Woo! It took just 252 days for Quizlet to reach the 50,000 users. I couldn't be happier with the road Quizlet has taken up to here, and I'm glad to share this moment with all of you!

Thanks to everyone who has told their friends and colleagues about Quizlet. I couldn't have done it without you!


  1. Nik

    AWESOME! That's really fantastic, Andrew! And what a great surprise for 50,000 user. Great hat, by the way.

  2. ribymi

    Dang! 50,000 who was it :?:
    at this rate i say by march we will have 100,000!!!

  3. Zach

    Congrats Andrew! I enjoy using Quizlet every day, and I hope many thousands more get to use your creation!

  4. Margaret

    Ha, would've been funnier if you had animated it XD But CONGRATS!

    My friends don't really get Quizlet and laugh at it but when they fail and I get the top grade WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?! heehee =] Some of my friends use it though, don't worry.

  5. Neil Kelty

    Is that a jester hat you have on there?

    Wonderful! Congrats on the 50,000 - remember the days back at school.jalenack.com :P




    :) :( :P :D ;) :twisted: :?: :?

  8. Megan the hottie

    i just started Quizlet a week ago it rocks the house i told all of my way cool firends bout it. they use it all the time . thanks a lot. rock on Andrew!!!!!

  9. Robbie the Hottie

    I wasnt fellin the hat playa. Thats crazy holmes 50000.

  10. keep up the GR8888 work =]]
    i can't pass my classes w/o this site. xD

  11. Kittensfan101

    Neither could I!!! This site roX!!!!!:cool::lol::lol::mrgreen:

  12. chickenz

    this site...is...MADNESS

  13. a_monkey

    I think this is great my life science teacher told her class about this and half the 7th grade is on YAY :o

  14. nickorama777

    Nice. I joined about 5 months ago when my Latin teacher encouraged our class to do it.

  15. trent

    grats andrew!

  16. allie

    I love this site! I joined a few weeks ago and every night I use it to study english and latin. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  17. a_monkey

    andrew who was your 100th member??

  18. orcagrl_27

    that is HOT!!! congrats to andrew and thanks for making the perfect study tool.

  19. choccolattte

    this is an awesome site, it really helps. you deserve all the ppl who can get !!!!

  20. snaremustang

    Before I found Quizlet, I sucked with fractions, but know I can have one on one tutoring with my math teacher! (OVER THE INTERNET!!!)

  21. Grant

    Awesome! I just wish there was a better way to communicate.

    I'm trying to learn how to use GIMP (free image editing program) and it's really hard with just chat and private messages and sets.

    When will the boards feature come? And are you programming that yourself or are you getting a dedicated server like IbP?

    Well, I'm off to study for my big history test. G'night.

  22. shana

    I have intro to computers at school and a lot of free time in the class. The teacher lets me do whatever I want as long as it involves the computer. Well I found this site and now I study for all my other classes on here. Thanks for a great site!

  23. Magee

    SICK!!! 50,000!!! who was the 50,000th?
    great work!

  24. Micah

    congrats andrew! a major accomplishment!

  25. Z

    ..50,000..ppl??? sweet

  26. W..ow!!!So many people!

  27. Kayla

    OMG, great job Andrew! I saw this website on a local news channel (TMJ4 Milwaukee, I think) and I decided to check it out. I'm SOOO glad I did. I think that if this site just suddenly disappeared I would be totally lost and I would fail all my classes. I would have to go back to flashcards! (YUCCKKKKKKKK.) THANKS ANDREW!!

    Oh yeah, CONGRATS ON THE 50,000!!!!

  28. Andrew

    Kayla: Woah!! That's cool. If you can find a link to a video or something of that, I'd absolutely love to see it. Thanks for letting me know!

  29. James

    Oh Em Gee

  30. Evi

    Yay 50,000 people!

  31. jnunn

    thats cool.

  32. !merlina!

    shut up JON JON!

  33. !merlina!

    just playin. :)

  34. Harry1987


  35. <a href="http://photobucket.com" rel="nofollow"></a>

  36. zrpstrings

    just started quizlet a couple weeks ago for my word part quiz, and i would have defently would have failed if you did not make this website thanks!

  37. Rae-Rae

    Quizlet was recommended by my teacher at school. I am so glad because I can use this website 4 so much!

  38. ~Angel Ann~

    sweet that is cool hi im Angel i go to Dutchtown High im a 9th grader and this rocks!!!

  39. Rufus

    How about coming up with a Quizlet for learning spelling words? There are 1000's of elementary school teachers (&amp; their students) who would LOVE a site like this!

  40. Xatu

    How do u do that smiley with the horns?:(

  41. Me


  42. me

    hi nick

  43. lotrc

    lets get cody in here

  44. euvan


  45. kenpo


  46. euvan


  47. bobzox

    Commenting in 2013!!!
    Hard to believe the amount of progress Quizlet has had. I became a member in 2010 or 2011, and already it is better that before.
    Great job guys and girls! Thanks Andrew!

  48. scaplet

    Nice job, Quizlet is awesome!

  49. nringach1

    99th high five!!! nice progress!!!

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