I've been noticing something lately, and it's been in the back of my mind long enough to write a blog post about:

The more my programming and general computer skills advance, the further from an "average" user my perspective becomes. In other words, my spectacular computer talents give me a slanted and potentially puzzling approach toward building Quizlet's interface. It's kind of like when scientists start talking to you about their projects, and they use all sorts of jargon and science-speak and you have no idea what they're talking about!

Why is this a problem for Quizlet? Things that seem obvious to me aren't obvious to regular users. And so it's easier for me to build a confusing interface that seems perfectly obvious to me but perfectly ridiculous to others. I think so far I've done a good job on Quizlet, keeping it simple and not letting its interface get too convoluted. But I could be flagrantly mistaken, and have no idea! The horror!

So now here are a few questions. Let's call it a report card on how I'm doing. What's confusing to you about Quizlet? What processes should be simplified? What have you had to spend some time to understand? Or is it just amazing and simple and perfect?

Thanks y'all!

Thanks y'all!

P.S. I should stop it with all the Photobooth pictures :)


  1. Neil Kelty

    Just a few things:
    1. The ability to quote someone in a private message. Sometimes you can't get back to someone for a few days and by that time they have forgotten what they asked in the first place.

    2. How to delete a group?

    3. I told you about this a few days ago, but make it more obvious you have a blog.

    And from this summer:
    1. Drag and drop in the feedback center would've been real nice :) (And nobody knows what I'm talking about.)

    That's all I can think of for now.

  2. gr8soccerplayer

    i want to know what i write in private messages let us see what weve sent other ppl i sometimes cant remember what i wrote!

  3. Andrew

    @Neil, Gr8soccerplayer: Your requests are related, so I'll answer them together. In the message viewer, there are a few options at the bottom of each message, one is History. That will show you a listing of all your previous messages with your correspondent, both theirs and yours. Does that solve your problem? Could that feature be renamed/be more obvious?

    @Neil #2: That's an obvious missing feature. Right now you can do that by removing all active users, but I'm going to add a link to the group page in the very near future.

    #3 : Yeah, I agree. The blog is a big asset to keeping users interested and updated with current Quizlet news.

    #4 Maybe when there are no other features to work on :o

    Thanks for the great feedback!

  4. Neil Kelty

    @Andrew: I never even noticed it, honestly I'd rather have the quote right in the message. Just shove it in a "blockquote." Seems like its an extra click and it brings up ALL the history even if i just want the last question.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Andrew

    Happy news: There's now a 'delete group' link on the group page. Simple enough :)

  6. Magee

    great new flag as innapropriate--i just noticed it.--but can you flag if somebody chatted something innapropriate, or just when the group or set is?

  7. ribymi

    i agree with magee i am confused about that 2

  8. echung09

    hey andrew,
    fantastic site! i think that it's pretty intuitive at a first glance. i'm actually a student at MIT right now and i just wanted to wish you good luck in applying! i think you would fit in well =P


  9. Margaret

    I know there's a history feature but I don't believe this applies to feedback messages.

  10. achrastina

    LOVE Quizlet, BUT...

    As a teacher who has her students use Quizlet regularly, I wish there were a way for me to see how many terms a user got CORRECT while "Learning" a particular set, not just how many times they interacted in Learn mode.

    I've had students write complete nonsense in the Learn mode - which makes it SEEM like they're studying from their "numbers", but, of course, they are not.


  11. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    heyy andrew i think they might've said it before but is there anyway for you to flag a person as inapropriate rather than an entire group like just going to their page and pressing a button that says "flag as inapropriate"?
    otherwise everything else is clear and amazing so keep up the good work!

  12. laxboy

    how about a feature that sets up time intervals so that it well test u on stuff u missed more often, like desktop based provoc arizona software

  13. Chief

    As a math teacher I sometimes need a diagram or graph to demonstrate a concept. Is there any way to input a small picture file along with a text definition of a term?

    The site is great. I have turned lots of teachers in my district on to this site and they love it. Thanks for making it happen!

  14. as 'chief' said having pictures as deffinitions would be awesome for all sorts of stuff like foreign vocab and science and math and stuff

  15. Elizabeth

    If the groups page had the groups alphabatized within their letter catagory it would be a lot easier to find groups
    Other than that, the site is awesome

  16. jessica

    i agree with chief but other than that I love quizlet and could'nt live without it thank you andrew :lol:

  17. jessica

    oh yeah can you make a different kind of set for math like 4-4 into a game like scatter thank you

  18. Smiles

    Maybe you could put something by the discussion boxes that show if anyone in your group is using Quizlet at the moment. It would make it easier to have a discussion if you knew someone was there that could respond to you.

  19. person011

    any one here on myspace

  20. person011

    i've had it with quizlet

  21. Ed Colaianni

    Hi Andrew, remember me? A feature I would really like to see would be keyboard shortcuts, especially in "Familiarize" where I am always moving the mouse back and forth.

  22. Andrew

    Hey Ed - I sure do! Glad to hear you're using the site.

    There are keyboard shortcuts already in the Familiarize page. Try the arrow keys! :)

  23. Julia

    It would be great to be able to add sub/superscripts.

  24. Josh

    I think a huge addition to the site would be an easy way to categorize sets by subject. That way, you could easily go straight to your Spanish, or Chemistry sets, so that you dont have to scroll through a whole bunch of sets unrelated to what you are looking for.

  25. Moi

    I agree with Josh's idea. Maybe it could have a function that works like email or iTunes, where you can categorize by Date Created, Alphabetical, etc.

    PS - love the site.

  26. sue alice

    After I created a "set" i found it difficult to add it to my "group"

    I really like the "scatter" feature.

    I would also like the ability to insert a graphic image into one side of a flashcard. thanks susan

  27. acceber

    hey thanx u shoould use mine!

  28. sara

    cool i agree urs is great!

  29. Grant

    One thing I've noticed...

    How do you close a combined set?

    As in, how would you get rid of the "combination" icon of a particular combination on your profile?

  30. ben

    hi grant

  31. 4everhere

    i think quizlet is great it helps me get all as

  32. farrioth

    Feature request: I would like to be able to see sets ordered alphabetically rather than chronologically on my dashboard and in groups.

    I second sue alice on wanting images on one side of a flash card.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to see a longer 'Most Missed Words' list, and perhaps a global one (on my dashboard) for all sets I've studied

  33. Caitlynn

    hi, i REALLY want the groups to be alphabetized within their letters. i have a friend in Zac Efron Lovers 87 and it took me 1/2 and hour to find it! please?

  34. totallybasketball199

    hi, i made a group & then made a new username. i tried to find my group again but couldn't cuz it was 2 hard 2 search 4 it. 'side from that, andy, i m happy!

  35. Janis

    i was wondering how to get to groups.

  36. Mrs. Howard

    Dear Andrew,
    My children have been asking me about how to get to groups, and how to find certain ones. Can you help us? Some of my students include Janis and Caitlynn, FYI. I am a teacher.
    Angela Howard

  37. lalunaselena PLUS

    Is there a way for the user to add to/customize the test mode so it's not just generating random combinations of term/definition, but includes user-added multiple choice options that would be more challenging and realistic to the anticipated test/exam?

  38. lalunaselena PLUS

    Or a way to have the words in a definition blanked out one word at a time (randomly or in order first/last) based on a user's successes to aid in the memorization of the entire definition for a term?

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