So it's spring break.

Andrew is a zombie

And I've been filming a zombie thriller instead of doing my homework! My bloodiness looked a lot more realistic when it was first applied, so that picture doesn't really do it justice. Anyways, I can post a link to the video when it's finished :).

But that's just my day job. I've been working madly on Quizlet by night. I have one new big thing right now. It's the thing you've all been waiting for...

Pretty URLs

Yes, it's probably the least requested feature day-to-day. But oh the goodness of saying:

instead of

Awesome, huh? The whole site has been converted to these more pleasing URLs. So ../learn/.. will do the learn page, and ../familiarize/.. will do the familiarize page. Cool.

And never fear, your old links using the old URL scheme will still work, so you don't have to change any of your blog posts or anything like that.

Let me know if you have any problems. I changed a LOT of stuff...


  1. Dan

    Cool, the new URLs are great :)

  2. Albert

    Hmm, me likes the new URLs!

  3. Vibhor (Codename = THE MEISTER).

    The URLs are much easier to understand. I will keep looking to see the things you changed and be on the lookout for any problems.

  4. Neil Kelty

    Ok, I admit - I requested this...and this is something only a geek requests this stuff. But great job - I'm a big fan of short and pretty url's.

  5. Falda


  6. Josephine

    you're hot.

  7. vickor

    love the new urls

  8. vickor


  9. Sue


  10. Laxboy

    nice, job, mabye next feature should be a part of speech definintion

  11. Nik

    Ohhh - so <em>that's</em> what your facebook pic is. I was wondering. Anyway, I can't wait to see that video. That'll be something...

    Oh, and the URLs are nice, too. I mean, how can you compare them to a zombie movie, right? But, still, they add a professional touch. Kudos.

  12. Slee

    Wow thats cool now its easy to find sets without careening around looking for them in my group or at my friends' dashboards. Thanks!

  13. cheetahpants

    wow that really looks wierd dude

  14. Anonymous Coward

    All you had to do was like rename set.php to set, be like if ( !isset($_GET['id']) ) { list($blah,$_GET['id']) = explode('/',$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']); } and then be like DefaultType application/x-httpd-php in your .htaccess file. Yeah.

  15. tbird72793@Georgia

    You Remind me of one of my Friends , he's a Rob Zombie Freak Though!!!

  16. Andrew

    Hey, Anonymous (sorry about the coward thing, default WordPress behavior :)) that looks awful nice

    But won't Apache look for directories when you've got '/' in your urls? Isn't that why we have mod_rewrite?

    And the reason it was a lot of work was because I was lazy and non-standard about my urls up till now, so each link was generated straight up like "set.php?id={$id}" ... now it all goes through an itemLink() function :) So I could revert in one change if I needed to.

    Yeah. Would you have done it differently?

  17. Amelia Bedilia

    You tell him, Andy! 8)

  18. jellybeans

    well, personally i don't see the point in making a new URl. why don't the users of quizlet just take the long way of getting to where they want to go instead of a shortcut. and andrew, you spent your spring break doing this?????!!!!!! kinda boring, ay? i would've had fun and DO MY HOMEWORK! it must have taken forever! but its your site, i don't care what you do with it, just keep it pretty, knowlegdable, and FREE!

  19. Anonymous Coward

    Well, as long as there's no directory called /set/2134 or whatever, it will be fine. You can use mod_rewrite if you want, no difference.

    You should have just used pretty urls from the beginning :D

    By the way, I was sort of surprised you don't use a framework like CakePHP or something. Whatever, Quizlet seems to be working fine enough :)

  20. sam

    hi omg that freaked me out =0 i was like ahhhhhh when i saw ur face, man thats scary, the url's are great. ;) call me.

    sike ! i cant wait to see ur video tho :)

  21. sam

    heyy wait zombies...... hmmmmm... interesting...
    hmmm.... will death be involved!? if their is death involved well thats just super.... put depression in it 2, not like im a fan of depression =p
    but u kno.... zombies.... muhahhaahhaha .... i mean im kool ;)

  22. sam

    hehhehhehe zombies........

  23. @*!$

    hi :) i

  24. dudett

    umm dude it didnt like work for me :(
    i think u look.....

  25. Magee look freaky as a zombie!!! lol. :roll: whats it rated? (LOL)

  26. JP

    The attack of the Andrews... Interesting....

  27. -----

    Anonomous coward:
    I am a computer programmer. I know a program to cause the computer to display the message "THEY ARE COMING" I used it as an april fools joke and i laughed my head off. It was so hilarious.
    P.s. I wanna see the zombie movie. It looks really cool. d:)

  28. mariechristine

    wow nice pic

  29. kate


  30. Henry (Beaner96)

    I LIKE IT!!!!:) :]

  31. Katie

    :)Will u date me?:)

  32. Jayne me, plz?

  33. Katie

    he's mine

  34. jasonkhalili

    did u spill pomegranet juice on your face :p

  35. jasonkhalili

    date katie!!!!;)

  36. -----

    Guys, this is not a dating site, come on.

  37. *~Em~*

    LOL isnt it up to HiM who he dates? why not give HiM the choice? LOL!!! y'all are funny...

  38. emily

    ha ha you look like something me and my friends would do... normally :0

  39. Bismuffin

    eegad. zombies are attacking.

  40. buddy 101

    nice URLs dude, you rock

  41. buddy 101

    date date date, that's all you guys talk about

  42. Monroe6

    :roll: don't u guys have anything else to talk about

  43. alicia

    COOLIO-PLUS 2 DA MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. sam

    cmon he is cute tho ;P

  45. Stasigr

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  46. Stasigrii

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  47. Jack

    LoL, I google zombie and I get Andrew. Keep up the good work.

  48. NHW12345

    Cool zombie makeup. I vote for zombies other than vampires.

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