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We suffered from several hours of downtime this morning, caused by a bad database transition. Everything is 100% back to normal. Our deepest apologies to everyone who couldn't study while we were down.


  1. ruvamu

    Thanks for fixing!

  2. jackciombor

    Way to go now I cant play no more

  3. sarahfaith101

    Thanks for fixing it! 4th comment btw!

  4. yvonne_hangstefer

    Thanks for fixing! Auto-save saved my life!! :)

  5. henryrjwarner

    Thanks for fixing, we were getting worried.

  6. DIYAS

    what r u tlking

  7. Firest0rm

    Thanks! HA 7TH!!!

  8. Firest0rm

    RECORD!!! :D:D:D:D

  9. Melony13

    thank you for fixing it!
    I wanted to do some this morning but instead did is still good!

  10. Melony13

    and btw 8th!!

  11. srmbrgr

    It's all good.

  12. tHeUnIcOrN14773

    Thanks for fixing it. I was P'd off when it was down. I was trying to study for a vocabulary test in math.

  13. zachypaige

    Thank You

  14. CaralynWare11

    Thanks for fixing! And 15th comment! Awesome!

  15. davidvanheiden2448

    Thanks for Fixing

  16. kwith3brothers

    15th yay closest ever and THANKS!!!!! ^-^

  17. StudyGirl77

    Thank you!!! ^_^

  18. jkim043


  19. Thexboxking


  20. 2015263

    Thanks for the quick response!

  21. JocelynBeuther

    thank you!!

  22. AgentDolly

    At least it's fixed. Funny thing is, I could view everything except sets.... : )

  23. Marceau_Swagtastic

    this deserves a HIGH FIVE!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Sola6174


  25. peaceout153

    high five

  26. Cristina_Elissabetta

    Now I can study for my history test

  27. Poet_Girl

    Thanks Quizlet!

  28. shaessmith

    I think I created my account during the downtime and now my account cannot be seen by my students : (

  29. Karis256

    I had quite a scare when my set wouldn't save after I added a bunch of new terms! It did finally save, though. Thanks for fixing the problem. :)

  30. Christina_Moore5

    Thanks for fixing. I had classes this morning so I didn't notice the down time but I am glad things are fixed so I can begin creation of sets for finals.

  31. barnhartD

    thanks for fixing it

  32. AceofSpades999

    you're forgiven.

  33. AceofSpades999


  34. chewsterchew


  35. Silverflight

    Am i seventeenth?

  36. Our_Gods_not_dead

    thanks for fixing it quizlet team!

  37. eesh101

    muchas gracias!

  38. artygirl

    Thanks for fixing! Fortunately the app wasn't down, and I did FreeRice for a bit as well. No reason to feel bad, after all, it's free! (except for those with plus, and even then it's not that much).

  39. KareBear213


  40. KareBear213


  41. cubeytroll

    yay 24... it ruined my extra latin test studying :/

  42. cubeytroll


  43. Celeste_Everwhite

    Don't worry about it. :) But thanks for the fast response!

  44. hefewilhelm

    Thank you for the response

  45. hefewilhelm

    25 yay

  46. Wil_battlebears

    thanks for the new update

  47. money_moe

    hats going on?

  48. money_moe

    and.....I am your father (I said that in a dark Vader voice by the way). But whatever

  49. Rose1520

    are we ever going to get multiplayer back again?

  50. Melissa_Blossoms

    Hi quizlet,
    Whenever I type in a word late in space race, it keeps on glitching several times. It might be because of my computer, but I refreshed the page multiple times so I don't think that'll be the case.
    PS: Thank you so much for making this website! <3

  51. Nepal_is_my_username

    Thanks for fixing it!

  52. Nepal_is_my_username

    Thanks for fixing it!

  53. paddyek

    It still was down for me 5 minutes ago.


    thanks soooooooooo alot

  55. Bradshawa352


  56. slimmiles


  57. LaughableLlama

    Thanks for fixing :) now i have to stop procrastinating... -__-

  58. faygo6536

    thanks for fixing quizlet i need to study

  59. mellypie

    thanks for quizlet test tommorow for me need to STUDY!!!!!!

