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5 study sets for Women's History Month

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2021 marks the 35th year that Women’s History Month has been celebrated on a national level. The month-long recognition has roots in Sonoma, California. In 1978, the local school district observed a week-long celebration of women’s history. Other communities around the country followed suit, until President Jimmy Carter proclaimed a week in March to be Women’s History Week in 1980. Spurred on by the National Women’s History Project, Congress created the month-long celebration we know today in 1987.

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we gathered some study sets on women’s history. Teach yourself something new with these five study sets.

Flip through flashcards to learn about important women in history and their contributions, or test your knowledge with Learn, Match, or Test.

If you’re a teacher, use these sets for a Women’s History Month Quizlet Live session. Still learning remotely? Use Quizlet Live Individuals mode to play easily over Zoom.

1. Women's History Month - Past and Present Pioneers

From physicists to poets, learn about women who challenged the status quo and had a great impact on the world.

2. Women Inventors

Do you know who invented chocolate chip cookies? The first home security system? Coffee filters? Learn the names of the women behind these inventions.

3. Women's History Month Trivia

Test your knowledge of women’s history, from crucial milestones to the achievements of various women in history.

4. Women in Computer Science

Discover some of the contributions women have made to the field of computer science.

5. Women's Rights Movement Timeline

Learn some of the key moments in the first wave and second wave of feminism in the United States.

Looking for more sets on women’s history? We have plenty more study sets for you to peruse.

Happy Women’s History Month!


  1. rosalie940

    This is cool! Can't wait to learn about the amazing women who came before us!

  2. a00024529

    I love Women's History Month it's the best!!!

  3. Sandra_Davis30

    To ALL women, let’s get it done together because we can.

  4. theLilyO

    What a wonderful way to celebrate! Thank you!

  5. amy_cassandra_dolby

    We are created equal. Not better but equal. It's good to remember our accomplishments. And learn from them.

  6. cida_veppo

    Waiting to start the class and try Quizlet with my dear student!!
    Thank you Quizlet!

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