We messed up. Earlier today, during finals week for many students and crucial end-of-year studying for others, we inadvertently broke Quizlet for about 6 hours. We know how much people rely on Quizlet, and how painful it is when it goes down. We work hard to make sure that planned downtime occurs when fewer students are using our service (late at night on a Friday, for example). Unfortunately, this downtime wasn't planned and therefore didn’t follow that pattern, and for that disruption in your studying or teaching, I want to apologize on behalf of everyone at Quizlet.

For the sake of transparency, I also wanted to give you a little more information on what happened, how we worked to bring Quizlet back online, and what we're doing to prevent this from reoccurring.

The problem occurred while we were applying some minor changes to our servers. A configuration error in our code caused every server in our network to stop working, thus bringing Quizlet entirely offline. We identified this issue immediately, and we organized our engineering team to rapidly re-build our servers from scratch. Because we continuously back up all of our data, we were able to fully restore Quizlet without any data loss. Quizlet went down at about 2pm Pacific time, and by 8pm we were serving traffic again. We’re still working on restoring some parts of the site, but the critical components are now working.

As a company, we help people practice and master whatever they’re learning. Today, we’re learning from this mistake, and ensuring it doesn’t happen again. It’s important to say that as a team, we don’t seek to blame people for mistakes. Rather, as we do for any unexpected problems, we’ll conduct a full and detailed review of the systems, processes, and tools that caused this failure, and develop ways to improve our ability to recover quickly.

Again, my sincere apologies, and on behalf of the entire Quizlet team, we wish you the best in your studies.

Andrew Sutherland, Founder and CTO


  1. kylie_legate

    I made 150 flashcards today when it "broke down" and still had about 30 more to add... all 150 I had are gone! HELP ME!

  2. JwmsBandGeeks TEACHER

    Thank you for working quickly to fix the issue today. I use quizlet for my end of the year tests in my band class and not having it today was scary. Thank you for working quickly to resolve the situation. On a positive note, my students are loving quizlet.live . Thank you for everything you provide for my students. They love studying with quizlet! :)

    Ms. Dean

  3. laura_oppenheimer STAFF

    Hi Kylie, that doesn't sound good. Can you drop us a note in our help center?

  4. choxha11

    it was lit!

  5. kukukin

    How am I supposed to study for my final tomorrow😡!!

  6. lsdunoye TEACHER

    Thank you for fixing the issue.
    My students were delighted.
    Your team makes a big difference for my students' learning.

    A big thanks! Linda


    I was wondering what happened earlier. I had just logged out of quizlet.live with one group and was about to restart with another when I saw the absolute dead links. I just popped in to see if it was just my site (or yours!). So surprised and flattered at reading such a professional and lovely response and explanation (to whom you certainly don't owe!) and glad my class didn't cause it! Sometimes I just wonder! ;)

    Thank you for the services you provide our students. I am so glad you are up and running.

  8. lolnicoleiguess

    you guys are awesome and don't sweat it! things happen, we learn from our mistakes.

  9. bcklaseng

    Hi, Andrew, I am supposed to use quizlet for more than 100 students for the lesson today and I found it was down early this morning. Is it back now?

  10. asuth STAFF

    @bcklaseng yes -- it's back now.

  11. EmShih

    Thank you guys so much for fixing it and this wonderful app. I love this app. Thanks again!

  12. ocwatkins

    @kukukin We should be up and stable now. If you're still having problems, please write to us here: https://quizlet.com/feedback

  13. abigayleb15

    thanks for fixing it so quickly!

  14. sherwinlai

    Auto-define doesn't work.

  15. ocwatkins

    @sherwinlai We're still working on getting some site functionality back up, including search and auto-define. Thanks for your patience!

  16. jmosley671

    Yeah... I deleted a set because I though it was locally out of sync on my tablet... it had the older title... and now it's gone everywhere. Oops.

  17. Maxima_R

    I am not able to find the study sets for Latin for Children A? There used to be many of them "out there".

  18. Colegio_BG TEACHER

    Thanks. Just in time for the start of school.

