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Check out the new updates to the set page! Better flashcards on their own page, Star terms that need work, Track your progress, and a new High Scores page. Let us know what you think!


  1. jasonroydaleengel


  2. Tnguyen679

    I really like the way how you can star terms to see what you have to work on.

  3. JENfaerl

    i have to agree with fly_catcher the old ones were more realistic and you could see whet else was going on with classes and all while you study but they are neat <3 all but flash cards

  4. azismith

    I like the High Scores page :)

  5. bgontowski

    Nice job!

  6. bu3ta3lime

    make me teacher!!!!!!!!!

  7. bu3ta3lime

    PLEASE! I have 4 classes for the school. I'm a kid who has created 80 quizlets for peers and I have just finished making another one. I LOVE QUIZLET! I don't have a credit card (I'm 12) and my parents won't let me!!! Please! Or not even teacher! Just Plus!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  8. findingneverland

    Cool! :)
    I'm 12 Yrs. too!
    13th comment!
    Why do we name the comment #'s???? :)

  9. patriciaprice

    the new flashcards are the same pretty much there really isn't a big difference

  10. Acts16_31

    I like the "start here" a lot. :)

  11. eesh101


  12. TripleEVentura

    Just love love this and it is easy to manage thank you so much for sharing.

  13. jdauphine

    Thank you Quizlet! This system is AMAZING! My students have learned SO MUCH this year thanks to Quizlet. You're the best!

  14. Tardo PLUS

    Wow, you fixed my main pet peeve, nice! Before, if you had two short lines the font would be gigantic and would wrap around as 4 lines instead of shrinking the font and having two nice neat lines of text, which is much easier on the eyes. I particularly like the left justified look, maybe in the future the user can choose left or center justification! I also like the ruled line, its just like 'flashcard buddy' (mobile app), which works great with Quizlet and well worth the 2 bucks. Also, instead of just two sides to a card, its not uncommon to see cards with 3 sides nowadays. The advantage is that some people like to add explanatory text or mneumonics, but don't want to clutter the first two sides since the 3rd side is only used occasionally. I've used almost every flashcard website and the top 50 android flashcard mobile apps, and Quizlet is on the top of my list! Keep up the good work.

  15. shaandsingh PLUS

    It's kind of annoying to see updates so often. You have to relearn the whole thing all over again. Consider slowing down your update cycles. Also, an offline ability or native desktop app would be nice.

  16. Karis256

    Thanks, Quizlet! I love that the description appears above the terms. I also like the new "high five" feature for the sets. Hopefully this will be the last major update for a while since it's a bit difficult for me to adjust to a new update nearly every time I log on.

  17. Karis256

    The new "Scores" feature is great, too, btw.

  18. AlleyCatBird

    the only thing I like is the scores and high five thing. But I pretty much think the rest of it is too complicated. You say quizlet is to make studying easier. but it's super hard for me to study with so many little distractions, and for the text to be so small. also, i've gotten very used to the old flashcards. the new ones, are just a bit too complicated for me. some people may have other opinions, but this is definatly what i think of it.

  19. cworkman2017

    The learning tool Learn is not working. It keeps telling me that i get one specific term wrong when i clearly got it correct. So it adds it to the work on pile each time i click enter and wont move on to the next term.

  20. arpanlikuu

    So beauty

  21. Luke_Chase

    32 :(

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  23. steelers43


  24. alberrt

    yeah, I'm like the thousandth person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. kkkelsey

    how do you star a term?

  26. AbigailBaldwin

    I think it's great, but it's kinda crowded. I like the modern look, how everything works, new features, etc though!

    @kkkelsey, you go into the flashcards feature and the ones you don't know and you want to star you can type the letter "s" on your keyboard. Also, on the main page for that set, there are empty stars that you can click to star them.

  27. plecke

    The old sets were fine. The new sets involve waaaay too many click-throughs to new pages or menus to get to functions like combine, etc. The layout of the new cards is not really improved - it's just a new look that is distracting and complicated without any added functionality. You can't study in flashcards mode (now accessible only by clicking through to a new screen) and still scroll down the screen to see all of the cards in the set which allowed instant compare and contrast of multiple cards at once. The previews you added to other views is not the same at all and does not address this concern. I MUCH prefer the old setup. I have created over 40,000 cards and about 900 sets and my general take on this "improvement" is that it is largely cosmetic and worry that it is the opening step into a further monetizing of your site that will take away from its usefulness as a learning tool with open access to the thousands of students who use it. I really hope this is not the case...

