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We're looking for iOS users to beta test some major internal improvements to the app. Please write into Feedback if you want to help. UPDATE: Our beta testing spots are now full - thanks to everyone who wrote in!


  1. albertlai431

    First high five and first comment!

  2. shawnhon9


  3. kaylaevans

    Awesome, just wrote in!

  4. Ziowa

    4th. Personal best. Keep working on the app!

  5. MiyoHime

    5th!I love quizlet!They are awsome!
    BTW: I love quizlet cause' they help with my grades!

  6. ruiixu23

    great app. love it

  7. marines531

    9th its cool

  8. AlleyCatBird

    sry, i don't use quizlet over the summer:)
    but sure, i'll try it out.

  9. krostinialyuxd

    it is really useful on the way for me to drive to summer academy so I can review before taking a vocab test.
    it just needs the starring options and its PERFECTO

  10. Osea_Tobongye66

    I always practice my vocab words before taking a test to school and in summer i always want to learn new words from quizlet

  11. loveapple


  12. virtualpiano

    Former Apple Genius available to help

  13. ws04

    20th comment, 21st high5. hm...

  14. the-destructor

    you cant actually do beta tests on ios

  15. the-destructor

    you cant actually do beta tests on ios

  16. suzieq2

    I can help I use IOS ;)

  17. RomeloAguilar

    I'd be happy to help!

  18. abeni888

    Wish I could help... Keep improving Quizlet!!!😃👍

  19. april_hyde

    i'll help

  20. Kim_Soyun

    i'll help

  21. CheeseGrits

    I'll help!

  22. dragondeath

    i'll help choose me plz plz plz!

  23. mjhenry82

    I'd love to help.

  24. royce1998


  25. Chelsea_Coplestone

    Love ta!!!:)

  26. desi_N


  27. susan_gaer TEACHER

    Sure I will help

  28. manulyan

    I will help!

  29. DocLAskew

    I would love to

  30. loveapple

    I can help.If I can be useful! :)

  31. L_ove


  32. EasyVictor88

    I'll help!

  33. samkimkim

    It it will help me pass my vocab quiz tomorrow, count me in!

  34. wwb00

    ill help i need to study greek and latin stems

  35. ivanescobedo

    I could help

  36. The_Teacher TEACHER

    I'll help :)

  37. Schoolapias

    I'd like to help! Pick me, pick me!

  38. rlwt

    I'd like to test it.

  39. hugoklimt

    I want to help!

  40. Nickrice797

    I would also like to tender my offer for assistance Hugo!

  41. Etix01

    It would be an honor to assist you. Please pick me!

  42. Shane2790

    I only use Quizlet about two times a week, but I would be glad to offer my opinion if chosen. Thanks. -Shane

  43. kfoderin PLUS

    Yes. Would love to beta test. Background: Doctorate level user, health sciences, medical imaging.

  44. CallMeLexis

    would love to help

  45. Abdelkader_bensebgag

    You are welcome

  46. pikachu168

    60th High-Five

  47. tub3strik3

    beta time :)

  48. Friendly129

    Be glad to assist

  49. academicus TEACHER

    good to help

  50. McKennaS24

    I love quizlet so much!! It helps me so much! Last year my classmates and I were able to get our science teacher on quizlet! It was awesome! We added her to our class and she made quizlets over what exactly we needed to know for the test/ quiz. It helped a ton! I would love to help!!!!!

  51. McKennaS24

    A way to clear the latest content/ activity thing would be helpful

  52. Elsa123456789


  53. Elsa123456789


  54. letsace

    It's great, but I don't like how you can see the next flashcard and the half of the next flashcard's alphabet. This occurs on my iPad.
    For example, when I try to study via flashcards, I can see the current card and the next card. If the next card's question starts with the word "What does Independence mean?", I can see the half of the alphabet "W" (from What) on the current card.
    I believe this can be improved, but overall, I love the app.

  55. sadegs

    I will help. Please email me.

  56. usertenthousand

    i like turtles

  57. sophie9500

    Sure, I'd be really glad to help!

  58. LoveTacosForever

    @sophie9500 my names sophie also

  59. lkrygier

    i'll help

  60. tom_009466

    I WILL HELP! But only for the turtles...

  61. Walter_Torres PLUS

    IOS developer, 8 years experience. I'd be happy to help!

  62. captain-sparkly1-0

    sure i'll help if there is any more open spaces

  63. captain-sparkly1-0

    109 high five that's a new lowest record

  64. Maddy-Loreto


  65. DirectionerBritUSA7


  66. LatinBRENNUS

    123rd high five lol
    i dont use the app....... sorry!


  67. darth_vader1-0

    127 high five, i'm a ios user

  68. skeleton1573

    it's very nice.

  69. EsterHsu TEACHER

    I just love quizlet :)

  70. Melony13
  71. gabbyfontenot4

    I have been using this app since 4th grade i am in 6th grade now .i was making bad grades before ouizlet,ever since then I have made principals list.i love this app very much!!!!

  72. gabbyfontenot4

    Please encourage people too get on ouizlet!!!!!!!

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