  19. Jazzy8you

    thank you for fixing it
    thankfully it was back up when i needed to use quizlet so that was fine
    it was no problem
    and good job fixing it quickly

  20. ocwatkins

    @jmosley671 Can you send us a note at https://quizlet.com/feedback with this set's title? I can definitely take a look

  21. ocwatkins

    @Maxima_R Search is still recovering. Can you try a bit later or tomorrow and send us a note at https://quizlet.com/feedback if you're still having trouble?

  22. RicketteAgustin

    I had all my flash cards and terms answered.. They are now unanswered and there only the questions and terms. Is there any way to restore the flashcards?? If not then a note from staff would be greatly appreciated. My flashcards are graded. Thank you for your time...

    -Rickette Agustin

  23. JRAM89

    When the servers went down, i had 6 windows with pre loaded flashcards for accounting that I was able to review without refreshing the page and losing them. After that though I was SOL, thanks for working hard to bring it back up, Quizlet is much appreciated

  24. Stephanie_Lue

    It's oki :D Things happen. Glad I had back up notes > <. THANKS FOR FIXINGGGG THE ISSUE :D :D

  25. lauren_lamm5

    Thank you so much for working hard to restore Quizlet. Yeah, it was pretty frustrating to not have access to my study materials, but I really appreciated the updates and this apology message. I plan to continue to use Quizlet, as I have for 5+ years, but will for sure be saving PDFs of all my study sets from now on, just in case :)

  26. ThomasCourtman

    Awesome! well done on fixing Quizlet. i need it for my French :D

  27. caromelchior

    Thanks for fixing it!!! Luckily the quizlet app was still working so it really helped me !!

  28. taewan_eddie_lee

    Hi, i don't think the auto-define function (English --> Korean) work now. can you guys check it?

  29. Nate_Sawyer1

    Thanks for getting this fixed!! And I really do appreciate this app and website, I've been telling everyone I know how awesome it is to use. And I can tell how much better things are sticking now :) Good stuff

  30. daria_ratushnaya

    Good luck with fixing! And a really big thank you for your job!!!

  31. DucMun

    I understand, I hope you fix it earlier and it comes back soon.

  32. Haherzade

    Auto-defining doesn't work :S

  33. HorthMac

    thats pretttttttttyyyyyyyyyyy goooooddddddddd

  34. Henry-is-a-teacher




  35. luator19

    Yo, in my class there are many quiz-lets deleted. Is there anyway to re cooperate them?Thank you.

  36. Xiangjun_Deng

    well... i just want to know if we can use the auto-define in the future???? because i used this several days ago, but now it says NO RESULT FOUND ;(

  37. Rangasm

    When using the search function, if I search my username or any of my study sets, I am told that my user profile and study sets cannot be found...
    I can find them once I log in though, so I assume it is a problem with the search function.

    p.s: I've found Quizlet to be really helpful and useful for studying, so thank you very much to the whole team for creating and maintaining it.

  38. Jay_Jay2002

    Yo dude, you have alot of haters in this issue. Just realize your human, this happens. Don't get fed up with hate. As for me, I will continue to use Quizlet for a long, long time. Great job on keeping this site up. :)

    Yours truely,

  39. elliashielsar

    Definitely was not the right time for Quizlet to be down. I had my Italian study notes on there and was not able to study before my test. But happy that Quizlet is up and working now! :))

  40. awaldman33

    You guys can't just make a "mistake" some people rely on this for tests and quizzes. Tomorrow I have a quiz and now I'm going to fail.

  41. LucasHearleCRGS

    cheers jeff

  42. AlishaSparks

    cheers lucaaas

  43. Zach_Hibbard8

    Oh don't worry, I only lost 163 cards and my speaking prompts for the spainish final today,(writing morning after). Something needs to be done, quizlet plus anyone?

  44. DavidICC2

    I thought it was my network broke........

  45. CollinsKidzz

    when will my students have access again? finals are right around the corner...help!!

  46. Zipporah_Johnson GO

    Thanks for getting it back up and thanks for the loss of sleep and late night/early morning studying!

