Quizlet in Education

Class visit: The Quizlet team gets feedback from 7th and 8th graders at St. Thomas the Apostle in SF on how they use Quizlet. Thanks for the great ideas!


  1. RyahDaBoss

    1ST ONE

  2. Extremist23

    2nd comment! Hooray!

  3. tedmcmanus

    3rd comment I win

  4. rjoywebb


  5. rjoywebb

    To cute!!!!!!!!

  6. joshuafecht

    o yay

  7. EJsea


  8. Aleksander_Adamkowsk


  9. tester PLUS

    So much blue!

  10. RamboIII


  11. aawaller290


  12. bbagnall01

    Where was it

  13. sjknight

    SWEET! 11th!!! im so amazing people. Thank you Quizlet for all you do...wow! i am amazed at how easy it is to learn on here. i am SO thankful for this site. thank you for taking your time and energy to visit people who use your site to see how you can make improvements. I LOVE QUIZLET!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  14. speedstar101


  15. timotar

    14th sweet

  16. farooqjan

    i love it

  17. itsflopun

    thanks for coming today!


    Thanks For Coming! (Sweet 16th)

  19. Anton_Vitullo

    15th lol

  20. Melony13

    15!!! sweet! you guys are awesome!!

  21. JonahSterling


  22. JonahSterling

    and 49th High Five!!

  23. Mr_Waggy_Lomp

    thx for coming u cnt see me but I'm in the pic…… somewhere

  24. pianoplayer4

    26th comment!

  25. Alex599


  26. cubeytroll

    28 :O

  27. Fuddlesticks

    Thank you for visiting my school Quizlet!!!!

  28. TheKidSaidHi

    30 called it

  29. superEEE

    Quizlet thx for coming! :D

  30. s0987

    comment 32!!!! lol!
    lol harry p.!

  31. blazer46348

    you may add your own sets to it and no spa allowed

  32. Julia_Carloyn

    34!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  33. EpicSaxGuy_Jethro

    I wonder what the suggestions where. AND I GOT THE 35TH COMMENT OH YEAH. And 187th high five.

  34. speedstar101

    I just realized I got an unlucky comment!

  35. alicetiso

    I love Quizlet!!

  36. alicetiso


  37. I-am-A-human2

    39 yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  38. juzel_Jordonne

    I'm in love with this

  39. juzel_Jordonne

    Love it

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