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An update on building a more diverse and inclusive Quizlet

Quizlet HQ · Posted by Matthew  August 30, 2018

Last year, I shared the current snapshot of where Quizlet was with our diversity and inclusion initiatives and a commitment to publish our annual updates on those efforts. A lot has happened in the news this year, and unfortunately we’ve seen too many reports of unacceptable behavior and unwelcoming work environments for women and people of color. These all-too-frequent reports only strengthen our resolve and commitment to building a more diverse team at Quizlet, and to continue to create the best possible workplace for our employees.

At Quizlet, we believe investing in a diverse workforce creates a strong and innovative community and gives us a competitive advantage. In the past 12 months, we’ve invested heavily in evolving our talent acquisition programs. Our efforts start with measurement — being able to track at every stage of the candidate experience and understanding what is working and where we are falling short. After a few months of tracking the data, we were able to identify improvements at each stage of the process that helped ensure equality in how we are sourcing, screening and evaluating candidates.

In addition, we’re working with a number of organizations to help us build a more diverse team and continue to create an inclusive environment where people can be their best selves. We are proud to be working with Path Forward, and this fall will be hosting a number of mid-career paid “returnships” for professionals who have been out of the workforce for caregiving purposes. We’ve also partnered with Code2040 to help create access, awareness and opportunities for top Black and Latino engineering talent to ensure their participation in tech. Additionally, we are partnering with Paradigm to train and develop our team at Quizlet and ensure we are all working to build the future we envision.

We believe that these efforts are not only critical for making Quizlet the best possible company and place to work, but can also help drive change throughout the industry as a whole.

The Numbers

As we look at the results, I’m proud to say that we’ve seen a shift in the overall diversity of the team as we near the 60/40 mark from a gender perspective. In our technical teams, we continue to increase the proportion of women in technical roles; of technical hires so far this year, nearly half have been women. We’ve also made some progress in bringing more people of color to Quizlet but recognize that we have a ways to go before we have a team that is as diverse as our global user base. Diversity and inclusion has been, and will continue to be, a critical driver of our success as a company and as a team. Though Quizlet is still relatively small — we're just shy of 100 employees — we know that building the type of company we want to be can't wait until a future "later." Our efforts to build a more inclusive team are working and my hope is that Quizlet can be a model for other companies in our community.

Quizlet Overall

Diversity Stats - overall 2018.png
Quizlet Tech

Diversity Stats - tech 2018.png

Quizlet Non Tech

*Data from August 2018; Ethnicity refers to the EEO-1 categories which reflect the US government reporting requirements.; Other includes American Indian/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and those who prefer not to state or classify.