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We've just updated List view on our new set page (still in preview) and made it easier to star groups of terms! Let us know what you think.


  1. carrotsaretasty

    First comment and cool.

  2. Kyl3Seva

    second!!! This is nice!!!

  3. Kyl3Seva

    for some reason whenever i go into the new set page and then i log out then log back in, it goes back into the old set page, I really like the new set page and was wondering if you can fix that you keep the new set page

  4. John_Smith_7


  5. BlackRS

    oh that's great!

  6. DeathRiderX

    4th Person This is nice. :) Could I see support for flash cards with multiple answers (instead of typing the same question over and over)? Just a suggestion that would make life even easier.

  7. bhrenton

    Very helpful!

  8. pfrommerd15

    Sixth. Good job! Make our user experience even better Quizlet!

  9. s_callahan63

    9th Comment! This is the highest I have ever been!
    Thanks a bunch Quizlet Team!

  10. s_callahan63


  11. Finnleif

    12 Comment

  12. juan10299701


  13. waterluffy

    Quizlet eats flashcards for breakfast!

  14. Hunter_Tapp_38_

    15th comment

  15. NaomiBennett

    awe + some= awesome

  16. sriram1

    Hey People Check Out my Sets and do them PLEASE!!!!!

  17. M1039213

    22nd comment, well done quizlet team

  18. Tha_Nung

    Cool...!! :D

  19. luke_shannon PLUS

    Love it! This feature is very helpful! This way I can focus on just the group of terms that are unknown.

    However, it would be great to have a button to unstar all flashcards. In large sets, it can be hard to find cards in order to unstar them. I need to unstar the cards in order to focus my studying on a new group of cards.

  20. mirnalyv

    I love this website if helps me study everything

  21. smexysunny

    That's greaat

  22. khannah_202

    Cool :3
    I like it. 😃

  23. Avry1997

    That's nice! I like it.

  24. zakih

    Starring words and unstarring them is definitely a significant improvement.

  25. pbsfields



    Very helpful!, I think also would be helpful add one star more with other color. which let me to create a new level difficult when memorize one set.

  27. yonick

    Quizlet! Loving Quizlet after one month of language training. 6 more months to go for me, which leads me to wonder... is there a way to combine all my sets into one giant flashcard set? If not, could you create this functionality? :) Thanks for all you do!

  28. sandeepvaz

    can we access all the starred words in all my sets as a list .. it would be great for revising the difficult , important starred words at once from multiple sets in my profile..

  29. jpjja

    lol cool

  30. Waking_Rose

    I hate this new idea. It ruins everything.
    Please just make it so we can switch back and forth from the new set page to the old one.
    I cannot express my hatred for the new set idea. It's way to cluttered up whilst the old one is so easy and open!
    Why must you keep changing *everything*? Everything was fine before all this new changes.

  31. CutieeB123

    LOVE Quizlet! Very Useful

  32. SireMontague

    Good but why did you remove Grid View? I like grid view cause the terms are on individual cards.

  33. Maria_BGV


  34. Maria_BGV

    This is the 63rd message!!

  35. hh5

    Nice idea! :D

  36. dallasharris

    awesome 65

  37. AMEERW

    Nice website

  38. TheBrycester


  39. TheBrycester

    Comment 67 and 68!!!

  40. niceguy12


  41. niceguy12


  42. Emily3Rivers


  43. bellini01


  44. Dragonetta

    Very cool!

  45. Geething


  46. Caylie1414


  47. SentoGaming

    Vary nice! Great work!

  48. KBerrios123


  49. SpaceCast11

    Looks really nice, good job Quizlet team!

  50. TomasTB

    60th and awesome

  51. ElyanaL

    I love Quizlet! Especially the new version with "cards." It helps me study quicker, and easier! Way to go Quizlet!

  52. joebertwilliam

    ok its cool man i love it a some shout out fourth grade if your not yousing it then sut it of elyanal

  53. youhiyou1

    62 cool.

  54. EvanVolkin

    63 cool

  55. Mistydeo

    I think it would be awesome if there were some new or addition to the available games. I know those are fun and help me study so much! *65

  56. Mistydeo

    Otherwise, I love the new List View. Quizlet is amazing by the way, great job!

  57. AlleyCatBird

    I kinda like the new update-ruins the idea of flashcards, and will be hard to get used to.

