1. Ian_RJ

    Yeah first high fiver, did two mins after this was posted!

  2. SireMontague

    Nice!! Way 2 Go quizlet! And yes, 2nd!

  3. Moonlight311

    7th high five!!! XD

  4. Moonlight311

    7th high five!!! XD

  5. aepr8er

    I love Quizlet. It has helped my children get 100% on nearly every test. Thanks Andrew Sutherland ;)

  6. aepr8er

    I was number 12!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OnlyBlue


  8. OnlyBlue

    I'm awesome

  9. DarianK0123

    They shoulda got BEATS

  10. AnimationAddict

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  11. Captain_Awesome_1

    20th high five! lol

  12. NicholasBolduc

    21st high five :D


    24th high five :P

  14. meelanda1321

    Meelanda says thanks to the Quizlet team for their ingenious website. You guys are the best!!! :D

  15. E592124

    You guys are amazing!

  16. Nina_2017

    You guys look so nice love the hoodies and earphones so COOL!!!!!!!! :D :)

  17. PercyPotter101

    32th high five! (32 is my lucky number), 17th comment. Anyway, thanks a lot Quizlet! :)

  18. kitten143

    Cool! :)

  19. Lesley73 TEACHER

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Quizlet, you ladies and gents are doing great things! Thank you for all you do and for making education fun!

  20. imi6a

    i love quizlet !!

    it helps me a lot ! but it would be better if u guys made it a bit more challenging :D

    merry christmas and a happy new year to u all :P

  21. fmmmlee

    Your team has grown. A lot. Do interns get to keep their sweatshirts?

  22. RezaAbbasi

    You are doing Great Guys! thank you...

  23. dbaynosa

    any one can help study material for MEF-CECP 2.0. I will be taking this exam before ending this year . HOpe to hear from you guys and your input is much appreciated..

    God Bless!!

  24. Nasawasp


  25. BibleBee1215

    87th Hi-Five!! Quizlet is so cool!(and why does this PC think Quizlet is not a word!!)

  26. tinsaebayu13

    95 high five

  27. tinsaebayu13

    95 high five
    I wanted at least 22 or 12 because those are my lucky numbers and birthday
    My birthday is this Monday on 12/22/2014
    I am going to be 14 Hooray

  28. varela-

    the real MVP's right here

  29. DottiDot

    99th high five! ;)

    ~Have a nice day.

  30. sabouassali01

    That's so cool! 104th high five and 30th comment!

  31. ella_huei

    omg awesomeness

  32. dekerocks

    120th high five woo hop!!!!!!!!:):):)

  33. mark_szaboo

    122th high five :D

  34. mscolon66


  35. allys67

    Thanks guys, don't know what I'd do without Quizlet! You guys are the BEST!!! Keep up the good work!

    p.s nice pic

  36. Tim-Martin

    140th high five

  37. sfonseka PLUS

    42nd comment! YES!

  38. sfonseka PLUS

    Looking good guys! 188 high five!

  39. jcnazereth

    you must have such a life your cool

  40. nessa_the_mermaid

    You have helped my Spanish class so much!!!!
    Thanks forever!!!!
    God Bless You!

  41. weygantal

    You guys are awesome i love quizlet its my favorite thing to do when i get home from school everyday!!!!!

    but maybe you guys should make it a little more hard and tricky and challenging
    maybe ADVANCE it some more

    just had my poetry test today in school and it was the best thing ever because i had all the notes and that test was like 25% of my grade and it was open note but thanks to the quizlet team i probably aced it thanks to you guys your the best

  42. deflox

    Thanks for creating this awesome tool to learn vocabulary so easy. Hope you're enjoying your headphones!

  43. emily8524

    215 high five lol


  44. Bobbi_Unger

    219 high five

  45. lukelentine

    U da best quizlet

  46. AwesomelySaucy

    I love quizlet! it has helped me so much. 10th is definitely not easy and quizlet has made school a whole lot bearable! Thanks Andrew Sutherland. Stay classy.

  47. AwesomelySaucy

    230th hive five! WOOP WOOP!!!!!!

  48. learnquest

    223 high fiver my lucky nuber

  49. jankarloz

    Lo estan haciendo muy bien muchachos. Gracias!!

  50. learnquest

    my fault
    233 high five

  51. ai22


  52. scubadiv3r

    241 high five "from switzerland" :D

  53. Kayla_Flanagan4

    Loving it!

  54. Lizzy-D

    osom I mean Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. JRRT

    263 high five !!!

  56. n1620657

    267th!~thx for helping me out quizlet!

  57. anishcalifornia


  58. semhar8

    Awesome!! Thanks for everything Quizlet!!!

