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We just wrapped up Bug week at Quizlet. We fixed 87 bugs! Can you spot any of the fixes?


  1. luvyou56


  2. ilovefamily1


  3. brianji22

    5th! However, I can't find any bugs...

  4. Maxwell_Mineo

    I found more bugs when you have two things and it turns read when u delete one it stays red

  5. quizlette26287

    Nahh Chill

  6. Eytukan_Kahelemeakua


  7. wd640

    6th user, 8th comment, my birthday month and day... Weird

  8. McKenna_F


  9. McKenna_F


  10. hallj20

    I don't know what they are, but I appreciate them nonetheless!

  11. Viana_Garcia

    Sure can even though I have no idea what they are. :D

  12. Viana_Garcia


  13. alberrt


  14. smexysunny

    I didn't notice them but thanks anyways!

  15. StudyMan23456

    I have no idea what they are, but thanks for fixing them! Now i'll notice them even less, if that's possible.

  16. StudyMan23456

    just an idea, you might want to create a "hint" feature for the learn option. thanks for all your amazing help!

  17. childofthesea

    Can you guys fix the Learn game for the Android app? It only lets you submit the first answer but then you can't do the rest.

  18. meredithdarden


  19. jah2236

    Don't judge people mereddithdarden. That is mean. And this is 'murica, where we have the freedom of speech.

  20. findingneverland

    I know right

  21. jah2236

    Naw I'm just kidding, I don't care.

  22. gman_awesome


  23. Minion-Maniac-15

    yup easy

  24. steelers43

    28th and thx a lot

  25. jackfd

    29 XD

  26. jackfd

    ONE more time

  27. Kalash_Peter


  28. Cole_Nistelbeck

    =,= any one else annoyed by the space you have to put in between the ar, ir, and er in order to get the answer correct.

  29. kogiraffe

    I know one! Yesterday none of the icons were showing up. It was just a box with numbers. Good job Quizlet and keep up the great work!

  30. Cole_Nistelbeck

    and im ... 34 .-.

  31. pieminer101

    Cool! This is all I have to say: #URAwesomeQuizletTeam

  32. christina1020

    I would like to be able to report some of these unkind comments. Not to offend anyone, but this is a place to learn, not to be harassed.

  33. Panda_Pants

    Wassup and 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 poster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Darth_Zeider

    I spotted 87 fixes!

  35. aspappas17

    I probably noticed them earlier but i can't remember them now. Thanks, anyways!

  36. Callan_Madden

    Number 44 for the win! XD

  37. Aidoboy

    Bug: People make useless comments based on how many comments there were before them.
    Bug: People with fewer comments before the are rude and use mildly vulgar language.

  38. abhaytangella

    there was a bug with the scatter score i hoped they fixed it

  39. strange17

    I hope the next button bug was fixed.Also for the history bug which does not update the history even after the flash card play.

  40. Jameisha_Wilson

    om 50

  41. jpatela3


  42. kickeroak


  43. kickeroak


  44. deo469

    what are 'bugs'?

  45. deo469

    (54 + 55th comments)

  46. babyd0416

    i swear

  47. babyd0416

    what are bugs

  48. TakenUser


  49. annapyo

    87 bugs??? I had no idea O.O Glad they're fixed -- thanks!

  50. Dingo23434

    i see that the profile pictures have changed and @charlotte97xox NEVA!!!!!!!!!!

  51. drewdaskoolboi

    who is Gbaby56

  52. MexicanBeaner


  53. MexicanBeaner


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  55. evenolderpeople

    nah son

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  59. briaababy


  60. gildersleeve123

    im a lizard

  61. dpontiff

    I can't seem to remove an admin from a class I created. Is this a bug, or just a minor inconvenience?

  62. opps

    I know of one. My blue bar issue has finally been fixed! :D Thanks Quizlet staff!

  63. ObeySkittlezzBoo

    Noo boo!!

