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  2. SeekNDestroy

    omgerd thatz amazing

  3. kaylee_ercanbrack


  4. JustAnOrdinaryNinja

    Waw 4th.

  5. planetfitness


  6. jeffwang

    Wow, Quizlet is more popular than I thought! :) Congratulations!

  7. yayhooray PLUS

    That's quite the achievement!

  8. TriHawk

    13th comment!!!!

  9. StudyMasterofGods

    Quizlet has always been the best. What are you talking about? I love quizlet. I use for everything. Check out my other account: KnownPhoenix

  10. RebekahA3

    Quizlet is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acing my tests! :):):):)

  11. shotgunlord21

    Congrats Quizlet! You all deserve it!

  12. El_Capiton


  13. sid763


  14. Anthony_Contreras1


  15. alberrt

    Quizlet really needs to disable comments.....

  16. Oliver_Schaaf

    Good job!

  17. CutestDiana711

    Not true! The word "QVC" comes up

  18. lilywaffles123

    Awesome! As it should be!

  19. danilka1


  20. aiken_do


  21. KnownPhoenix

    Join StudyMasterOfGods' Class today! It is the soon-to-be best study group ever! Oh by the way, happy birthday Quizlet!

  22. KnownPhoenix

    I mean Congrats lol

  23. TheCohuff

    Quizlet is so helpful thx!! Happy b-day

  24. Sola6174

    What did it used to be before Quizlet?

  25. caleb_murungi

    33rd comment

  26. Yubin_Choi9


  27. allenfoster411

    congrats :)

  28. allenfoster411

    Studying is going great

  29. Josie_Hight

    34th Comment!!!

  30. npokapi PLUS

    99,996th comment... I think? I'm not good at counting..

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  32. MTJones12

    35th comment

  33. kickedyouoftheboard


  34. Jalonian_Aurora_S

    so cool!

  35. Euqueubi_Lopez

    lamborghini mercy

  36. Johhhhn



    how do i get an different picture

  38. St_LouisCardinalsPro


  39. Mitchok

    Its not the first anymore, Qantas and Quickflix are the first now.

  40. Eliyen


  41. danielsiegel33


  42. LaiAma

    awesome! ^_^


    64th and that is really cool : )

  44. Naman30Mehta

    Pretty cool

  45. a_m_k


  46. a_m_k

    and 65th...

    which is also spectacular

  47. Nicholas_Severino


  48. Emi_Atw


  49. herminio_brasil TEACHER

    Congrats! You guys deserve it.

  50. Johhhhn

    Please don't spam ^-^ thanks!

  51. GrantWith2Es

    Dude that is such a coincidence. I just started using this for my Spanish Tres class, just like how this guy started this website to study for his French Trois. Thank you Andrew Sutherland for the website :)

  52. DeathAdvocate


  53. sfonseka PLUS

    Hooray for Quizlet! You must be very proud of yourselves.

  54. sfonseka PLUS

    Search up q
    and You will find
    Quizlet now is in its Prime!

  55. FlyingCandy

    Do you have to upgrade to have an animated gif-like avatar?

  56. Devin______


  57. rneko


  58. nebulacat

    ok cool cool

  59. knightjane

    This is a pretty big thing for a website good job!! You guys have worked hard to make an amazing website and deserve this recognition! Whats with all the haters? Why does this bug you so much? Also the "fist" comments are annoying and slightly disrespectful because they work hard for this and it shows you're not really caring about their hard work enough to even read it.

  60. duke0815

    101th! great!

  61. SapphireSky7


  62. SapphireSky7


  63. SkyNonsense

    103rd :D

  64. sonic747954


  65. sonic747954

    and 105

  66. Santiago_Velasquez

    I love this program playing and studying at the same time.

  67. Santiago_Velasquez

    I love this kind of program because I'm playing and studying at the same time

  68. one783


  69. James83001


  70. here-it-comes

    Awesome! Your very popular now, cause you have over 92,942,700 sets on the site



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  73. katekirchhoff

    Hola Oliva

  74. OliviaBrown02


  75. OliviaBrown02

    Hola Kate

  76. katekirchhoff

    (/0o0)/ |_________|
    Table flip.

  77. skelton1498

    thanks for doing that bro

  78. gauthums

    118th comment
    123 high five

  79. Ninjamunch15

    128th high five and some number for the comment... There are too many.

  80. madisenmendoza

    Hah thats great

  81. frankblob

    Dude, cool!

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  83. noriah_parris


  84. NzmAnhDee PLUS

    Yay for popularity.

  85. Sabrinaeatsburritos

    I eat burritos daily

  86. oliverdilts75

    hello, is it me your looking for?