  47. Proverbs_2_6

    *WHEW* Fortunately, my end-of-the-year assessments are already through so no pressure! :) I just have to do some extra things. And I went to the website and nothing came up and I was like: 🤔. But anyway, thank you for fixing it! I'm just glad the whole site didn't blow! 😂


    Heb 1:21

  48. Proverbs_2_6

    Oh yeah and one more thing: When studying for my end-of-the-year assessments, I was trying out the new Quizlet learn on IOS. The language of that set was "English→Math/Symbols." I tried to change the keyboard to match it, but the wasn't one provided and Apple does not have a "Math/Symbols" keyboard. Is there any way I can avoid a future predicament?

  49. abiddlebug

    Could any one please tell me when the New Quizlet Learn will be available for Mac and PC? Thx

  50. SteveOpp

    Yes, can you tell us Andrew??? Or someone from the staff??? Thanks.

  51. gboverpowered2

    Thank you guys so much. I had a test tomorrow and I was worried I wouldn't be able to study.!!!

  52. JustinVainder

    All my studying OUT THE WINDOW! I have a HUGE test today and wasn't able to study. WOW.

  53. Dharwood01 PLUS

    I was in the middle of studing for my World countries and capitals Test tomorrow and it broke down. WORST THING EVER!!

  54. vhsbrantley TEACHER

    Thank you so much for the explanation. Great teachable moment with technology. That is why my students also rely on index cards and other nontechnology sources. Technology has glitches and humans get sick...

  55. Ryno359

    I got an f on 3 of my finals because Quizlet was down

  56. Ruth_King12

    Thanks for fixing it quickly! You did it just in time so I can study for my EOC in Math 1! (And other areas of EOG assesments of course) I appreciate the fact that you made it a priority to fix the server ASAP and that you apologized to the people who rely on Quizlet a lot. This site is a great help. Thanks again!


  57. Andrew_Heighton

    I had 200 flashcards, and now they are gone. RIP me. It's cool though, I'll just get back on the grind.

  58. redmemes

    thank you for the apology and i think was very kind to do something like this, though a friend almost lost 98 cards that were due tommorow

  59. Zachary_Zehring

    Ok thats what happened.

  60. Zachary_Zehring

    See my study sets.

  61. Terry_Rico TEACHER

    Thank you for letting us know. My engineering students love quizlet and when it is down it is terrible. My daughter uses quizlet for her tests.

  62. Yosef_Morrison8

    yo quizlet dont break i went famp last night i was in the middle of making a quizlet

  63. Gamingangel16

    Had a Latin vocab test today. I really rely on quizlet to learn those. I don't know any of them now. Hopefully i can learn them before then.

  64. Gamingangel16

    Had a Latin vocab test today. I really rely on quizlet to learn those. I don't know any of them now. Hopefully i can learn them before then.

  65. Teen14ForChrist777

    Thank you guys for getting Quizlet back up, even though it was work! Means a lot to everyone! God Bless.

  66. Bryant341


  67. Penelope_Marzullo3

    please let us know when you are gooing to shutt down

  68. jadamorton

    wow now im going to fail. thanks a bunch quizlet! all my flip cards have now gone im so mad grr

  69. UltraKing91

    I have exams tomorrow, so next time, MAKE SURE TO WARN US OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  70. Dillybob6 PLUS

    You must have been sweating with anxiety, rebuilding all those servers while people were complaining and waiting. I know, I've stayed up till the wee hours of the night restoring crashed sites.

    I was working on Quizlet when it went down but everything looks fine this morning. I haven't lost anything.

    Thank you for your apology and transparency.

  71. puremarvelfeelsAO3

    Hey fam! Thanks so much for letting us all know. I understand how technology just sometimes doesn't work. I'm sorry there are people being rude to you about this. I wish you the absolute best in restoring any lost data and thank you so much for your kind, professional explanation and apology. I wish other sites--I wish people in general--were this transparent about what went wrong. Thank you for not blaming this on anybody and working calmly to overcome this obstacle. I appreciate you and the work you do.
    Peace, love, etc.,

  72. Dillybob6 PLUS

    It's sad to see that so many of the people complaining on this board aren't even paying members. Why do people think they can be rude about service they don't even pay for?

