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"@ElRanchoHS winners of the BYOD @quizlet flashcard relays" (@MrRojoERHS, El Rancho HS, Pico Rivera, CA... see his blog for details on the competition.)


  1. tmarsga

    2nd commment!!!!!!

  2. Kobigetsu

    Lol XD, how do you do that

  3. NinjaKirby

    7th, YES, THANKS QUIZLET!!!!

  4. Nepal_is_my_username


  5. Nepal_is_my_username

    how do you do that(the moving picture)?




    8th closest ever!

  8. Mig15

    First account named after a Russian Fighter Jet

  9. BillNyeTheChineseSpy


  10. AlleyCatBird

    KYOOL, I was at the aG fair today in Sacromento, I was a imagine this... Contest state winner:)

  11. penguins0124

    18th comment!

  12. EpicSaxGuy_Jethro

    20th comment OH YES I GOT THE 20TH ONE. And good job with the awards! Keep striving for your dreams!

  13. Sola6174


  14. WhoisthisThisDimi


  15. pikachu168

    Anyone can do that. I had one before, but I got bored of it

    I forgot what was the BYOD thingy

  16. kitesurfer_

    hey people i'm veryyyyyyyy ssssssssssssssssmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  17. Melissa_Blossoms

    @wolfbite5-chat I tried that, but they say it's invalid :(

  18. Chelsea_Coplestone

    Nobody care bout moving pictures jc_da_boss, just saying:)

  19. loveapple

    I know how You do this: 1. : 2. ( 3. :(

  20. Minecraftpicklearmy

    And leave your comment of your favorite thing about pewdiepie

  21. gamer-catz

    i have no idea what comment this is… 13th? 67th? i dunno….. oh yeah, i getting moving picture!!!!

  22. gamer-catz

    MA LITTLE PONY is awesome!!! ma picture is of derby hooves, da best one!!!

  23. JackSkeen

    69 hi-fives xD

  24. JoelovesLEGOS

    I am awesome

  25. marcieharper

    I really hope we don't get another craze going: moving picture acounts.

  26. jln4th

    you are awesome

  27. kwith3brothers

    YAY! IM OLD ENOUGH TO COMMENT NOW!and congrats winners =^_^=

  28. Frieze5678

    Congrats you guys!!

  29. volleyball_mbc

    CONGRATS you guys!!!!

  30. gretald


  31. gretald

    93rd high-five XD :D

  32. JRRT

    95th comment & hihg-five

  33. bbagnall01

    Lol omg awesome

  34. Njtvunvrjirvjibgijrv

    Lol omg ãwëśōmë

  35. Theriskfmfmfldkdj

    Lol omg æwēšømę

  36. Surfkid


  37. Surfkid

    I was thinking the same thing! LOL

  38. Yoloswag9090


  39. Our_Gods_not_dead

    congratulations guys!

  40. Zaknaf1en

    half the ppl up the dont know how to count, lol

  41. Zaknaf1en

    hm, shouldnt waste my last comment, HOW SHOULD I USE IT!?!

  42. helenice73


  43. SeanOates

    110th Comment!!

  44. Mistymountains

    Whoa, that is cool! :) Great job you peeps that won! :) You guys rock! :)

  45. Mistymountains

    *sniff sniff* Last comment..... goodbye people of this awesome world! Do not forget me (a.k.a Mistymountains.... total LOTR fan)

  46. minecrafter123456789

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh last comment?

  47. cecipiecie

    64th! Why is everything in either California or New York?

  48. Logan_2482

    Cool, Awesome ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!

  49. Dragonetta

    Hello Quizlet,

    I am currently studying for a spelling test. Normally, I use Speller. However, Speller is having some difficulties announcing the words. I would truly appreciate if you solved this problem.

    Thank you,
    Dragonetta :)

  50. sushininja247

    seems lik fun!!

  51. Cwaka

    Pretty cool!

  52. Cwaka

    I know right... how do you guys get your animations to move? My animation doesn't move... it just shows a picture
    I really want to learn how to make it move! Someone please help!!!

  53. melissapittman

    wowwwwwwwwww really what are you guys 7

  54. soccergt_odp14


    ~soccergt (charlie the unicorn luver)

  55. Caligator_V

    What does that mean and like i said before no one cares what comment you are so shush up about it- person from england

  56. TheJapKid

    hey jc bro how do you get the moving picture coz thats really awesome i want one lol whered yuo get it from coz i really want it its so cool lol xD

  57. XxEmmanuelxX


  58. JoelovesLEGOS

    jln4th, why thank you for realizing that. I don't have any idea how you thought of that. but I don't care.

    also, just so everyone knows, I like LEGOs (hehe)
    p.s. I am also amazingly boss

  59. keke124

    congrations to you guys

  60. Chelssssss_


  61. s0987

    you guys are cray-cray! :)
    lol harry p.

  62. MichaelJunior

    hi my name is andy an I love languages jks llololo

  63. bethyjiles

    This is weird...

  64. Ozil_Is_Gunner

    I like Arsenal F.C post if you like football team from England

  65. Ozil_Is_Gunner

    Football the kind from England
    Not this American cheesy stuff
    is it called "soccer" in America

  66. mitz333

    do you think quizlet is a cool website
    chuck norris



  68. Bre_Hep

    Hey!!! Anyone want to talk? This is my email:

  69. Gabby_MT

    Me: Congrats! ^-^ Well done everyone!

  70. Its_Kevin

    jc_da_boss, why are you making such a big deal?

  71. marcieharper

    Wow they should just disable the comments section. Now it's evolved into a moshpit of weird moving animations and long giant posts with strange pictures in them. Also, everyone feels the need to still count their comment number, even though they disabled the feature that showed how many comments there were.

  72. najuaw


  73. Laces_For_My_Adidas


  74. NeshN3sh


  75. danilka1

    Can everyone please stop saying what comment # they have. I get it if it's in the top 5, but above that?!?!

  76. Jenalcala

    Your cool if you hang out with me.
    Just kidding.

  77. jessicalopez36926


  78. RachelS-period9

    haters gonna hate

  79. blazer46348

    93rd comment of the day!!!!!!!!
    haters gonna hate but likers are gonna like

  80. blazer46348

    93rd comment of the day!!!!!!!!
    haters gonna hate but likers are gonna like

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