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Introducing our first collaborative learning game for the classroom: Quizlet Live

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Teachers--are you looking for a fun, engaging game for your classroom where students can learn from each other? That’s why we built Quizlet Live. It’s designed to bring fresh energy into classroom. Teams of students work together, racing to learn the material in a Quizlet study set. Correct answers move teams ahead, but wrong answers send teams back to zero. In order to win, students need to communicate with each other to make sure they pick correctly.

How Quizlet Live works

Teachers can launch Quizlet Live from any study sets and create a game in seconds (no accounts needed for your students). Just ask your students to type in on any device (computers, mobile phones, iPads etc) and enter the unique join code on your screen.


Once all your students have joined, they are randomly assigned to an animal-themed team of 3 or 4 students. If the first random selection isn't good, teachers can also reshuffle the teams as many times as you need.


Students move around the room to find their teammates so they can communicate more easily. Once everyone is settled, you can start the game and the race begins.


Teammates work together to match correct answers faster than the other teams. For each game, twelve possible answers are spread across each teammate’s screen. Everyone on the team gets the same question but only one student has the answer. And so, they need to communicate with each other to find the correct answers in the least amount of time.


Answers must be quick but accurate - one wrong answer and the team’s progress is reset to zero. The first team to clear their board of all the answers wins!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.53.42 AM.png

At the end of a game, teachers get a class-level snapshot of how well the students know the material, breaking down what material students know well and what still needs the most attention.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.41.25 AM.png

Here's a demo of how the game works, presented by the Quizlet Team.

Why try Quizlet Live?

Quizlet Live reinforces foundational knowledge in a fun, collaborative way that makes the learning experience even more memorable. Working as a team develops soft skills like communication and collaboration. The team dynamic also means that competition can be a positive experience for all students. Learners of all levels can contribute to a victory as part of a team.

We’ve tested Quizlet Live with 50,000 teachers and 1,000,000 students during our beta and both teachers and students loved it! Students never wanted to stop playing. And teachers saw great conversations and learning come out of the game.

Can I try it out?

Quizlet Live is now available to all teachers on Quizlet (for free!). Just click on the “Live” button on any study set on the Quizlet website to get started or learn more here. And please tell us what you think!

Can't find the "Live" Option?

If you're a teacher but you don't see the "Live" option, check your settings to make sure your account is marked as "teacher" instead of "student." Then you should have access. If you're still having trouble, email us at


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    I played it with my Spanish 2 class (actually along with the students) almost the entire block and they were just as into it at the beginning as they were when the bell rang. We changed teams every two games and everyone enjoyed learning the names of all the different animals (myself included!) as well as the excitement that the competition aspect provided. Love it!

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    It's a shame when you're teacher isn't on Quizlet and you don't get to use this because it looks really cool!

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    Love it!!!!

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    I'm concerned that in a less mature classroom, as some of mine tend to be, there might be some pretty unkind reactions to the student who thinks they know and gets an answer wrong, and sinks a team. I would love it if the teacher could adjust how much of a point penalty there is for a wrong answer. Then, as the teacher, I could choose 25%, 50%, or 100%, and "up the ante" depending on whether this is an intro, intermediate, or final review of concepts. Thanks for listening!

    PS I'm STILL waiting for Quizlet to help me customize tests by letting me select terms andassign some to be matching, some to be multiple choice, and some to be written so that I can stop having to print and literally cut & tape my vocab and lit quizzes. I would pay for this option. Another possibility would be moving questions into categories as part of the test set-up. Each category could be a question type. Written questions allow us to reach the Analysis level of Bloom's taxonomy. Thanks again for listening!

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful and exciting new invention! My students simply love it. They wanted to play again and again. That says it all. :-)

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    My students really enjoy this game. Only draw back is when playing on mobile phones if an individual phone crashes that whole team is out of the game.

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    I hope we play this at school it seems like fun! And a good way to learn!

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    I'm really excited to give this Live element a try with my fourth graders on iPads.

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    Looking forward to trying it out; I've seen a few startups doing similar things! Competition can be good, but it can also create tension and isolate the under performers so we'll see.

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    question: if i convert to plus, do my classes change? does my website lay out change?
    i love quizlet, and if i go to plus, i don't want it to change ANYTHING thanks!

