Hey y'all - it's been awhile. I don't have any new features to announce tonight, but I'd just like to take this time to keep you in the loop about what's going on inside Quizlet right now.

In the past few weeks - especially the past few days - Quizlet has become intolerably slow at times. The service is sometimes super speedy, but sometimes laggy or even unresponsive.

This morning I made some big changes to some of the database configuration. The reoccurring problem some of you may have noticed with the "Flagrant System Error" appears to be over with. I've taken care of the problem (too many mysql db connections) that was causing all of the previous database downtime.

Fixing that problem may have caused other problems - it's too early to tell. What I can say is that Quizlet should be online a greater percentage of the time, but it may still be slow.


These problems are growing pains - which is a good thing in a way. The problems mostly appear in peak activity times, which is usually the middle of the day on weekdays. Quizlet is averaging about 120,000 page views per weekday - a lot of traffic for a single server.

Moving into the future, these performance problems are my first priority. In the immediate future, I'm putting all my Quizlet time into improving Quizlet's performance over adding new features. One thing that's coming in the near future is an overhaul of the Search page, which has a tendency of timing out of late. I use Quizlet all the time too, so it hurts me just as much as anyone when it has problems.

The problem is that while I've built quite a few websites in my day, none of them have ever seen the kind of high-performance needs that Quizlet has. So I've been feeling around in the dark to some extent up until now when it comes to performance. Now I'm being a lot more proactive about it, and I have several people helping with the site's performance now. I could still use more help however, so if you are a mysql/apache/solaris expert and you're interested in getting involved in Quizlet, send an email to andrew/quizlet.com.

Because I discussed it earlier, I thought I'd let you all know that my MIT application is all sent in and done with. I'll find out. You can bet your boots that Quizlet factored heavily into my application - so thank you all for helping it grow and reach where it is today.


  1. Daniel


  2. KKK

    Thank you!!!! Its been getting slow for a while now, Im so glad that it will be faster now!!


    Phew! That flagarant system error sucked!

  4. ?


  5. jessica

    thank you for fixing the promblem and andrew i need to talk to you not about helping cause i am not an expert but a person keeps picking on me and i need your help thank you

  6. anna

    Yes thank you very much for fixing that flagrant error thing. It was annoying, especially when I was trying to make a set for a big test and it wouldn't do anything for an hour.

  7. thank goodness that flagrant system error got on my nerve :evil:

  8. Nik

    yea, Andrew! this is one of those problems you really shouldn't mind having – it's a constant reminder of the success and popularity of the service you built. a pain, sure, but somehow worth it.


    This site's perfect except for that it's still slow

  10. meeryel94

    can you do subscript on quizlet, like for sci formulas?

  11. Harry1987

    Thank you for fixing it!!!!!

  12. That1guy

    What was the error that was fixed? When I created a test I didn't have a problem. I think it was an error that happened a while ago because I just started coming to this site a few days ago.....

  13. ribymi

    thank u every chance i hava had to get on there was a flagrant system error

  14. Michael

    someone kickedme off their group for no reason

  15. Andrew

    Sorry for today's downtime. It's back up now :o

    AIM: QuizletSupport

  16. ribymi

    uh oh now my computer won't let me get on my profile

  17. ribymi

    oh by the way Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  18. Christine


    I know you have a suggestions page or something of the sort, but I couldn't find it, so I'll just use this. First of all, thanks so much for creating and working so hard on Quizlet. It has helped me a lot and I appreciate all the time and effort you've put into it. I know you have a lot of other, bigger problems with Quizlet to be working on, but I have a minor suggestion. With the personal messages, it's a little bit difficult to use and not as user-friendly as the rest of the site. You can't tell what messages you've sent, only what you've received, so sometimes I can't remember if I've replied to a PM- it gets a little messy. It's a really small detail, but if you randomly have some free time (but being as you're a senior, I doubt you do- but congrats on getting your MIT app in) it would be appreciated if you can fix it. Again, thanks SO MUCH for Quizlet, it has helped me pass more than a couple vocab quizzes and I am constantly raving to all of my friends about it.


