Stephen Morrison was an intern at Quizlet for the summer. He is now a Freshman at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

I spent the past 2+ months as an intern at Quizlet. As a previous Quizlet user and fan, it was great having an insider's view of the team and how such a useful product is built. The summer felt very short, but a lot happened. I want to highlight some of the best parts of the experience to show you some of what goes into the making of such a great product.

Passionate about Education

One of the first things I realized about the Quizlet team was that they are extremely passionate about education and making sure every new feature built on Quizlet ultimately helps students study more effectively. Before meeting and working with the team, I really had no idea there were people who cared so much about education. The team's enthusiasm for education showed itself in everything that we did. At times we spent hours just to make sure that a feature would not hinder students from learning. And I can think of multiple times where we scrapped large chunks of code, representing days of work, because it was evident that it would not ultimately benefit students.

Focus on Quality

Another thing that stands out to me about the team was their dedication to quality work. We would not launch a feature unless it was as close to perfect as physically possible. No matter how long we had been working on a feature, and no matter how much we didn't want to look at the code for another minute, we would not launch a half baked product. This ranged from making sure that an inordinately large class (I'm not thinking of The Coolest Study Group Ever! ;)) loads just as fast as any other class, to moving a button 2 pixels because it looked better that way.

What I Worked On

Now that I have given you a good idea of what it is like to work with the Quizlet team (inspiring in short), I want to give you an idea of some of the best parts of my work. The thing I loved most about the internship was that I got to work on every part of the site. Some days I was coding on the new classes feature (definitely check it out if you haven't yet). Other days I was fixing a critical bug in the create set page. Somedays I would code in the morning and in the afternoon brainstorm on study modes for the iOS app. It was fantastic to be able to have impact in every area of the site in such a short period of time.

Another thing I loved was reading and responding to students' feedback. Quizlet makes sure to respond to every feedback (and we get a lot). Some nights I would open up feedback before I went to bed (at 1 AM usually) just because it was so much fun reading and responding to the excited students who wrote in.

Quizlet stats

It was so much fun to watch the real-time Quizlet stats during the summer. I saw the iOS app climb from 0 downloads to thousands in a matter of days. We watched to see which profile animals people liked most (if you haven't chosen an animal you should). And I saw the Quizlet traffic climb into hundreds of thousands of visits a day. Pretty soon it will be over 1 million visits a day.

Going Forward

I absolutely loved the experience of being able to see inside Quizlet over the past few months and can't wait to continue to work with the team and make it easier for millions of students worldwide to learn.


  1. feld1178

    That's great! I wanna be a computer specialist an Quizlet really helps!!!

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    I love your dedication to help students learn. Not just any student, EVERY student. Thank you Quizlet! You rock!

  3. goobledegak

    1ST Person To Acknowledge their comment position!! Anyway, its amazing the kind of experience working at Quizlet can give you. I imagine Quizlet to have an environment of an intense startup, which is always great. Otherwise, 3RD COMMENT!

  4. Maya123y

    That would be some fun! I love Quizlet already and i just started a couple days ago and im so happg that my gifted communications teacher made an account on this and told us about quizlet.... he even made his own class! Mr. P is awesome!

  5. CupcakesBFF

    That Great!! :)
    Quizlet is my hero!!!

  6. LIZAblue

    when r u guys bringing back multiplayer?

  7. pepsicola1997

    maybe you should add on to your search... (not that it isn't great as it is) but maybe by searching some words from your list could trigger sets that were created just for that list (in case you don't know the name of the list). that would be cool and save a lot of time :D

  8. Nehlicha

    they should make more study mods

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    The Quizlet is so helpfull !!!
    Thank you so much.

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    I love quizlet, I just registered and I love it. we have everything!! it is my hero!!!!! :)

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    Quizlet has been a huge help with studying for things last minute! All teachers and students should be on quizlet!

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    Good Article

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    That is so amazing. I really think God is calling me to do something like this.

  14. Celeste_Everwhite

    I love it! "Specilly the classes. It's just an awesome site!

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    Its helpful for me to studying.
    Thx Quizlet team =)

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    I love it. It really works!

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    Now that I read about it, I really admire the site's great quality that we users often take for granted. ;) Keep it up Quizlet team!

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    Amazing! Quizlet seems so cool!

  19. spaz1992

    In my opinion, Quizlet continues to be the best online study tool around. Concise, versatile, helpful, and downright fun! I really enjoy using Quizlet for college classes ESPECIALLY around Finals Week. Thank you all for a great product. Quizlet rocks! :D

  20. NickdaDick

    shout out to all my homies at quizlet!!! I dont know you but you seem chill... keep kicking booty!

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    I love Quizlet! I wish I can do this every min.

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    This has been a great tool for my kids at home and many of the students I work with. I tell everyone about Quizlet!

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    it has helped me study for vocabulary test and it actually helps me remember them!!!

    keep up the awesome job Quizlet!!!!! :) XD

  24. destiny121

    oh and thanks for creating Quizlets!!!!!! :) XD

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    Dude, Quizlet rocks there's no doubt! It really helps

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    I love this site. It is so helpful, especially when you have to learn vocabulary.

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    i admire a lot ,good job!!!

  28. THE_LEGEND232

    I love quizlet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    quizlet is the most useful thing the teachers say you can use to study other than the actual notes


    summer inside quizlet idk seems like winter is coming soon

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    Quizlet is a tool that I use daily to help me get through my languague classes (mostly, but I also use it for memorization of other subjects), it is great resource to have and i am thankful that you guys keep making it better for people like us! Thank You.

  46. anabellecope_

    Quizlet is sooo helpful! I've recommended it to all of my friends!! It has helped me in history the most. Before quizlet I would always get 70% and lower and now while i'm using quizlet, I have gotten 90% and above!!:)

  47. Cristina_Elissabetta

    I'm new to quizlet, but I think I'm gonna use it more often! I just got a 100 on a quizlet test for some vocabulary

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    my personal opinion i think kids should be required to at least visit a site over the 12 weeks there gone from school to remember there spanish because you can forget alot of stuff over the time you are gone from school.

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