  28. plecke

    That I can only post two comments is lame. Cards with more text require clicking through to a separate page to see the full text on the card making the flashcard useless! What good is a flashcard that the only way you can see all of the information is to navigate to a new page and then have to navigate back to the list to navigate yet again to the next card? Pretty much takes the "flash" out of the flashcard, don't you think? This "improvement" has killed my ability to study effectively with large numbers of the cards I have made. I guess it's "forget about using Quizlet" if you plan on studying lists of things. I am now forced to find an option than Quizlet to be able to continue to study effectively. I have brought up this issue before and you emailed saying you addressed this issue, but clearly you have not. The same is true with several of the other issues I have contacted you about. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

  29. hockeystar

    i agree with plecke in his first comment.

  30. hockeystar

    the only new thing that was added for us to use is the star system on cards. I like that, but you cant do anything with that but study. You should be able to make the starred cards into their own set and print off only those. really all the other stuff in the update was just superficial. it is just more convoluted now and confusing. P.S. last time a made a negative comment i wasn't allowed to make comments for about a year. please don't do that to me again

  31. risss_99

    I don't understand the high five thing? is it supposed to be fun or like mean we like the set? im confused...can someone please tell me

  32. rebootdaniel

    hi, my name is Daniel, and i like you

  33. jarrett_whitener

    i'm Jarrett and i love you!!!!

  34. Adam_Domonski

    high five is sorta like the like button on facebook

  35. jarrett_whitener

    whats up with the penguins?>

  36. gottagitrdunn41

    I hate it

  37. dboggs77

    I do not have a facebook so I still do not get the high five button so if you could explain further @ Adam-Domonski

  38. Quadesters

    It's awepic

  39. acbstudy TEACHER

    Can I track the progress even on my phone??

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  41. stupidly7

    I HATE IT! TURN IT BACK! Or least let us to select of what I want!

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  43. sewellb


  44. slendergirl307

    i think its confusing i liked the old one better

  45. darkshadowrawr

    whoop whoop

  46. Anthony_Chesshire

    Hi, I like the new layout.
    However, space race has developed a bug. When you fail to type an answer in time, the words continue to scroll across, which means you cannot continue the game, as you are constantly having to type words which have passed through the screen.

  47. opps

    I know how you feel. I have been telling Quizlet what I think needs to be improved, and nothing ever gets done. For the past few weeks, I have been having trouble with the blue bar with the Quizlet logo. I keep filing reports, but I think It's getting worse now.
    This site used to get me scores of at least 90% on all of my tests, and, with the new format, I am lucky to get a 75%. There needs to be a way to easily navigate through the cards. (clicking the card to flip it over, and possibly a drop-down list to find the one you want?

  48. rlatini TEACHER

    What happened to the comments box? My students and I use comments for every assignment and I'm really annoyed that it has been removed. Please bring it back.

  49. kimpre503

    High fiveing is the new liking system in which you place your cursor over the top of another hand in the tile box on the top of the post.

    and thanks for telling me how to get discussion back!

  50. sailax

    I really wish you combine sets, or else, it is really awesome!!

  51. New_Horizons

    The old sets were fine and easier. This one involves too much clicking. Maybe you can switch to the old ones but keep the new ones, too.

  52. sailax

    Could you get the combine stuff back?

  53. RamonLopezwrestler

    Quizlet is AWESOME! I love the new set up. I would like a spell check, maybe it will be included in the next update? Quizlet is such a great tool to learning.

  54. alischriefer

    dont really like the new setup guyyys. :/

  55. Tnguyen679

    I do wish there was an option to change the layout to the old or to the new

  56. aylarj

    The new setup works great. I like being able to take starred terms into learn mode. I do think that having all of the terms listed like that on the set home page makes it hard to look at but overall good job!

  57. andrewli321

    81st comment!