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    I've tried this and it is really fun, cool way to review and study-- my team won! haha :)

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    Kudos Quizlet for creating a very engaging way to get students to practice material until they get it. My 8th grade Pre-Algebra students never tired of trying to reach the finish even if they got sent back to zero multiple times.

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    This looks like something really fun to do! I should really let my teachers know about it!! Thank you so much, Quizlet!! 👌👍

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    Oh, and dgyoung19? This is NOT a Kahoot replica because they are both totally diffferent and both really good review games!

  97. HitokiriSEVEN

    I would love this. However, Japanese public schools are so behind the times. There is no wifi for students to connect computers or tablets. There are also no computers in the classroom outside of a crappy laptop the teacher can bring (granted they even know how to set up the projector). Fun idea, but the schools I work at will probably never be able to do it unless I bring them to the computer lab (which is almost inpossible to book for anything other than computer class).

  98. bizoux

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!The class was engaged, enthusiastic and on task 100% for the entire time. I asked them for feedback for you and here is a summary of what they wrote:
    So much fun!!!
    loved working with different groups / competing against other teams
    great concept/ really well made/ well set out
    fantastic way to make us focus so that you didn't let your team down
    involved everyone - even the one's who forgot to bring their computers or had technical problems
    random teams makes you work with people you don't normally work with
    actually learned some new words
    Want more words per round ( we had 12)
    want different words each round
    different game modes
    only set the score back a few points when someone gets it wrong
    get an explanation for the word when you get it wrong
    people get angry when you get things wrong, so maybe make it more anonymous
    hearing the words as well would be great
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    The game has totally changed the atmosphere of my class. I teach Spanish and my students really enjoy it. They don't want to stop playing. Especially the students whose batteries are out and unable to play, they get upset. It can be better with new features in the near future. Thank you very much! ¡Muchas gracias!

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    As a special education teacher, I wouldn't use this with my students because of the timed competition aspect of it. If there were a subtle change - untimed, with points awarded for correct answers, and perfect spelling of the word not needed, it would be more useful to my students.
    That said, I think Quizlet is great overall. I hope they'll design an activity for special needs students.

  118. moerni Teacher

    Muchas gracias Quizlet!
    Mi clase de español, en Suecia, lo ha pasado muy bien con está nueva forma de entrenar el vocabulario. Todos están activos y nadie quiere hacer perder a su grupo.
    Muchas, muchas gracias

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    I used this "game" last week in my Environmental Science class and the students were begging for one more round. I also changed teams every two rounds. A couple of suggestions: Can the games keep playing until half of the teams or the top 3 finish? Some of the students were disappointed to not know which place their team would have finished when they were close games. Another suggestion would be to be able to increase the number of points necessary to win. As we played the game a few rounds, students were getting better and better at it and it would have been fun to increase the challenge by having them get 15 or 20 questions right in a row. Then they also have more options to have to look through. But overall, I would say two thumbs way up. I loved the accountable talk I heard when they discussed the terms and every person had to contribute--no one could sit it out. Thank you!

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    i want to let everyone know i made a new study test called descendants do you all know the characters well i`ll test you it`s easy

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    I think this is a great way for children to learn!
    But how do I go on it? Is there an option on settings or home?🤔
    I've tried to go on it this morning but I couldn't find it! Why?

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    Sydney - you need to buy the subscription - well worth the $25 a year

  126. jdeppen

    This is THE MOST FUN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best game for learning vocab AND as a French teacher, I appreciate that I can add accents easily. It is BY FAR, the best learning game I have EVER used. Kudos Quizlet!

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    I wish there was an option to manually group the students. My class computers are stationary desktops, so there's no moving around when the teams are formed.

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    I used it in my Spanish 2 classroom. It was a hit!! I never experienced these kids so engaged before. Excellent learning tool!

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    The kids love this, it is just as good or better than other Live programs! They love being on teams

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    I used this "game" last week in my Environmental Science class and the students were begging for one more round. I also changed teams every two rounds. A couple of suggestions: Can the games keep playing until half of the teams or the top 3 finish? Some of the students were disappointed to not know which place their team would have finished when they were close games. Another suggestion would be to be able to increase the number of points necessary to win. As we played the game a few rounds, students were getting better and better at it and it would have been fun to increase the challenge by having them get 15 or 20 questions right in a row. Then they also have more options to have to look through. But overall, I would say two thumbs way up. I loved the accountable talk I heard when they discussed the terms and every person had to contribute--no one could sit it out. Thank you!

