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Food for thought: An Instagram account dedicated entirely to your studies.

Sound crazy? Maybe it is, but recently, “studygramming” has blown up on the Instagram platform. Students from all over the world share study advice and tips, posting beautiful pictures of their class notes and inspiring people around the globe. Studygrammers reach hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, creating communities of students encouraging other students.

When we found out that some of the most popular studygram accounts were using Quizlet, we knew we wanted the inside scoop on why and how they use Quizlet to help them study. We hope their responses also give you some inspiration on how to use Quizlet to its fullest potential!

(By the way, all the studygrammers we interviewed are from Instagram, so feel free to look them up for more info and inspo from them.)

First things first: How did you hear about Quizlet?

“I started using Quizlet in around 2014, and have been using it ever since! My French teacher at the time introduced us to this cool website (i.e. Quizlet!) and set us tasks and vocabulary to learn from there,” explains Emma aka @peachystudy.

Another user, Frida (@fridastudies), says, “I heard about Quizlet through my teachers in high school, but I didn't start using it until college.”

What subjects do you use Quizlet for?

Danny, an avid Quizlet user and popular studygrammer from the UK ( explains, “When I was doing A Levels I mostly used it for history in order to learn dates... Right now I’m doing Anthropology at University and I am sure that when it comes to revision I will be using it for key term and concept revision.”

Others, like @tbhstudying use Quizlet for her Spanish classes. @fridastudies uses it for a cool one — media studies! Yet another, @educatier, uses Quizlet for chemistry to memorize chemical compounds.

As expected, our main flashcard study mode is effective for classes with memorization focuses, like languages and science classes!

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How do you include Quizlet in your study routine?

Seo (@tbhstudying) uses it for test review, by “putting practice questions on the front and the answers on the back.” Students have found this helpful especially for AP tests or the SAT exams where questions are in similar formats or have long, multi-part answers.

Frida (@fridastudies) has a unique, methodical approach: “At the beginning of the semester I create a set for each class and start to add terms to each set as the semester goes along. A few weeks before a midterm or final I make sure to start filling in all the definitions for each term. The week before the final I quiz myself with the various features that Quizlet has to offer.”

Danny,, notes that making the flashcards on Quizlet and drilling in each term “doesn’t sound fun at all, but it was really satisfying when I could remember almost everything.” (The sweet taste of victory!)

He also gave some advice, sharing that “[o]ften, me and my friends doing the same subjects would also use each other’s flashcard sets so we only had to do half the work — this is a very good tactic if you want to save yourself some time!” Sharing your study sets with other students (and then using theirs) can save time in a pinch. Of course, others also enjoy the process of making sets on their own as part of their learning process — it all depends on your own study style!

Getting to the deep questions...

Why do you like Quizlet? Why do you use Quizlet, compared to other study apps or physical flashcards?

“I like Quizlet because it is super quick to use, physical flashcards can take a really long time to make by hand, but with Quizlet I can have a whole unit's vocabulary onto flashcards in just a few minutes!” (@peachystudy).

Echoing that thought, points out that “it’s really not viable for me to spend hours making flash cards in an intense revision period when I have so many other things to do.” If we’ve learned anything from following studygram accounts, it’s that prioritization is key! Danny also emphasizes that “the software is very smoothly designed and is extremely user friendly since there are lots of options for revision.”

Others love it because it’s portable (@studyihng), and appreciate that they can easily share sets with friends (@tbhstudying).

For students who plan to continue into higher levels of studies, @fridastudies points out, “When I got to college, I realized that I didn't have a lot of free time anymore because I was taking challenging classes while also involved with student organizations on campus. That's when I turned to Quizlet. I quickly fell in love with Quizlet because it's easy to access from my phone or computer and it offers various study features that physical flashcards don't have.”

In your opinion, what is Quizlet's best feature?

“[M]y favourite is definitely the 'Match' game. I think it also adds a sense of healthy competition into learning, which I think is great!” (@peachystudy).

Can’t focus for a long period of time, but have an exam the next day? takes advantage of Quizlet’s multiple study modes, which he explains are “really good for mixing up the revision session so that your mind doesn’t get bored.”

And of course, we can’t forget about the new Learn feature that was introduced earlier this year. @fridastudies says it is a “step up from any quiz or flashcard method” she’s ever used. She continues, telling us, “I used this feature to study for my last two midterms and got very high scores on both!”

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Why would you recommend Quizlet to other students?

“It's reliable, and I've used it for studying for so long. I've tried out other systems and flashcard apps... but I always come back to Quizlet since there are more types of features like Learn, Spell, Write, Test, games, etc. to help me learn.” (@tbhstudying).

@peachystudy likes it for its speed, and says, “it is really useful that you can use it both on desktop and mobile as you can have your content with you in your pocket always instead of carrying a massive box of flashcards.”

To summarize it neatly, states, “Quizlet is easy to use, saves time and is free. Simple as that.”

Personal story time! Has Quizlet significantly helped you in a specific instance?

"I completely forgot about a Spanish vocab test, and I left my paper flashcards at home. However, I managed to pull my phone out during lunch and went through my Quizlet set for the unit. Within a couple of tries, I had the new words memorized, and I got a 100% on my test!