  73. deciduouslivingston

    I had about 30 flashcards that are gone, and they're the exact set I planned to study. ('_')

  74. deciduouslivingston

    help mee -@-@-

  75. HoumaPTP TEACHER

    I'm sorry you are getting RUDE comments. I wonder what people did back in the "olden days" before technology. Probably cracked a book open and wrote down notes? Things can happen in technology, that's why people should have back up plans always. Not put blame out there. Thank you for your service and trying to get things back to normal as quickly as you possibly can. We appreciate all the hard work you all do for us.

  76. JSGianola

    I really appreciate Quizlet and all the work your team does to provide the service (FREE! People, it's FREE!) to all of us. I used to work in IT and I know how stressful it is when servers go down. Rebuilding all severs from scratch was a HUGE job and I want to thank you and your team for your quick response. Only six hours of downtime under those circumstances? That's damned heroic. I'm kinda in awe. Hope there was pizza! ;-)

    Thanks for all you do! *highfive*

  77. JacksonVance30

    Quizlet is AWESOME whether their servers are down or not

  78. JacksonVance30

    And You had to repair it FROM SCRATCH. Awesome in every way

  79. savitar_

    I am the future flash...

  80. Jake_Knight29

    Thanks for being down!!!!!! I didn't get to study for my Latin test. So Shout out to Quizlet for the failing grade im going to get!!!!!

  81. throwthecurve1234

    good job @quizletteam

  82. Echofalls7011

    I am having trouble with the search function. I have 3 accounts, but I can only find one when I search. I can log into all three however.

  83. David_Picard9

    quizlet is cool

  84. caroline-savage PLUS


  85. Jad12508699

    I love Quizlet. Why did it break down?

  86. Isabella_Mize2

    Quizlet staff members thanks for getting quizlet up as soon as possible, now I can study for my semester exams.

  87. Buddy_Monger

    Luckily I wasn't using Quizlet at the time of it "crashing" but well done for fixing the issue that occured, 'cause even the best 'sites crash if they are being used more than they are familiar with, and, being that you had to have repaired from SCRATCH, you really deserve the congrats, and more from your customers. Keep up the good work!! :)

  88. BendiBoi1

    i like that you let us know about the crash, i wish that you could notify us on any more updates or crashes like this

    kind regards. BendiBoy1

  89. connorsj13


  90. chasehill1104

    it was lit! ☺☻♥

  91. Echofalls7011

    I am having trouble with the search function. I have 3 accounts, but I can only find one when I search. I can log into all three however.

  92. Giselle105

    Well all i know is that I saw numerous cookies and ad pop ups to recently searched sites. In my opinion you guys were trying to intensify SEO for advertisers to make money as with the constant requests for upgrade pay status and taking away features that were once free. I am fine with transparency until you said you were attempting something small and it seemed like more than that from what I observed on the site. My new cards were restored but as with others lost a lot of time. I thought about going to Studystack but stayed with you guys b/c you still are the better service out there.

  93. A_dude_2020

    I think that all of us, here for reasons varied beyond belief, can appreciate what you and your team have done. Thank you.

  94. sydnigrace_00

    this is okay. b/c for a final exam, i made 820 cards and they are still here!


    Just FYI, all 91 of my study sets are still not accessible to my students!!! HELP

  96. kterrill

    My students cannot access my sets. They generally are able to simply search for my sets. How should I help my students?

  97. sarafena


  98. amalianc STAFF

    @kterrill -- Please ask your students to follow this link to your Quizlet profile to access your sets: https://quizlet.com/kterrill

  99. amalianc STAFF

    @LSSCHWAN -- Your students will be able to access your sets via your Quizlet profile: https://quizlet.com/LSSCHWAN. If you're still having issues, please contact us at https://quizlet.com/feedback

  100. madelinethornton

    hi I made three chapters last night on my phone for my history final and when I went to study them they were gone!!!! Please help!!!! ASAP

  101. MaDe-Of-StArS

    NP, thanks for getting it back up! :)

  102. Armando_Medrano3301

    We must seize the means of production- Quizlet founder 2017

  103. katiebr0wn

    hi, almost all of my quizlet's were deleted please help me i have 9 finals tomrw and i had a quizlet with 347 terms!!! PLEASE HELPPPPPPP

  104. Pingin505

    Thanks for getting it back up and running! Love the service. By far my preferred way to study for almost any test or quiz.

