1. aprilzero


  2. scaplet


  3. yaileen1


  4. BlueSpartan11Jet


  5. AlleyCatBird

    5th, i know, i <3 it already

  6. Shawn_c123


  7. Jared_Vance


  8. ikegwin

    Would I count as 7 since 2 have not said their numbers?

  9. Jared_Vance

    what are you talking about??????

  10. Kyl3Seva

    10th amzing new feature lol

  11. AlleyCatBird

    no ikegwin, you would not.

    And i would just like to say since this the last comment i may leave, why can we keep on high-fiving over and over again? i thought you can only do it once.

  12. supaspiffchris

    This new set page sucks.... I liked to study my cards from the old set page just by going throw them left and right and shuffling them. Just having them in a list like this is really lame!!

  13. jonsey374

    i loooove this new page! :)

  14. carrotsaretasty


  15. brianji22

    Awesome! But when is the preview page going to be on Internet Explorer? I use it more than Chrome.

  16. carrotsaretasty

    If you search cheat. you can click on a whole bunch of sets where you click space race and then do other things and get like a billion point high score.

  17. Karis256

    Hooray! :) Thanks, Quizlet. I LOVE the new set page. Keep up the good work!

  18. adzheng

    80th yup

  19. drc1119


  20. BrandonGallego


  21. hockeystar


  22. bellavanbuskirk1996

    seriously, i'm the last in line sooooo!!!!!!!not fair

  23. bellavanbuskirk1996


  24. ryanyousefi

    26th. :(

  25. Sugarpup98

    Hello i need help trying to focus with my studies...but i cant..any tips??

  26. kogiraffe

    Yay! I like the new card update, but I think the new set page should be for classes. That would be awesome!

    I have a few tips, this happens to me all of the time.
    1. Study in a quiet place with no distractions
    2. Only focus on the material you are studying.
    3. Take a break when needed.

    P.S. 28th Comment! :)

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  28. firewolf8

    30th comment!

  29. ChristinaGraceH


  30. SamanthaXOX

    GUYS. ONE DIRECTION IS PERFECTION;) lol so yeah and also... 32nd!

  31. jacobpeek

    33! heh heh so late o well but what is this?

  32. betojrmartinez

    Hi! someone talk to me

  33. kj_-__-




  35. Manal_Chouni


  36. XDyoloamaricarr


  37. joe_fisher_

    this page makes me feel so happy on the inside I cant help it!!! :)

  38. joe_fisher_


  39. ImGoingToEatYou

    44th HA

  40. NotBruceWayne

    I am the Batman. Harvey Dent, can we trust him?

  41. conorlohman


  42. Dakota_Falbo


  43. conorlohman


  44. taylmatt8

    Carver got Roaches

  45. JakobKey365


  46. die445

    30 th

  47. Joshy_lit


  48. breewii

    have a wonderful day!

  49. insero1

    What do you mean by in line editing? oh and 222nd high five ;)

  50. mikechase3 PLUS

    In line editing is when you can edit text right from the set page. You don't have to edit the whole set, you can just click the little edit button in the top right corner, and make revisions.

  51. mikechase3 PLUS

    In line editing is when you can edit text right from the set page. You don't have to edit the whole set, you can just click the little edit button in the top right corner, and make revisions.

  52. rjschehr

    Thanks for in-line editing, I was missing the feature before you added it back in!

  53. agallagher517

    I just joined today.....Love it!!!!

  54. thomaszi

    Very neat, Joanna! I remember sending feedback on this issue, and know it has been resolved.

  55. louiskatieharry11

    omg this is the best thing that I ever heard of and I <3 it

  56. Fontcar


  57. Qbobo1

    74 lol

  58. christina1020

    Cool... you guys are awesome!
    BTW I have a question... what does the fox say? :D

  59. Cortez_Brooks

    I love quizlet!!!!

  60. aspappas17

    74th, I guess

  61. aspappas17

    What is this

  62. bozzebri

    This has made my life so much easier. Thank you Quizlet! I love you guys even more.

  63. JoelB15

    Love the new page!!!!

  64. yon_duke_of_earl

    A helpful feature that facilitates edits―most appreciated. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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  66. Iamdigidude


  67. Hannah_Harper0310


  68. Hammerstam

    1ST COMMENT jk ಠ_ಠ

  69. tia_thomas

    Now how about in-line deleting?'s frustrating to have to go into edit mode to delete. I do like the in-line editing though, and love the new set page. :D

  70. Acts16_31

    Love it! So handy!

  71. FrostyWafflez

    Quizlet is helping me study for a French test! :D

  72. FrostyWafflez

    Why do you only get two comments -.-

  73. Lars999

    100!!!!!!!!! I know IAmTheBest

  74. Margolis18

    77 first time under 100

  75. Riima

    I want to create a folder including sets of vocal and add an image to each voab to help to visual learners ,and then name the folder, with a title for example learning food - + images.
    then Imade a copy of the same folder -
    I went to the sets and deleted images - saved - then edited name of the copied edited folder - learning food - no images - as a second harder step for students as a challenge and saved .
    but the different named folders are editing the same can you advise me please how to do that
    many thanks

  76. bluedomke

    So any one wana talk.

  77. MyNameIsTheDoctor

    1010 high 5 wow...

  78. MyNameIsTheDoctor


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