  58. steelers43


  59. FaisaW

    probably the 100th yeah. AND cool quizlet

  60. lmcorkin

    Flickr photos are not showing up on Iphone app. I have iOS7 on Iphone 5 and neither website (flickr nor quizlet) is blocked. pictures display error "photo unavailable at this time" PLEASE HELP!!! Also my personal uploaded pics do show up

  61. DinaTalksLikeThis

    Well done Quizlet team!

  62. Walid53

    Lol last comment

  63. XxXspockxXx

    no i'm last

  64. gonzagon001

    no im last .

  65. AaronLahr

    hey whats up :)

  66. kingcharlesbaker

    i love you

  67. patriciaprice

    mrs.keefer lesson 3 is pretty hard

  68. opps

    hey, is anyone else seeing this, and if not, why is it happening to only me?
    i am making a set called ''feedbac'' so onyone can easily answer my question. any help is appreciated.

    everytime i click on a different link on this site, the blue bar disappears for a while. the only way to get it back is to hover over the spot where it's supposed to be.

  69. pinkpink1234


  70. opps

    oh, and ps, still upset about the previous updates, and this one just doesn't help. i agree with Mistydeo... everyone would appreciate new games.

    thanks for listening to my constant ranting! lol

  71. dpontiff

    ikr? but lets both get over that.
    it's for the best.

  72. Kennethdelong118

    Best ever

  73. maria-thompson2

    Hey! Uhhm I think that for talking on here that you should be able to let us talk multiple times instead of two times
    and put in more fun games.

    What does a fox say! ningningningningningningningning. Have you seen that video?

  74. Zeke69Renner

    California, Bret hart highschool

  75. ajfire33

    search ajfire33 and see my easy cards im in 5th grade

  76. Thom_Roth

    I like it but what if you want to studs and not see the answer

  77. SpaceCast11

    @maria-thompson2, We used to be able to talk multiple times, but everyone was spamming and it wasn't on subject. This isn't meant to be a place where we talk all willy nilly, this is where we give feedback on new updates, and I don't think you need more than 2 messages to do that...

  78. keizhakizh


  79. ZaynahMir

    I'm actually the last person to comment.

  80. apjohnson

    91 comment o ya im just so awsomw

  81. apjohnson

    i meant 92 o ya i,m just so awsome

  82. minions-creed

    It looks good.

  83. kmg4747

    Gosh its annoying when people keep going on and on until like the 100th comment and keep saying "100th comment!" and "101st comment!" lol but quizlet rocks

  84. kaylak151515

    96th.... what what?!
    But in all seriousness it looks great. I love quizlet- I would fail school without it.

  85. rushig2

    great thanks quizlet team

  86. acmilliken


  87. ashfox164

    This is a great change to the quizlet set page! Without quizlet I probly would not make it through middle school! This site is so great! Thank you so much!!

  88. cole99999

    100th comment I love it

  89. aaugie77

    That's good.

  90. bgontowski

    Very nice, Joanna! Hopefully the star status will make it to APIs at some point too.

  91. marshmallowdragon

    Awesome! :D

  92. Milkb0ne

    104th comment but who's countin

  93. neopower

    I think it's great. Since some people don't like it, maybe you could add an option so that you can choose whether to use old or new Quizlet.

  94. Luke_Chase

    106th comment lol xD

  95. Luke_Chase

    i dont like it x(

  96. DoctorWho1245

    109 comment!! cool!

  97. nina-day

    I second what @MICARLOSCACERES said!!! There should be a different color star to categorize the cards you need help with by difficulty level. Like maybe you can group them into yellow, blue and green stars. Thanks a lot, quizlet. You guys seriously are the best.

  98. nina-day

    I also recommend being able to "insert card" at any point when you're creating a card set. Like if you make 50 cards and you want to insert a card right underneath card number 5 w/o having to drag the card upwards.

  99. mariamrox4eva

    can we have the speller mode on the quizlet mobile app?

  100. forbiddenshadow

    love it

  101. jrspinale

    Awesome :), you made me get a good grade :)

  102. jrspinale

    115th comment lol XD

  103. Isaacthenerd

    This looks to be a nice and great tool to use, and from what I have seen of Quizlet, this in fact, is the future way of studying.

  104. sarahpeitz1

    It is easier to use. It does not look as cool though. But, that's not the point it is fun to use and a great tool.

