Quizlet passed 5000 registered users Monday night, all in just 19 days since launch! As I write this post, the current count is 5327 users, and 290 in the last 24 hours. Thank you to everyone who has blogged about it, referred their friends, and added their contributions to the rapidly growing database of terms.

For those interested, Firas Durri has a fun interview of me on his blog.

On the coming agenda, I have the following improvements:

  1. Mootools 1.0 upgrade. I'm a little worried about this because of the backwards-compatibility issues. I've upgraded and changed old functions to their new counterparts, but I'm still worried that there might be some wayward problems caused by the upgrade. It's kind of a black box. Upgrading to 1.0 will allow me smoother movement effects, better color effects, and generally greater possibilities for who-knows-what (read: games).
  2. Saving of testing preferences so that you don't have to reset them every time (Ignore, Prompt, etc.).
  3. More networking capabilities. I'm working on a networking page that will help you find your friends on Quizlet by entering their email addresses or usernames. Also, it will allow you to invite friends to your groups or Quizlet in general. Should be cool...
  4. Automatic scroll-to-bottom after adding a new term to the end of a set list.
  5. Some random bugfixes from feedback reports.

Just to emphasize the last item, the feedback that's been coming in from the feedback bar has been great. I read every one of them, but I can't respond to all of them. It's all very useful, and it's telling me a lot about what's broken and what needs improvement. Thanks to everyone who has sent something in!


  1. mike

    nothing to remind you when to study?

  2. Nik

    Great improvements, Andrew! Several that I've thought would benefit Quizlet myself, and several more that I could have never thought of, but will certainly enjoy. I particularly like automatic scroll-to-bottom, something that has been bothering me while entering vocab into new sets. In all, I see a more pleasant user experience.

    And, of course, congratulations on the 5,000+ users!

  3. Pyotr

    Have you ever thought of making different color schemes? Not that I don't like the blue, I just think that different colors once in a while would be neat.

  4. Neil Kelty

    Pyotr: I know where you're coming from, but at this point I think it's important for Quizlet to establish a "brand".

    Andrew: Congrats on reaching 5,000.

  5. Neil Kelty

    P.S. What about those editable comments?

  6. Shrill

    I like the idea about extending the learning process through games that utilize the data sets.

  7. Yakeyglee

    Wow. This site is growing fast. It is very good. I hope that many more people learn about and utilize Quizlet.com in the future!

  8. edanp

    Congrats on the users.

    You said you can't response to most of the feedbacks you get, but I think even a simple template response would be suffice, just to let us know you received our feedback.

    One feature that I'm anxious to see, mark new words for the test/familiarize, and work only on them. my Set got 100 words, and i waste time on the 90 words i already know just for learning my 10 new words.

  9. JRRT

    youre welcome

  10. MaryReynolds


  11. Whiteside_The_Jaylen

    Lol this site is growing!

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