  64. ayyyeeeluisbedolla


  65. beattheseahawks


  66. amalianc STAFF

    @childofthesea - tell us more about this issue in the feedback center:

  67. patriciaprice

    i love how you guys added new flashcards thank you!

  68. claytonprivett


  69. lapag421133

    I'm a bug.

  70. Tanquera-mccall

    lol..who knows wht bugs are?

  71. jasminelewis1542

    yall really do need to study more:)

  72. jasminelewis1542

    bugs are mistakes lol:)

  73. Jakechass

    go away

  74. Vivian_Crispin


  75. jacob_becka814


  76. campasmelly

    One of the annoyances that i noticed was removed! YESSS NO MORE FLASHING GREEN FLASHCARDS!

  77. SethBenn


  78. edcollins1997

    like some of you peoples pictures their freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  79. Walter_Christian

    Yes I luv it

  80. christopherhernandz


  81. shaylenecastro

    ahahhahaha like anyone cares!1!!!!!!

  82. ycwong1

    Thank you for fixing the bug that I reported. I am very grateful. =)

  83. The_Zero

    Two more:
    1. "Studying right now" - does not show the "Space Race".
    2. When you have pictures overlap each other.


    hate the newchanges!!!!

  85. eesh101

    Muchas gracias, senor.

  86. SammieBryant


  87. cgoldberger

    Found all of them so... beat that

  88. seika27

    lol i havent noticed any
    too busy studying


    thx for for fixing


  90. emcancel

    I have a problem whenever I type and search something I can't go back and it is a little annoying

  91. emcancel

    Thank you for fixing the bugs to

  92. koikarpfen2013


  93. koikarpfen2013

    I am a koifish ;)

  94. DoctorDee

    i love quizlet

  95. Luke_Chase

    107 comment :( lol

  96. devanjc


  97. norahmw

    I want to run the flashcards in the order that I entered them . I could do that last week , but now they seem to be always shuffled. Any hint ?

  98. arpanlikuu

    Guys, remember Quizlet in 2011? That was great, but now, it's even better!


  99. barabashi65074

    I am from Russia where are you from?

  100. barabashi65074

    and 1.i,m not german

  101. NinjaKirby

    one of the bugs is on Speller where Speak term is speaking definition and Speak definition is speaking the term... also 115 comment WOOO! im 5*23!

  102. BlueSpartan11Jet


  103. BlueSpartan11Jet


  104. bnguyen54

    there should be the option to include a word bank in "Learn"

  105. snazzychloe


  106. gymnast4life02


  107. Lars999


  108. Sidney_Gharst

    Hey, What's up

  109. vityastout1

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaahahahahaha. it is winter, there is no bugs!!!!!

  110. Katie_Lane

    i go with vityastout1 there no bugs

  111. IsaaclikesChevy


  112. MichaelCarlson25


  113. Darklink6789

    there is a bug on the flash cards if you hold down the space button instead of flipping the card starts to flip out and the word sounds crazy i found this out when i accidentally held down the space bar on flash cards and the word 18 yelled into my ear

  114. Darklink6789

    also i requested to join your pony class I'm a derby pony

  115. zoeylove12

    hi guys

  116. Lars999

    i like bugs, they taste awesome :DDDDDDDDDD

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  118. big-papi75

    well as big-papi75 i would just like to inform everyone i am not in fact a flamingo

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  123. bluedomke

    143 comment I think...

  124. Acts16_31

    Thank you so much!! Everything you do helps us to learn more and save time. This website is soo great for learning everything! Everything you have done so far is really nice. Thanks for letting us choose whether we want to pay or not, or if we want no ads.
    Thank you so much!!

  125. Kidey2

    Hi Quizlet ! Thank you for fixing the bugs. I am very happy.

  126. jayarnold3

    Thank you for fixing the bugs. I like quizlet even better.