  105. Cosea

    its cool it happens

  106. jay-bumgarner


  107. mgmcminn

    dear quizlet team,
    please know that i am extremely irritated and frustrated with the crash. i understand mistakes happen, but please do not let this happen again. this is very flustering. please do not allow this to happen again. this is my only source of study material and had nothing to study for a very important test today. i do understand that things happen. i appreciate this website.
    sincerely, a faithful quizlet user

  108. MrsCarrasco2017

    The auto-define is still down =(

  109. seavan


  110. seavan

    Im trying to study !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. mamckee11

    thanks Andrew! what a stud

  112. Diana_5031


  113. GapmaC

    I was alarmed when I discovered that Quizlet was down last night :'( but I checked in later and it was up again. I just had to remain calm and find something else to do in the meantime. Thank you for fixing the problem Mr. Sutherland! Keep up the good work :D

  114. Timothy_Oesch

    Aww thanks for the update! It happens to the best of us. I, as a student about to write all his language finals, was kinda shocked when I saw that Quizlet was offline, but luckily, there's always other possibilities to study, am I right? Thanks for the transperancy and much love from far away Switzerland <3

  115. Landon_Simmons12

    Don't worry dude its cool.

  116. Easton_Morgan5

    thank you for telling me what went wrong you guys are very helpful quizlet is very helpful

  117. kkrosp2014 TEACHER

    My "user" is no longer there. My students cannot search for me and find me. They are in the middle of studying for their final exams which are on Quizlet. I have about 3 years of study guides for several subjects on Quizlet. Are you going to be able to recover all of these set as well as my user itself? Thank you.

  118. Ambi_

    Thank you for apologising. I was preparing a Quizlet activity for the class I was teaching as part as of my interview. It crashed on me whilst loading so I had to think of an on the stop activity. I am lucky I have access to MouseWizard by Microsoft. I did get the job thankfully. Since discovering MouseWizard I no longer feel like I should use Quizlet especially as it crashed on me when I needed it the most. Yours Dissapointedly, Ambi

  119. Tamera_Greenidge

    all of mine are gone why would you let this happen you should be watching this you know

  120. taylor_whitaker1

    Hello Andrew and Team,
    Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop of what happened last night with Quizlet. I was in the middle of studying when it went down. Luckily, I had my backup FlashCards and used those until everything was up and running again. I try not to "put all my eggs in one basket". Quizlet is a great tool, so keep up the great work you're doing by keeping everyone informed on what's happening and apologizing when things like that occur. Most people will appreciate it and understand that mistakes happen.
    Thanks again.

  121. irems4

    auto-define does not work!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP

  122. Charlotte_Ashurst9 GO

    Yesterday when your servers broke down, I went on the app instead and made about seven different Spanish sets, which were super super important as I have not learnt any of them and my exam is in one and a half days. I thought everything was fine and everything was saved and I logged on now and they are no where to be seen on the app or computer or any other device. Please fix this now, please get back my work that I spent hours on.

  123. Thomas_Woodford4

    Thanks for fixing it so quickly I don't know what I would do white out quizlet

  124. tnm0205

    Thank you so much for fixing this! I was going to study last night for my test I had today, but PEOPLE, IF ANYONE IS READING THIS!! PLEASE! ALWAYS BRING HOME YOUR BOOKS WITH YOU just in case of this accident! I love quizlet, but when things like this happen, even when it is not expected, ALWAYS bring your books home with you to study!

  125. MorganMdonohue


  126. MorganMdonohue

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    why it say thta

  127. Givememylootback

    it was just so legit but unexpected

  128. TheShardik

    Congratulations on being able to resolve the issue so quickly! That is extremely impressive. I hope that you didn't experience too much grief over the issue, production errors happen all the time in software development, and it's so obvious that your team worked so incredibly hard to fix the issue. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for your customers and for everything that you continue to do! We appreciate you and your entire team very much. Don't pull out your hair over this one, we understand :)

  129. Abby_Blethen

    Thanks man

  130. Malath1


  131. Hideki_Toi5

    auto-define isn't working and that is making me crazy. pls fix it thank you.

