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5 Fun, Easy Ways to Adapt Quizlet Live

Teachers · Posted by Amalia  January 31, 2018

How do you Quizlet Live? Latin teacher and technology coach Patrick McMillan recently shared his great ideas for adapting the game:

QL Eleven.png
Find more suggestions for playing Quizlet Live Eleven here.

QL Cacophony.png

QL Silent.png
For more detailed Silent Quizlet Live instructions and example videos, go here.

QL Relay.png
Want to see Quizlet Live Relay in action? Check out this fun post.

QL Tag Team.png

Have fun trying out these additional ways to play Quizlet Live with your students! If you post a photo or video, make sure to mention @quizlet. 😎

Find Patrick's full infographic here to share with others or print for your classroom.