  127. LilleSimi

    Yes, thanks for correcting censored words in other languages where they have a different meaning than in English!!!!!!!!!! :)

  128. YaBoiBobRoss

    I am the best pokemon

  129. YaBoiBobRoss

    yeah, that's right, I AM THE BEST!

  130. aiperez

    Which Bugs???????

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  132. Madison7518


  133. parishleewright

    HEYYYYYYY!!! xx :)

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  135. rogerrob


  136. coolaj199

    hi deangelo

  137. timotar

    yes i have found at least one FIXED bug; and the one that i found was the ability to discuss sets but besides that i have not found any new fixes! but anyways congrats!!!

  138. OdetteEstrada

    hi cutie

  139. LesBleil

    Nah cant find any but I know one you can fix... when you go to make a new set it sometimes doesn't space when you tell it to.. just F.Y.I. ohhh and btw since I don't no if you can reply back to me. I have no idea if you'll get this

  140. Timmy_Rossow

    I use Google Chrome, where updates are somewhat frequent. The only differences I have ever found between versions of Chrome are those that involve the interface. That's everything I have ever found. That is the same way it is with Quizlet. Like Google, I notice the interface changes for Quizlet but know that whatever was changed helped one person or another, so I really don't care how much it's upgraded as long as nobody's Quizlet experience gets worse and some experiences are better.

  141. movie3d

    I just noticed them!

  142. bradley569

    i fond all 87

  143. hockeystar

    all the updates are superficial (except the star system) and dont add any value to quizlet

  144. ashleyhxu

    didnt find any bugs...too busy studying >.<

  145. hockeystar

    btw one of the bugs is that if u would click a card deffinition and term a bunch of times it would stay yellow and now it goes back to normal! thx

  146. gregnes2000

    I found none

  147. jcrabb7 PLUS

    Auto-define didn't work for terms with multiple words. Thanks for fixing that! :D

  148. Ergi_Murra


  149. ACBisset17

    i like bugs...............

  150. alexcamo98


  151. abeaver77

    bugs are gross

  152. YellingMadman

    I LOVE MERICA'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. skillet1

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  154. jacob8318

    Who is amanda_danielle1 whe wrote me something.

  155. Cristaal_

    Omg what bugs ? lol

  156. Cristaal_

    Aideee ? where are you ^o^ lol ? ?

  157. Aide_8141

    haha cristal si seras xD

  158. Aide_8141


  159. moustachelouie13

    YEAH 185th! LOL thx so much 4 fixin it! THIS ROCKS!!!!

  160. EpicMonster77

    I didn't see a single difference. >:(

  161. cody_whitworth

    i dont see a diffrence but nothing was wrong before you posted that so everything good i just wanted to say that i didnt find a diffrence on here :)

  162. cody_whitworth

    188th comment swag

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  164. Grace-Harrison

    No hinting towards bad language please

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  166. markusdepompei

    hi good job now i can really enjoy being on

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    Hi I is a new person

  168. CThieke19

    Oh yeah how do you like my pic?

  169. Darrenfx

    Good job!

  170. bluedomke

    Q Where did you get that name...?
    U It's cool

  171. Miss_Independent_cat

    167th coment

  172. Miss_Independent_cat

    hi jethro1 and everyone on quizlet

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  173. ethanb66

    i found no fixes

  174. webb_charleen

    who is mexicanbeaner?????? hahahaha (:

  175. kkkatiee

    CONGRATULATIONS, ethanb66.

  176. Laura_Marie6996

    Ha , Hi cx .


    true dat


    i just got an account is their games here.

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  180. cgoldberger

    Guys, could you give me some comments for my sets? and high fives :)

  181. matthew_v

    I always appreciate when companies fix bugs instead of blaming them on their users. +9999 High Fives!!!

  182. jazhang15


  183. sirconor2002

    ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!

  184. Leiford

    I have noticed 5 big fixes. Thanks for fixing all those bugs/mistakes.

