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A new milestone for Quizlet: 50 million monthly learners

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Quizlet's mission is to help students everywhere practice and master what they’re learning. When Quizlet started, the goal was to help a single student — our founder, Andrew Sutherland. Today, I’m pleased to say we are helping more than 50 million students per month.

The students on Quizlet are studying everything from basic Spanish to college-level organic chemistry to EMT certification test prep. They’re using Chromebooks in classrooms in Des Moines, Iowa, and studying on the bus with an Android phone in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Quizlet’s usage around the world is amazing to see and, at the same time, humbling for our team. For example, in the U.S., we’re used by 2 in 3 high school student and 1 in 2 college-age students.

Quizlet's Impact

We’re so proud to be helping over 50 million students study and learn each month, but we know that number only tells one part of our story. It tells of our scale, but not of our impact on the world. Reaching millions of students is half of our focus; the other half is making sure we’re helping them be successful and hit their learning goals. To help tell that part of our story, I’m excited that we are publishing our first ever Quizlet Impact Report. You can download it here or read it below.

Our report highlights a variety of ways Quizlet has impacted teachers and students around the world. In the report, you can read about how Quizlet helped two non-verbal students in Buda, Texas, gain new confidence in the classroom and eventually pass their district assessments with fantastic scores. You’ll be impressed with the work of 12-year-old Ananya Vinay, who beat out 11 million other contestants to win the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee — with the help of Quizlet. And, you can discover how Quizlet is aiding refugees in Austria to learn their new home’s native language.

We also share the results students are experiencing in reaching their goals. Of note:

  • More than 92% of students surveyed report that Quizlet helped them improve their test scores.
  • Three in four students say their overall grades improved after studying with Quizlet.
  • One reason for these results? 90% of students surveyed use Quizlet for more than one subject and 35% use it for five or more classes.

We are inspired to see that every day, new students start learning on Quizlet. From Argentina to Zimbabwe, people all over the world are empowering themselves to master their studies both inside and outside of the classroom. 50 million studiers a month is a great start, and it’s only the beginning.


  1. This_Vincent

    First comment, and Good job!

  2. bswen2003

    Congratulations! :D (2nd)

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  4. yoshinori_honda TEACHER

    I'm learning English in Japan with Quizlet. Thank you very much for your support.

  5. Authora-chan

    such a snavy goal
    good job Quizlet, good job :)

  6. roda7942

    nice work

  7. TrueCobalion

    ~~nobody cares if your first, second, third, whatever~~

    Man, this place has grown alot over the years. Surprised it even reached this caliber of popularity. Good work and keep it up!

  8. ZLand2019

    Congratulation on 50 million monthly students, Quizlet! I've been using this site since middle school and it has done wonders for me. This site does wonders for people who struggle in school and it is so great to see this website come this far. 2018 has been a good year for this site and I hope that it keeps getting better as we slowly inch closer to 2019. Great job, Quizlet! Keep up the good work! ;)

  9. maudecloutierviolin

    #9, AND GREAT JOB :)

  10. HungryAndNormal

    This is so huge for you guys! Huge, huge congratulations! I've been using this site since about 2014, and my grades have gotten better ever since. I have to get in the right mindset when I'm using Quizlet, so that it's not just in one ear, out the other, but it's been so great! In the car waiting for my family to be done with an activity? Quizlet. In line at McDonalds and need something to do? Quizlet. On a long airplane ride and sitting there bored? Quizlet. In a long line at Disneyland, and I felt like I needed to be productive? You guessed it, Quizlet.

    This app has helped me so much, and I wanted to let you guys at the Quizlet HQ know that! And that not everyone just comments to say that they were 1900823.24th comment.

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  14. WolfGirl1204

    AWESOME and great job Quizlet! You guys are amazing!!

  15. beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    ive been using this site (and app) to grind for my art history midterm, it really helps because it gives you so many options on how you prefer to learn. for me, flashcards helped a lot!!!! thank you so much!

  16. undercoat

    There is a ton of people using this! Cool

  17. gina_yates PLUS

    Awesome!! Love Quizlet!

  18. Gaster_17 PLUS

    Wow! 50 Million Quizletians! I’m proud to be one of them!

  19. AnaPaulaChristensen

    cool, I've been learning Spanish on this thing, and let me say, it is a great tool... and fun too!

  20. iKinetic

    Damn. Well done Quizlet.

  21. pretenciozs

    𝕕 𝕖 𝕤 𝕡 𝕒 𝕔 𝕚 𝕥 𝕠

  22. teacheraccount101 PLUS

    It is a great learning tool!

  23. SidraIsStudying

    So proud of you guys!

  24. BrandonLockey

    50 million but you can't even add pictures to both sides of flash card? come on seriously..... you advertise people use quizlet to study organic chemistry, but its so restrictive and hard to make good chemistry flashcards when you can only add 1 picture to one side of the flash card. Organic chem is all about visualising chemical structure, and you can't portray this easily when you can only add WORDS to one side of the flashcard? im quizlet plus user for years and have been asking for years, but you never listen.

  25. mynameiscool12


  26. marshmallow83

    Ever since I started using Quizlet my Latin Grades have improved considerably! Thanks so much, Quizlet keep up the great work!!!!

  27. MatthewG-2277

    Quizlet is better at teaching than my teachers!! XD

  28. MatthewG-2277

    Good Job!!

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  30. MystaryPi

    Wow! Great job!

  31. Kayleen_Cardell

    Love it!! Great job Quizlet team! Thanks for being here and being great at what you do!

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  34. samduman17

    thats so awesome! quizlet is a life saver! I use it for latin and science helps me study so much! thank you so much!

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  39. um_its_conner_iguess

    congrats quizlet

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  41. Jonty2019

    I use quizlet for almost every test.

  42. Cabiness_Aaron

    45th comment
    I'm using quizlet for spanish and it's really helping. I'm glad this website is so popular because it definitely helps

  43. JaggedWolves_13

    great! (last person to comment ;)

  44. silvermandan

    its almost halloween !

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    Congrats Quizlet!!

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    lmao bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  50. Pentecostal-Girl

    Cool, it's cool that y'all reached 50 million members. 😃

  51. CampanaD039

    #53 (yup, I counted...) Big number, starts with five, and has seven zeros... super cool 😜

  52. CampanaD039

    #54 (this time I just added one!) Shout out to TrueCobalion (#7) I love counting!!! (-___-)

    Cobalion is a fighting and steel type pokemon...

  53. smartestpanda1234

    Quizlet is truly amazing. No other study website can actually beat it. :D #55.

  54. smartestpanda1234

    Quizlet is truly amazing. No other study website can actually beat it. :D #55.

  55. alexlove1505

    ooh sis

  56. Ediaz3002


  57. psych8888 PLUS

    All A's Thanks to quizlet

  58. ihatesciencetests

    yay good job


    50 MILLION? Insane! Well done! Keep it up!


    Think you can reach 100 million? 😁

  61. mattyb4life

    I hate quizlet but i love live it is awesome!!

  62. Kirbmeistergeneral

    more than proud to be one of them

  63. Molly160511

    Well, now it's June 2019, and y'all are doing better than ever- good job Quizlet.

  64. Molly160511

    And now it's February 2020, and y'all are still getting better- great job Quizlet!

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