  87. EmmaGirl41

    so amaze hope you realize how MUCH YOU HELP KIDS WITH THIS

  88. Brennan_Onstad

    128th comment.

  89. Brennan_Onstad

    deserves a high five!

  90. David_Engelhardt7


  91. BlueMoonLightt

    i like dragons WAY to much at least i didn't put one on my picture lol

  92. Wendell_Dick

    Quizlet is a great tool for study pratice

  93. Wendell_Dick

    Glad it was recommended

  94. BlueMoonLightt

    last comment :'( really love quizlet! :D

  95. MastahDJM

    Great job!! Congratulations on the rather large achievement. It's really good.

  96. KatieTheKawaiiMaster


  97. KatieTheKawaiiMaster


  98. JJohnny55

    146th comment :D

  99. Michael_Cordes


  100. Aidyn_Lee

    this stuff is ok i mean its not fun but its not a total drag lol =P

  101. radioactiveion

    this is the best I can't beleive google reconizes quizlet

  102. radioactiveion

    146 high five

  103. sydneykidneyyy


  104. Ishika_Bharat

    Thats so cool and awesome

  105. CaraPolk6

    I love quizlet

  106. ilovesweettarts

    awesome yayy

  107. beastkillem


  108. rebecamorales

    this is amazing ! sike jk it is

  109. nmehta20

    it's not that great..

  110. am0110

    This will be a lot easier to access Quizlet now! Greaet job, and thanks!

  111. shnazzy_bear19

    Woo! Acing vocab tests!:D

  112. sj3318


  113. Magic360


  114. Melany_Macauley

    Go Quizlet!!

  115. Word-Buster


  116. UniCMatthijs

    Quizlet to the top!

  117. gabriela307


  118. IceColdHemmo1996

    That is so cool!! Who knew they could do that?? Quizlet is in BEAST MODE!!

  119. IceColdHemmo1996

    woot woot!! I love Quizlet so much.. but qvc comes up first... too bad :( maybe people on here need to start typing it in more and MAYBE it'll reach to the top..... whta does qvc mean, anyway?

  120. junekwon


  121. junekwon

    my sets are easy, so come in my class, also, I'm a korean people, so come when you are korean people

  122. SuperAshleigh

    Maybe qvc is a school?

  123. BaruchIAmComing

    good job.

  124. cbettiROBS


  125. ennia2002


  126. ChrMc123

    Doesn't that make Quizlet feel special :P

  127. LaureMarieP

    Congratulations :) I'm French and this site is very helpful in order to learn English, Spanish and Chinese !

  128. kate_greeeeeen

    Great job Quizlet thanks to you I get A's on every test

  129. A080525


  130. kate_greeeeeen

    So COOL😋😛😜😝

  131. alecferns

    qvc and quest diagnostics come before quizlet; too bad

  132. Siki_2000

    not any more its quoka and qvc, quilt is only third

  133. amazingoliviagreen

    I love quizlet it helps me so much with my French since I started using this site to studying I have all As in my French class and if anyone needs help for French I can help im making a new to French class please join or join just to talk

  134. Kai-Marsh

    1 millionth!!!!!!

  135. Jenna_Huddleston

    Anybody in 8th grade and 1 million. And 1

  136. giftbeauty


  137. Li-jixiang

    high 5*214

  138. am1010

    Wow, Quizlet just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

  139. samarah_bautista

    Wow! Awesome

  140. superNathan2001


  141. freitoruva PLUS


  142. duke0815

    yo man~

  143. nabilaz

    hey frankblob. how can you have a profile picture that is moving?

  144. nabilaz

    I think this is not important... :|

  145. AlexanderSoiefer PLUS

    Quizlet is the best!

  146. RH_N


  147. quizmaster4444

    COOL! Congratulations!

  148. ichamsakkar

    No, No, No !!!!!!!!!
    False, false, false !!!!!!!!!
    It's not working !!!!!!!!!

  149. ichamsakkar

    No, No, No !!!!!!!!!
    False, false, false !!!!!!!!!
    It's not working !!!!!!!!!

  150. xiayun

    Congratulations Quizlet!! Your hard work has finally paid off!! It was so worth it!! :)

  151. Zain_Quader

    its cool

  152. clairebothwell

    Great job quizlet! You are definitely the best study tool. I ace all my tests. But... Qvc comes up first. quiz let is second

  153. turkishbro


  154. Samuel_Visser


  155. Samuel_Visser

    sort of

  156. Gavadar

    qvc comes up first now...but quizlet is still second

  157. KingKO92

    When typed in "q", the first option was "qvc".

  158. Ari_Segal


  159. Nathan_Ohana2


  160. Anya679

    i dont get it

  161. pninesasson

    quizlet is amazing!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

  162. pninesasson

    quizlet is amazing!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!

