You asked for it, and you got it! I'm happy to announce a new game on Quizlet:

Space Race

The object of the game is to kill words before they cross the screen. You type in your answers (then press enter) into the input box at the bottom, and if your answer matches any of the words scrolling across the screen, it will fade away and die. When a word gets all the way across the screen, it will tell you what you missed and make you type it in. You get to keep playing until you lose 2 words in a row without getting one correct answer.

The game gets harder as time passes - words appear in greater frequency the higher level you get. At some point, it's just too overwhelming.

You score more points the higher level you are. You can score a lot more points by being correct over a large number of consecutive words. Every miss loses you 10 points.

When you're done, your high score is saved and compared to everyone else who played Space Race on the same set. Can anyone beat me on the U.S. State Capitals?

To make room for the new game, I decided I needed to redo the buttons for the different study modes. Here's how they looked before:

Old study modes

And now...

New study modes

The new kind also has a special effect - it expands when you hover over it.

Let me know what you think!

Update: A couple hours after the release I accidentally broke most studying modes for Internet Explorer users. It should work fine now. Sorry!

Update 2: I've adjusted it to wrap text on particularly long words. Hopefully that works better for y'all.


  1. myextremlylongname

    this seems cool

  2. loj4

    wow, this is great and makes makes studying less boring

  3. chacko2

    This is great!
    It really helps me on my vocabulary sets in Spanish.

    Unfortunately, it's kind of difficult to do on sets with long definitions. But for quick memorizing this is awesome!

  4. Andrew

    chacko2 - would you mind sending me a link to a set that's hard to work with?

  5. chacko2

  6. allnighter

    It's fun, though it gets a little fast sometimes. And I agree, for long things it's quite difficult.
    Is there an option that allows us to have multiple options for an answer (an "or"--for example, an alternate term or abbreviated form of the "full" answer)?

  7. dman

    Long definitions tent to overlap without definitions, but for short definitions, this works!

  8. mightaswellbeclara

    Sounds pretty cool. To solve chako2's problem, is there any way you could have the definitions scroll instead of the words, so all you would have to do is type in the word.

  9. JiMmY

    SO, ThIs Is WaR...

  10. Rain

    I liked the old buttons. They seemed smaller and more simple.

  11. Timothy

    The new buttons glitch if you resize the page too far horizontally, the "inner" button does not resize and just flows off the edge.

  12. bdvd

    the new buttons are way better

  13. Chacko3

    its hard...

  14. Gdawg

    This has to be the best vocabulary exercise on the face of the planet. Whenever I have vocab to study I sprint as fast as I can to quizlet and play Space Race. I think you should change the name to extreme space racing.

  15. BIG"d"

    This game is ALMOST better than "B29 BOMBER!!"!!....but just by a lil bit, so freekin close! :(

  16. Gdawg

    No way! Athough the laser beam is unstopable, this game takes the crown... I do wish there was a side swipe though

  17. Sh0

    i wish that the

  18. Sh0(k W@V3

    i wish that that G|itches were kooler and to the extreme!!!~!

  19. Jeff McManus

    you kids are really cool! GTFO!

  20. Tall Willie

    Forget the X-box 360. I playing space race from now on... and I thought Halo 3 was a good game!!!

  21. Gdawg

    Hey Jeff. are you the creator of Quizlet?

  22. Jeff McManus

    No, you nub! gtfo! get a life you little school girl!

  23. Gdawg

    Then why are you telling me what to do. Nobody hates on space race. you gtfo!

  24. Jeff McManus

    Dude, I will TROANZOARD you in SP@CE RACE ANY DAY!! U FOOL!

  25. ponyluver

    I like space race!

  26. *your name here*


  27. gordboy

    space raced is a bit on the side of typing skills...otherwise a fine addition to the games of quizlet!

  28. loj4

    Yeah, the new buttons are kind of annoying, but space race is cool.

  29. JSA_MVP

    this is coooool

  30. dylanaguirre

    this is great it makes it alot easier for us to study

  31. JSA_MVP

    it is

  32. BananaizaFunnyFruit

    "space race" is cool but everytime a term or definition has the sign ['] in it, it doesent come up.

