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We're fixing an issue on Android with sets not showing up after being published. All data is being saved locally and when we resolve this issue your sets will appear again. We will be pushing out an update as soon as possible. While we fix this issue, please use the mobile web site at from your device to create new study sets. We're very sorry about this.


  1. Noorah_Dhamim

    it's ok...

  2. willbee123

    It's fine, thanks for your hard work.

  3. TeacherVCS

    I'm glad...I was trying to access the information in my class this afternoon, and I couldn't.
    Thanks for realizing the problem, and for working on the solution.

    I am new to quizlet..and I am in LOVE w/this site.

  4. AndrewBlueMoon

    comment #5 yesss! :DDDD

  5. AndrewBlueMoon

    thats my record btw

  6. Brettraich

    hola me llamo Juan. Cual es tu deporte favorita? Mi casa es muy grande y pequeno. Adios senores!

  7. Overwatch123

    8th comment :D

  8. Fusion_Reactor75

    9th new record

  9. ethan_cline

    coment 10
    my favorite number

  10. ethan_cline

    its ok

  11. agnaktor2014


  12. WhitneyEdson

    12th Comment goes cray cray! WHOOP!

  13. DarkMazter_MF

    Thank you for fixing it up!

  14. Moonlight311

    It's ok

  15. Moonlight311

    AND 37th high five. :D Yay!

  16. Carter_Kriskovich

    Its okay we can wait!!

  17. Ivan_Zou

    19th new record :P

  18. Irene_Byju13

    thanks for telling us!!!

  19. tigahotty

    Thanks for telling us

  20. gauthums

    23, 44th high dficve

  21. wedipooh13

    that is awesome

  22. wedipooh13

    45th high five

  23. therealtrich


  24. lil_kingg


  25. captainchristian


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