  59. max20113318

    I really appreciate having quizlet around to help me study, thanks so much

  60. Anay-Wadhera

    nice headphones btw, thx for helping me in english vocab tests-313th high five

  61. Amro_Shiha

    321th high five! Thank You Quizlet!

  62. Amro_Shiha

    321th high five! Thank You Quizlet!

  63. Shelton01

    ╔╗──╔╦═══╦╗─╔╗╔═══╦═══╦═══╗╔═══╦═══╦══╦═══╗ ║╚╗╔╝║╔═╗║║─║║║╔═╗║╔═╗║╔══╝║╔══╣╔═╗╠╣╠╣╔═╗║ ╚╗╚╝╔╣║─║║║─║║║║─║║╚═╝║╚══╗║╚══╣╚═╝║║║║║─╚╝ ─╚╗╔╝║║─║║║─║║║╚═╝║╔╗╔╣╔══╝║╔══╣╔══╝║║║║─╔╗ ──║║─║╚═╝║╚═╝║║╔═╗║║║╚╣╚══╗║╚══╣║──╔╣╠╣╚═╝║ ──╚╝─╚═══╩═══╝╚╝─╚╩╝╚═╩═══╝╚═══╩╝──╚══╩═══╝

  64. Jayden_hjul67

    I love this website ever since it came out it has help me tremendously and I hope u guys keep up the good work. Happy New Years :)

  65. Jayden_hjul67

    Yea 340th high fiver it lease I did it

  66. NguyenCamTu

    love quizlet!!!! thank you so much =)))
    now i can tell discreet and discrete apart =)))

  67. lightning1727


    Quizlet is the best!

  68. eatsleepswim1073

    354. Yay. B)

  69. AngelWings56

    358 Yahoo!! I love using quizlet to help me with my studies! B)

  70. SterlingApple


  71. AlleyCatBird

    r u selling hoodiiiessss

  72. masquerade

    How do we get our hands on these hoodies?

  73. jaxadabelle

    You all look so nice in those hoodies and headphones!I wish I could have one.

  74. mehdishahvali

    very nice

  75. Benedict_the_Ho

    You should sell that as merchandise

  76. alevye PLUS


  77. gingersnapz03

    Snazzy- <3 quizlet

  78. Ninja7789

    Wow 422nd high five not what I was looking for but hey I'll take it

  79. Ninja7789

    Great job

  80. Retrocherry PLUS

    I want a T please!

  81. alvinaemran

    Woopwoop 432 high five (consecutive numbers)! But thanks for doing what you do, this basically saves me from failing tests so ye.

  82. duke0815

    Great job! It is brilliant!

  83. huynhngocky92

    I'm in a hope of being a member of your team. It would be incredible to work with you guys.

  84. Maico-rdova

    That's so cool! I like it

  85. Maico-rdova

    445 high five

  86. EricZhang2


  87. itsgracecarolyn

    Thank you Quizlet! You guys are amazing! I would never be able to pass tests and memorize vocabulary without you! Keep being awesome! :D

  88. aisha_oliva5

    Thank You quizlet! You are the boss!😄😂😏👌

  89. WizzyPieHigh9

    WOW!!! What a really interesting picture.. With there hoodies and everything!!! I love this website!!! :D

  90. WizzyPieHigh9

    461 high~fiver!!

  91. Erica_Lam


  92. Erica_Lam

    Thank you quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. bisigandrin

    thank you quizlet for all your helps to learn easyer and it is great!

    Thanks a lot of all!!!
    Happy New Year!

  94. bisigandrin


  95. Karina_Abraham

    Luv it! Ps Happy New Year's Eve everyone! :D

  96. Ameya_Saraf


  97. abod_nabil

    Thnx friends

  98. baekhyunnie_yehet

    Omg you guys are amazing! I use a quizlet for nearly every subject and it helps so much!

  99. abumuaaz70

    Nice to see you guys all together! Keep up the good work!

  100. Nazzanin

    Big Like! Good Job!

  101. MajedaMBahiya

    Awesome Gear!

  102. AndrewCampbell101

    Good job Andrew Sutherland! Thanks for Quizlet!

  103. KingOfTheHill987


  104. ashwin2000


  105. jxiao2019

    Not the first!

  106. jxiao2019

    Good job!!!

  107. AvengerCapAmerica

    so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
    582 high fives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. ingridccsf TEACHER

    looking great!

  109. Pokemaster2014

    I agree. Super sweet Hodies! Like my new pic?

