation for three-sided cards again. A Link would have been nice in this place ^^"

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