  132. Chuck_ISWA

    Why doesn't quizlet have a separate server they can put up to where if the system does go down, we will be able to study. It should be a basic server, but we should still have search and other things like that just no fancy stuff

  133. Beautygirl88135

    it happened 2 me yestrday. glad U fixed it.

  134. ShinyMegaGardevoir

    @Henry-is-a-teacher yeah..... Quizlet being down was REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying..... but isn't all that a bit harsh? people make mistakes and i don't think it's fair to put EVERYONE on the Quizlet team down because of a mistake..........

  135. JacksonAtwood28

    Is there anyway that a class with LESS than 6 students can do Quizlet Live? Can you please make it kind of like Kahoot!?

  136. ShinyMegaGardevoir

    @Jay_Jay2002 same!

  137. Benjamin_Weskalnies

    My mom was scared half to death when i told her

  138. greerlet

    Thanks, Quizlet!!!

  139. fce123

    No problem Quizlet. We all make mistakes!

  140. jthomas8916

    its ok, quizlet is my favorite way to study

  141. andrew_postal1

    thanks fam bro

  142. Swaggy-P_Lynch

    Thanks Quizlet

  143. David_Green64

    Hey Andrew,
    I just want to thank you for being cool enough to apologize for something that was honestly not your fault. STUFF HAPPENS sometimes and there really isn't anything you can do about it but get to work. I can imagine like you said that the quizlet team was hard at work to fix this and I know from experience rebuilding a server isn't quick or fun To everyone out there who is mad at the quizlet team because you were cramming the day of or night before shame on you. I know the quizlet team is getting a ton of crap about it so I wanted to post this.

    Thanks man

  144. sassy_levi_loves_me

    Omg thank god,.. i thought my computer was broken cause my phone app worked fine but this was down

  145. Theodore_Fletcher

    Thank goodness it was resolved speedily!

  146. DoughnutNinja

    Eh. We'll all survive. Well done, Quizlet team.

  147. chilllbro

    I hope I didn't fail the test, and ALL MY ROOTS I WAS WORKING ON MAKING ARE NOT THERE ANY MORE!!!:( :( but, at least its back on

  148. pilartorres6

    Thank you for fixing the situation so quickly.

  149. bby_lxon

    Good thing my finals are like next week. c:

  150. bby_lxon

    BTW thanks for fixing the problem! (:

  151. supertashsi

    thank you for working quickly on the problem. I panicked at first, but clamed down when I began to read your updates, feeling assured it would be back up soon.

  152. HerculesStrong1

    Can we at least get free QuizletPlus because i think i did horrible on my final exam and my grades were already dropping?

  153. Volleyballer1545

    I'm glad you sent the apology, but I had a test over 500 roots today, and i forgot my actual flashcards in my locker. I'm worried, but that's okay. Everyone makes mistakes. Thanks for the rest of the tests that i aced because of this site though.

  154. soccerstarian03

    Thanks for the apologies I was nervous about finals today. Thanks you are forgiven

  155. soccerstarian03


  156. Savyfrenchowl

    Thank you for fixing it. I noticed it, but thought it was just my awful wifi at my school. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone makes mistakes and it was so nice of you to post an official apology like you did. Keep up the great work on this awesome site!! :)

  157. Adidas4urBoiii

    Guys all u have to do to get ur studys sets back is to go to another persons account and search ur account from thiers it worked for mine. oh dont hack i mean ask them to search u up and they copy ur sets and u copy ur sets from ur account!!!!!! its easy

  158. Oliver_Martin1

    this site, before it crashed, would help people revise weeks before an exam. Even though i am not at university or in my final year of schooling i know that you should never cram before an exam. if you fail, don't blame quizlet, blame yourself for not studying regularly

  159. Jody_Synowiec

    Thank you for your hard work!