  185. labruyereall

    I don't know for certain... But the stuff where you can High Five one thing multiple times?

  186. mathew_babajooni

    IDK but this site has helped me so much with homework and studying!!

  187. betsylittle17

    Hey anybody wanna talk? add me!!

  188. Gavin_Nee

    I found all

  189. Gavin_Nee

    I cant add u elisa

  190. krazybill

    you can create a set on mobile device apps

  191. kimmyt

    Thank you guys for all the hard work and can not wait till guys get the create for the android devices

  192. Ethan4800

    cool i see 7 of the bug fixes

  193. Latinmandarin809

    I have not seen any bug fixes yet

  194. aparnasanjeev

    Dear Quizlet faculty and staff,
    Thank you for fixing the "bugs". I enjoy Quizlet, and this has helped me on many of my tests. I appreciate what you are doing, what you have done, and what you are going to do in the future. Thank you.

    Many people around the globe.

    P.S. I had realized that two bugs I had noticed before are not occurring, thank you for that! :D

  195. soph1a

    I have no idea what those bugs are but good job Quizlet!

  196. soph1a

    I have no idea what those bugs are but good job Quizlet!

  197. charchar228

    sooo cool! hahaha just wanted to try commenting :))

  198. papamily

    I join in our class

  199. asong010

    wow thank you guys

  200. Herbert_A_Pervert

    hhhhayyyy little kiddiesssss

  201. rettie101

    i found one and i see its fixed............ when you are learning and you go out and go back in they ask you the questions that you got right or already answered but i see its fixed so thanx that really bothered me

  202. Crossie69

    hi jamsssss

  203. jamsssss

    hi crossie69

  204. Crossie69

    wat did u get in ur ict

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  207. mattmcnally13

    yay i care so much its not even funny

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  210. seeeeeeyaaaaa

    When are you going to steal the golden notebook?

  211. rw54

    I know where you live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. Troller_101

    I do too

  213. Beauty_is_jalen

    1000 user solo late byee

  214. vinnybruce13

    i win

  215. kittenlover13

    nope cant find them but I really appreciate that yall fixed them thnx a bunch !!!!!!!!!!! <3

  216. nushy12

    i found 14, and i don't care to list them

  217. nushy12

    thanks so much for that

  218. uglyhippo

    hi guys

  219. jwcrawford-resc

    263 yes!!!!

  220. Obey_PrettyRican

    Thank you because it was running slow...


    hi i love austin mahone:)

  222. kylaglass

    yea dude you know what the deal is with them bugs they are special to me and others on quizlets

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  227. Minecraftpicklearmy

    'sup 'foo

  228. lexaylulovesu

    story of my life 1D <3 #notafanbutlove

  229. Karkat_jawa

    I like Jawas XD

  230. Sara_Sherman

    Couldn't find any bugs... Too busy studying!!!!

  231. Our_Gods_not_dead

    8-O there were bugs?!?!?!?

  232. findingneverland

    I dont think they are humans!!!

  233. Our_Gods_not_dead

    I never knew there were bugs!
    But great!
    No bugs!

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  235. AllyB33

    thanks andrew!!

  236. GoSarahGo

    Thank you:) and people....not real bugs, bugs as in, messed up things on the computer or something.......

  237. IGottaDoThisLol

    Hi Guess What....... I DON'T CARE WHAT BUGS YOU FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And last ★ⓄⓃⒺ★

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  239. adam986

    Good job Quizlet! Keep up the good work! Ignore these other trollers and keep helping students!

  240. adam986

    P.S. I couldn't find any bugs, but oh well!

  241. Rizzo_Inc

    ciao, come stai i miei amici?
    perche' noi non parliamo in italiano? La lingua e il paese sone belli.

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  243. s202897

    you have to have an account which you do

  244. nialls_girl255

    wow, gotten rid of all bugs! congrats! you just keep improving huh! great job!

