1st! RECORD!
    I love quizlet!

  2. lilyhelpssome1s

    oh yay! 2nd who cares!

  3. toshiaizawa TEACHER

    Let me try this right away!

  4. Poet_Girl

    :) Cool! ( 4th comment best ever! )

  5. gfaout

    5th comment. About average.

  6. dragondeath

    6th, yay

  7. dinobaci TEACHER

    ¡Muchas Gracias!

  8. StudyGirl77

    8th! My best! :D

  9. itsgracecarolyn

    YAYA! 9th comment!! but my best was first so....thanks quizlet!

  10. itsgracecarolyn

    hmmmm... only one more comment... i wonder what i should put.... i don't want to waste it... :)

  11. Cristina_Elissabetta

    Great! I find images really helpful but they take forever to load when I use the Quizlet app on my iPhone, thanks again

  12. amalianc STAFF

    @belladinonna0123 - Are your images still taking a really long time to load, despite updating your app? If so, please write to us at Thanks!

  13. bluedomke


  14. rjoywebb

    14! Wow!!!!

  15. M_Gentry

    Thank you!

  16. bluedomke


  17. clovers123

    After I star the flashcards, quizlet removes them after I click on "start over" after the learn function.

  18. deo469

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close!I can be 1st!

  19. MiaB9

    19th OMG. I never got this high and do have to pay?

  20. fintanowens98

    yeah 20th posting on 1st May

  21. Julia_Carloyn

    OMG!! I keep getting SO many updates for the app on my phone, whats up with that?

  22. Angelica---marie1234

    OMFG!I love the updates for the app that i'm getting.thanks i love to learn

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