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    It's a great tool for review of facts. I like the team aspect of the game since it gets them our of their seats and working with students that they don't necessarily work with.

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    Thank you who ever came up with this

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  175. Lizziekarella221

    I used this "game" last week in my Environmental Science class and the students were begging for one more round. I also changed teams every two rounds. A couple of suggestions: Can the games keep playing until half of the teams or the top 3 finish? Some of the students were disappointed to not know which place their team would have finished when they were close games. Another suggestion would be to be able to increase the number of points necessary to win. As we played the game a few rounds, students were getting better and better at it and it would have been fun to increase the challenge by having them get 15 or 20 questions right in a row. Then they also have more options to have to look through. But overall, I would say two thumbs way up. I loved the accountable talk I heard when they discussed the terms and every person had to contribute--no one could sit it out. Thank you

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    Sounds like a great idea. The only reason I cannot use it is that I usually teach classes under six people. Could you possibly reduce the minimum number of players to 4 students? Please!!!!

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    That helped so much! And thank you for anyone else who replyed to my question! I am really thankful, I almost had to waste my last comment on asking again and hoping someone would answer. Now I can use my last comment on thanking you! You just made my day!🙄☹️😨😩😨😤😨😤😎😰😏😣🙁😎😒😅🤗🤗🙃😝😎😝🙂😜😎😝🤗😋😘😙🙂😛☺️😎😆☺️😆😛☺️😆☺️🤗😛☺️😎😅🙃😎 RANDOM EMOJIS!

  182. gvhscmash

    Can I set this up so using folders instead of sets? I would like to group some sets together for exam review.

  183. mathnerdsrule

    I love the game, but I have a few suggestions that would help out a middle school classroom. First, I would like to be able to use more than 12 cards. When I did this with my class, the game was over in less than a minute. I almost always have more than 12 terms or questions and would the game to support that. Second, I would like for the game to keep going even after a team wins. I want the slower teams to still be able to go through all of the cards.

  184. ricky__wright

    SO Cool can't wait to see whats next

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    soooooooooooo boring see ya

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    My students love it!!!

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    WHOO I love it. I am 1st!

  188. John_Bowes

    Improvement: I want to pick the teams myself, not random teams. Is there a way to do this? Can you add a way to do this?

  189. Kurt_Forbes7

    Just used it with my 2 classes they had fun and did terrific on the exam.

  190. MrScottGray Teacher

    We used this for the first time today. At first I had a little bit of a motivation problem getting my students to participate, after the first two games, the student's playing were enjoying themselves so much that the other students started to join in. I heard over and over again how much they liked the game, the competition (even with me scrambling the teams for each game), and most of all how quickly they were becoming familiar with the vocabulary. This will be a regular staple in my classroom.

  191. ianstorck


  192. N-E-TIME

    I LOVE Quizlet Live! Thx 4 releasing this!

  193. zasminewalker

    what is a code that i can get into

  194. msburton

    Really enjoyed using this in class. Students said they enjoyed this more than other "games" because they learned more this way! Score! A few suggestions or wishes for the next version:
    - students being able to join in late (and be automatically added to a group)
    - a preview screen for the teacher so we can see how it will look (there are times when it would be better for the term to be displayed for all rather than the definition ... in math)
    - maybe have some set amount of time after the winning team completes that the rest of the teams can finish off and compete for 2nd and 3rd place.
    An excellent addition to quizlet!! Thanks :)

  195. just_being_cool

    Please put it where the students can join quizlet live
    -thank you if you will

  196. Calvin_VanderLeest

    A TON OF FUN!!!!!!

  197. Samuel_Gillen

    Long Live Oreo

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    I figured out how to get Quizlet Live

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    my teacher uses this, its duper fun.

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    SUPER COOL!!!!

  201. xXxYolOSwaGerrxXx

    quizlet live sounds fun.. i know how to get there, but how do you use it.. like how do you get the passcode to get in.

  202. MamzelleIngram

    As a foreign language teacher, this is fantastic! It requires very little preparation on my part and it allows me to sit back and watch them have fun practicing. Please keep this free for us to use!

  203. Animekittylover

    Sounds really interesting! Might try it. :)

  204. Clary_Pederson

    This game is so awesome! We played it in class today and loved it!