  245. el_chico_con_lentes

    that´s good

  246. camillemiller21

    Please, go type in cgoldberger and study her (probably) flash cards. Make any requests you want her/him to make flash cards on, and I hope He/She will make them. Thanks for your support.

  247. Joao1234

    Want to play minecraft? Post back

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    Hello world! :)

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    I don't want to go down 282 comments, so I can comment, it's stupid

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    @Joao1234 enough with the minecraft, your obviously addicted

  254. Olivia_Santos8

    Hi guys.

  255. admiralgeneralpaulyd

    Why did you fix the bugs. You should add micro transactions

  256. Zapster264


  257. brian_schmitz

    When I click to create a new box for a new word it wont open. I also have a problem with clicking to quickly select a language and it will not select it.

  258. kfordjones

    I could spot all of them :)

  259. Minecraftpicklearmy

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  260. KekeLikesTacozz

    I'm commenting cause that's what people doooooo ohhhhhhh!

  261. Dante_Muniz

    how are you able to tell which bugs are fixed? It seems like you guys are pointing out numbers or something.... oh and I think we should be able to report comments as well. And reply to comments...

  262. dondiegogodoy

    87th even though i didn't find any

  263. skgdancer

    what bugs??????????????????????????????????????????? and also 296 comment

  264. Galen_Papai

    wow how immature "im first" wat an accomplishment

  265. cennada

    hi i'm new here and just wanted to introduce my self to every one. :)

  266. cennada

    Uumm sorry, but whats a bug?

  267. hpham096

    bugs are like technology problems

  268. kennawicklund1234

    that is what quizlit is all about i dont see you what to deledit so dont say that about your quizlit and evvery thing you have on there will be gonn

  269. basquebeauty69

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  270. apredsox

    It deleted my set

  271. apredsox

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  272. Chelseav98

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  274. ilove_soccer


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  276. SuperSonicSpeed

    Nah didn't see them

  277. makuhns

    Did anyone know that when you type Quizlet it comes up as wrong.... I would have thought that the staff would have fixed that by know....... ohh well, bye!

  278. makuhns

    why does it say I can only comment one more time? if I can only comment one more time..... bye Quizlet peeps!

  279. Everett_Heeb

    I tried reporting a problem. Problem......

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    what is this a chat room

  282. lolzmomiji

    chat rooms on quizlet......smh

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    Watermelon inside a watermelon

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  285. SarahBland7

    Thanks, guys! We all really appreciate your hard work. It totally makes a difference in our everyday studies! Keep up the good work! (:

  286. SammiCC

    Can you make it so that the Quizlet app on iOS lets you make a flashcard set?

  287. akkor

    I think that the parenthesis now work correctly at the filp side! Thank you very much for that and all of your great work!

  288. amalianc STAFF

    @SammiCC - our current iOS app can do this - make sure to update your app in the app store!

  289. amalianc STAFF

    @brian_schmitz - please write into our feedback center about your issue, and we will see what we can do:


    lol why does everyone talk on these

  291. jspears0922

    I haven't seen any bugs. Good job Quizlet!! :)

  292. dinusa

    I found none

  293. dinusa


  294. baseballpro_99

    hay noticed any bugs yet


  295. ringr2013

    Of Course!!!

  296. ringr2013

    Great Job Quizlet!!!!! You are a wonderful website!!

  297. Darth_Zeider

    bring back the class discussion!

  298. claralswartz

    I love this website it is such a good way to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks you Quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant spot any of the fixed bugs though.................. hmmmmmm Ill keep looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  299. nancydougrobin

    1 bug. The Spanish speaker will not say the whole word.

  300. meepmeep2013


  301. ilurvyourface

    didn't see any fixes but didn't see any bugs....good thing???
    lol oblivious me :)

  302. Callum22092000

    that means 303 new bugs have popped up

  303. Callum22092000

    that means 303 new bugs have popped up

  304. hsss

    i've noticed some

  305. Lahari14


  306. Lukevanrooy


  307. megankaitlin

    I think there might be another bug that needs to be fixed. Whenever I try to go to the "learn" setting on any of my sets it wont load all the way so I can't use it. Its extremely frustrating. Does anyone else have this problem?

