1. Nepal_is_my_username


  2. NessyL


  3. Nepal_is_my_username

    Sorry I don't use Quizlet on the Android.

  4. NessyL

    2nd comment! Highest ever!!! ^_^ And Quizlet, keep improving!!!~ Love this website!!!

  5. Akshith_konda

    I would like to help beta test "create" test for android

  6. silentskream

    :-) Sorry don't have an Android. (3rd hi-five )

  7. StudyGirl77

    Ummm... I don't have a Android. But I wish I had! :D LOVE QUIZLET!!!

  8. NinjaKirby

    9th comment. However, i dont have an android. So who cares. But great job! Im sure these updates are helping peeps around the globe. Also fifth high five. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  9. Lwam_Asfaw

    i would like to

  10. britgrl

    I would like to participate :)

  11. netchem1

    I am finishing one class and preparing for another one this fall. I would love to help out.

  12. MSR_Mouse

    I have an android, I'll do it :)

  13. Highland_warrior

    I'd so love to participate in your test run! But there's one small problem: I don't have an android. Oh well. Good luck with your test runs!

  14. dragondeath

    ok, i'll do it soon, u guys are great!

  15. hefewilhelm

    Nine teen sweet go a big final wish me luck. go quiz let

  16. AkashB

    I have an android tablet

  17. adam_caryll PLUS

    Absolutely interested. I have an android phone I use quizlet on constantly.

  18. sweetforlife

    I would love too, and I have an Android in my possession. :)

  19. pikachu168

    I would... but... no android... but my friend do

  20. bieberfangirl1234


  21. frubbi

    I can help you out. Such option as creating sets when I'm in school would really cause my schoolwork to become easier :)

  22. Bethyw

    Thank you

  23. abeni888

    I would love to! One teensy-weensy problem though, NO ANDROID... 😭 Oh, well...
    Keep up the improvements Quizlet!

  24. Thunderdash13


  25. smeehleib

    Happy to help!

  26. langluv

    I'd love to!

  27. Case_Closed_Fan

    i dont have an android too bad i was at the hair salon to comment first:(

  28. Cleopatra123

    No android, sorry

  29. noahwontheballer


  30. lmay13

    gr8 apple here though
    (like that mix of no and android!!! Rreply 8) if u like and :/ if u dont!!!

  31. curlybabydash

    I'm interested

  32. curlybabydash

    I have an android

  33. Ummaromanasama

    it would be awesome :) to study on my phone

  34. hoge143

    I use quizlet all the time on my phone. would love to be able to make them on my device

  35. Liam_Hurwitz

    I would like to try the functionality, I submitted a request in feedback - question/need help

  36. Joey_Vazquez

    My older brother has a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android on it. He says he would be very interested in trying this functionality out!

  37. Alexander_Hansson

    I would like to try the app. I hope that you will consider making it good for learning Arabic also. A word can be written with or without vocals in Arabic. It's mostly written without. Therefore I hope that you will consider making a written answer correct even if it's written without the vocals.

    Here are the vocals (above and under the letters):
    ُ damma (above)
    َ fatha (above)
    ِ kasra (below)

  38. Alexander_Hansson

    It would be nice if you could suggest corrections of spelling mistakes to the creator of the flashcards.

  39. AnimationAddict

    You know if you want to be a beta tester, you are supposed to write in feedback, not on here

  40. Carol-Ann_Soames

    Hi I'd be happy to try out Quizlet for Android!

  41. dragondeath

    Sorry, do not have a phone, or android. as soon as i get one i'll do Quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. LeathalMan

    I would love too!

  43. Sunny_Deshwal

    i want to

  44. rayharris343

    i'm interested.

  45. MaNu_10

    I'd do it.I have Apple and Android.But apples are only good for eating!:)

  46. evan_baldonado

    I'll do it. I have a Galaxy S4 (Andoid) and I use quizlet all of the time

  47. Bjessy

    I'm interested. I use a Nexus 7 tablet & Moto G android phone

  48. JarvisIII

    I have a Droid phone and I often use Quizlet. I have found the app very useful and would be open to testing.

  49. angie414

    I would love to help out testing the 'create set' function on my Android phone!

  50. RyahDaBoss

    i no have android ;( me have i phone :D

  51. RyahDaBoss


  52. clairecoon

    I'd love to.

  53. Case_Closed_Fan

    i would

  54. mayaabdelmegid

    I would love to help out!

  55. jessjess_j3ss1ca

    I'd like to test it!

  56. ashron2001

    I could do it i always use my nook and that would be great to be able to do quizlet on there. Also thank you sooo much for having a website like this i seriously love studying on it and it helps ALOT!!!

  57. nangyib

    i would love to

  58. Amanda_S55

    I'd LOVE to, BUT I don't own any android devices:( I own Apple ones. BTW, AnimationAddict, I LOVE your profile picture:)

  59. JonahEichler2

    But i dont have a android

  60. jie_lin67

    Hi, I would like to test the new feature on my Android phone.

  61. JackLangdale

    I would love to do beta test the new Android app. I have been an avid user of android for over 4 years now.

  62. JackLangdale

    I would love to do beta test the new Android app. I have been an avid user of android for over 4 years now.

  63. avram_conerly

    It would be awesome to beta test the new feature. I'm in.

  64. Zahraa-Alfartousi9

    I REALLY don't understand this!

  65. watsonz18

    Sure I'll do it.

  66. JadedGoth

    This app changed my learning experience for the better. I'll be glad to help. ^.^

  67. bluedomke


  68. bluedomke

    Oh I forgot I don't own any! sorry!
    sorry! sorry! 1,000 times!

  69. andy_davey8 TEACHER

    I have the quizlet app on my android and would be delighted to help test the new beta 'create a set' version. Let me know what I can do.

  70. tony_brar

    I would but term just ended, I won't be using create set very often for a long time :)
    If only this had been like a month ago.

  71. Tango_Kilo

    Beata Testing... Yes please!

  72. Dogecoin

    Sadly I don't have android :(


    Sorry, don't have android but nice job quizlet

  74. Nisha_Prudhomme

    I have an android device and I would like to participate.

  75. biancaharleston


  76. John7477

    Ok thanks

  77. jvit

    Here for beta testing

  78. benjamin01px2018

    I'd like to beta test.

  79. NJR4123 PLUS

    I'd like to beta test please, I own a Android device.

  80. NJR4123 PLUS

    I'd like to beta test please, I own a Android device.

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