  105. steigerb10


  106. velvetblk15

    It's great! I love Quizlet! Gotta run....Bio 102 Exam 1 calls :) Good Luck in your studies everyone!

  107. trex12345

    k den ^^


    The new set page is nice. The regular feedback is not working. I would like to be able to do more with images. It would be a great study tool to have an image with blanks that I would have to put the correct labels on.

  109. amalianc STAFF

    @opps, make sure to write into our feedback center about this issue, and we will see what we can do!

  110. Godschild3

    I like the set page!


    ahh its cool but not the best


    this quizlet is so confusing somtimes #awesome

  113. zachrathert


  114. Hammerstam

    133 comment

  115. Hammerstam

    I LOVE Quizlet!!! XD

  116. ggii8

    135 comment

  117. Jasmine_Cheney

    What is this?

  118. emcheer10


  119. PTownFan

    This is very useful. Thank you! It would be great if we could star terms we miss in the "learn" activity as well. Any plans for that?

  120. Tyrel15


  121. lilahrawlings

    136th comment! whoo hoo! actually not too great but the highest for me LOL luv the new stuff can't wait to start using it!!!!!! THX SO MUCH QUIZLET!!!!!!

  122. AVancil

    wow......some of you are really hyper!!!!!!!!!

  123. AVancil

    oh, and I'm last!!!!!!!!

  124. shadowkirby123

    yay im soopa last

  125. sabina20173

    thx, for making quizlet!! It works like magic!!! -rosieposie20173

  126. SULAIMAN60


  127. maria-thompson3

    Woop! Has any one seen the wht does a fox say video?

  128. Tnguyen679

    deded first of all, no swearing because this site also has young children who come here. Second, u forgot the apostrophe in the word "can't".

  129. izzyfanto

    How about the moderators disapprove all stupid comments so people who have real questions or comments don't have to sort through a bunch of junk to see if something has already been addressed.

  130. izzyfanto

    The question I have is this: Why is the view always the "most missed" instead of the original order they were added? I have to keep switching it back. Great product though, thank you very much for this great tool!

  131. Contrebass

    Gosh I love this website.

  132. melanieb123

    I love this website it helps kids learn so much better!!!!

  133. quay20

    Idc. My computer acting up .

  134. tina_lu01

    It's great but with the new changes the ads are blocking some of the words. You need to get them in control because I can't study the new flashcards with them taking half of the page.

  135. khannah_202

    I 💕 QUIZLET!! 😍😍😘

  136. georgiashipley2020

    i like the old site better

  137. eti101

    i love quizlet to it helps everyone

  138. xxlauraax

    I have Zac Efron as profile picture ♥

  139. wk12001681

    i dont knw kinda boreing ugh

  140. chargerlvr

    challenger srt as my profile pic WOOTWOOT

  141. Dylan_Watson6

    i like it

  142. c398786


  143. Quizfabian


  144. Quizfabian

    Ist very nice and Useful :)

  145. Mikayla00

    cool what grade are you in and what school

  146. greatmark13

    quizlet is not working for my class mates what do we do ?

  147. Eliaswyble


  148. BreannaLynnPrice

    This is really cool

  149. Jasmaine201


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  151. gisselle_dominguezzz

    last to comment!

  152. LD3160

    last to comment!

  153. ch3872

    LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. LD3160


  155. Estreet55


  156. Baker_Rosie

    Hey, this is actually kind of helpful... :)

  157. HarryPotterFan135

    17745345345345345345354 cool!

  158. Entity

    I will eat your souls! (not really)

  159. Entity

    Don't touch my pages.

  160. dweat

    This really is a very helpful list view

  161. jamari_white

    I LIke this Website.

  162. jamari_white

    ...Got em

  163. hayleybanks08

    ha-ha I love quiz let its the perfect site for last minute studying... This is how I'm making it through my first year of high school :) thanks and I will use this site until I am out of school because I am a last minute/ procrastinator...

  164. dcskaf

    192 comment

  165. justinbarcia


  166. dcskaf

    And I like the new feature and Quizlet it makes most things easier

  167. Broccoli-Rob

    It is a pretty good update which makes life even better. Thank you Quizlet!!!!!!

  168. soph1a

    I love this so much but when i'm studying in flashcard mode, it takes a minute for some things to load for listening to the term/definition. other than that it's amazing!!

  169. Theboss16town


  170. Theboss16town


  171. xkelley

    This is really amazing. Thank you for all your support

  172. lyisek

    Star marks are helpful!

