Everyone makes mistakes. When I look back on my first online accounts, I can't believe I picked such bad names. So we're happy to announce that you can finally change your username on Quizlet!

This is one of the most common feature requests we get from our users, and we've listened. You can change your username one time only, from your Quizlet preferences. Just scroll to the "Username change" section, and click the big button. You'll need to enter a unique username and confirm your password.

One thing to note: your old name will always refer to your account. You'll be able to log in with either your old or new name. This means that nobody will be able to impersonate you by taking your previous name. quizlet.com/jalenack and quizlet.com/asuth are the same user.

If you log in to Quizlet with Facebook, you'll be asked to verify your Facebook account before you can change your username:

We've also taken this opportunity to make major improvements to security on Quizlet, so your account is now even safer!

You can always contact us with questions at quizlet.com/feedback


  1. TonyDagher-mazing

    Nice job:) first comment! teehee

  2. Dr-Meghana

    I love it but, wat if people keep changing the username and they forget!?

  3. Quetzuma


    You can only change it once. If you forget, then I'm sure there's a feature you can use to figure it out.

    Don't think I'll be changing mine anytime soon, but good thing we can get rid of dumb names like pizzalove. :P (That was a joke.)

  4. Elijah_Barker


  5. HarryPotterRocks

    Awesome! 5th!

  6. Agent_8346

    Awesome! I've had a friend who has needed to change his name. Now he does not have to delete his account to change his name. Thanks Quizlet!

  7. Shoji_M


  8. Nehlicha

    when will there be multiplayer??

  9. ShereeC

    I love you Quizlet.

  10. dagmawidemess56

    When is multiplayer will come back again?????, it is very fun game and i help a lot to study

  11. tyanje

    I know a certain person who would love that username...except for the fact that hers is named after two very cute sleeping sheep.

  12. Mlawrance

    I still think we should be able to change our names more than once. What if you accidentally misspell something? Maybe not a whole lot but maybe 3 or 4 times just in case?

  13. Planar

    Apparently I saw others change theirs multiple times, and I have even tried on my other accounts. You might want to fix that, if it's not intended.

  14. leohoward_asemus


  15. leohoward_asemus

    Lam os

  16. MonkeyMichelle

    I wish you could change it alot :(

  17. KanNash1

    You guys should let us change our username more then once because i changed it and now i hate how it is and i cant change it back! :(

  18. ScientistGenetics

    Why only once?

  19. Taylor_CA123

    Yea I wish you could change it more than once :(

  20. ispr400

    me too!

  21. Polytheism

    Bad Update, Let me change it more than once.

  22. JamesEdwardTaylorIII

    Me too

  23. briiiwedge


  24. laurenblair_

    please update again and let us change it more than once

  25. tomisinFijabi

    I want to be able to change my username however many times I want. Please give an explination. This doesn't seem like a problem in security, other media sites have unlimited username changes. The fact that on here you can only change it once is just a little ridiculous. How many times do you expect us to change it? We know what it means to change your username. It takes some getting used to which is why we don't do it all that often. It's hard to believe you care about your users if this problem has been around since the very month you released this update. Please give us more freedom in the username-changing business. Thank you.

  26. s_asbury

    yooooooo let us change our username multiple times plz

  27. anandirani

    We should be able to change our username as many time as we want smh.

  28. DottyMay

    Hey Quizlet team,
    It would be super awesome if you made it so that we could change our username more than just one time. I changed my username from my (cringe-worthy) middle school username a couple years ago to a (almost as) cringe-worthy anonymous name. I would really appreciate to be able to change my username to my real name so that my friends/classmates would be able to recognize me etc.

  29. charris01

    Can you make a new update that allows us to change our names as many times as we want please?

  30. charris01

    Also you should let us comment as may times as we want to because after my first comment it said only one more comment. Like what if I had more questions? Only letting us do 1 or 2 of everything seems a little crazy. Please please please make a new update that at least raises that number a lot. Thank you!

  31. LilacPetals

    Please allow us to change usernames more than once - most users (including myself) do not nearly worrying about impersonification as much as we do about our social appearance (>.<) thanks!

  32. ATanonymous

    Can you please update so that we can change our username more than once, I really don't want to have to change my account entirely just cause' of my username :D Thank you

  33. gokiwi248

    I'd rather we could change our usernames more often.

  34. DREsanity

    PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR COMMENTS QUIZLET AND LET US CHANGE OUR USERNAMES MORE THAN ONCE. I DON"T WANT TO BE KNOWN AS DRESANITY ANYMORE. woops sorry caps, but please quizlet. Everyone is regretting their usernames.

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