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Announcing Quizlet's all-digital unconference!

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As we gear up for back to school here at Quizlet HQ, one of our goals is to create a community for educators to interact with one another and share the different ways they use Quizlet with their students. To provide a platform for both teachers new to Quizlet and returning pros, we’re hosting a free, all-digital unconference for educators.

You can tune in for each full day (Wednesday, August 9 and Thursday, August 10), or just attend the sessions that are most relevant to you and your classroom. Session attendees will also receive certificates that they can put towards PD hours. 🙌

Every session will have time for audience Q&A at the end. Check out each day's lineup and register below!

Day 1: Learning the basics

August 9 — 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern
If you’re newer to Quizlet and want to get up to speed on the basics, tune in to Day 1 where our team will help you become comfortable using all of Quizlet’s key aspects. Andrew Sutherland, Quizlet’s founder, will kick off the day by sharing the Quizlet story: how it came to be and what we’re working on next. After that, you’ll learn how to get started, discover secrets for creating the best content, see what all the buzz is about Quizlet Live, and even get a sneak peek at our newest learning activity before anyone else does.

View the full agenda below in PDT — Register for Day 1 here.

Agenda 1.png8:40 AM — Break
Agenda 2.png12:20 PM — Break
Agenda 3.png

Day 2: Great ideas from our teacher community

August 10 — 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern
If you are an experienced Quizlet user (or attended the previous day's sessions), join for any sessions on Day 2 that catch your interest. We'll focus on creative use cases and applications presented by our community of power teachers. Go beyond the basics to discover the nuanced ways Quizlet can be utilized to empower both students and teachers.

View the full agenda below in PDT — Register for Day 2 here.

Agenda 4.png8:50 AM — Break
Agenda 5.png12:20 PM — Break
Agenda 6.png

Note: All times are in PDT. We'll be recording each session to share on our Youtube channel at a later date. For questions about this event, please contact us at