  110. langbertcar

    616th high five... Gotta make it count! :)

  111. zhangjos


  112. roland_evans


  113. MutatedMango

    Thank you for helping students around the world everyday. Without Quizlet the entire world's averages would drop hahaha thank you Quizlet team for all you've done and all you do for us.

  114. y2017gibhar


  115. Trey0_0


  116. marines531


  117. marines531


  118. inaccarato


  119. SouthAfrica10

    Thanks for creating Quizlet.
    It helps me learn and in a fun way to!

  120. DJ_Anderson

    725 yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 725 high

  121. CameronMiller123

    734th high five :3

  122. John_Skriver

    Bose for life!!!!!!!!1

  123. emma_johns007

    you should have got beats

  124. splashbro2000

    can i be on your quizlet team please im very not smart

  125. emma_johns007

    Can I be you!

  126. splashbro2000

    they call me splash bro because i never miss a shot and im muy guapo

  127. mfox2019

    This is a great photo!

  128. Tyrell_Bar8791


  129. mags_ok

    i do like doing things

  130. austinrucker

    I like quizlet because it lets me quiz :P

  131. DiegoGabe

    yeah quizlet way 2 go oyoyoyoy

  132. Rhiannon_Gamez

    great job!!

  133. hartbal

    THIS is not cool

  134. hi20406080


  135. hi20406080


  136. Sir_Nugz PLUS

    Nice swag quizlet team. keeping cool XD

  137. Quiver45


  138. Quiver45

    i was 790

  139. SoulBroker


  140. KenLin

    791st High-fiver

  141. SoulBroker

    Where are my headphones?

  142. mcamcgill

    Who cares if you get 1st

  143. mcamcgill

    And nice headphone and hoodies

  144. lovepee

    so halarelare and nice hoodies

  145. AlexisYAACS

    812th HIGH FIVE baby!

  146. cecedancer68

    great job providing an effective study tool
    we use it in ELA every day!


    You guys look nice

  148. nikkaysabelle25


  149. Jonathanc3275

    822 high fiver?😛

  150. Carter_Kriskovich


  151. Angella_SFDS

    Without a Bio teacher, Quizlet is saving my life... And my grade!
    Thanks guys you rock,

  152. Carter_Kriskovich

    They should have gotten beats!

  153. st_ib GO

    825th high five! To Quizlet team: Thanks so much! I didn't do so good on tests until I used quizlet to study. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!

  154. timotar

    i was wondering why they were wearing those... lol

  155. amorg

    love quizlet

  156. Ty_Barbare

    I Love Quizlet
    Leviticus 20:13 if a man lays with another man, he shall be stoned
    God Bless

  157. igotojojos


  158. Micahbeekley47

    cool bros

  159. Nuc1earZ0mbies

    Cool, guys! Your website is going well. Have a good Month and Stay Warm, Everyone!

  160. abuschjost


  161. Lucas_Hoffman1

    people acutually like quizlet this much

  162. sammyar

    864th high five :)

  163. nolaman1970

    Thank you Very much for all the help!!!!
    I need all I can get.....

  164. doni124

    Awesome!!!!! Quizlet is so great( Be sure to join my class Realidades 1 &2 Vocabulario)

  165. MegCunha

    NICE. I am sure you will help me alot because I just joined.

  166. EdgarCristian

    Looking good.

  167. Martin_Mastrangelo

    High five number 927, almost quadruple digits!

  168. Vyconix

    Errr... Half of these comments are sarcastic.

  169. brooke_kitz

    I'm so confused.. What's this post even for.. It's not even useful, right?

  170. peaches231999

    # 959

  171. watch7learn


  172. mlcbooknut

    Thank you for making an app that helps so i dont fail my mid terms.

  173. spencerforbes


  174. jaroddragoo22


  175. Reginadukat

    979 beat that hahahaha xD LMAOOOOOOO

  176. NguyThang


  177. Carlito17

    #980 Swag B)

  178. stewartgrant77

    what's go'n on

  179. priscillalewis

    I want to say this shutout to only blue! nice job btw!

  180. nick_hester809

    1000th hi fiver

  181. BrandonGallego

    1004th high five!

  182. Jenizza


  183. Jenizza


  184. Song_Ji_Hyo_12

    Hola. what kind of head phones are they? just curious. . .

  185. jacqueline_savage


  186. nringach1

    1038th high five!!! Nice headphones!

  187. jakecariello


  188. jakecariello


  189. tracyjr12

    stiil the last one

  190. MajesticTheBookLover


  191. alipiggy

    1050th high five

  192. Shrimp_Da_Best


  193. power27

    wow. 1052th high five and billionth comment

  194. paulyu

    How do you get one?

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