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Fresh features from the #1 AI-enhanced learning platformCrush your year with the magic of personalized studying.Try it free

Welcome to Quizlet’s AI Study Era: Studying will never be the same

NewsQuizlet HQ · Posted by Lex  August 8, 2023
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Today, Quizlet is launching the largest number of new products for a back-to-school season in our company’s history—and it’s just the start of what students can expect to see from us in the weeks and months ahead. Building on our investments in AI-powered study tools since we debuted Learn Mode in 2017, recent technological developments in generative AI have enabled us to rapidly develop more exciting and effective study tools than ever before.

Introducing Magic Notes: Automatically turn class notes into powerful study tools

As the #1 learning platform trusted by students¹, Quizlet has over 700 million sets that have been manually created by teachers and students. Now it is even easier to create study materials.

Beginning today, students can take notes from class, upload them to Quizlet, and instantly create outlines, flashcards, practice tests and more via Magic Notes. Gone are the days of spending countless hours prepping study materials before being able to actually start studying.

And it gets even better. Magic Notes generates additional course materials and relevant concepts, such as sample essay topics, and simplified summaries, so that students have everything they need to master their studying.


Introducing Memory Score and Quick Summary: Synthesize, memorize and prep for tests

With our new Memory Score feature students can measure how well they know their material and set up scheduled reviews to make sure their studying really sticks. We will help keep track of what they are most likely to forget and keep them fresh on the material so they are ready when test day comes.

With our Quick Summary feature, Quizlet will pull key concepts out of dense reading, providing summaries to help students wrap their heads around the content faster and at the right level to match their current understanding.

For students looking for a deeper understanding of study materials, there’s Q-Chat: Quizlet’s AI tutor. Since launching in March, we have had millions of conversations with students on Q-Chat and it has become a core part of the study experience. We have been working to make it even better and are adding new activities like Teach Me, Quiz Me, Apply my Knowledge and Practice with Sentences to help students achieve deeper levels of learning and have a tutor-like experience.

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Introducing AI-Enhanced Expert Solutions. Power through homework problems with step-by-step explanations

Quizlet's Expert Solutions now combines millions of expert-written explanations with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI to make even the most difficult homework problems easier to understand. This back to school students will have the same high quality step-by-step guidance they have come to know but now with the option to go deeper into key concepts, see alternate explanations or practice problems, and personalized AI-powered tutoring all built within the experience.


All these features will be accessible to students 16 and above in the US, UK, and CA this back-to-school, with Quizlet Plus users gaining unlimited access. We will be rolling out these features to France and Germany in the coming weeks.

We are looking forward to introducing even more features that are in the works like Essay Starter to help get writing assignments going and Brain Beats to turn study materials into a catchy song to memorize materials to a tune.

Quizlet: We put the AI in learning

Our message to students, teachers, and parents is that if you want the very best in AI-powered learning then come to Quizlet. We have been the leader in software-powered tools to help students learn for the last decade. As we move into this new era of AI-powered learning, we will be doing the same thing - leading the way, using the latest technology to provide the best learning experiences possible for students. From lectures, to study, to final exams, we will be there every step of the way to help students succeed.

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