  163. zehnertwins GO

    The first thing that pops up is qvc

  164. shampinesalmonslayer


  165. bob-the-destroyer


  166. SilasNelson

    QVC is still top for me and I don't know what the heck it is.

  167. emilyjacksonc


  168. Treythetruth

    i'm just here so i don't get fined

  169. Treythetruth

    N when i typed "q" i got queso sooooooooooo u might wanna have a talk with google

  170. d0m3n1c

    Q is for Quizlet want to learn qassel

  171. fooshigirl


  172. SAMthree

    Cooolll!!! QUIZLET!!!! ♥ ♥

  173. YasharGhaffarloo

    For everybody who is not getting quizlet, you're getting personalized suggestions based on your search history.

  174. Yazir_Dixon

    last comment :)

  175. Garrett_Davis6

    last last comment :)

  176. Yazir_Dixon

    last last last comment :)
    no more after me

  177. Garrett_Davis6

    last last last last comment :)
    no more after me

  178. katief6

    That's awesome! Quizlet rocks! :)

  179. calebboyd17958

    ya quizlet :)

  180. calebboyd17958

    Quizlet is amazing. ya. my last comment

  181. musicalpro

    Good job, Quizlet! You guys (and gals) are doing some really impressive work ;)

  182. porela11

    I love quizlet! I really think that this website has had a positive impact on all of my grades! Thank you for being awesome, and making me smarter with every click of a button. (:

  183. SterlingTeched

    this is so cool. :))))

  184. EvoLovER01

    Yay :) :D

  185. Karina_Abraham

    Now its qvc

  186. Alex_Swaggy_P

    9001st comment #ITSOVERNINETHOUSAND!

  187. Leopardheart03 PLUS

    That's awesome! I've noticed it, even in Canada it does. (Come ON! last in line again.)

  188. Leopardheart03 PLUS

    CATS ARE THE BEST EVEN BETTER THAN DOGS I LOVE CATS!!! (XD sorry I just had to say that.)




    that's cool :3

  191. Smile7246

    Awesome! Quizlet is just a really neat site :-).

  192. bethelt20

    wow that's great!

  193. PoMaHeHkO


  194. Miquaz

    That is sweet. Andrew Sutherland is a genius and Quizlet should be bought by Microsoft.

  195. Miquaz

    Also, as of 2:22 EST on September 21st, 2015, qvc is beating quizlet.

  196. Noah_Audette

    not first

  197. FlyingCandy

    Quizlet shouldn't be bought by Microsoft. Although its popularity might increase, who knows what Microsoft would do to it... I like Quizlet just the way it is. PLEASE DO NOT BE BOUGHT BY ANOTHER COMPANY. STAY BY YOURSELF. YOU'LL ONLY KEEP GROWING.

  198. Ldwolflady


  199. Ldwolflady

    estimating #99 boom!!

  200. Sophia_Bouck

    Quizlet ppl: DO NOT SELL YOURSELF TO MICROSOFT!!! it'll ruin everything just like microsoft is going to ruin mincraft!

    PS 100th ON FLEEK!

  201. nicklindsey

    ^ First of all, it's MINECRAFT, and secondly, it was "ruined" way before the purchase

  202. Cody_LoverWestCoast

    qvc is a broadcasting network. And ^^^^^ nicklindsey is totally correct about the whole ruined thing.... haha.
    BTDUBS I'm also Icecoldhemmo1996.
    I love Quizlet but some many things have changed on Quizlet over the summer. Like last year, it told you everything about each set like who copied it, when it was made, and all that stuff. And now that's all gone and making sets is more different and the little discussion box in the info tab is gone :(. #alotofthingsaredifferent <.< use that hash tag if you agree with me.

  203. S1618958

    pretty cool

  204. David_Glymph


  205. fashion512

    That's very interesting.

  206. Stephen_Rashford GO

    last comment:)

  207. Stephen_Rashford GO

    luv quizlet

  208. mbj0717

    Quizlet is now famous!

  209. hockey4life14

    me too

  210. phlatball

    384th high 5!

  211. phlatball

    This is a great achievement!

  212. Nerdfighter_3

    That is pretty cool!

  213. ArabPride

    It's been that way for a long time lolz /.^

  214. Mortiferr

    Of course it does. Quizlet is amazing, I use it for everything. As evidenced by my { Plus } tag. :D

  215. L2200

    I'm the last! Beat that!

  216. stephy111

    yeah quizlet!!!

  217. Van_Nguyen24

    In. Quilzlet

  218. greatjez46


  219. TrueG43

    Pretty swag and prankster gangster not going to lie
    10/10 for the screenshot

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