After the serious philosophical contemplations in my last post, I thought I might freshen the mood with some fun statistics on how Quizlet is doing.

But before I dive in I'd like to thank everyone for the huge flow of ideas coming in through the blog and the feedback box. It's a little overwhelming, but I think some genuinely good features have been suggested. As always, development is continuing at break-neck pace.

Today marks the 500th day of Quizlet's existence. That's a long time! Sometimes I can't believe it myself, that I've been working on it so long and stuck to it. Of course, 455 of those days were private testing and idea-developing times. The site has only been available to the world for the past 45 days, so all new registrations have been since then.

Speaking of registrations, user signups are continuing to come in at a breakneck pace. On average, it's about 150 people per day, so as I'm writing the sentence there are 8,533 registered users. If the trend continues, about five more should show up by the time I'm done with this post.

Interestingly, the number of sets created per day has recently surpassed the number of users per day. For example, today we had 185 sets created in the last twenty-four hours. Impressive! I think as the user base grows, older members are moving on to create their second and third sets, while first-timers are still a big portion of the new sets posted.

Here is a graph of the number of users against user age on Quizlet:

Number of users by age

The big spike is at age 16, right around sophomore/junior year in high school. It's interesting to see how this data has changed since I last graphed the ages of Quizlet users. Since the last graph, the college students have definitely been picking up Quizlet more.

The average user answers 61.7% of all the Learn page prompts correctly. That seems decent, but I'm working on ways to improve that average (as in, having people answer correctly more often).

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer has passed up Firefox as the most-used browser on Quizlet, with 52% of all users. Next comes Firefox at 37% and Safari at 7.5%. That's not too bad, considering internet-wide averages put Internet Explorer at . For more on why I'm complaining about Explorer, see this post I wrote about a bug in Quizlet.

All "Set" pages collectively account for about 40% of all traffic on Quizlet, then the Test, Group, and Learn pages take up another collective 40%. The Scatter page is a little further down the list, but it has by far the most repeated visits, as expected.

Geographically, the citizens of San Diego consistently comes in as the top users of Quizlet:

The U.S. accounts for most of Quizlet's users

This is just a graph of the last 500 visits on Quizlet, so it's not completely representative of all traffic. Still, It's definitely fascinating to see the big community in San Diego and the UK, as well as the large spread on the East Coast and Midwest.

Some quick averages: Mr. Average user has created 0.8 sets, posted 4.3 discussion messages, logged 62.9 scores on the Learn Page, and entered 30.3 terms into Quizlet.

Well that's all I have for now.

Until next time,
Lead Quizletteer


  1. Nik

    Yup – this State of the Quizlet thing is here to stay. And I, personally, like it. Some of these numbers are really mind-blowing (<em>150 people per day</em>) while, with others, I just nod my head and grin (the "big spike is at age 16, right around sophomore/junior year in high school," anyone?). At first, the growing number of users with Internet Explorer was discouraging, at least for a Firefox fan like myself. But when you realize that this translates into a more layperson crowd, instead of the early adapters that had been Quizlet's main users before, it really speaks well for Quizlet's future.

    At any rate, I'm glad to see Quizlet in such great health – and I can't wait until the next State of the Quizlet. One thousand users, anyone?

  2. Registered99

    That is a lot.
    How do you know the ages of the users? I don't remember inputting my age into Quizlet, and I can't seem to find it in preferences.

  3. Nik

    @Registered99: When you sign up, you're asked for your birth year. To my knowledge, this information is not made public as being <em>your</em> birth year. Instead, Andrew just users the group data anonymously to get statistics like these.

  4. Andrew

    Yes, Nik got it right. The year data is collected in aggregrate and never used publicly in any form.

  5. Guk

    How's daily traffic?

  6. Ioannus de Verani

    Thank you so much for making Quizlet; even if I had to pay to use this service, I would continue using it (that being said, please keep it free!)!

    Quizlet is the best thing since the toaster oven; keep at it!

  7. NeilKelty


    The only way Quizlet goes to a subscription based model is if Andrew dies and it's not like he's 80. :P (At least I hope not, you've read those Newsweek articles though.) hehe

  8. Andrew

    <blockquote>The only way Quizlet goes to a subscription based model is if Andrew dies and it’s not like he’s 80.</blockquote>

    What, so now you're my spokesman? :)

    Daily traffic is about 20k pageviews and 2k uniques.

  9. Guk

    Very nice achievement there Andrew. Not bad for a website old around 2 months to have so many users.

  10. SangeethaJaikumar


    What a great effort! My Japanese learning has now become easy with Quizlet. Believe me Im faring well in my test!

    Thanks Andrew...Thanks a lot.

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