    Now I can't insert the images of the words' definition, which were available before.
    I paid for the image insertion. I can't find any image addtion buttons on my page
    I wonder you have removed them.
    I want image addtion buttons to be revived to learn vocabulary efiiciently.

  173. lyisek

    So sorry for above mentiom, I'v found image upload buttons now.

  174. wriggs63 TEACHER

    I just tried to add a class. My interface seems to be missing some features. After typing in the name of the class, there was no other button to submit in order to actually create the class. I've had other trouble with the site in the past couple of days. Is it my server or the browser or am I missing an upgrade or. . .?

  175. Marcus_McFadden

    188th comment

  176. trentonkey49

    Last comment.

  177. Erica_Star15


  178. yoyo26

    @wriggs63 -We're really sorry about this. Could you write into Feedback about this, so we can troubleshoot this issue with you?

  179. yoyo26

    @tina_lu01 - Could you send a screenshot of this to

  180. ari_zona

    I am a student, this site is great! thanks for making it!

  181. vo376826

    Genki approved!

  182. heyitsbrooke456

    this is so cool and really amazing and im so happy that i have the opportunity to use quizlet which is so beautiful woo hoo i love spanish

  183. heyitsbrooke456

    the key of the universe and life is...


    besides food

  184. kittykittyboom

    Whts up!! Love this website very much. except there should be more fun learning games on here.
    Hey quizlet can you make more fun studying games on here? That would be awesome.

  185. zarakhanteaches234

    Plz advertise my account I want to find and teach as much kids as I can ;) see what ive done so far in 1 hour!

    ps I introduce maself in my online safety set :)

  186. miss_kitty

    this website has really helped to improve my test grades in all of my school subjects. i study for almost every test or quiz using quiz-let! the new set page is really easy to use and is very organized and appealing. i love the idea of starring the terms that you have trouble with.

  187. quizlette7095

    Looks pretty cool so far

  188. kiel_jor000

    I like it but can you make it so that when you change one page to list view or alphabetical that it will change that for all tour sets. You could even make a setting for your profile to customize how you want you set to show.

  189. kittykittyboom

    i live quizlet, but it needs more fun games.

  190. AfricanBeauty14

    LOl yes it needs more games. It looks really good! Keep up the good work.

  191. jamesonmichael

    I love quizlet! The games make it so much easier for me to study. But, it would be even MORE fun if it had some fun and games with other friends. Kind of like space race, only typing at the same time as someone else. A race track where they race and stuff like that. And it would be more fun if you could customize an avatar, and earn fake money which you earn when you win a game. Just so you know, My name is Michael Jameson, from the Mount Horeb Middle School 7th grade, and I believe that if you make studying more of a game, kids would want to study for their tests and quizzes. I believe that the typical middle school student learns better if you add fun and games into it. I play video games, and I think that almost all kids love games.

    To tell you the truth, I don't really like the new quizlet page. I mean, it looks amazing, but some kids, like me, don't want to see both sides of the card at once. Where as other kids do want to. this page lets you swap those.

  192. jamesonmichael

    If you are gonna make a new quizlet page, don't forget to add more games! And I think you should somehow make it easier for kids to find this page. So don't ask me how. You figure it out.

  193. MorganO341


  194. MorganO341

    YA add more study games that would be fun

    LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. Cooper982


  196. lilmizzhughes

    I have always used quizlet and it helps me out tremendously!!!

  197. lilmizzhughes

    how many others love Quizlet?

  198. IGottaDoThisLol

    ............. IDC

  199. Adash89

    I like it but what happened to multiplayer

  200. theschmidterz15

    it's great!!!!!
    love the groups

  201. Runner_4_lyfe

    Its PERFECT!!!!!!

  202. MaxR37


  203. Zewan_Forever1

    I think it is PERFECT-ICIOUS!
    - I love Zayn Malik

  204. kamalo

    Kamalo,eventhough i have not used the new page,i will love it.

  205. kamalo

    It's lovely and fun

  206. JemFish

    Amazing design!

  207. tusaberix

    thanks just that am new .hope am welcomed.hi people

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  211. zman6666


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  214. AA0179930

    COOL ;)

  215. trippe_g

    Why do I have only two comments allowed

  216. NigHTwoLf8587

    I don't know what number comment this is but oh well!

  217. NigHTwoLf8587

    True story! We arein class.