  308. colton1014

    the voice is all messed up

  309. Braxton_Douglas3

    Awesome My friend . Awesome

  310. Braxton_Douglas3

    Awesome my friend awesome

  311. e-Erni TEACHER

    Yes, that's great! Thank you for your support.

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    Shouldn't more recent comments be at the top rather than the bottom?

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    woooaahh, stoopp-aahh.. dont ever use swag, not trying to be a trololol over here.. but just stop. also ..
    Yolo= You Only Love Oreos. FTW. also who else is using Quizlet at school? XD

  320. amalianc STAFF

    @megankaitlin - please write in to our feedback center about this, and we will see what we can do!

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    anyone want to talk


    i would love to

  323. tiffanymdurst

    so how r u.

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    364th comment!

  326. andrewli321

    Can't find any of the changes...

  327. LuvZebraLuv1234

    So far, i have found one bug but other then that, it seems to be fine!! :-D

  328. byu1234567890

    i mad a comment thats right i am a panther thats right

  329. candypancakes

    Did you guys fix the speller? It actually says the terms now! Isn't that a miracle...

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  331. mendozamaricelag

    i can't upload picturessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! helppppp!!!!!

  332. 15trindadeo

    I am trying to study vocab and I have 45 starred words. But for some reason every time I try to star 45 words and do like learn or something it goes back to starring only 15. What is going on???

  333. Angelo_Labiano

    hi all

  334. abbey_mueller

    What does the fox say!??? Haa-te-haa-te-haa-te-ho! idk im bored whoops. _-_

  335. abbey_mueller

    What does the fox say!??? Haa-te-haa-te-haa-te-ho! idk im bored whoops. _-_

  336. Joshy_lit

    better find tamone and pumba, let them "fix" the bugs, they'll do a REAL good job with bugs

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  342. rivera-giselle

    Finally the 87 bugs were fixed.

  343. rivera-giselle

    Quizlet is getting better and better.

  344. beautron7

    Um, whats up with X on flashcards? it makes it all flipped

  345. tjstol2000

    385th comment!!! Whoa... you fix so many bugs on bug day. Sweet

  346. buddym17

    Quizlet is great!

  347. Katrina_King

    I have MAJOR problems. All my sets will only let me go on flashcard mode. I always use Quizlet and now it just wont let me use any of the other cool and helpful features. HELP please?

  348. Katrina_King

    I have MAJOR problems. All my sets will only let me go on flashcard mode. I always use Quizlet and now it just wont let me use any of the other cool and helpful features. HELP please?

  349. PatriciaBird


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    I like minecraft. It's fun. Good job quizlet

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  356. Tdoc1998

    UPGRADES!!!!SWEET!!!!!!!Tanks a lot QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!

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  358. lomadia

    The amendments quiz you spelled the amendment 1 and amendment 3 flashcards wrong it makes it hard to read a lot

  359. brianji22

    400th comment! Unless any other comments get deleted.

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    401 ;P lol

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  362. trueblue315

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    I didn't notice any bugs but thank-you Andrew. I love quizlet. And CHINESE rules.

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    dont worry i will fix it

  372. minecraftharry

    dont worry i will fix it

  373. jramey1998



    yes found them all

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    outchea-gettin-it has found a bug

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    Every time my class creates a card, it gets deleted. We make and save the card and the site refreshes causing the cards to be deleted.

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    Please tell me one of them was to fix the two-comment rule…

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    THANKS!!!!! :) C: :D d: (: O:

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    hey my friendssss

  395. amalianc STAFF

    @mendozamaricelag - Sorry about this! We have fixed this problem, so it should be working now. If you are still having issues, please write into

  396. kayla3432


  397. amalianc STAFF

    @torian_topel, @Katrina_King, @15trindadeo - please write in to if you are still experiencing these issues!

