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6 science-backed study tips to help with any learning environment

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If you’re pressed for time, bored, distracted, tired or stuck (if you’re human, that is), try one of these proven strategies:

  • Stop and breathe deeply. Then breathe some more. Your brain works much better with oxygen.
  • Add music, color, and even scents to your study sessions. Engaging your senses helps your brain retain new information.
  • Set a schedule. Even if you’re attending school remotely, developing and sticking to a predictable routine frees up your brain to focus more on learning.
  • Take a quick brain break and get moving. Walking boosts energy and productivity.
  • If you’re torn between study and sleep, choose sleep. Really. Your brain cannot learn without rest.
  • Use your Quizlet app to quickly review content before you go to sleep. While you snooze, your brain creates the neurological connections that help to retain information.


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  2. maze-runner16

    These things are defiantly helpful. I do some of them but not enough. Thank you Maddie for the tips. Will make sure to use them.

  3. Vani11aOreos

    alright alright alright mca getting a bigger brain (right?)

  4. NLevy06

    Looks useful, I’ll try to implement them more.

  5. jonathanp341

    A good add on for the second tip is to use moderation, while calm classical music could help you focus, listening to heavy rock or dubstep could distract you more than help you focus

  6. Orwellian_Fever

    Amen! 8 Hours of sleep is always better than a few extra hours of study before a test.

  7. Jada_Lofgren

    Thank you for the tips!

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    playboi carti is the most world renowned influential artist of all time god i love him so much omg



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    Thank you so much Maddie!!! I LOVE #2!!!

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    This is a great article. I almost burned my house with a candle but it was worth it. Thanks Maddie.

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    thank u maddie love u maddie

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    Thanks so much Maddie for the tips! Will incorporate.

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    thanks for the help Maddie

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    thank you maddie

  18. Chip_Watts8

    Pog champ

  19. HewoWorld77 Plus

    Thank you so much! i look forward to using these tips!

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    Am getting there bit by bit. Thanks

  21. Sarahkarwho7

    Thanks for your support.

  22. Jusinbrown

    Awesome! The walking one always helps.

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    maddie a real one for this

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    I love tips!! Thanks Maddie!

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    This is great

  26. Desire_Flores7

    This is cool

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    Dang, I just had a 6 hour study session. Would have been good to know before hand. LOL

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    when the imposter is sus😳

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    Thanks for the tips!

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    that's so cool this really helped me study and my test grades went up so much 😃

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    thank you!

  32. IzzyFaith09

    Great Tips! 👍 Very Helpful 😁

    (Who here listens to music while they’re practicing on Quizlet? Just Curious)

  33. KonaStar

    I do all the time

  34. what_is_popping

    How do you access the link?

  35. kamren_hord

    These tips help me study

  36. Naomi_Ham1

    I enjoy reading the tips. I will put them to good uses.

  37. Groot1214

    This is so accurate, these have actually helped me so much! I can definitely try to implement some of the other ones more, like moving around while studying.

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  39. julianalom

    How to be more productive? I'm stuck and can't make a routine or schedule. I don't know how to, and I'm struggling alot.

  40. s708448

    I like that tip about breathing. made me feel better :)

  41. splatteredrat

    I wish there was a way to study through sounds. If it could just read the question and answer on a loop I would pass everything.


    Having a calm enviorment is everything, honestly.

  43. agerusso Plus

    I started implementing these in my study habits going into grad school definitely a huge help!


    This is great, thanks!

  45. Invictus_aeternum14

    These methods are awesome.

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