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A simple way you can help students & teachers impacted by Hurricane Harvey

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Here at Quizlet HQ, we’ve been focused on the busy back to school season — launching new products, engaging students and teachers, and getting excited about the months ahead. At the same time, we know there are hundreds of thousands of students and teachers who can’t go back to school as planned, due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Many school start dates have been pushed back, schools are still flooded and the catastrophe continues to unfold. It’s hard to know what to do when we’re so far away from what’s happening on the ground in the Gulf Coast. So we want to focus on empowering the people who do know what’s needed — the teachers who know first-hand what they need to support their classrooms and students.

Please join Quizlet in supporting the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund run by, a fantastic nonprofit organization that funds teacher projects in need of support. Joining Quizlet to amplify our voice are friends in the learning technology space, including Duolingo, Khan Academy, Edmodo, Newsela, Remind, Seesaw and Socratic.

As teachers are still assessing damage to their schools and classrooms, has set up a page to collect general donations to the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund. Donations to the fund will be used to support projects for Gulf Coast teachers at schools damaged by the hurricane. In the aftermath of the storm, we know that it will take time for teachers to assess their needs and post a project on Once these educators post projects, will allocate the recovery funds to those projects as quickly as possible.

Funds are tight for everyone and we certainly understand it can be tricky to find a few spare dollars to contribute. But if you have a little extra space in your budget to help out, we know that what we collectively contribute can have a huge impact.

If you’re outside of the Gulf Coast area, we hope that your first few days of school have been filled with reunions with friends, inspiring teachers and interesting classes. And if you’re in Southeastern Texas and not sure what school looks like for you this year, know that your community at Quizlet (and other education organizations we’re working with) are rooting for you — and funding projects to help you, your classmates and your teachers get back on their feet.


  1. deo469

    4th one!

  2. Zachary_Zehring

    Yeah, lets all help the people who were impacted by Harvey get back to learning! Sounds like a great idea!

  3. Zachary_Zehring

    Plus there should be a feature where you can donate money to like for example (if that's even a site) to help the people who were impacted by Harvey.

  4. maracello

    Good idea! Feeling sorry for those people in Texas...

  5. HungryAndNormal


  6. guitarbass


  7. Jamiebeachgirl

    Great idea. I am praying for those people in Texas.

  8. pu4k

    I hope everyone in Texas is okay! :(

  9. greerlet

    Way to go Quizlet, Duolingo, and Khan Academy! If you are reading this and you are from southeast Texas you should know that many people are praying for you and your family and friends.

  10. Proverbs_2_6

    #prayfortexas y'all!

  11. MystaryPi

    Great to help Texas!

  12. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    #GoQuizlet!! YEA!

  13. Gaster_17

    nice >:]

  14. wolveskids

    I hope that everyone in Texas is going to be okay

  15. dontbebreadracist

    cool bro

  16. bucketsfordays1567

    Let's save the people of Texas

  17. Mag_ic_Taco_Libre

    That is a great idea! I believe that we can restore Texas and the community by simply helping others and donating, even if it's a dollar or two! Anything is worth it!

  18. CalebReno

    I really feel for all the people how have been affected by this disaster.
    Stay strong everyone.

  19. AnviB

    Way to go Quizlet! :)

  20. SteveOpp


  21. gamfam5

    good job!!!!!!!!

  22. amazingbaltimore

    everyone is praying for houston

  23. Heechan_Kim

    Sad life for that poor thing :(

  24. jeremiah369

    Pray for Houston, and America. Many lost homes, and accept them in the ATL.

  25. Joseph_Barboza5

    I pray for the people in Texas. I care for the people who are in Texas.

  26. Jamiebeachgirl


  27. CalihanTheBrave

    I hope everyone gets better! 👍

  28. JackCosta

    Keep it up Quizlet! Also, pray for those in the path of Hurricane Irma.

  29. emmaw2020

    I think this is a great thing because people very rarely ever do anything for those who are hurting and we should do this kind of thing more often. #prayingforhouston

  30. brookeskg1

    been praying for houston... have some family friends with younger kids there. Love to help

  31. Lu_Rob

    Hey Laura, are you related to J. Robert Oppenheimer? He was one of the main guys who worked on the atom bomb for America/Harry S. Truman in WWII. He was one of the people who basically built the bomb, and helped America win WWII by Truman dropping the bomb on Japan. So, are you related to him?

  32. Sola6174

  33. Garin_Marshall

    Stay strong Texas! Your state is the icon of America! Don't be lone, be together!

  34. rea457

    Praying for the flood victims in Texas.
    May GOD be with ALL the people who have lost their lives. May GOD be also with the first responders, police workers, national guards, volunteer workers, etc.

  35. xxTaylorSwiftxx

    I lived in texas during the hurricane and it was HORRIBLE go to the link to see mah pictures Praying for me and mah friend . :(

  36. Jack_Aitken2

    God be with the victims of Hurricane Harvey

  37. SteveOpp

    Really? You added an advertisement? C'mon man!

  38. BurtonBraam

    good luck out there in Texas and Saint martin

  39. carolina_panthers_88

    Praying for everybody who was effected by Harvey... Hoping Hurricane Irma doesn't do much damage!

  40. carolina_panthers_88

    Praying for everybody who was effected by Harvey... Hoping Hurricane Irma doesn't do much damage!

  41. greerlet

    There is another Hurricane on the way?!?! Where is it headed?
    Pray that Hurricane Irma doesn't do much damage! :(

  42. sierrag2017

    hurricane irma is headed for florida, i live in central texas

  43. deo469

    Hoping that Hurricane Irma doesn't hit Florida too hard again!

  44. CorbinHenderson666

    Forget Harvey, Hurricane Irma is a bigger threat. Pray for Florida.

  45. Gaster_17

    Who else noticed that Learn now has numbers on its terms? Unfortunately they aren't keyboard shortcuts but it's something.

  46. ZellaM1

    Quizlet has been such an amazing asset to by education!!! Thank you so much! Sadly, I did not learn about this until the beginning of last school year. Everyone deserves to at least know about Quizlet and how much it can help!!! Memorization becomes MAGIC!! The students in Texas should know about Quizlet!!! Thank you for giving them this opportunity!!!

  47. pekka_playz_


  48. Claire_310

    Very nice! Hopefully, everyone affected by the hurricane will be back on their feet!

  49. quizlette5033263

    I feel really bad for those people

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