  205. romanica Teacher

    Absolutely love this! My Latin students would do this everyday if I let them. Thank you! I plan on using this often!

  206. cresel48

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. JustBeingCrazy

    Are students allowed to make this? I hope so, then I can bombard everyone in my English class with Spanish questions! :D
    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (I actually spelled this by myself just because...)

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    Rayos¡¡¡ Nadie Habla Español.

    Un saludo desde Chile¡

    Im Teacher Quizlet...(Sorry, my English is Bad¡¡¡)

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    Awesome article! Wow so many high fives, high five 730!

  212. costrows7

    Is there a limit on how many students can play? I have 30 students. Please let me know, I plan to give it a try tomorrow.

  213. Megan_Csiszar Teacher

    Can you play this using desktop computers in a lab? That's all we have available and I'm not sure it will work if the kids have to move to sit next to their teammates?

  214. lhudsonPLV

    I do not have a Live button.

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    I hate this. It makes me so mad


    Awesome! Great idea!

  223. JillCipher

    i love this game <3

  224. FlyingZambonis

    seems good.

  225. captains_gurl

    i have a zebra

  226. bigrick9

    Love it

  227. TwoPointOh


  228. senoramcguire

    My Spanish 1 and 2 classes loved this. Students were highly engaged and it was easy to assess how well they understood with their group talk. They worked with a variety of different students, perhaps different than usual. Other positives- the animal names in Spanish with the great photos, and the random grouping-loved this- and we would remix groups several times (kids couldn't complain/blame my grouping them) Also enjoyed the visual showing who was leading as they raced to win. Free! Please keep it free. I didn't see too much of a problem for struggling students because they could have group help, or work in partners.
    Suggestions for improvements-Allow the ability to switch sets without signing out each time. Allow game to continue to second and third places. Only lose a few points for errors or cumulatively drop down. If a group fell to 0 too late in the game and felt they didn't have a chance to catch back up, they would quit. Overall, the kids loved it!


    Today, I taught 7th-graders on a spring Friday afternoon, 4 days into standardized testing. This game kept them engaged (and arguing grammatical definitions) all period. They didn't want to leave, and kept begging to play again! Thank you, thank you!! This game has some terrific features to subvert the "losing is cool" types, and they loved that the teams changed constantly. Keep it free, and give a big raise to the designers of this game!!!

  230. paquimu

    Have tried this now for two weeks in our SPanish I and II classes here at Monmouth University, and my students loved it. Great game! The team mascots were in Spanish! Nice touch!

  231. jyluchen Teacher

    We played this a few times in my hight school Chinese classes at Punahou School. The students were all very engaged. However, when a teams wins, the other teams can no longer play. What a disappointment for them. Is it possible to give them a little more time to finish the game and rank the teams when every team is done? Or, give the teacher the control to "end game" early as she sees fit, just like the way we play Quizizz. Thanks for such a great game design!

  232. MisterArmstrong Teacher

    What if you have desktops in your classroom? Can the teacher change the teams so that pupils can sit together based on the computer they choose?

  233. mankat

    Please captioned the videos to have equal access to information.

  234. ntphoalga01

    It's wonderful but it's so sorry for our students as they don't have any device needed in class.

  235. lorimaroe

    We had a blast! The only think I'll do differently next time is to play later in the class period since the students got really into it and were hyper afterward.

  236. Matthew30630


  237. Brian_ndege035


  238. Mr_Brook

    I have been surprised just how successful this game has been in engaging students. Interestingly some students have done extra homework practice so that they are better team members!

    I agree with previous suggestions:
    1. allow teacher to set the number of points lost for a wrong answer rather than "return to 0"
    2. allow more questions per game.
    3. allow the game to play out with all teams finishing.

    We have an issue in that all the computers in our school (as in many other schools) are desktop computers and therefore it isn't possible for students to move into team areas. I realise that it would probably be impossible to find a way to allow students to move to different computers having already joined the game so we'll just have to live with it, I guess.

  239. MmeKaiser Teacher

    You guys hit it out of the park with this one! The suggestion of playing on to rank the first three teams (who wants to be ranked last?) is good. I will read more later to comment further. Also, could you do something about middle school students question "Are we going to play Quizlet Live?" every time they enter the room and see the chrome cart? :-)

    Whatever happened to the Multiplayer? I have been using Pear Deck to do something like it, but I would prefer to use Quizlet.

