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We are pleased to welcome yet another full-time developer to the Quizlet team--Arun Saigal! Arun grew up in Burlington, MA, went to Phillips Academy in Andover for high school, and just graduated from MIT in 2013. Arun has deep experience in EdTech on both web and Android platforms, including significant work on MIT's App Inventor project. We're excited he's brought his passion for education to Quizlet!

Arun took on the Quizlet new-hire interview questions:

Quizlet: If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?

Arun: I would like to learn to play a woodwind instrument. I play lots of percussion, strings, and brass, but I have never learned to play a woodwind instrument.

Q: Why did you decide to work at Quizlet?

A: I wanted to do something big in education, and I think technology has the power to bring real change in education like never before. When thinking about who was best at using technology to change education, Quizlet was the obvious winner.

Q: What was your most rewarding learning experience?

A: I worked on App Inventor, a tool to build mobile applications, for almost 3 years. I learned how to build a large system from something very small, how to present technical material to kids, teachers, and programmers, and how to build Android applications in the process.

Q: When did you decide to become a developer and why?

A: I always knew that I was interested in education. I thought that I might become a professor. My freshman year in college, I started working on Scratch, a drag-and-drop visual programming language to teach kids how to program. It was then that I realized I could use technology to change education, so I decided to become a developer to do just that.

Q: What's the most useful thing you've ever learned?

A: Be willing to make fun of your yourself. My grandmother told me to do this when I was in first grade. If you are willing to poke fun at yourself, you can get along with anyone.

Q: What was your favorite subject in high school?

A: My favorite class in high school was Orchestral Conducting. I spent the term learning how an orchestra works, how music is written with seating arrangements in mind, and even conducted an orchestra once a week. That was definitely one of the most fun and interesting experiences I have had to date.


  1. Mulalo7

    wow,what an inspiring interview,im happy for you,its good to know that there are people who are still passionante about what they do.

  2. Mulalo7

    and you are right about this site helping with education,i only registered yesterday but lo and behold ,it has already helped me,there is study material for all the courses that im doing,my grades will definately increase.

  3. jmalinoski322

    Great interview!

  4. keerthivasan

    Nice to see people like Arun joining websites like Quizlet



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  8. CoolRhino

    Welcome Arun!

  9. ikehodustudy

    Welcome Arun

  10. aspappas17

    What's weird is that your comment will always be seen on here during the summer because no one is on!! I guess there's no studying to do! School's about to start again, so welcome Arun!

  11. mquizl1234

    Good Luck. It's always nice to see a new person. I don't know if you are the person to ask but I am curious to know what's invloved to program quizlet to test you only on the things one keeps missing. In other words when you miss something Quizlet will pick-up on that and test you on the "items" missed. Maybe Quizlet can make sets of "items" missed. Right now I am making sets myself and it is time comsuming. Anyway, like I wrote I was curious if this viable.

  12. wesley_miller

    Welcome Arun, I hope you can fix the auto-define bug!

  13. dani014

    awesome! hopefully an android app will be in the works soon! :D

  14. One-Winged-Angel

    20th comment

  15. One-Winged-Angel

    I used to be GODLYRULER, but I changed my username. my pic is nice too.

  16. this_is_heidi PLUS

    wow, thanks for sharing this. Best of luck, Arum - let's hear it for Android updating! :-)

  17. worldkeepers

    Yeah Man, Come on! Get it on Android. Studying in the bathroom + while waiting in line at the groceries store is the most productive. Hope you can make it possible.

  18. mona50

    Need help in clinicial chemistry

  19. mona50

    Clinicial chemistry quiz

  20. skyler_ryu

    29th comment. Thanks quizlet for helping my school work

  21. moezartgal

    Thank you for helping my grades get from a B to an A+ Quizlet!! Your whole team is amazing, and it just got better! Have fun Arun!!

  22. moezartgal

    If there is any way that you can make the Android app come out sooner, that would be great! Hope to see it soon :)

  23. coolaquagirl

    welcome to quizlet!!!

  24. smokey_1976

    Welcome neighbor!! (originally from Wilmington, Ma)

  25. Bobt12 PLUS

    Welcome! Can u fix the punctuation bug that when ur on speller and it is a capital and u don't type a capital it will mark it wrong? Thanks!

  26. vmbengue1

    welcome this plattform is a great tool for me and I hope for my students

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  28. j-ho97

    A computer guy into music! That's pretty cool :)

  29. Dondee123

    It's wonderful to see someone from my neck of the woods!! We are in Fall River, and we LOVE Quizlet! We are homeschooling and this platform takes a lot of the 'mom-blame' away and helps my child find great satisfaction in his own learning.

  30. lsantibanez PLUS

    Welcome on board Arun! Quizlet has been a huge help to many students like me!!!!!:) Ive been using it all summer long for chemistry and A&P II. Hopefully you can help enable editing, and adding new questions on quizlet by means of tablets, and phones. It would be great!!;)

  31. astrobandgeek

    Psst, Arun! Play the clarinet. It's the best instrument. At least, I like to think so. ^^;

  32. olivethetree

    Hi Arun!
    Welcome to Quizlet! What ideas do you have for quizlet?
    Good luck working with the team, they're great so don't let them down! :)

  33. MmeSanders TEACHER

    Welcome Arun. I am so pleased to know you are passionate about education and your job. I am really loving Quizlet for what it can do to help my language students. As a teacher, what I would like to be able to see, is a way to know how long they have spent on Quizlet and their scores on tests. It would help me to see who is really giving their revision a good go and who says they don't understand but are actually not doing much about practising.

  34. hgparedess

    Welcome Arun. I am sure you'll be able to make a great site like 'Quizlet' even better. Have fun.

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  36. Rembrant99

    welcome! love your name hope u like quizlet i love ma

  37. chesshero

    Hi Arun

  38. Mortada-Shendy

    Hi Arun, Wish the best of success

  39. salme305792

    ^ im saying !

  40. cecipiecie

    Woo, orchestra!! I could totally help you learn a wind instrument!!!
    Oh and welcome aboard.

  41. lilahrawlings

    welcome to the best team that human race (ok, I) ever saw!

  42. CB3864

    You should learn how to play the clarinet for the woodwind instrument.

  43. adambein

    Orchestral Conducting?! NEAT!

  44. axc22

    Good for you that you got a Quizlet account,Arun.

  45. axc22

    All the best.

  46. annamccorkle

    Here is my impromptu Welcome Arun song!

    Welcome welcome Arun, quizlet welcomes you! we hope you like it here and study here too!

    *sung to the tune of "99 bottles of beer/milk/whatever on the wall"*

  47. bluedomke

    Cool Welcome Arun song. Quizlet is a great website! I bet you'll like it.

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    look, i am late, but you seem ok!

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    Yaya welcome buddy

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    no that is my name

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    Welcome again! :)

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