  160. TeoThePlayer

    If you do the math correctly, it was down for about 9 hours, maybe less. It started at 2, started again at around 11. 11-2=9. Not trying to criticize, just wanting to show how Quizlet impacts our community. Still love you Quizlet ❤️

  161. Yin-Tung_Kuo

    Glad Quizlet back! But the searching function for traditional Chinese seems still not working :(

  162. Zack_Nguyen5

    Hi im missing some of my work on my Biology folder, and i have a final soon, can yall please restore some of my work, some quizlet are missing terms

  163. luukgr116235

    i know TheOnlyMe_B

  164. jordypieters

    i know it TheOnlyMe_B

  165. taryn230601

    can someone help me answer this question....
    "Explain the significance of the Humans in Animal Farm"
    thanks :-)

  166. Reaquan1

    You had one job

  167. SarahoftheWest


  168. SarahoftheWest


  169. awesomeBibleQuizzer

    I am impressed as to how fast you made the servers. thank you because Quizlet helps me a lot with latin stems and the games on here make it lots of fun to study

  170. amelia_f13

    hey quizlet. Not cool. Like can you work for once. we have finals coming up and we kinda need you.
    xoxox- 8-1

  171. Shannon_Wright4

    @Dillybob6 are you that daft? They make money from ad revenues just like Facebook or Twitter. Their users have made them worth hundreds of millions of dollars so yeah, we can complain when it goes belly-up.

  172. Shannon_Wright4

    When will auto-define be back up and running?

  173. david_david_kuo

    Hi, Andrew/

    there is one point that I found it is still not workable. Maybe your unit tests are still on going for system restore , but you can note it.

    My way is to use the English -> Chinese, I give a english vocabulary and I hope to use the given/existent Chinese words to be translated automatically. But the Chinese database seems vapid. It result in that I must key in by myself. It is a big bug to my use.

    Hope you note it and help to fix it asap.

  174. AdesegunCoker

    Please don't let the server fall again. Every time an important server stops working abruptly a lot people's of hard work is wasted.

  175. tyler_wilkey3904

    You gyz r awesome! Go Quizlet!!!!!

  176. hossein_hesamifard

    thank you Quizlet.
    but still auto-definition does not work.
    when do you think it will be solve???

  177. jswimmer1 PLUS


  178. ravenm721


    Will auto-define soon work again? Or did that get messed up? Thank you.

  179. daria_ratushnaya

    is there any news about auto-definition? desperately need it(((

  180. hedgehog50 PLUS

    Hello Andrew

    Thank you for creating this site. For years been drowning in notes, post its, and research papers without a unified way to keep all this wonderful knowledge together. Thank you

    Enough petty flattery, on to the complaints. The vertical folder bar needs a bit of work. I like multiple folders to keep categories of study sets separate. I despise not being able see all my folders at a glance. A very first world problem. I paid the 20bucks to jettison all the crap on the sides but the silly news feed is still there.

    Delete quizlet news and expand the visible field for folders. At the very least make it an option under settings

    Failure to do so will result in me coming to your office and eating your lunch. Other than that great job.

  181. Hideki_Toi5

    hi auto-define doesn't really work. can you pls fix it asap? I really need it for my test coming up in 2 weeks. thank you

  182. DiagnosisMurder

    Үо рш

  183. Ashley6613

    How do I add a set of flash cards?

  184. tp103

    Referring to a couple comments above:
    Once something is deleted in a server, it probably can't come back because it is um... deleted. :P
    The only way it can be restored is if it is a bug that hides your sets or doesn't load them from the server. Otherwis, they are all gone.

  185. kate_honan

    Hey, Andrew,

    Was catching up with Katie V. (UCB roomie) about my adoration of Quizlet for my students these past ten years...was telling her about yet another kid who went from 0 to 60 because Quizlet is so engaging and helpful The flash cards have literally changed kids' lives for the better. A 6th grade boy who wouldn't try just scored a 100 on his Earth's Layers, Plate Tectonics set of 19 terms.

    My best,

  186. RobloxGoodFortniteEw


  187. sidetracked123

    Sup guys

  188. JohnPaulB1

    It's Okay

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