  33. wierdoooooo

    space race is hard.
    i have no computer skilz :(

  34. hellojello

    spacerace is cool, but it has a major glitch- ' -whatever that is called, shows up as #&039; in words, for example, Valentine#&039;s Day, as opposed to Valentine's day... :???:

  35. hellojello


  36. Tim

    I really liked the old buttons, but space race is a great addition.

  37. britt362

    its really cool but u have to be fast and smart :!::!::!::!:

  38. Andrew

    BananaizaFunnyFruit and hellojello:

    That bug should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

  39. Simon in China

    Great Job, or as the Chinese say Feichang Bang,

    This wasn't quite I had in mind as you don't have the little dude at the bottom shooting at the words , but having to type in the words makes you get faster at typing.
    It is improving my chinese typing.

    I was thinking it might be even better the words scrolled from right to left as you read for left to right and the typing box is located on the left so as it gets faster it is harder to switch focus from up and right to left and down than straight up and down.

    Since you did this game I have ideas about another game/activity.

    If you had one that made up a crossword. You would have to write a script that searches for common letter and uses these common letters to connect triples of words together and formats the crossword matrix to these common letters.

    I can describe in more detail if you need me too.
    This is a sweet game. Nice work.

    have fun,

  40. Dave

    FINALLY!!! THANK YOU, ANDREW!!! I was beginning to think you were dead or something!!!

  41. videca31

    i like this game and everything but, its hard cuz definitions overlap and stuff. but its also not just pracicing vocab. its also practicing keyboarding. i like that cuz i'm going in to keyboarding this quarter.

  42. bdvd


  43. Buster Cherry

    dude idk what id do with/out space Race! THANK jeeBBUS!

  44. Redneck Jim

    My pops is mad at me because I forgot to tend to the cattle. I cant stop playing this game.

  45. Dan Druff

    This game is GENIOUS!but dude you have to fix the gliches.

  46. Ivana Mandic

    WHERE'S space race2?!!

  47. Drummer


  48. 13tconto

    i think ist soooooooooooo hard

  49. Drummer


  50. qwerty pop

    I suggested that you make a new game... yesh i did.

  51. qwerty pop

    i cant believe you listened...

  52. psionic

    the new buttons are awesome!

  53. Simon in PRC

    On modifications do you think you could also make a speed setting control. some of my business words are long and it is still tricky if you have long words but slow scrolling.

    nice work again.

  54. Liface

    Speed setting would be nice, of course that takes the competition aspect out of it.

    Perhaps the high score could be multiplied by the speed setting multiplier? I am not entirely sure if it scales that way, but it's worth a shot.

  55. HI andrew

    our computer skills teacher makes us play spcae race for better typing skills thanks for all u do

  56. anbuhikaru

    Hey! i appreciate this so much! its really help full for quick studying, but if there are symbols involved like in a language, its almost impossible to get anywhere with that game :[ and the game gets over a bit too quickly...and about the new buttons, no offense, but the older ones were more efficient and less garish <-(SAT word!) I think you should put back the old ones...thats all and thank you for doing this for us!~P.S. i want sudoku on this lol it would be very fun! :D

  57. anbuhikaru

    here is a set that doesn't work at all with space race:

  58. Kaido

    This game is great. I hope to see a new games soon

  59. Nick

    As has been said previously, it might be better for them to scroll left-to-right, since that's how we read. Otherwise, it's great!

  60. Drummer

    this is SPACE?

  61. person

    hi this game is coolio!! woohoo!!

  62. person

    haha this is hard, but im getting better. fun, too! my dad had to come check on me to make sure i was really studying!

  63. grace13

    Could you make the definitions scroll a different way. like left to right or top to bottom. I t is really hard to read the long definitions from end to beginning and i start just memorizing the last few words which are not usually the important ones.

  64. Bri

    i love this site it's really helpful. & i also like the new game it makes studying more bareable =] i also like the flashcard print outs too!!!!!!!


  65. Willie B. Hardigan

    The old buttons were so much sweeter!!! pls fix the glitches!

