Last December we introduced Premium Content on Quizlet: expert created study-guides to help users prepare for exams.

But students told us they wanted more. More ways to practice for tests exactly like they’re going to find when they sit down on exam day. More tough questions to help mimic the tough questions their teachers or classes would throw at them.

Introducing practice questions — available on select Quizlet Premium Content study guides. Practice questions take studying to a deeper level and require learners to go beyond memorization. Instead, students can demonstrate mastery of the concepts they’ve studied by applying their knowledge to multiple-choice questions designed by Verified Creators to test their knowledge.

Our 21 Verified Creators to release premium practice questions are: KnopmanMarks, Kenhub,FitnessMentors, FUNctionalAnatPhysio, Media4Math, BA_Learn_IT, ASBITE-Executioner, LuminaTestPrep, SeñorTaylor2, Babbel, scottmooredo, OrganicChemistryExplained, Novacademy, ProfessuerAdams, TomatoLearning, TheKindestSchool, DATbootcamp, Kaplan_NCLEX, QStudyChallenges4U, Knowsys, and DriversEdTestPrep.

We've spotlighted 4 of those creators below. Verified Creators — Lumina Test Prep, Kenhub, Knopman Marks, and Babbel — have developed practice questions to help students apply their knowledge of biology, human anatomy, financial markets and the Spanish language.

LuminaTestPrep is a project of Lumina Datamatics, a content creation company with deep domain expertise and hundreds of thousands of practice questions.. Their Biology practice question offering is extensive and will continue to grow in the coming weeks. Check out their study set on Cell Structure and Functions for a glimpse at the detail and depth LuminaTestPrep can offer your studying.

Our partners at Kenhub help students learn human anatomy faster and smarter. With so many muscles, bones, nerves, and joints in the human body, it can be difficult to master and apply all the terminology. Practice questions are available on many Kenhub study guides including Oral Cavity Practice Questions, Ankle and Foot Practice Questions and Pancreas Practice Questions.

Knopman Marks
The content creators at Knopman Marks have 25 years of experience supporting 100,000 students in passing various FINRA and licensing examinations. Students preparing for the Security Industries Essentials (SIE) Exam can test their knowledge with practice questions designed to asses, just like the real test does.

The language learning app and e-learning platform Babbel offers Quizlet Premium Content for the Spanish language. Students can practice learning vocabulary words, commonly used verbs, and prepare for the AP Spanish Language exam. Check out the practice questions in this study set on Conversational Spanish.

These are just a few examples of what we hope will be a new way of studying. If you are interested in providing practice questions as part of our Quizlet Premium Content program, please get in touch! And for students, let us know what type of practice questions would be most useful to you in the comments below. Be sure to check out the full list of our Premium Content creators here.


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    This could be a brake-though in learning activity and it may as well be the best! I am impressed with Quizlet and it's abilities. I think that there are many more things Quizlet can do....... But for now, congrats Quizlet!

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    Looking forward to seeing more from quizlet maybe like custom pages or something. Keep it up

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    Welp the money thing is kinda annoying so please just make us not put our credit card information on it for a 30-free day trail.

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    I love Quizlet what is one of the best ways to learn boring super boring things you usually learn at a brick-and-mortar school. and I'm saying brick-and-mortar school because I'm at Texas Connections Academy and they are way more advanced than a brick-and-mortar school when I went to brick-and-mortar school after I attended Texas Connections Academy I was the smartest kid and that grade that's why everyone want my friend so I can tell them so they can ask me to tell them the answers to the question because they didn't know the answer to it so Quizlet is so awesome it got me to knowledge I know today

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    Perfect! Exactly what I need :)
    Thank you so much Quizlet!!!

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    Cool! This may help people with their studies.

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    I just wish we didn't have to pay for such an amazing feature, though it may be well worth it, I can't make myself pay money for this when I know I can find a way to study effectively for free : (

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    these sets are so helpful

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    It's a cool idea I just haven't found any actually pertaining to what I'm studying specifically. I usually make my own study sets!

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    can you do tests yourself, in your own sets, or is it something reserved for verified creators for now?

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    Nice! I love Quizlet, and this is a great way to do more studying. I like the idea.

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    I <3 Quizlet and SnagIt, they make a wonderful, wonderful couple for streamlining excellent flash cards

    Thank you for providing this platform.

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    Can you do this feature free for students who don't have jobs?

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    Can you get practice questions for a levels such as science and humanities?

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    AMAZING! I wish I didnt have to pay for it though, I dont have my own credit card lol ;-;...

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    I still don't see how multiple-choice questions help building up active knowledge.

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    this is awesome and is so much fun for us older kids we can develope and have a fun learning class with quizlet thx.

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    Hi, I'm new to Quizlet....I just paid like $140 for "Cengage" which allowed me to access Quizlet for free for 6 months. How do I go about asking questions on Quizlet to get the answer? (I'm not here to steal answers, just need to be pointed in the right direction for my class...I keep seeing reviews from people saying all their questions get answered with & where do I start?? Thanks all! :)

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    They should create a profile that is specifically for nursing students trying to study for the NCLEX...just sayin'

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    this is epic

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    Verified creators - brilliant! Thank you!
    PSYCHOLOGY would be wonderful, we study this for years and years and it is such a frustration to search for hours only to find that the sets created by the public are less than sufficient, or even correct.

    To have access to on-the-go, verified class sets would be a breakthrough! Every Psychologist student would be immensely grateful.

    Well done Quizlet.

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    If the publisher cooperate and the set are made it will help the student globally.

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    I <3 Quizlet and SnagIt, they make a wonderful, wonderful couple for streamlining excellent flash cards

    Thank you for providing this platform.

  61. andrew2346627

    I <3 Quizlet and SnagIt, they make a wonderful, wonderful couple for streamlining excellent flash cards

    Thank you for providing this platform.

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    please make night mode free

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    How can I share a Quizlet set that I bought for my AP Spanish class?
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