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We experienced an issue with newly created sets not loading correctly and term counts not updating after edits today. This has been resolved now and everything should show up correctly. But please let us know if you're still having any problems.


  1. Elsa123456789


  2. Elsa123456789

    wow best in my record
    1st highfive and comment

  3. Ryanrmoore

    okay thanks!

  4. cam_swimmer_gossett


  5. jsawlani

    4th highfive :)

  6. key1998 PLUS

    5th :D
    Thanks Quizlet for always being awesome!

  7. Matthew-Gomez1

    6th comment, 10th high five

  8. ameliaeb

    6th and thanks

  9. Acilim


  10. kkkelsey

    hey 8 th... not bad

  11. Warren_Spieker1

    9th, best i've ever gotten, but thanks for fixing the error.

  12. Elikosuna

    10 yay!!!

  13. John7477


  14. ronstergreen


  15. safarhajj

    Problem to type Arabic :-eg كنّا (we were),how to put the arabic

  16. JL_Fox

    I cannot access the consumer behavior flash cards in
    Fullerton College Marketing 100 Standen

    I have access to all the other sets however.

  17. AdderXVII

    ayyy lmao

  18. pikachu168

    Don't seem to experience any kind of problems other than blank sets automatically made.

  19. misghana_freslassie

    Im still having problems.

  20. nk22

    Problems? Didn't had 'em.

  21. cohosch

    Still having problems loading class sets

  22. erikaghs


  23. SamuelSwagger

    40th high five :D

  24. latinstudent435

    Works fine for me.

  25. marines531


  26. marines531


  27. Troj_02

    26th comment 45th high five!

  28. Troj_02


  29. Jasmine_Pittsley


  30. Jasmine_Pittsley


  31. Grant_Hayes

    I had a set that i needed for exams and i logged into quizlet yesterday and it was not there. i dont know if i deleted bot its not it there

  32. CiCiD3

    Do not see Driver's Ed Unit 3 set that I loaded yesterday afternoon.


  33. Firest0rm

    Hey, no one has spammed for once!
    Thanks for fixing the sets, Quizlet!

  34. a_G-r-eek137

    Quizlet, I cannot seem to get rid of a set I never wanted. It just popped up one day as "untitled- 0 terms). Does this update/bug effect it?

  35. a_G-r-eek137

    also, random spam question (sorry all) how do you get the moving pictures?

  36. BrineKing41

    i didn't have any problems. still ty

  37. spzorawina


  38. spzorawina


  39. heyyyyy4


  40. innoswagg

    im still having the problem, test is in 30 mins!

  41. KALoach

    Still having issues with student sets being uploaded.

  42. Angelheart98

    I had no problems
    Thx anyway ;)
    Go Quizlet!!

  43. GO_BAMA12345

    I haven't had any proplems and 64th high five

  44. GO_BAMA12345

    Also how do u get the moving pics.

  45. heathercernek

    im still having issues

  46. gingerbreadgirl99

    No issues- thanks Quizlet!

  47. Moonlight311

    Nothing wrong! Thanks!

  48. gemacht

    If you export a quizlet that has bulleted information in the response, then you import it to a new quizlet, it jumbles the information

  49. Sadie_Moosey21


  50. Sadie_Moosey21


  51. TacosAt_Midnight

    Thank You

  52. azizulla


  53. captainbubbles10

    Thank you, Quizlet.

  54. Nikki_Carlile

    100th High-five!

  55. nadhaddad22

    I can't see my sets that I created on my Iphone on my laptop.

  56. lilliannalindahl

    111TH HIGH FIVE!

  57. lilliannalindahl


  58. devonaable

    there was no prob.

  59. Slender_Gaming


  60. CaseyUL22

    Thank you Quizlet

  61. srasts


  62. kpcoolgirl

    THANK U SO MUCH!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. JaeBiird

    Wellll I'm still having this problem. It's becoming very inconvenient to only be able to study the sets only on my phone because they aren't showing up on my computer.

  64. skatzman

    I've created a set on my phone and it does not show on the computer. It is still not syncing.

  65. Guillermo7069


  66. Courtney_Moyer

    Thanks for letting us know

  67. deersnightmares

    is going good it really help me study for Spanish

  68. Carolinaga

    wow thanks for everything quizlet!

  69. Carolinaga

    Quizlet is really helping me with my studies in french and my regular classes!

  70. AlexisYAACS

    137th high five!!!!!!!!

  71. dudemine

    Loading SUPER slow...

  72. sabouassali01

    No problems here... thanks anyway quizlet!!!!!

  73. Kati_Pairojtanachai

    Sorry for that

  74. jacobgibs7

    thank you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  75. rainbowkittymeow

    163 high five

  76. TaylorSwift22

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys do to make Quizlet better and help fix any bugs. I haven't had any problems yet and hoping I wont!

  77. MissKitty777

    I hope quizlet fixes it soon! :D
    Good Luck Quizlet Team!

  78. Ethan_Bordeaux


  79. coop9023

    Still having issues with this.

  80. Abriana_Brown

    I think quizlet is a great website to help kids learn and study

  81. jt3389

    I'm still having issues.

  82. gitajill__

    I'm not able to find all the sets I created. All the sets show up on my android phone, but not always on my laptop. very annoying.

  83. reitcole09

    My sets are not up and I have a test soon

  84. Farron_Richardson

    Yes I have exams coming and my new set is not showing up. I really need this for this weekend!!!

  85. LewisandClarkHS2018

    I created a set on my android app and is not working on the computer, please help!

  86. s_kaamesh PLUS

    I have quizlet plus and I can't record from the set. I'm only able to record from the edit which is wasting my time as I can't click next. I have to go to every term to record.

  87. bridget_ward1

    im having problems with the app version but not on the pc

  88. bridget_ward1

    i even uninstalled then reinstalled and it still only loads the one set

  89. thePeppermintTea

    might want to check your site. everytime i want to edit my list it takes five minutes to load just to add a new term. it's becoming a waste of time to make them

  90. mckb1234

    My quizlet sets are still not working and I have an exam in the hour

  91. Amanda_S81

    My quizlet sets are not working

  92. Nonye_Nwuke

    Quizlet not letting me use flashcards for my bio set. HELP . Other than that its been great

  93. engstrandb

    My quizlet shows up when I log into my account, but it is not live for others to see or find. What do I need to do?

  94. Peeeeete

    I just created a new set but when i finished all 256 terms, it only saved 124 terms not to mention that the saved terms were missing either the definition or the term. This site is broken.

  95. Peeeeete

    i can i fully save my work? Please help.
    The 'Done" button didn't help me last time.

  96. chloe_lawrence82

    Ive been using the quizlet app and after saving a set, it comes up as having 0 terms in it and i cant recover them. Also some of these sets have duplicated many times to the point where i have about 20 of the same thing.

  97. Linda_Luna7

    I am having this issue now.

  98. EmaJR

    Im having this issue. I can't get to to work

  99. saltyquiz7 PLUS

    photos I upload to quizlet from android do not show on computer account

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