1. BibleBee1215

    yay!! I am first!!

  2. money_moe


  3. kiraswartz

    3rd... :)

  4. dwane9903


  5. tjstol2000

    7th... impressive..... 6th high five... epic!

  6. DolphinFin

    Thank you Quizlet staff!


    am i 8th

  8. jetbluepilot6


  9. abhaytangella

    cool cool

  10. jetbluepilot6

    Lol nice quizlet is awesome blazing flames is my other account ihave 9 other accounts

  11. Karina_Abraham

    11th high five! and cool! Sound great!!!

  12. erickim020919


  13. Sir_Nugz


    Its a fact

  14. Sir_Nugz

    Thanks Quizlet!

  15. annamccorkle

    Ok will do! Thanks :)

  16. Roos_Shaner

    yea 18th ---> Oh u just got burned <---

  17. wedipooh13


  18. shelshellee


  19. Dumb_Moron

    Thank you!

  20. plumer11

    Thanks alot :) :)

  21. plumer11


  22. alvin_wu3


  23. quizlette13261


  24. quizlette255448

    hi every body

  25. John7477


  26. HappyDay14

    okay, i'm not an ios user but thanks, quizlet

  27. chiarajud


  28. chiarajud


  29. dijana_alessandra


  30. c21tr

    36th high five and okay

  31. Xx_This_is_SPARTA_xX


  32. Xx_This_is_SPARTA_xX

    this is SPARTA

  33. DukeRanger


  34. DukeRanger

    Oh, and can you make another game? scatter and space race are getting boring.

  35. 18pittsone PLUS

    I guess 40th. Not even close to my best.

  36. AaronCorella

    #43rd comment

  37. James_Hosteller15

    45th high five yay

  38. marines531


  39. marines531


  40. nicwaters


  41. jherman076

    Does anyone really care about the first like stuff?

  42. Lizzy-D

    Hi and ya!

  43. trintrin629


  44. destineelovesdaddy41

    hey you guys how are you doing today

  45. artisticDreamer


  46. Brieannakeegan


  47. gmarlatt

    hola! como esta?

  48. gmarlatt

    hi! how are you? -Spanish rocks thanks Quizlet!

  49. Tigerworld84


  50. brocke01

    Quizlet is the most awesome vocal web EVER!!!!!

  51. xxx_AyyLmao_xxx

    Mabe a troll

  52. xxx_AyyLmao_xxx

    Mabe a troll

  53. Ciana_Caruso

    ok XDDDDD

  54. Ciana_Caruso

    why can we only comment twice???

  55. gummyquean

    ok nobody called 6th so im 6th yay
    oh and thank u quizlet u de best!

  56. gummyquean

    I got the app

  57. thabita

    hi,,guys i'am new in this stuff and I will like to hear your experience about quizlet!!!!

  58. austinrucker

    Quizlet is awesome :P

  59. austinrucker

    88th high five

  60. Kato_Shinya

    I'm using OS X Yosemite now but it always does not reflect the first key and alphabet on Speller and it always pisses me off. Please deal with it anyway :(((

  61. Emma12202

    92 high five

  62. Dhairya_Patel2

    93rd high 5

  63. cubeytroll

    Quizlet is probably the best study site that I have used. I study math, science, language arts, social studies, foreign languages, and any other subject. I have been wondering why we could not have a separate set of stars, which can be used for marking if you got the spelling wrong, another for wrong accent placement, etc. That is the only problem I have with Quizlet. Thanks!

  64. nasaboy789

    I am the first to like animorphs does anyone here like animorphs?

  65. JonahSterling

    ^ nope

  66. shellfish71

    last whooooooooooo

  67. sunyuhongG51415


  68. nelsonl-33


  69. James_Hosteller15

    what up fools

  70. AaronCorella

    The sky

  71. Lizzy-D

    Thx you guys!

  72. NLEE_2018

    yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st

  73. Jordan_woodley

    Someone help me with this

  74. austin_doggy


  75. Ginga88

    cool hey brocke01 what are you doing?

  76. brocke01

    i am studying my 8th grade vocabulary 4

  77. megan_g1234

    first time on this program but so far so good!!!

  78. cooljoethegreat

    158 HIGH FIVE YA.

  79. Risitaslovesyou


  80. Jordan_Bishop3

    I upgrade it as soon as I get my phone soon, download the app again and upgrade it.

  81. Jordan_Bishop3

    but the problem is I don't have the iOS. Do you have the upgrade for phones other than iOS?

  82. bantrman

    Around 100000000000th

  83. destineelovesdaddy41

    you guys i will not be here tomarrow

  84. prettygurl2

    how do u join classes? oh and hi

  85. prettygurl2


  86. Christopher_Lomeli


  87. shadowkirby123

    wut da...

  88. wagnecar


  89. ethan121267

    wow im like number 144

  90. PALbros

    idk what i am i guess 145

  91. PALbros

    i just made an account because i was bored

  92. anishcalifornia


  93. anishcalifornia

    No 146th

  94. quizlette3662

    im 1

  95. sabouassali01

    148th... :( awww I've never been this low... whatever

  96. Mehomed

    Thank you for your hard work it helps me with every thing that I wonted to know it is great.

  97. Liam_Smith9


  98. MWARD2018


  99. MWARD2018

    what up yal

  100. youlame_wenot


  101. Stella70

    Hey Guys

  102. Jogiwa

    My cousin put that on

  103. Pokemaster2014

    Awesome!!!! Who cares about being first? Saving second comment. Don't SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Elikosuna
  105. RetroNoa

    224 comment WHAT!!!

  106. KHAL0

    this is a comment

  107. KHAL0

    one more time.

  108. AmericanaStorm


  109. Ms_Patterson13


  110. kel_mcd

    Cool! I don't even have the app...... but I will get it soon!!!!!!

  111. Monster48

    Thanks for that information!!!

  112. Keely_Mcleod

    I love you I am you biggest fan!

  113. Nepal_is_my_username

    Quizlet- Bug! I just reported a bug and then I saw another bug! It made the same thing I typed in the blog come again! So I had two of the same comments!

  114. Nepal_is_my_username

    It didn't happen on this blog - as you can see. My comment came again after I refreshed the page for this blog:

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