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9 funny, wholesome tweets about Quizlet from my personal meme vault

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Quizlet is proud to partner with real students and recent graduates to showcase authentic voices on our blog. This guest post is by Nicolette Kier, who just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

If you’re on Quizlet, you’re working hard (or trying to, anyway). I commend you.

But you can’t work hard all day long. Studies have shown that working nonstop doesn’t help you retain information long-term. Even if you’re cramming, it’s beneficial to take breaks and rest your mind. Burnout is a real thing, so instead of working until you hit a wall, take some short breaks while studying and doing homework.

But don’t fall into the social media trap. Once you scroll, you’ve lost your roll, am I right?

productivity meme.pngHey man. No judgment. (Image courtesy of the_laugh_lap.)

So, rather than leaving the site and never returning, I have a break you can take right here. Direct from my personal meme vault, I present the 9 funniest, and possibly the most wholesome, tweets about Quizlet. Chill for a bit, read these chef’s kiss-level posts, and then get back on your grind.

1. We stan Drake. Always.

quizlet-funny-wholesome-tweets-drake-motivation.jpg(Image courtesy of @alexapetrovic15.)

2. A deep, personal relationship with Quizlet.

quizlet-funny-wholesome-tweets-birthday-post.png(Image courtesy of @KayleeRicch.)

3. If this ain’t it, I don’t know what is.

educational-system-people-who-make-quizlets.png(Image courtesy of @MisterKloss.)

4. Finally, a solid impulse purchase.

quizlet-twitter-post-premium-purchase.png(Image courtesy of @ssunveins.)

5. I, too, am plagued by snack attacks.

funny-tweet-hungry-student-struggle.png(Image courtesy of @WalleHebb.)

6. Quizlet sees you, girl.

funny quizlet tweet .png(Image courtesy of @amorrrcito.)

7. And Quizlet is proud of you!

wholesome-quizlet-tweet-proud-of-student.png(Image courtesy of @dirtshrine.)

8. The man, the myth, the legend. He must have earned a lifetime of clear skin and good karma.

funny-tweet-founders-of-quizlet.png(Image courtesy of @JuiceTooWavie.)

9. And Quizlet remembered, too.

funny-tweet-three-year-quizlet-relationship.png(Image courtesy of @iamthxworxt.)

My personal meme vault is a sacred place reserved for the best of study breaks.

Now go forth and do some remote learning.

(And send us your finest memes—but later.)

Nicolette Kier just made it to the other side of a degree in physics and writing from the University of Pittsburgh. She reaped the usual rewards of college: knowledge, a job, and debt. She thinks it was worth it.


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