  19. jeff

    i was in school using it and all the sudden it didn't work

  20. THIS is to QUIZLETS complaniers

    Andrew has a lot to do in his own time he just finshed his application into MIT(which i congradulate him) and i know that is hard and i have heard (or seen) a couple of people on quizlet complaining about SO AND SO kicked me out of thier group :cry: well since they are a probably the creator then they can do that for NO reason ANDREW is only one person and has other life needs then sitting down at his computer 24/7 listening to stupid complaints PLEASE respect andrew cause he DID create QUIZLET isnt that good enough?

    PS this is the internet ANYONE can be mean to you and NEVER get in troble

    Thank you,

  21. Magee

    Thats kinda funny, kicker 06. Ironic name, or what? :D

  22. THIS is to QUIZLETS complaniers

    its a softball thing :roll: its a long story about how i got my name if yo uwant to do send me a pm :!:



    See how I got my name! :)

  24. paramorechick

    wow i <3 quizlet it is sooooooo awesome

  25. polkadots_rule100

    i mean :oops:

  26. i.AM.OPRAH!

    I think that quizlet rocks and that oprah rocks too!

    I <3 Quizlet (and oprahh) with a passion!<3

  27. TRiX ARE 4 KiDS!

    oprah? thats normal....

    but i do agree the quizlet rocks

  28. i.AM.OPRAH!

    who needs trix when you can have oprah?

  29. TRiX ARE 4 KiDS!

    i need trix and you can survive without oprah. ciao! ciao! aka bye! bye!

  30. bugss.bunnyy. =]

    someone help them...the trix lover and the oprah lover...andrew you help them since you are so smart! no joke! congrats!

  31. elle

    thanks.....ALOT!!! thanks for makkng quizlet...ROCKS

  32. Brenda

    Just discovered the site and was very excited about it. Tried creating an accout 3 times but the system would not let me log in. Very disappointed.

  33. What will you do with quizlet when you go to college?

  34. GretaA

    i agree that people should stop complaining!
    Andrew is trying soooo hard to make this site ROCK!! (and it does)
    by the way andrew, congrats!!
    have fun at college!

  35. GretaA

    What will you do at with this site once your at college?

  36. WHO IS GOING TO COLLEGE:?::?::?:

  37. chexismexi

    psh paramorechick...haha ur my hero! love that band! duh!!!

  38. At some point, could you put an alphabetize option on the editing section of the word list that can be reversed? With long lists, typos can be hard to find again. Still, it's nice to be able to have the words in the order they were added, so it's easier to study the new stuff more. I still like having big lists because it makes me feel like I've learned more, and I like randomly getting questions from the older stuff, just to keep it fresh in my mind.

    By the way, thank you so much for making this site. I teach the GED to immigrants. My students use Quizlet to study English. I use Quizlet to study Spanish. I am trying to get the other classes at our community college to use it, too! And thanks for making it free. The GED students would not be able to use it otherwise. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  39. Hee

    Howdy! Happy Thanksgiving! .! :) :) :) :) :)
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  40. BK17000

    my quizlet wont let me space EXAMPLE my words come out like this:sampleword and it is very annoying dont know why or how to fix it

  41. deborah_williams63


    I used Quizlet about 3 years ago. It has started sending me unwanted emails. I wanted to unsubscribe and then requires I use a Facebook account to do so. That is no way to run a business.

    It has given the account directly under my name which I did NOT give when I registered.

    What is going on? DebWNZ (the name under which I believe I registered).

    PS I can't get in to send a message so I have to do it this way.

  42. Amanda_Pysher

    When I try to capitalize a letter or I press tab previous words will show up instead of just tabbing or capitalizing a letter. It's really bothering me. How can it be fixed. It's slowing down the amount of time it takes me to make a study guide and I am on a time limit. If you can't help me can someone refer to me another study website that won't have these problems?

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