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Just pushed a bunch of improvements to the new set page! You can now high five sets, see the top 10 high scores, and track your progress in the modes.


  1. luisalozada

    thank you maybe

  2. wedipooh13


  3. robaulak

    I get the bronze medal :)

  4. Tnguyen679

    Thank god no one is commenting "first, second, third etc." Also I wish you would change back the layout to the old set page I feel like the new set page is confusing.(or at least have an option to change the set page)

  5. brianji22

    Awesome! Thank you for improving the set page.

  6. mimivirus

    sorry, but i don't like it - too many buttons and separate pages i think

  7. Kfcboy69


  8. rmaners4922

    I like it. what do you mean by we can high five sets? can you email me the answer? my email is

  9. tzea91

    Quizlet has really helped me improve in Spanish 2.

  10. PaigeElizabeth98

    Quizlet really helped me improve English at my school! It's so simple!


    its ok
    i liked the old design better.


  12. azismith

    I love it!!!

  13. Level_Zero

    Nice! Keep up the good work. :)

  14. Junathean_Wellington


  15. Junathean_Wellington

    i like it

  16. fmmmlee

    Where is the high 5 button?

  17. LittleGreyDove

    i liked the old set page better. the new one is confusing because there's three different tabs (the old set layout had everything on one page and worked fine). please add an option to change it back to the old layout.

  18. rosiethecat101


  19. maria-thompson4

    Hello! And I like Quizlet!

  20. Solange12

    why is that thing on the screen... its really creeping me out

  21. bnrich07

    The changes are barely different than the old Quizlet guys. Chill out. It really isn't that hard to work.

  22. stele_

    29th comment lol

  23. stele_

    extreme coolness

  24. freedom_unbroken

    I like having the classic cards on the page when the set opens. It makes it so much more efficient to just get in there and review the questions. Thanks!

  25. bluehead42

    It's really cool!

  26. jaynewain22

    its so coool <3

  27. x46412

    Below the "Cards" page ya'll show have the "sets" page. For example: if I scroll down from the "cards" page the sets page should be below it. This would allow uses to do a "command F" search for a previous card so they could compare and contrast or what have you. As it stands, they are locked into looking at the single card on the page.

    Also, Please add the "star" function to the regular flash cards and the mobile IoS app.

    Lastly, if you guys worked on a "smart repetition" protocol that would be awesome. You could grade how well you know the card and have it show up (based on maybe a Leitner algorithm) again (and possibly again and again) in proportion to how difficult it was for the user to answer.

  28. kevin_bai

    36th comment

  29. hockeystar

    what is the Leitner algorithm

  30. hockeystar

    u should be able to choose if u want to switch, i liked the old one better

  31. kkkelsey

    i don't like it as much, but give me some time and i'll get used to it

  32. ClaireLavv

    Sweet! I like it very much! <3

  33. ebebell55


  34. ClaireLavv

    Thank You!

  35. seika27

    thanks!!!! :)

  36. M1039213

    cool, 45th

  37. angeliaguillermo

    I don't like the set page either, just sayin. Plus, there is way too much confusion going on here. Sorry!!! :)

  38. iunipera

    I can't see who the leaders are of my students. This was a popular feature for the scatter game. I would announce it every morning. Sometimes award prizes. Where are the leaders listed?

  39. aprilzero

    @iunipera: they should be on the "scores" tab

  40. iunipera

    I do not have a scores tab

  41. angelaq

    love all the new features! and much improved over its previous version :) thanks!

  42. reservoirgeek

    Any way to rearrange the order of sets I have created? That would be most helpful :)

  43. MlleGraves

    I really like the improvements to the new set page. I've been putting in feedback when possible, as the new set page was under construction. As a teacher, it is very easy for me to now see who has completed the assignment of learn mode, or the high scores. Keep up the great work!

  44. LivLisa

    Sorry, but the Layout a few days ago was better. This one is confusing and doesn't look so nice.

  45. skyetai


  46. Jared_Douglas6


  47. skyetai

    its my bdayyyy

  48. JoshR197


  49. gman_awesome

    how do you get out of the new set mode?

  50. AlasjahnayLax

    i like quizlet its pretty cool!!!

  51. AlasjahnayLax


  52. findingneverland

    Yup :) it's cool! Hehe

  53. carina9531574

    @findingneverland - hahhaah ** Ba - Boom ** xD

  54. findingneverland

    @ skyetai-
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    @Swagislife4ballsyolo -

  55. countrybaby47


  56. Gabbie_Um_

    omg so cool I guess

  57. Gabbie_Um_

    stuck at schools studying right now help me guys O_O

  58. jonathan430


  59. ruvamu

    I love the new set page!

  60. buttercreamdonut

    great!!!!! thanks!

  61. buttercreamdonut

    thanks!! great!

  62. Muna92


  63. trecie_lin18

    needs more games.

  64. dpontiff

    How do you change back to the old flashcard view? I clicked the button to try the new cards, but I don't like them, and I can't figure out how to change it back.

  65. Spanishland TEACHER

    Is there a way I, as a teacher, can track HOW LONG they have been in something. I want a way to actually check when I saw "Study Quizlet 10 minutes".

    I suppose they can print out a practice quiz/scatter score from the page...?


  66. Spanishland TEACHER


  67. opps

    I did not choose to try the new view, and yet, it is forcing me into something i never wanted.

    I really would like the older view back.

  68. yolo_liveonce

    it helps me alot on english class

  69. L16hceasar

    yes,this quizlet helps me alot.

  70. sarah4th


  71. BiancaBear22

    i liked the old page better, sorry.

  72. fmmmlee

    I repeat, where is the high-five button on the flashcards??

  73. aprilzero

    @fmmmlee it is on the info tab, but not available on internet explorer right now.

