Teachers and Students,

Want early access to new features being added to Quizlet? Then sign up to be a BETA tester!

Beta Testing will allow you access to coming features our team is creating to enhance and better your studying. Remember, these are “BETA” features which means they aren’t 100% perfected - so your feedback is invaluable! Think of it like this - your BETA testing allows you to help shape the development of Quizlet!

If interested, please click below to sign up:

Join Beta - https://testflight.apple.com/join/mwhcPqxJ

Join Beta - https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.quizlet.quizletandroid


  1. Tatiyana_F


  2. theswaggermaster3

    ok, that sounds cool

  3. johnjames1236781

    I wonder how Quizlet is going to improve more than it already has...

  4. SHSUshiroda TEACHER


  5. Japanese_Neko PLUS


  6. Eujun PLUS

    Sure, I'm in.

  7. susane122766 PLUS

    I use quizlet on my phone quite often...doesn't matter where I am I can get some study time and review in...just sayin

  8. Spaghettis_Confettis

    I'd love to try for the computer.
    I understand development for the app needs to be tested, but it would be nice if Quizlet worked for Internet Explorer, and older browsers.
    Some people need to study and don't have the great resources most people are blessed with.

  9. larissa_loves_slime_ PLUS

    Is Quizlet Beta going to be like the new Quizlet Plus/Quizlet Teacher or is it like premium content? So in other words is Quizlet Beta going to be more like a membership you can pay for and get features, or is it more like sets you pay for from verified users? I'm very sorry if this makes no sense

  10. Foxy_sswagg

    Useful, very nice :)

  11. tongy124 PLUS

    aight broski


    who knows I might be a beta tester. it will be smilar to a movie priemre

  13. studystudyjulia2

    I use Quizlet on my phone a lot, actually. It's easier than lugging my laptop around campus all the time, and makes for convenient studying if I happen to have a few minutes free. I do prefer to create sets on the computer, but the app is still handy to edit terms in a pinch.

  14. MystaryPi

    I think there should be a beta testing for computers as well...
    But great to see Quizlet increasing their interactions with their users and allowing them to test out cool features!

  15. Randell_Hendley PLUS

    I agree. I do most of my material on the computer. I only review on the phone. If this beta is for the PC I am all for it.

  16. KayleeC_135

    Well, I don't use mobile very often...

    But if there is a beta for the computer I would gladly test it! I use Internet Explorer(yeah, I'm one of those people) and it glitches very often.

    Is there anyway you could possibly make quizlet more flexible for all platforms? That would be nice.

    (btw, why are people posting so much spam? it's slightly annoying....)

  17. lola069

    this is lit. quizlet sometimes makes me go sickomode tho : ´ )

  18. ayahchreidii

    i would love to be apart of this, i enjoy quizlet and its purposes very much

  19. LaMorica_Swain9


  20. mystudentsneedme


  21. elijahcheng

    is there one for microsoft app store?

  22. elijahcheng

    I want to do this
    plz help

  23. Korbyn_Miller

    is there a way to test beta version on my compute?r or just smartphones?

  24. quincy-L-candy-guy

    you should make this more noticeable

  25. xX-Big_Chungus-Xx

    Is there a link for computers? I use a computer.

  26. Ajalon7132

    ur qeu mi qasa nombre es dillo?

  27. SSchotel

    This is such an improvement from the original app, I am on the beta currently and I love the design!

  28. zeldajr2


  29. Ryleigh07 PLUS

    Looks Cool!

  30. lilly57prince

    wow how ,many people do u need

  31. kahlyn2023

    how old do you have to be?

  32. nadiapopovici

    I'm about to graduate college and I owe Quizlet my entire life and soul. You are the only reason i'm passing my courses <3

  33. Purified_Apple


  34. Epic_Aaron_

    what I want to be a BETA tester!

  35. InXanity1

    Alright, that's cool

  36. Nateyrst

    seems neat. my homeboys will enjoy this

  37. theManwhoCodes

    If I see an opportunity for Beta Testing, I take it!

  38. Eqwizzix_Rory

    Sub to Eqwizzix and pewdiepie

  39. epic_lemon

    epic 👌👌👌👌👌

  40. RockyRoad1573

    How does this work out


    I am having a hard time signing up to be a beta tester


    I tried to t sign up as a beta tester and it is not letting me

  43. bby_lxon

    cool. i might sign up for beta testing! :) lets see how quizlet can improve.

  44. CarterBohrer1

    I would add a favorate point system so when using others flash cards you could see what helped people the most

  45. CarterBohrer1

    I would also add the ability for students to play quizlet live for a way to study together our of the classroom

  46. sg87680

    I would if had time sorry CHAADD

  47. quiz3172

    it this avaible on pc?

  48. poke5352


  49. Study_Advice

    This extension can improve studying on Quizlet. I'm probably going to try it.

  50. oVr_rasgajag


  51. biologyformep31rey


  52. Legolas_01 PLUS

    sounds cool

  53. Pubg_Mobile_Freddy

    Very Nice! kanian ahara...

  54. aren-2019

    Thanks, as german teacher in France, I would like test the beta teacher program on pc too...

  55. christina2008s

    This is very cool, congrats to all the future Beta Testers!

  56. AshCo519

    Wow. I am really late to this.

  57. HappyLucky_Sunshine TEACHER


  58. ciaidiomas TEACHER

    Where is Quizlet Live?

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