  398. AdamH56

    Hooray for bug fixes! :D

  399. joehyunpark

    Wut bugz?

  400. Kadin_Riksen5


  401. cellochloe

    idk, but thx anyways! (i think i hv an idea of some, but i'm not very sure)
    i lost track of what #poster i am...

  402. cellochloe

    i like how there's a limit on comments so people can't spam! :D

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  404. MeganBroussard

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    I don't know but thanks! I love Quizlet!

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    Its soooo exiting!

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    PLZ do my root word test and beat highscores THX

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    !!!Yay!!! Never had any problems!! But I hope I spot some!!

  433. julia1095

    i made my flash cards i dont know how to print them

  434. OuTTaSiGhTT

    Sometimes in Learn Mode the words/answers repeat. So please fix that! :D

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    luv the new format!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  439. Dallas_Carraway

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  440. CommentMonitor

    @negromonkey Hey! Great to know the bugs have been fixed, but please do not spam the chat log. The commenting log is meant for a couple main purpose only - questions, comments, or anything else related. I mean, yes, there is a limit of comments: 2, but we ask you not make a whole list. Thank you for your patience.

    The Quizlet Comment Monitor

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    b-day just had the best day ever

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    i found 15 bugs that were fixed and they pretty noticeable!:)

  445. SeaBassGlass

    I still have bug problems where in scatter it doesn't count and always says 0.00. Every time I refresh, it goes up by .01 seconds and still doesn't count. Also, it wont let me enter anything for chat.

  446. lopezelena TEACHER

    I would like to know if there is a way of disabling the override option in the learn mode.

    I believe my middle school students are cheating and using this option with our really learning.

  447. wjmssocialstudies6

    i fond 65 changes

  448. amalianc STAFF

    @lopezelena - We do not have a way to disable override currently, but we may have this feature for Teachers in the future... Thanks for the suggestion!

  449. amalianc STAFF

    @razor123fox - Please write in to about this issue, and we will see what we can do!

  450. minecrafter123456789

    go to my made quizlet creation. it is called vocabulary workshop level a unit 4 or 5. if you don't see my name then type in my name instead. Minecrafter123456789

  451. brestelj

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  452. brestelj

    WARNING: I eat food on a daily basis

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    youtube @ todaysgaming101

  454. Rachel_Russell


    yay!! NO MORE bugs! jk jk i dont even know what you fixed sorry :(

  455. cartwrightjamie

    Here's a bug scatter race lags when playing some words wont move, other that that keep up the good work!

  456. cartwrightjamie

    Here's a bug scatter race lags when playing some words wont move, other that that keep up the good work!

  457. roberg15


  458. Arnay_Vohra

    By the way good job quizlet it is so much better you guys are the best thank you

  459. chesshero

    good job, even though I don't know what the bugs are...

  460. chesshero

    quizlet already seemed almost perfect

  461. ayaz5430

    Just kidding!! But seriously, 87 bugs?!!!! WOW. Jeez, that's a LOT!!!!

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    amo el arco iris de color púrpura y unicornios

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    I dont see any… I just joined

  466. pll_volleyball12

    509 but it would be great if we could comment more then twice on peoples posts :)

  467. bearyboy2

    It was so easy I found almost all 87!!!

  468. Joshy_lit

    every time I set the computer voice on it says part of the definition and part of the term without saying the full phrase, like if the notecard says "flower petals" the computer voice will say "flowe......" and not say the rest, please fix this, I use this feature often and now its basically useless. please help.

  469. Ericka123


  470. amalianc STAFF

    @JD-swag - Sorry about this! If you have not already done so, please write into our feedback center about this issue:

  471. Walker23

    that is grate

  472. Ok-Ok

    I found a bug in the discussion where usually things repeat twice.
    I also found a bug in the test like when i put like 45 and 60 terms, it only gives me like 20

  473. gretatravaglia


  474. pikachu168

    I don't seem to find anything very easy to tell if it's a change

  475. CameronHickson

    u tried

  476. hagstad

    i found a bug. when you try to delete a set it doesn't go away.