  58. aspappas17

    I love the whole high-five thing but please bring class chat back or something b/c there's info i need to say to my classes and i don't want to have them search for it

  59. aspappas17

    The new set thing is pretty cool, but i think that the "cards" part is super confusing. Every time i comment i ask for class chat because it is very useful. Plus leaving two comments is reasonable, but for those of us who aren't trolling, it's hard to say something! Class chat doesn't seem like a big deal but i really need it back! My friends and classmates have stopped using Quizlet because it is confusing. Only the card part is, really, but the rest is super cool. Class chat allows me to say everything to my entire class, and i want everyone to see what i said instead of each classmate having to go on a certain set to find it. The set chat is annoying as well because it has a character limit and the boxes and the way it is placed is irksome.
    I don't want to have to track down all 30 people in my classes at school to tell them to look at a certain set when i could just say it in class chat! Class chat is essential and i really need and i find that others would agree.

  60. freedom_unbroken

    I think that I speak for quite a few people when I say that it would be nice to have the classic cards on the set page from the beginning. It it so much more convenient and makes shuffling through sets that much easier. Maybe it could be an option in settings?

    Anyway, great job as always, Quizlet!!

  61. elizabeth_arana2

    wow........... im confused

  62. angie_jimenezpowell

    Do not like these changes - I can't figure out how to email my quizlets now. Grrrrr. So confused

  63. gwenbostick

    Great job, Quizlet!

  64. and4131

    I found a glitch! In flip mode, if you hold down the up or down arrow on a card too long, the card won't talk anymore unless you refresh the page! Just wanted to point that out!

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  67. jessica_lewis2

    okay what ever

  68. BraxtonPeleaz

    Hi c:

  69. RSHackz

    Ranked as #1 on every learning 'game'.

  70. BraxtonPeleaz

    Smarty pants >.>

  71. Gemelo1

    Aint nobody got time for that!!! Good joy guys!

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  73. rosiethecat101

    ωοω grεατ jοβ gυγs! ι ιονε ιτ sο mυch!

  74. RedPanda2003

    i know...:D

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  76. steven_anderson1

    I love teh new Quizlet

  77. Netticus

    really good!

  78. AbigailBaldwin

    It's great.. but what I said, kinda crowded. The only reason why it's fine for me is because I'm used to Quizlet. I've showed a lot of friends from school his website. When they try themselves at their home, they say it's too confusing and never get on.. :( I wish they didn't think that because Quizlet really helps me!

    Also.. there's a small bug... You've already heard this from a few others but it just now started with me.. In the learn section, it says I got something wrong even though I didn't... ?

  79. HaileyAlineGentry

    Im new my teacher helped me any advice

  80. HaileyAlineGentry


  81. sarahgamzon

    100 COMMENT!

  82. Ok-Ok

    So I dont know if this only for me, but there is a bug that whenever I search anything in the Search quizlet box, It is just blank and nothing comes on the page. Can you please try to give me some advice?

  83. Ok-Ok

    I love the new update and I know a lot of people requested this put can you please bring back class chat. It was very useful to me and my classes. May i know the reason for removing class chat in the first place? It was one of the best and most unique feature that I couldnt find on the other sites.

  84. kereiter

    Is there an option for the old view? Way too complicated, and why would you make the change towards the end of the semester? I'm preparing for my finals and am spending too much time trying to figure out your new format. Very frustrating.

  85. EvanVolkin

    Please bring back class chat! It was very helpful for my class (Medfield Class of 2019)

    I love how you can star terms in flashcards. The format does take some getting used to though... I like the high five though :)

  86. tracysofat

    Awesome! Love it. Thank you so much Quizlet!

  87. bunnies56

    can you sort it so you can group classes? it would be really useful.

  88. eric_killebrew

    nice update

  89. AlexWilke

    hello the sun says hello

  90. nushy12

    297th high five! ( i think... maybe it was 296th)

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    hi lollollollollollollollollollollollollollol

  92. n1ben1ben1n

    hi 300th high five

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  94. juanito12

    HI PEOPLE :)

  95. katie-renee-simmons

    hello all kind of ppl lol :D jk

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  97. josheastburn

    this is fun

  98. taiyogalli

    this is fun

  99. deo469

    i like the high score page!

  100. deo469


  101. schlemmerpwn

    I DONT really understand the space race game

  102. cheyann12

    No kidden like that game ...

  103. justinboykins

    i dont really understand

  104. alberrt

    1 millionth comment!

  105. nsmiller2

    If you guys are looking for an easy way to study, try checking out! It's an awesome site, and it's not complicated like this new update.