I also used Quizlet to go through over 400 terms for my AP Environmental Science tests. Because there were so many different ways to learn and memorize and rehearse the information, I could remember all of them by the time the AP exam came around. I don't think I've ever taken an AP exam as easy as I did on that one, and I think that's largely due to Quizlet helping me out with memorization.” ( @tbhstudying).

(Has Quizlet saved your life? If so, you might need this.)

And with that, we are at the end of our Studygram Interview! Thank you to the studygrammers for sharing their Quizlet stories. We hoped you picked up a thing or two from these inspiring students like we did. What subjects do you use Quizlet for the most? How did you hear about Quizlet? Answer some of the interview questions below and share your own Quizlet story!

Did you know we have our own Instagram too? Check it out @quizlet — we’re currently holding a giveaway!

This is a contributed post by Sarah Hartono, Quizlet's Social Media Intern and a senior in high school.


  1. Zachary_Zehring

    I use Quizlet for any of my classes but im pretty sure science is the class i use on quizlet the most.

  2. Zachary_Zehring

    By the way hope everyone does their best on finals.

  3. hannahslayton

    i use quizlet for my aphug words, root vocab, and korean. literally nailed every single test bc of quizlet. thank you!

  4. GodsNotDead7154

    I mostly use Quizlet for science. I have been studying for my finals and Quizlet has really helped. This is a really good app and takes learning to a whole new level. I am very appreciative for the person who created this app. The creator saw a problem, studying with paper and by hand is to long and hard. So he made in idea and said, “Hey, how about I create an app that include various studying methods such as flash cards, test, and scramble, then put it into one fast, easy, and reliable app. Quizlet is awesome. Like I said, I mostly use Quizlet for science but I also use it for all my classes. Without Quizlet I don’t think I would have straight A’s in all my classes. Thanks for reading this. Have a blessed day!!! #Quizlet for the Win!!!

  5. ActingAbby

    I use Quizlet for Latin, but most recently, I have made very loooonnggg sets for my mid terms at my theater school and school in general

  6. Alexis_Threats

    I use quizlet for French and science class and Quizlet helps to quiz me on stuff I probably forgot about and may need for finals that slipped my mind while also teaching me new things in the process.

  7. silverbeatle

    I use Quizlet all the time. I usually make them and use tests, as I sometimes find Write, Spell, and Learn difficult to follow for my sets. However, my mom thinks, that as a middle schooler, I don't need Quizlet she thinks that it's a "waste of time" to make sets. She chooses not to beleive me when I say just making sets helps me to study. Um, hello? No! It is most definitely not a waste of time! Quizlet has helped me to score better on tests and complete homework more efficiently. #quizlet #quizletftw

  8. Proverbs_2_6

    Quizlet... I use this AWESOME site for almost anything in my schoolwork having terms and definitions, ranging from Latin to Physical Science, to Mock Trial! The many different formats of studying allow for the greatest level of mastery (though I have yet to experience Long Term Learning). I find that (the new) Learn feature is my personal favorite studying tool as the terms are nailed down sufficiently before the progress percentage increases. I am very grateful for the work that all the Quizlet staff members have done! THANK YOU!!!!!!

    -- Takethechallenge

  9. asdfghjkl1098

    quizlet, i thank you so much because i literally forgot to study for a test and my teacher gave us 10 mins to study vocab, i made a quizlet and the next day i got a hundred on the test

  10. Lucy_Miller11

    YA BOI

  11. Nurk1n

    Quizlet has been a MAJOR difference in my learning experience, as well as my classmates'. I operate a Quizlet class for my 8th grade (and some from the 9th) and they say that it has definitely been helpful to them.

  12. Nurk1n

    Also GL on finals y'all!

  13. bmoehle003

    Quizlet is an awesome website that engages students and others to study on

  14. rainbowsarahar

    cool :- )

  15. Alexander_Burkett8

    Quizlet is a LIFESAVER when it comes to remembering dates and definitions! It is so awesome to have such great study tools without it feeling like studying!

  16. Mills_Alison PLUS

    I love Quizlet I had a PE Final Friday and Created a study set the same day. With that said I pasted and it's thanks to Quizlet for it. I love being in my room without a computer just studying on my phone. Even my teachers have made classes for there students.

  17. emilyyprince

    i love it so helpful

  18. msknowitall2

    I usually use Quizlet for French and it's really helpful! I can study for my tests on the go and it's so useful!

  19. music_girl4life


  20. WolfGirl1204 PLUS


  21. janaans_pies


  22. Aries_Hero


  23. SteveOpp


  24. isten22

    WHOA SO COOL omg

  25. PhabRick8R

    I appreciate the help, Amalia. Keep up the good work!

  26. supertintin24

    quizlet is awsome kept up the good work

  27. lexy_flexy

    this is really awesome. i had no idea people did this kind of stuff until now.

  28. mario152003566


  29. WolfGirl1204 PLUS

    Personal Story: Before i started using quizlet, my grades were pretty bad, especially since i was starting a new homeschooling curriculum. But since then, my report cards are mostly A's and a few B's. Thank you so much quizlet! :D

  30. xamyanastasiax

    Quizlet is absolutely brilliant- it has honestly saved my life (multiple times) and got me through weekly Spanish tests along with revision for other subjects.

  31. Mcsmith100


  32. Sela_457

    Can you add Quizlet themes or the ability to color code terms when creating a Quizlet since colors help you remember thing better ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  33. ColeneMae

    I love Quizlet because of all the different learning options mainly.

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