  477. surfgrllizziep

    what are the high fives for?

  478. scigirl2013

    I found a bug when you are taking a test it only gives you some of the questions I

  479. Tylor_LC

    Lol at the nerds here cheering at how they got first comments

  480. gretald

    526th comment!!!

  481. Brainiac98

    Good job fixing so many bugs! I'd like to know what they were though because I've never had any trouble. :)

    Also, you guys are ridiculous with your "First comment", "159th comment!", etc. it's annoying. The comments are for posting your thoughts on the topic, not getting brag rights for first comment. :/

  482. supreet98

    I am so glad that you fixed the bugs now i don't have to worry about get frustrated about refreshing my page thanks so much!:)

  483. SamuelSwagger

    Good For You

  484. DeltaUps

    531 comment, YEAH BOYYYYY

  485. bootsboot

    THANK YOU QUIZLET! You guys are awesome :)

  486. JENfaerl

    i don't think it is a bug but u added the # of peeps on at each moment so i guess that's 1
    ; } )

  487. bearyboy2

    I finally found all 87! But I also found a few unfixed bugs:(

  488. Like_A_Wolanske

    Thank you so much!! Everything you do helps us to learn more and save time. This website is soo great for learning everything! Everything you have done so far is really nice. Thanks for letting us choose whether we want to pay or not, or if we want no ads.
    Thank you so much!!


  489. HKearby

    Ain't nobody got time fo bugs!

  490. aaudefender

    quizlet for da win! i think im like 538th. winner!

  491. grahamnunez

    I found a bug in the bathroom does that count??

  492. grahamnunez

    Now I'm the 539th I'm the Winner YAHHHHHHH

  493. Raisinbran711

    When I play scatter it has them clumped and when I put two together it throws them across the page

  494. Tnguyen679

    How can there be 87 bugs and barely anyone notices...... that proves how awesome quizlet is!!!

  495. Mark3Shark3

    super cool, but i find 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 bugs in 1 day

  496. Jasonzhang3

    I find a bug on join class

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    548th Comment

  499. gilstrap03

    Quizlet is amazin! Thank ya'll!

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    looks good to me lol and it runs faster then it use to and u can do scatter even faster :)

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    IM BACK!!!!


    PORKA PINE????

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    560th :)

  513. sweet_studyer95

    I haven't seen any bugs however it took me a long time to scroll down here to comment or whatever

    :) what kind of bugs are there???????????????? :D

  514. sweet_studyer95

    I think I found a bug when im doing the learn thing I click that and it says continue when your done and it repeats the same question :( so I have to do it all over again



    DAT BAD MAN SERIOUSLY :( :( :( :( :(

  515. marcieharper

    2,784th high five

  516. DeanCole

    564 like a mother father gentleman!

  517. DeanCole

    oh ya bringing up the rear with 565

  518. Forever_Nerd

    566 But I dont really care about what comment i am I just care about the bugs! THANKS LORD THEY ARE FIXED

  519. Forever_Nerd

    You may only comment one more time. Thats Sad! So,So sad Okay then Bye world..

  520. MiaB9

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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    It's 2015 now woohoo

  522. aepr8er

    It's 2015 now woohoo

  523. arleth_Mendoza12

    I have a different account but lost my password and I'm not able to retrieve it . I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this problem. without it I don't have my information for my medical class please help me, my last account was arleth_mendoza1 . I have tried going into the google account but it says it is wrong I have tried multiple variations of passwords but I have gotten nowhere with this ,so now I come to you to see if you can help me in any way . PLEASE!! I would really appreciate the help I get. I will cooperate if needed but I really need to use that account to study .

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