  106. bls1996

    HEY!! What's sup?

  107. Gator3000

    its a good one i like

  108. shelby_hendo


  109. sethyenni

    You should make it, so when you flip your flashcard, you can click correct or incorrect, so you can review what you got wrong and study the wrongs next time.

  110. adumontier TEACHER

    I like the new update.
    But, what I really need : in the scores pages, I need to see the list of names who completed the Learn or Speller by ALPHABETICAL order. Right now it is in chronological order. I need to have the choice between chronological and alphabetical.

  111. ahawkins12

    i like the new update

  112. sheliasworld

    Please make it where I can put my headphones on and listen in a continuous loop. If I fall asleep with my headphones on then it will still penetrate in my sleep. Kind of like hypnotic learning.

  113. EzequielDelgado

    I like the the new update. It's awesome!!!

  114. cherylk321

    Quizlet is the best! I've been using for a few years. Better than anything else I've tried. Love the new update.

  115. ffgrove

    Thank you QL...This site just keeps improving. I could not have done so well on my promotional test without you. I just wish this program was around when I was in High School. 8500 flash cards down...

  116. coolboy343

    hi every one

  117. opps

    @Ok-Ok and evan21_
    The Quizlet staff removed the class discussion because they thought most of the users were using it to hold random discussion, and not discussion relative to learning. I know, it is abit frustrating, and I don't like it either, but many users have found ways around it. you can make a set labled "Class discussion" and have your students chat in the set discussion box. That is what some of my classes have done.

  118. aitanakily_worang

    I think its okay, but the whole concept of it is confusing.

  119. nina-day

    I've been having issues with the autodefine function. It says "NOT FOUND Sorry, Quizlet could not find "Apoplast" in its dictionary". I've tried even common and easy words and it still cannot find the definition.

  120. shadowkirby123


  121. kitkat242

    Quizlet just keeps getting better and better :)

  122. amalianc STAFF

    @cworkman2017 - please write into our feedback center with this issue, and we will look into it! Thanks:

  123. firewolf8

    Love the new page! I think this is perfect!

  124. proofie217

    thumbs up!!! :)

  125. awbaird

    It would be really good to add these features to the iphone app! Especially would be nice to be able to star terms to study in the app. Also, is there a way to print a list that only includes the starred items?

  126. Kweenkay

    I love this site! It really helps me getting ready for my Word of The Day Tests. Thanks you guys, you guys are awesome! Keep up the good word :)

  127. jasminelewis1542

    YES!!!!! i just found this site and i made an account because it it just absolutly awesome. i wish i found it earlier.:)

  128. savannahduval

    yes!!!!!!!!!! i found this site three days a go

  129. savannahduval

    can i ask a question

  130. jerrysong0402

    PLEASE do not take away the star card option in future updates. :)

  131. mmf00

    really awesome

  132. red0071

    I haven't been able to save my quizlet set in 13 hours : (. Since last night at 8:45 it wouldn't save and now it's this morning at 9:37, it still won't save! I have left my computer on, but need to be able to study this set. Thanks for your help : )!

  133. red0071

    Quizlet had a problem when trying to save your set. Please try again in a minute.

  134. fateme_es

    I am a new comer and I don't know how was it , But it's great
    thanks alot

  135. 15trindadeo

    I like it! It is definitely better than it was before.

  136. mjr87

    Progress in the Learn function doesn't sync from the iPhone to the website. In fact, all progress is erased and reset for each set. Is there any fix to this?

  137. aparnasanjeev

    I like it. It is a good new start.

  138. aparnasanjeev

    Jk, I love it! :D

  139. MiHanLin

    The improvements seem pretty legit, but I have a few suggestions for improvements that would be even more useful for me.

    I study chinese with the test function and I can never type the definition exactly as written so I always score 0%. I don't want to oversimplify my cards and lose all of the nuance, but I also want to get the most out of the test function。 Two suggestions: 1. Put an (optional?) "override I was right" button on the test just like in Learn mode. 2. Allow me to star terms right on the test so that I can focus on which ones I know I'm missing.

    Thanks! My whole class has been using Quizlet for a while now and it just keeps getting better.