  66. ahmadabad

    well getAlife i think its better than the other one

  67. xoemily80

    you have to be a gooood typer which i think i am but you have to know it fast. i think its cool cuz like you begin to know it better and better. you should make another coool gameee =] oh and getAlife you should stop please =] this isnt IMing its a quiz thing! hahaaa no offnse...yeahhh well byeee guyzzz :]

  68. Puella29

    hey, i love the new game... and the new look of the site! keep it up, Andrew!! :mrgreen:

  69. Chelsea

    First off, thanks for everything you do... our class has like a little study group on Quizlet that we turn to every week, and helps a lot!

    The new buttons are great. Space Race is an amazing idea, but if you could maybe slow the definitions down, only so they don't overlap that would be great. Other than that, keep up the GREAT work. I'm sorry for complaining, but a couple of classmates brought it to my attention...

    Thanks again

  70. nice

  71. anonymous is bleachfreak24

  72. Taylor21

    This game is very fun!

  73. Someone11111111

    Hey if you go to a set called "Useless" made by gummybear101 Space Race is really easy!

  74. anonymous

    i think this would have worked better if the words scrolled from right to left because that is how English is read. otherwise it is it a great game and i can't wait for more

  75. Someone11111111

    go to "Useless" by gummybear10234 and Space Race is easy. ok go now :lol:

  76. Dante

    It went a little fast - but a fun way to practice. Thanks Mrs. M!!!!

  77. this is so &*^%$RE%^&* hard


    THIS IS AWESOME! Makes it MUCH more fun

  79. Elaine

    Hey Andrew! Thanks for the new game!
    The problem I am having with it is after I miss a word it gives me the definition, same as was scrolling across the screen, and if I have forgotten it there is no way to get out of the screen to continue with the game unless I go and actually look up the word, which I sometimes don't have available ... I also wish there was a start button like in scatter. Finally - what I also like about scatter is that it doesn't end until you get all the words matched. Maybe you could have two forms of the speed racer game - one for competition and one for plain studying. It would be cool if you have to rewrite the words for everything you let slip by and then it gets added into the stream again.
    Thanks for all of your hard work!!!!

  80. myusernameforeverything

    This is one of the best games ever

  81. ams97

    I like it!!!

  82. sallen

    cool game

  83. the musician (tenor1045)

    nice, although sometimes 2 of the words go across the screen on top of each other, and you can't read anything......see what you can do, maybe?

  84. chewzillabooski

    wow u guys are lame

  85. ahmadabad

    this game is challenging because u have to think fast and all that

  86. hihihihi

    it is FUN

  87. Demian

    Great game but it should go right to left so you don't have to wait for the whole sentence and then you don't have time to type in the answer.

  88. hello

    it needs to go slower

  89. Becky

    The new game is brilliant.. ignore the complaints andrew some people are just too picky :D
    and well done, u should be really proud of yourself setting Quizlet up, you are in for great success :D

  90. Nina T

    The new game is awesome! But when I played it once for a stem test review, a sign came up saying something like the following...

    "message from // I surrender! I can't keep doing this. You win!"

    Does this mean I win the game???

  91. ILuvFlagstaff

    The only thing I hate about Space Race is that it goes too fast on some things and when I'm typing in an answer and I let one go because I don't know it, I hit backspace because I've messed up and it takes me back a page and it's stupid. Other than that it's a good game

  92. ams97

    fun!!! fun!!! fun!!! :lol:

  93. Allie

    i sorta like the old setup

  94. weston moody

    It would be nice to be able to post pictures or video to the words. This would help with educating young kids that like visuals.

  95. am_radio

    i rllllllllllly suk at this game, when you have long terms, or are a slow typer it's hard to be good

  96. Natalia

    A great game)) Thanks for this new option))

  97. anne

    i like the game.its new and it helps you learn the vocab. beter. Thanx.

  98. A Person on Quizlet

    Cool game! I really like it! I'm a fast typer, so this game is quite fun and gets to be a challenge for me. It's a great way to make studying more fun. Space Race is fantastic!! :)

  99. limegreenisbettr

    i cant type fast enough

  100. hbertch

    HA HA HA i have 185000points

  101. dylanaguirre

    it is so hard on some sets but on others it is easy

  102. Luckynumber13(kodi)

    I find the whole site amazing!!! but space race is hard on science sets because of how many terms there is.

  103. Luckynumber13(kodi)

    :o ;)

  104. broomball611

    how do u fo multiply by 1-5-or10 on space race?

