It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, so it might be hard to believe that a lot of work has gone into Quizlet since the last post. We've made the Quizlet search engine a ton better, we've added some exciting new technology that does voice recognition (more on that later), and made a lot of performance enhancements to keep the site running as growth increases.Now, as we head into summer (and the accompanying dive in traffic as people get of school), we have the opportunity to experiment with lots of cool new features. We're building a lot of cool tools set to be done before the summer is up -- one of which we're ready to announce today:

The Quizlet API is now available! For those who don't know, API stands for Application Programming Interface. The Quizlet API is a tool that lets programmers develop tools that work with Quizlet's massive content library (we now have about 30 million flashcards on our site!) This will let people build cool things like cell phone applications and screensavers that use Quizlet data. Developers have been asking for this for years, so it's great that it's finally available.

The Quizlet API is free to use and only requires you to be a registered Quizlet user (which you can also get for free). This is our first release so you may not be able to do everything you want just yet, but you should find that it's surprisingly powerful. If you have suggestions for stuff we should add or bugs you find, please post a comment in the blog.

Are you a developer? Get started here.


  1. rawr

    Very nice! :O

    The API seems fairly simple to use, now all I have to do is figure out how to parse the JSON data or load it into a variable. Maybe something like this:

    var http = new XMLHttpRequest();
    http.onreadystatechange = function() { if (http.readyState == 4) { /* somehow parse the JSON data and assign it to a variable */ }"get", "", true);

  2. rawr

    Actually, I don't think that will work because certain browsers don't allow Ajax calls to be made to other websites. I could probably use PHP's file_get_contents function as an alternative but then I need allow_url_fopen to be on... that would be a problem.

    But anyway very nice work! I'm starting to think of new ideas for a Quizlet application! :O

  3. Andrew

    @rawr: Using JSON-P, you can circumvent that. If you add this element to your page: <script src=""></script>

    then function_name() will get called with the JSON data as the argument.

  4. rawr

    Alright, thanks! I'm thinking something like this should do:

    function parse(data)
    // do whatever with the JSON data here...

    Now I just have to figure out what to make :P

  5. rawr

    Got a simple test demo running. Not much, but it's a start.


    Quizlet API

    function parseJSON(data)
    if (data["response_type"] == "ok")
    var content = "";

    content += "Total Results: <b>" + data["total_results"] + "</b>";

    for (var c in data["sets"])
    content += "<a href='" + data["sets"][c]["id"] + "/' rel="nofollow">" + data["sets"][c]["title"] + "</a> - Owner: " + data["sets"][c]["creator"] + "";

    document.getElementById("content").innerHTML = content;


  6. rawr

    Eh, there were supposed to be HTML tags there. Guess they got cut off :P

  7. Genu

    Probably not the right place to ask, but it would be really useful to implement laTeX formatting in flashcard creation. It would help a lot in displaying mathematical formulas. I'm curious if this is planned, because with the API release, it can be done by a third party...but its not worth the trouble...

  8. Tamweh

    I have a suggestion for something to add: A new quizlet forum, but without all of the bugs that turned it into a social networking site. Or at least the PM's and private forums.

  9. Chase

    Hey guys,
    If you haven't seen my posts on the developer comments, check out my app:

    I agree with Tamweh, we really need a forum for developers at least.

  10. michael

    when is the iphone app comming??

  11. Name

    yeah when the hell is the app coming just release what u have and add updates as u improve it i dont care the price either

  12. langarts

    I don't really care. I don't have an ipod touch, anyways. (or an iphone.)

  13. Anonymous

    How much is the iPhone application going to be priced at?

  14. Nakatsu

    "Suggestions for stuff we should add..."
    When making/studying flashcards, they should have a separate box with accented letters... unless there's some other way to do that. This way I could study French, with the accents. Yes, I know you can download programs for that, but it'd be very convenient to have that option. And perhaps they could make it possible to make flashcards with pictures? It'd be very useful for identification. I would really appreciate some feedback! Thanks!

  15. Andrew

    Nakatsu -- click on "Show Symbols" on the create set page and all the study pages.
    Quizlet with images is going up this week :)

  16. Nakatsu

    Oh, I guess that was listed under "Creating Flashcards". I can't believe I didn't notice before... Well thanks Andrew! This week? Sweet!