  218. wiki15

    Starting from me, Im first xx :P, its cool

  219. claytonprivett

    cool go quiz let team

  220. JHSVHS2017

    Yay. Good job Quizlet. Now I'm lost on the new page. Thanks a lot.

  221. TierneyJackson

    This is so cool.

  222. TierneyJackson


  223. DezaraySoto


  224. JHSVHS2017

    ╱╰╯╰╯╰━━┻━┻━━┻━━┻┻┻┻━━┻╯ to Klüb Ice!

  225. souriya_smith


  226. Lexibromag

    i like it

  227. Matthew_Ryan

    i wish i could change my picture

  228. Foxy3726

    you can go to settings then options :)

  229. Anemeh18

    I agree with DeathRiderX
    there should be a mode for that
    its not just to make life easier its actually a major issue with this site!!
    please fix it!!!!

  230. reacepeace


  231. ritwikdasika

    I like this posting section

  232. Kristen_MS_V

    very cool. use this website to study hard. helps me lots. thank u

  233. alex_zechar

    you should make folders for the sets list so we can sort our sets

  234. rosiethecat101

    i love it weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  235. BinaryTroller


  236. dragonsdean

    I like Quizlet, and it's VERY helpful, although, I think that it would be very helpful if you could submerge one set into another. Thanks,
    Jemimah :)



  238. FuriousDestroyer

    251st comment sadly

  239. ngrusch

    Quizlet has been working great, but I think there are a few things you could do to make Quizlet even better!
    1. Be able to merge flashcards
    2. Can have multiple answers for typing games
    3. More study games
    4. Make it more organized by letting users make folders for flashcards


  240. amberford

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy People!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Dirka-deir

    nein das ist nicht gut

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  243. JAJJY


  244. GeometryDashMem

    264 comment!

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  246. Emily3Rivers

    hi I have 20 sister

  247. xenia77

    I think this is cool
    I love it

  248. huggin

    it needs new activities for a new design

  249. huggin

    Yea and a lot of them are wrong with the number

  250. Versatilechik

    So can you guys add the option to add a flashcard between flashcards???...please with a cherry on top :)

  251. LivLisa

    But I would like to do for example the "Always missed" and the "Sometimes missed" words.

  252. aparnasanjeev

    To be honest, I am fine with the old settings, but this is cool too! Is there a chance we could have the option of this setting and the older one?
    Have a great day! :D

  253. aparnasanjeev

    Dear Quizlet Staff and Faculty,
    I would also like to take time to let you know how much you have helped me study for my test in all my courses. Last year I mainly used Quizlet for my French course, and on ever single test in French I got 100%, of course french was easy, but Quizlet helped a lot too! Recently I have been studying for a Language Arts test, and boy, Quizlet is AMAZING! Thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to help other around the globe excel academically!

    Yours Truly,
    A Sixth Grader Who Appreciates Your Work

  254. hallj20

    Quizlet has improved my grades in all my classes, and has been a wonderful tool for learning large amounts of vocabulary words in short amounts of time. These new features are great! Thank you to the Quizlet team!


    Supper AWESOME! I hope u guys can make the page even better:)

  256. Cassidy_Morti

    Love it!!!!!!

  257. katshe19

    i like the old set better

  258. katshe19

    I personaly like the old settings better.

  259. CloudTheBanditRaider

    I agree with Clarinet.

  260. User013

    I like it, nice!

  261. Dinklebird

    277th comment lol

  262. Dinklebird

    and it would be nice to add more games

  263. BarrelCactus GO

    list looks better not as crowded and annoying

  264. tigerissAGO

    Yay! So much easier to read! I also like how its awesome n stuff....

  265. sergey9

    first!!!!!!!!!!!1 nobody said first my first number

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  271. bubbles-top-nob

    Hey people! I don't like E-Days!!:( They make me mad.

  272. Mc1643889

    Hey peoples what's up I have no idea what number comment I am. but still heyyyyyyyyyyy :)

  273. bman882266

    tooooooooo what dose the fox say ring ding ding ding ding ding ding

  274. pieminer101

    Why not keep the old set piece where you can study first thing w/o cheating?

    ANYONE with me?

  275. katielouis

    omg love it

  276. bnlemieux


  277. Indiagils

    Thanks, Quizlet!!!!! That's Great

  278. peytonc1234

    How do you do that?