  105. broomball611


  106. broomball611


  107. broomball611


  108. broomball611


  109. broomball611


  110. broomball611


  111. broomball611

    lol this website is sweet though i think on space race
    it should go like a tiny bit slower lol.

  112. broomball611

    that is all....bye bye im gonna pwn at space race lol

  113. lynn

    space race is a great game and it helped me get an 88% on my worldly wise test in school!
    TNX so much quizlet 4 creating this game for us kids to study from!

  114. yur_master

    hahahahahahha space race is fun

  115. Davio606

    this is awsome but I got used to it so now I am first and second place on it!

  116. sparkles100 (aka "A Person On Quizlet")

    I really love the Space Race game! I'm always at the top of the high scores list. A suggestion though: What's the use of having the high scores into the 100's posted? I guess I just don't really see the point..."Hey! Look! I have the 102nd best score for Space Race!" LOL. Anyway, I just want to say how much I looooove Quizlet. Everyone in my class has a user on here (even my teacher!) and we all love it! It really gets the definitions in your head! Thanks Andrew!

  117. Drummer

    challenge partyanimal44 shes good at space race

  118. tourmaline

    ur game sucks. u suck.

  119. CoolerThanYou...

    tourmaline?? what kind of name is that?

  120. Bet-at-home

    Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings

  121. brittney

    omg space race is super fun its not borin at all and maria i want to talk to u

  122. brittney

    christian this is brittney ur not the king at space race dont try to act all that alliah beat u hahahhahaahahhah reply <3

  123. Squirrel Boy

    I got 312,322,780 points, someone beat that.

  124. Isaiah Hernandez

    OMG, do you see whats happening in Syria? In spite of a brutal government crackdown, the manifestations continue

  125. gfaout

    There is a game called Gravity that I play.

  126. May2910

    does this game ever end?!!!

  127. mrsdemeris

    What happened to space race? Why is it gone from Quizlet? My fifth grade class used it every week!

  128. HuynhA5597

    ^^^ What happened to space race?

  129. sebasadventure

    Please! what happend ith SpaceRace it was the best game! ... Hopley they will com ebakc

  130. christinagirard_

    Where is space race? Gravity is not nearly as good

  131. hctang

    come back space race plz

  132. JOHN_CENA_Alexander

    Gravity is awful. I want Space Race back.

  133. quizlette1390049


  134. ellab06

    Why can't there be spacerace *and* gravity? I learned so much better with spacerace. It was simpler and my brain just... got it. I think Quizlet needs to cater to everyone's different learning processes, and simply replacing it with another game doesn't take into account the wide variety of ways of learning in different individuals. I think it's great that they have Gravity now, for those who indeed learn that way, but I honestly don't understand why they had to take aware Spacerace.

  135. mandarin_wolf_

    Bring back space race please

  136. GuestLearnsSchool

    bring back space race as a hidden option for users!

  137. Dane_Kappalman

    bring space race back! it is so fun to use :(

  138. Dane_Kappalman

    it was the best thing to study with, and way more competitive then gravity in my opinion

  139. dr-lecter

    Can we get back space race pls.

  140. Jenny_Wang882


  141. jw81496

    I liked Space Race better. Please bring it back, Drew.

  142. abytesmaller

    It was better. Very simple interface that never really relied on the mouse.

  143. ncs3149

    I guess Space Race was fun, but I like Gravity a lot, too. I guess they're the same, but they both make studying fun!! Also this article was published in 2008... and it's almost 2018 now... wow, I am 10 years late!!

  144. Parker_Everlith

    rest in peace space race

  145. Aasim_syed

    Yeah. Bring back space race.

  146. Charlie5th

    I knew there was a button that allowed you to play space race now, dunno where it is now

  147. Jacquelyn_Aschwege78


  148. Chris_P_Kreme

    I also preferred space race to gravity. I don't understand see why you can't have both.

  149. Chris_P_Kreme

    Does anyone know if Space Race is now just a Quizlet Plus feature? Or, if Quizlet simply doesn't have it at all anymore, if there are any other sites (free or paid) that have a similar feature? I founded it massively helpful but I don't know programming so I can't build it myself.

  150. MG-9

    Sorry I replied late Chris as you might have figured out the answer by now. I think Quizlet got rid of it for Gravity.

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