  140. Cuevas28

    needs to get better but ok start thanks quizlet

  141. Cuevas28

    keep up the good work

  142. amalianc STAFF

    @mjr87 - We have never had iOS and web Learn mode sync, as they are set up up completely differently in mode functioning as well as code base, but we hope to fix this in the near future - thanks for your patience and continued support!

  143. corina1395

    AWESOME! love the new update thanks for making the quizlet learning experience better!

  144. thatpotato1


  145. roxie_lategan

    Love Quizlet, Don't like the new setup :( just tried to create a set an I usually add all the terms before I define them as it's quicker that way - pressed "create set" an it just threw out all the terms that were incomplete!!! Usually it asks "do you want to save this incomplete set" an I'd say yes... Highly annoyed that I have to go back an find all my terms to define again! Please fix this so we can save incomplete sets!

  146. A271417

    i think it is pretty cool!

  147. Superpatsfan

    It would be nice to be able to add messages to emails.

  148. skgdancer

    172 comment

  149. floridagators22

    i know i am :)

  150. Devinleigh13

    I like the new set up, but there's something wrong with Space Race. Every time a word goes off the screen, it says I have to "copy the definition into the blank." When I do what I was told, nothing happens. It's like everything is frozen on there. The game doesn't continue. Gahh....

  151. m0rganms PLUS

    this comment will just get lost in the sea of comments :( I wish I was first comment then everyone could c but u kno usually first comment is usually "first!!!"

  152. Clunie_Senor TEACHER

    I really liked the old "new" set page that was only around for a couple of weeks with the checkmarks. I had my students take screenshots of the set page at the end of each chapter showing the checkmars by the activities I asked them to do, but the current format doesn't work as well for that. The circles on the set page start fresh every time they start the activity over, so if they do an activity one and a half times it looks the same as someone's who never finished it the first time. It kind of discourages them from doing an activity more than once.

    What I would really love to see is a feature within "classes" that allows the teacher to see what each student within the class has done on each set. Right now I have students upload screenshots of the set page to MyBigCampus Schoolwork to accomplish this. If there were an easy way to do that within Quizlet, I could cut out a few steps and avoid having to go through MyBigCampus altogether. Thanks!

  153. mprather99

    Love the new layout. It looks nice and neat. I really like that you can star hard things and only practice them.

  154. Weber-Julia

    Calm yourself guys

  155. Maidl97

    Get back to work Spanish class

  156. bward98


  157. Jeremystory

    Please add BOLD or Italic feature in flashcards?

  158. Jeremystory

    And also need "combine two sets of flashcards" and "split one set into two sets" features!

  159. devanjc PLUS

    I love it!!!!!

  160. devanjc PLUS

    Can you also add an underlining feature? Thanks!!

  161. gsmsthannahjeevs

    I HATE THE NEW UPDATES. They are too disturbing and confusing and this is one of the only sources that I use to study. But, when I come on the new features were so confusing to work through and I logged off almost immediately. Now it is hard for me to study and I'm starting to not do very good on vocab because it takes me a while to do this stuff. At least can you PLEASE let us choose if we want to study with the old page (which I LOVED) and the new page (which everyone else likes...)?

  162. reagan_ney

    that was one of the best scores I have EVER gotten on space race!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  163. tbh1

    HI hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  164. tbh1

    I HATE THE NEW UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. sophienahirny18

    I love quizlet and the new set up. For a test I just need to learn half of the word so i stared them. That was great. Everybod stop being so negative i loove quizlet. Can u add underling, bold and italic. thx

  166. Geotal45

    Old set page was alot better. No revert button? Still appreciate the fact that you're making changesand updates to the website, though. Thanks for the new setup

  167. GBabydaSkoolBoi

    what is quizlette suppose to do

  168. danielbillmyre

    Same as Geotal45.

  169. jacob361

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    ..../""""""""""""\======░ ▒▓▓█
    \_@_@_@_@_@ /

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    iiiiiiiiiiincredibleeeeeeeeeee thanks^^

  173. whitneylynch

    I use this website alot to study. :) Its awesome.

  174. Jenna0404 PLUS

    I've used this website for 5 years and helped me pass many tests! I love this website!

  175. mako800

    I love This web. how can i delete my account?

  176. mako800

    Does anyone here go to Highland Middle School in Libertyville Il

  177. apexpredation

    The spoken Norwegian in Speller and other areas does not work. It just says, "Unable to load audio.
    Click "replay audio" to try again." over and over again. Otherwise the update looks great!