  279. melissa6163


  280. melissa6163

    so bad

  281. AlleyCatBird

    Someone delete Huddled-Ant-234's comment!!!
    Why isn't there 2 many posts anymore???

  282. winston1230

    I really don't like it sorry :-(

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  284. Lsuman2360

    Check out my sets

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    Sehr interessant!!

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  289. Nixon_Blake

    1000000000000th comment ima cool ked can count to potatoe

  290. prozessor

    good for the learners, but for teachers with many sets, it would be nice, if there was an option to see all sets in alphabeticly order!

  291. mwm1999

    VuDootec7000, maybe go on it more, cause' it's working for everyone else.

  292. bu3ta3lime

    QUizlet is awesome but this :

    IS GENIUS!!!!! No seriously. I love quizlet

  293. Oliviaemily99

    Love quizlet! If y'all need help with Latin 1 or French 1 and 2 check out my page!

  294. Girlgeorge

    I love quizlet! it really helps me to study. Quizlet is AMAZING!!!

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    315th comment!!!!! YAAAAAY!!!

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    When you play space race with just starred words for the first time that you've ever played space race (any kind) on a set, there is a blank score sheet shown on the set page. When you play in normal mode, the scores show up.

  346. amalianc STAFF

    @fmmmleee - Thanks for alerting us! We are currently fixing this issue, so it should be better soon!

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    How do I get it to stay on the new set page? I like it so much better, being able to see at a glance which words I am missing frequently and being able to star them. Sometimes I get the old page, and sometimes the new one and don't know what I am doing differently.

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    IM un happy look at my face cause no one stops to do a hammer time D:

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    xoxo <3

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    lol and ya this is kinda boring but you know it only for studying I guess not much else to do but I helps :D

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    Hmmm... interesting. I really liked the older version better!!
    please change it back.
    the way the flashcards flip makes me really dizzy.
    And the way the home page for the set is made up it is not as easy to navigate
    although the "never missed", "sometimes missed", and "always missed" is a good idea.

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    have the old set page as an option
    it has a beatifully simple and old style list view and i would like that to be an option to those who are not looking for stupidity in supposesd "design" i am here to study not to look in awe how cool it looks

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    Great change!

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    There's a bug in the "What are people studying right now?" page, it won't load any of the stats until you refresh the page.
    Could this be fixed?

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    I really thank you guys for all the stuff you guys do for us!
    A free learning website! Well to me it is a game! A learning game! A fun one!
    A really fun one! THANK YOU SO MUCH! REALLY!

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    I had such A fun weekend! I went shoping and went to Red Lobster and Dennys and went to the mall. I got a new pair of sparkly shoes, and a new pair of black boots. I wanted Ug boots but they are to expensive and my aunt showed me a video of how they are made and it was gross. I am also going Downtown to see the Christmas lights and maybe go shopping on Friday! Im so happy

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  439. DanQuiz

    I agree with the request for group/mass UNstarring. It would be convenient to be able to rapidly remove all the starred items, when well-learned, and start a new set. Also useful would be group-select for starring by dragging over items with mouse or trackpad. Control/Command-drag for example. Since contiguous items in the list are highly likely to be selected together for memorizing a subset, in the initial learning/flashcarding phase, it would be convenient to quickly select them as such. It would also be useful for the aforementioned UNstarring.

    Finally, though a quibble, the star-selection as it stands has a slight delay as the animated start rotates. I don't need the rotation. I need to click-click-click rapidly. Making the stars bigger would also aid this selection clicking.

  440. DanQuiz

    I've now discovered Cram has elegantly addressed the group-star feature. They simply provide low—high number boxes, plus range slider. There are no stars, but that's not really what people want. They usually want to study a contiguous block of 5 or 10, then the next 5 or 10, then 20, then... etc. subset within a set. Rather than laboriously star and unstar, you just select your range. So if you've just done cards 41-50, then you can quickly adjust 51-60, or 61-81; or else, say, 35-45, then 40-50, 45-55 mixed previous-new, whatever.

    That, plus cram-mode (leitner box, weighted [focus-on-worst-remembered] ) method, everything pertaining to short—>long term memory retention is addressed with the least necessary personal fiddling.

    The only dumb thing remaining on cram, then, is being forced to work with the 'front' side first: or else you have to make TWO sets of flashcards for every topic. With Quizlet, either side can be treated as 'front' (or 'first') or 'back' for the entire set.

  441. VeeRose3


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