  60. ba_jaKeDeHaMaZin_ba

    Thanks. I was wondering what was going on! I tried to study today and it wouldn't work! I was so mad! Thanks for the fix,

  61. michaelphelps1



  62. Energizer_Bunny612

    Thanks but AGAIN?!

  63. Energizer_Bunny612

    76 th

  64. Pcj18

    nice job getting it back up

  65. pup424

    78th. I was affected

  66. ihav

    That's okay. I am glad it is fixed. Thank you for being so on top of it. You guys are the best!

  67. JustAnOrdinaryNinja

    100th high five

  68. Dylan_Salica

    thank you for being down it prevented a test i didn't study for you guy are the best at failing

  69. Extremist23

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  70. ChonchoChampion
  71. ChonchoChampion
  72. pikachu168

    Don't worry

  73. StudyGirl77

    I didn't have to study for anything during that time, so it didn't really affect me. Still, thanks for fixing it, Quizlet!!! ^_^

  74. annamccorkle

    Great job. Good thing I printed out the sets I would need to use today to study for LAST NIGHT!!! hahaahahhahahahahahahahah :)

  75. Alan_Tang


  76. Kayla_C_Ray

    thanks, even though about 50 said it for me!

  77. DirectionerBritUSA7

    Thanks for fixing it. Nooo 90th comment

  78. Aleksander_Adamkowsk

    OKay. 91th comment

  79. racermatt

    Thanks 92nd comment

  80. emily_park4

    Thanks! :)

  81. deo469

    I can't believe I couldn't study on Quizlet! I had to study with my book! :(

  82. JonahSterling

    95 :ddddd

  83. loveapple


  84. cem_koc

    102 th

  85. cem_koc

    100 th

  86. deo469

    Can someone please check out my SPACE RACE and SCATTER TOURNAMENTS, please? thanks. :)

  87. hagemannj

    Oh the timing, I was trying to demo to what could be called reluctant teachers but so glad it is back!

  88. Hi-9351283

    Thanks for fixing

  89. Chewed_Bubblegum

    Didn't effect me but thanks for fixing everything back to normal

  90. TheAlphaWolf33

    yay we can study again

  91. mluce6


  92. JohnAGreene

    Thanks for the update, Andrew.


  93. johannaraven


  94. CallieWheeler

    Thanks For Fixing!!! :)

  95. mmurraydog

    thanks, I don;t think that we all necessarily need quizlet to study, I think it should be more of a tool than a necessity and should be able to study without it.

  96. mmurraydog


  97. Our_Gods_not_dead

    yeah, I remember when it was down. I couldn't do anything! Thanks for fixing it though Quizlet team. :)

  98. Silverflight

    I can study again! Thanks quizlet!

  99. SilasNelson

    115... BAZINGA!





  102. LilCute300

    118!! I am a champion at scatter! Because of Quizlet I am now getting better grades for WWW!! Thank You.

  103. Altochoir_2k17

    Thanks for the fix! Your the Best!!!!!

  104. Altochoir_2k17

    God bless you


    Thank you for fixing it! :) :D :P

  106. NLP-Set_Master

    Quizlet is the modern way of learning with it back to normal we can study efficiently

  107. jperry77

    123 boy!!!

  108. HarryPotterFan135

    124! Thanks for fixing!

  109. sweet_studyer95

    I couldn't study yesterday anyway, I couldn't log in my dad password :(

    was it even yesterday when it was down anyway I had to study old fashiond

  110. rocketlauncher00


  111. jaderosekid

    well looks like i still passed

  112. asuth STAFF

    CPSLO_1123: It wasn't related to Heartbleed, although we're working on rolling our certificates now.

  113. bluedomke

    Thank you!

  114. shadowkirby123


  115. marines531

    oh boy

  116. CallOfDoody2132

    fun I wish i can go

  117. Gucci_PvP


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