  240. NHW12345

    Oh, my gloss! Best Feature Ever After!

  241. NHW12345

    I cannot wait to play this game! I don't care if you copied Kahoot, Quizlet. You're still making it pop!
    (Behold: The Internet War! Rated PG for Power and Grace)

  242. sondsk

    thanks Quizlet, my students will learn vocabs with joy and fun

  243. MrsMarshall-SCCTC Teacher

    My students LOVED this game/activity! The only thing I didn't like is only being permitted 12 words / game. Maybe you should consider an option that teachers can select how many terms/questions per game??

  244. CalestaMueller Teacher

    I enjoyed the game, but I would like to have more than 12 words.

  245. lisahabersack Teacher

    LOVE Quizlet Live!!!!!! One question: How can I select more than a 12 question round?

  246. The_Cool_Mule

    Nice game. Only annoying thing is that it randomly groups you into teams. Would be better if our table group was a team and no moving around was required.

  247. puppy3804

    Awesome help me so much my teachers noticing improvements

  248. MKlinner

    I just had my class play this and they really enjoyed it! We were studying Greek and Latin root words. I like that the game randomly generates teams; it helps students who normally have to search for a group. I also like that you can keep making new teams. In addition, unlike Kahoot, you don't have to wait a certain amount of time when in a group. It's nice that the questions are on the students' screens and not on the overhead screen.
    My suggestions would be: to be able to have more than 12 questions in the game. It goes too slowly and I have to go back and choose new sets in order to have more things to practice. Also, I think it should be a choice BEFORE the game if students want to go back to the start if they get a question wrong, go back one question, or not have to go back at all. Some classes are really competitive and would LOVE to go back to the start, but as another user said, some groups might become hostile if their partners get something wrong.

  249. mcilwain2000


  250. mcilwain2000


  251. xcom100

    gonna try it

  252. SteveOpp

    YEAH!!!!! I love This New Game!!!


    This game is really fun - it really encourages teamwork - thank you!!

  254. CruzingPsych

    I love this! Students are excited and today I had a flat tire so I could not get my test copied! AMAZING back-up plan but now part of my ALWAYS plan!

    Can we have other category options than animals? Colors?

  255. lucinda_hardy

    Question for someone out there - Is there a maximum number of players? I'm wanting to present on my school development day to staff and we have approx. 100 staff. I'm thinking that would be way too many to play in one game???

  256. Kim_Bakeberg

    Having problems seeing photos for the game? Ideas? We are on a game of 30 words - 3 or 4 will be missing photos? Students are guessing which answer might pair with the blank box......looking for a solution

  257. squashman314

    We are having the same problem with not being able to see photos on chromebooks. Might be a display setting but haven't figured it out yet. Other than that, having a lot of fun.

  258. mmecowley Teacher

    Cheryl_Hadley - there is. You click on "assign groups" instead of "randomly select groups" (this is from memory so it may not be worded exactly like this) when you start the game. The students then enter 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 depending upon how many groups there are. So for example, if you have 4 groups of 4, tell one set of four that are seated near each other to type in #1 and then the next group #2 etc.

  259. Samuel_Wall


  260. TracySchneider

    My students would like to see a TEAM GOAT

  261. henrik_olsen56


    In quizlet live.. How do I change the amount of right answers?
    I tested with 22 questions, then only with 28 students, then only 8 right answers was enough to make a group win..

    How do I change that?

  262. thezeus40


  263. john-john12345

    this is cool

  264. FridayTeh13th

    1 millionth comment or what

  265. AmyMichigan


  266. Trash_Memes_Dot_Com

    Hey everyone!! ;)

  267. undercoat

    This is cool

  268. ooooooooooooooooo4

    We will do a quizlet live now thanks

  269. Skorps123

    Students should have access to this feature so we can more easily study on our own. I could use this for pre-class study sessions. Restricting this to teachers seems counterproductive. A lot more students are familiar with Quizlet than teachers, so it would make sense to at least make this available for paid users.

  270. supersoccegirl

    hi i love quizley wow

  271. abby45790

    I lovvvvvveeee it

  272. Kami_Rolens

    Can I preview the game?

  273. dog112346

    i love the game

  274. f_starr

    This was a great blog posting. Keep up the good work!

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    this is cool

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