  178. Tim_Rossow

    What happened to the dashboard? I liked that layout, but now it's gone, except for other people. I think there should be an option to switch between the old dashboard and the new "My Sets" page. Also, I have not yet found a way to switch between classes when you're on a set. You have to go to "My Sets" and then to a class in the very small column on the lefthand side of the screen. I think a "My Classes" tab would be in order for those of you who agree.

  179. MemVerseFanatic

    Concerning plecke's post, I fully agree that the Quizlet staff is far too unconcerned about the feedback of its users, PLUS, TEACHER or FREE. Not that I dislike the new design for sets that you coded, it's that Quizlet staff needs to not "poo-poo" the concerns of its users. I have built a website using coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, etc) and have learned that although design is important, the key element to a good website is how its users like it. May times I have experienced this issue many times where Quizlet staff has said "I will review your concern" or similar replies. But never once have they done anything. Moreover when I reply to the email sent by them, I receive no response. Quizlet staff, please actually consider the feedback of plecke as well as the millions of other Quizlet users.

  180. tallly_101

    Its pretty cool..i would have love it even more if it can have colored flashcards instead of plain white cards :)

  181. artistnatural

    I am in Nicaragua. Your light background behind the the white cards makes the site almost unreadable. Darken something PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  183. MichaelCarlson25

    Should i make a chat set called Michaels Chat room if i do who would join it . if ur interested comment a 25 and a yes if i should make one.

  184. camillepatton18

    Super cool!

  185. Crooks0126

    Everything is do you high five a set?

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  187. tiffanymdurst

    how about someone come to my class

  188. tiffanymdurst

    u high five by putting ur curser over and leave it

  189. flem679 PLUS

    I just got Quizlet, so I don't even know what was updated because I haven't used the old versions either.

  190. GoSarahGo

    Honestly, I hate this new setup. It is confusing and I don't even enjoy creating new sets anymore because it is so annoying.....I have to create it all at once and can't even save it if some of the terms are undefined. Annoying.....And, also, I can't chat my classmates anymore. The chat box is not on anymore. :(

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  192. d25nina9401

    how are you

  193. supergalaticalex101

    hey doggy

  194. Joao1234

    Flash cards speaks spanish in stead of English

  195. Joao1234

    Flash cards speaks spanish in stead of English

  196. bluedomke

    I like the new set.
    The cards are a great set up.
    I give A 100%.

  197. bluedomke

    ssup dood.

    223!!! Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm on fire to day.

  198. amalianc STAFF

    @Joao1234 - you can change your language settings on the Edit page! One side is probably set to Spanish instead of English.

  199. dschmidt25

    why isn't the audio working right now??

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  201. depiespe000

    wow this is lamer than the older version

  202. rwagner9

    I like the new way of studying on quizlet. Maybe you guys should add more studying games.

  203. blackhawks50


  204. awesomebenc99

    wicked awesome

  205. EmilyMorrow014

    this is a very special moment in my life im at school on quizlet and it is the most wonderful thing in m life

  206. Sylviaaa_C

    i love it!

  207. longoria222

    sup ladys

  208. lgriffin2015


  209. lgriffin2015

    oyster salad cantelope

  210. jackfd

    bunny man

  211. karolann123

    hey baily o love you boo

  212. Samwelli

    Can we get the star system on the app, that would be so helpful!


    WHO CARES!!!



  215. mnpapabear

    I have a question related to PRINT > FLASH CARDS for Chinese characters. The web display shows the Chinese characters in a particular font (very useful for displaying the strokes) but when the user selects PRINT PDF, the characters are displayed in a substituted font, which in no way resembles the calligraphic qualities. What can be done to provide a closer WYSIWYG experience for printing the flash cards?

  216. Qough_Medicine

    I am 243 comment:(

  217. Qough_Medicine

    yolo I like to eat monkeys

  218. tjstol2000

    245th (or so) and who would get la girafe wrong? EVEN I WHO DONT KNOW FRENCH WOULD GUESS A GIRAFFE!!!!

  219. epsedaves01

    I think it would be better if you starred it when you got it right

  220. Awesomebro241

    Quizlet is cool the way they have everything

  221. Sajan_Shah

    I do not like the new update because you cannot see what terms you missed and you have to click an extra button for test options.

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