  74. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    for the past couple of days each time i use quizlets things look different, when will you finally finish the work on those changes? it's so very confusing, and the features you're adding are mostly not that useful really, they're more like 'decoration'. I guess what everyone wants and has been waiting for a long time is new games like memory game or crosswords, or hangman, the tried and helpful games. And the option to have alternative correct answers. or to be able to decide if you want capital/small letters to be graded. or british english pronunciation. or the possibility to download quizlet in some way to be able to use it offline too. Think about it- it'd be awesome!

  75. puppiez242

    how do you hi five a set?

  76. kkkelsey

    the new set page doesn't work well with my kindle fire. why not?

  77. Surfkid

    :D Surfkid

  78. spirit_rider

    Love the new update :)

  79. niha_k04

    the new set page is awesome! you just have to get used to it, and then its easy to work

  80. amgeo3

    How do you chat with the new setup?

  81. Brainiac98

    To be honest, I don't like the new setup. I want to still use the old set page because I find it really hard to navigate through the new one. The old one had everything I needed on one page without having to go through tabs to find it. Also, I can't find the set discussion! that's one of the things I use most!

  82. Brainiac98

    Never mind about the discussion, (I found it) but I still prefer the old set page. .-.

  83. kate4ever12

    i think its awesome!

  84. Finnleif

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! (98th comment)

  85. stig5


  86. ryandaboss1987

    100th swaggg

  87. sebdon9


  88. sebdon9


  89. eesh101

    this makes everything easier

  90. ycwong1

    For the last few weeks, I notice that when I get a zero on a test, the result is not recorded. It doesn't make sense. Can the team possibly fix this? Thank you for all of the hard work!!! =)

  91. karolann123


  92. alischriefer

    thankyou, so helpful :)

  93. Mortada-Shendy

    Keep Up The Great Work. New Cards .. long waited. Thank You. We hope for more.

  94. andrewli321

    107th comment!


  95. rmscswimchick12

    what are the high fives for? Is it "Like"(like the "like"s on fb, "+1"s on gmail, and the "<3" on tumblr)
    (for those who don't have tumblr: <3 is how we like posts)

  96. j-ho97

    Is there chat with the new set page?

  97. mohamadhsen85

    There is this problem I have with the new flashcards. Whenever I access the actual page to study the flashcards, these ads pop up and block the whole page allowing me to not have the ability to study flashcards. Any solutions?

    I love the new page but this is the only problem I have which is convicting me to dislike it in the future.

  98. gijsgym

    112th comment c: Thanks for doing the new updates man, appreciate it a lot.

  99. Gemelo1

    Aint nobody got time for that!!! Me gustan este escuela.

  100. yortega18

    Thank You :)

  101. stassone333

    i love the hi fiveeness!

  102. EvanVolkin

    To all who don't know the high five button is under the info tab
    I think the new set page is great, love how you can high five and see your progess, also how you can star the flash cards. Thanks Quizlet!!

  103. marshmallowdragon

    Awesome! Thanks, Mr. Sharma. This is great! You guys at Quizlet are doing Amazing!

  104. aspappas17

    I love high-fives!!!

  105. Gabe_scronce

    I love u

  106. ac31561

    i have a question? does anyone know how to get the sound working on speller cause mine just stopped working but my computer sound does work

  107. quizlette63537

    love this site

  108. Sean7711

    You're trying too hard. Please stop changing things. Liked it the way it was.

  109. Boo1313


  110. Thankful_for_God

    I liked the last one that you could choose it or not have it. I like the podium thing though on the new one. It's pretty cool over all. :D

  111. amalianc STAFF

    @kkkelsey - Thanks for letting us know! What exactly isn't working well? Write into our feedback center, and we can address this issue:

  112. smexysunny

    I really like the new layout! Thanks a lot for making it easy to study!

  113. Extremist23

    I somewhat prefer the old one, because for one thing it will not let you do the regular scatter and spacerace right away(I'm still trying to figure out how to do that on a set I have done so far). Also, it is not properly displaying some of the scatter scores on the Spanish alphabet set that I do.

  114. sap86567

    Anand Sharma, you're awesome! :D

  115. Eliaswyble

    HEY puppiez242

  116. biaaaaanca21

    asdfghjkl i love the update

  117. Graywacke_The_Wizard


  118. Yuyorite

    Yeah... <:3 )~

  119. Samuwelborn

    500th HIGH FIVE!

  120. karolann123

    a lol i love this Quizlet lol hehe haha...............................:) 8) *-*

  121. Obey_King_123

    nice intelligent work :)

  122. PHILIP101

    I agree with Tnguyen679 who said "... I wish you would change back the layout to the old set page I feel like the new set page is confusing.(or at least have an option to change the set page)..." because many Quizlet users (such as myself) prefer and were used to the old Set Page. Of course, you don't have to that, but I'd be happy if you were to do that! :D

  123. rhinestone2652

    I LOVE QUIZLET! It is my life! It helps me study and I seriously make a set for EVERY test I have so I can study! I also love the new features! Thank you so much, you have made my life so much easier!

  124. sassyjones911


  125. Nathan_Rzeszewski

    I got the gold !!

  126. gildersleeve123


  127. bward98


  128. Weber-Julia

    I think we all knew that Christine

  129. gildersleeve123

    el mono?

  130. arpanlikuu

    ......( '_')
    ..../""""""""""""\======░ ▒▓▓█
    \_@_@_@_@_@ /

  131. bluedomke


  132. bluedomke

    I said, ''Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!.''

  133. tiffanymdurst

    this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. l__HAMBURGERS__l

    How I tell who high five me @aprilzero

  135. lovelytonya

    how do i make a set

  136. Armental4752


  137. thomas_allen13


  138. astadlan


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