  17. Drewvt

    I like the enhancements, but I am compelled to comment on the bold font of the editing page (when editing a flash card, the terms are now displayed as bold, whereas before they were regular).
    This is perfectly fine for the roman alphabet, but when it comes to more complex sign systems in languages such as Chinese, Japanese (and probably a few others), these alphabets become considerably less readable because the bold font makes their many lines and curves blend together.

    I certainly don't blame you for limiting the testing to western languages, but the fact is that this one change does negatively affect a considerable number of users.

  18. Maulik


  19. diddy

    you guys should make a iphone/ipod touch app!

  20. kitt

    I think you guys should make it so you can add a picture as the word too and not just the definition so that we could be quized on what the picture is. For example, I could post a picture of sodium and i would be quizing on what the picture is.

  21. soccer girl

    i like tht idea

  22. Morgante Pell

    Could you please implement something in the API besides simply viewing public sets? As it is, the API isn't very CRUD.


  23. soccer girl

    i think quizlet is fine.
    It has helped me get so many good grades to start off the new year. Thank for everything!!!!!

  24. football dude

    at least we can spell

  25. soccer girl

    ok :confused:

  26. blade

    lol whatever

  27. soccer girl

    whtev :lol: :):(:cry:

  28. hockey guy

    i really like this web site for my study needs

  29. soccer girl

    ya it is really use ful it saves alot of time. Plus it helps me memerize vocab faster. this site really helped me when i has like 4 vocab quizes in a row. And i Ast them all :) :lol: i love this site!!!!!

  30. hockey guy

    Does anybody know who made this website i do not know who or what company did?

  31. yea quizlet

  32. soccer girl

    we got a funny guy here

  33. soccer girl

    ps who ever wrote tht ya i was not on quizlet today other than now

  34. hockey guy

    How do you do the smily face things

  35. soccer girl

    : lol : = :lol:
    : mad : = :mad:
    : opps : = :oops:
    : roll : = :roll
    : ) = :)
    : ( = :(

    or click over dthe smileys with ur mouse and it tells u how to make them

  36. Lewis


  37. tommy

    -multiple choice in learn function

  38. Ineedhelp

    Make an Iphone App! PLEASE!

  39. ya lol :lol: quizlet rocks!!!!!

  40. soccer girl

    lol im back to say tht quizlet is the best !!!!

  41. NarutoFan1012

    Hey this thing sounds cool! I can't wait to try it!

  42. hockey guy

    quizlet is the best in the world i love this web site

  43. ?

  44. ClaireBear222

    I don't really understand what you can do with this app.

  45. Can I use this with Mozilla Labs's Prism?

  46. AJHunter

    Is there a specific method to use when coding this? or API key? or format? I'm new to this...

  47. AJHunter

    Some help would be... helpfull...

  48. AJHunter

    Maybe if someone would post a template of sorts. saved as a text document (*.txt)

  49. romello haynes

    yo whats up quizlet is the great website

  50. romello


  51. superduperman

    :P :LOL: :mad:

  52. : lol :

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  54. LOVER


  55. Javawesometown

    Yo happy b-day srry its a little late

  56. bandsxbands

    Buying memory cards is such a chore... You have to search online for prices, filter through which ones are legit, go out to a bunch of stores,compare prices, <i>finally</i> buy your memory, and then fervently pray that the price doesn't fall in the next month or so.I've been done in by rapid price drops in the past... especially this one time when I bought a Micro SD for my DS flashcard at what apparently was a steal, only to later see that it fell five bucks in a week.(Posted using Nintendo DS running <a href="" rel="nofollow">R4i DS</a> PostNet)

  57. 19 Pencils

    Anyone have an alternative URL for Flash development? Seems the crossdomainpolicy file is set narrowly and wont allow Flash to call the server.

  58. Andrew

    @19 Pencils
    Try the alternative base URL: It is officially supported and has a nicer crossdomain policy.

  59. turenus

    Hi! Not sure that it is a right place to inform you that "search/sets" request with only creator parameter does not work anymore. It just produce ERROR (400). It is reproducible with your API Tester. I will appreciate it if you fix this issue.

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