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  1. SSLegend99

    Hope you get it fixed soon!

  2. pianogirl01

    Hope it works out. :)

  3. Firest0rm

    I couldn't search earlier :(

  4. Yuki_Cross


  5. zoster42

    what is that

  6. emily_gauker PLUS

    I really hope someone with authority from the Quizlet team reads this, because I have an idea to help make Quizlet better that would really help me out. I'm not sure if anyone has already thought of this, but it would be extremely useful for me. So, say there is more than one possible answer for a question. Could you somehow, when writing in the answer, make it possible to have more than one possible answer? Thanks so much, Quizlet team!

  7. gfaout

    They have posted their number since the first posts. It is a part of Quizlet as much as discussion or studying are.

  8. Highland_warrior

    I hope that you get the problem solved soon! Thanks so much for keeping Quizlet practical and functional.

  9. annamccorkle

    Ok, thanks for letting us know! I have a science vocabulary quiz tomorrow, and I am using this to study! Yikes! Wish me luck everyone! ):

  10. nikolas_vayd23

    43!! its ok everyone makes mistakes you just make a little bit more

  11. AlleyCatBird

    no wonder! Well, thanks for making quizlet awesome!

  12. casselje

    dope sauce

  13. casselje

    Bibliomaniac knows how to count thanks to the power of Jesus!!! it you who dosnt know how to count goofywert23!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dswords4

    I was wondering why I couldn't even get pictures when I searched simple things like "cat" and "house". I hope it get fixed I have a big exam tomorrow.

  15. slimmiles

    its ok, i hope you will fix it! :)

  16. Nepal_is_my_username

    Thanks for trying to fix it!

  17. StudyGirl77

    Thank you, Quizlet! :D

  18. sweet_studyer95

    hope it gets fixed soon!!

  19. readjfb

    38th. Whats wrong with it?

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Go Quizlet!

  20. hefewilhelm

    Okay Thanks to know
    You rock

  21. LilCute300

    Thank you!

  22. watwat123

    Add to where you can chat on quizlet so you can talk about sets.

  23. Bluehawk7

    I hope you get it operational soon guys.

  24. Madjens

    I love this

  25. BGD1113

    Hope you get it working soon, good luck!

  26. Luke_Jones9

    hahaha.please fix it.NOW!!!!

  27. Marquiced32673

    its ok kk!

  28. jc_da_boss_

    Hey Guys! QUIZLET IS 1#! Dont deny it!

  29. samonellafella

    Ya! What JC said! Quizlet helps me get good grades!!! Thanks for fixing the problem!

  30. jc_da_boss2

    YESS!!! Thanks Quizlet for fixing the problem!

  31. Rhombicosidodecahdon

    HEYYYY! Thanks for trying to fix the Problem!! Go Quizlet!

  32. Exo-Man offense but don't you people have something better to do than be like "First!" "Second! "47th!"

  33. bluedomke

    Hope you get it fixed soon!

  34. go49ers_go49ers

    uh huh hope you fix it; i do not know what number i am, and quiz let is kinda awesome but i think that they need to add more studying games. What do yous guys thinks????? I know i am talking talking in New Yorkian but just so you know i am not New Yorkian. If you do not know what New Yorkian means, LOOK IT UP IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT WORD AND TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya!

  35. Bethyw

    118th yay
    thank-you quiz let for this website. It helps me soooo much!

  36. Teetee_Brown

    this site help a lot with vocal

  37. Picking_up_Nats_Job

    thanks for fixing it!

  38. naveda11


  39. naveda11

    why cant I practice now I think there is a problem

  40. sweet_studyer95

    where is the study site anyway? wait no where do you search/ I might have found it already. dunno
    ??? answers please!!!! :?

  41. basissanantonio

    Please hurry up and fix the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. GoodnetterS

    Thank you quizlet for letting us study online!

  43. GoodnetterS

    Thank you quizlet for letting us study online!

  44. NinjaKirby

    150th high five! Thanks for fixing it! You're so awesome quizlet!

  45. quizlette512881


  46. Rangel12-16

    New To Quizlet look like it helps wish me luck!!

  47. Karina_Abraham

    Hey! I'd just like to ask if you could fix this thing where my friend and I were working on some flash cards, and she made the flashcards, and set them accessible to those with a password. I tried editing, and she couldn't see my additions! Later, my additions disappeared!!! Please fix! Thanks a bunch!

  48. Ferdinand_Howard

    you all rock

  49. mbj0717

    Somebody help me! I can't find any of my sets! When I go to My Study Sets, it says I haven't created any! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!

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