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Audio in 18 languages on Quizlet

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Today Quizlet launched audio in 13 additional languages, bringing our total up to 18!

The new languages are:

This is in addition to English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean which we launched back in January.

Text-to-speech audio for these 18 languages is automatically integrated into Quizlet study modes and games.

To try it out, click on the speaker icon on the main Flashcard mode:

Also, make sure that the correct language is selected for your terms and definitions.

The example below has French and English. To change either, click on the "not French?" or "not English?" text.

You can find a full description of how audio works in our Audio FAQ.

We are thrilled to now offer audio in 18 languages! As always, we welcome your feedback.


  1. Woot

    Nice. 1st.

  2. Woot Woot

    Nice. 2nd.

  3. HarryPotterRocks

    Finally i can type in German, French, and Italian without having to hope that there will be audio sometime soon!

    Second! WHOOP WHOOP

  4. HarryPotterRocks

    i mean third because i didn't see the last comment

  5. Ryan L

    YES!!! I would kiss you if you had lips Quizlet.

  6. HarryPotterRocks

    i wish hebrew audio was available

  7. Smockers

    Finally, French audio! I was thinking it would be about time for it to come to Quizlet. Hooray! Now, I should mention there's a substantial amount of Vietnamese learners on this site... *winkwinknudgenudge*

  8. YLam1999

    Hey Brian Ngo!

  9. JuliaB

    Well done, keep it up. Any chance of Norwegian audio in the future?

  10. catchmeifyoucan

    Indo wuld b good ...

  11. Hi Peeps

    Hey 11th

  12. Hi Peeps

    This is COOL though ^^ =)

  13. Susan

    Absolutely FANTASTIC! Thanks for making my Arabic studies all the easier! Hearing words makes all the difference in language learning!

  14. Barb

    I know that Czech republic is a small country but I'd like flash cards. Well, I hope someday all languages will be represented. Anything is possible.

  15. Seenie

    Any chance that Hawaiian will receive speech? I love Quizlet. Thank you so very much.

  16. Cynthia


  17. kyokumen

    I'm amazed by the overall quality of this. Audio is now included for almost every language I'm studying - thank you! I was about to switch completely to Anki.

  18. linda

    With the French I've noted a few pronunciation errors "un jean" "dix-neuf".. but other than this, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I've been waiting soooooo long. My students profit from this immensely. Please contemplate creating a memory game!

  19. Thanks so much, Quizlet, especially for the French! Is Latin in the works, too?

  20. Also: A big thank-you shoutout to chacko2 for creating almost all of the Wheelock's Latin sets!!!

  21. xeom

    nice, very usefull

  22. kyuhae

    Icelandic audio would be awesome along with Norwegian.

  23. silvercat

    i tried out latin and it wont pronounce clearly

  24. wish Hebrew audio was available... or the ability for me to add/record my own audio to play back later for memory.

  25. HarryPotterFan30

    it wont pronounce clearly

  26. I smile! :)

    Yaay! I'm planning on taking German this year so I'm excited, but how about Latin? I need that one BIG TIME.

  27. EJANEG

    Sorry, but the italian words are badly and incorrectly pronounced. Going to really mess people up.

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anon

    Could you start working to fix the Italian audio? I speak VERY minimal Italian, and even I can tell that the pronunciation and accent are WAY off.

  30. Anon

    Nevermind, I see why it didn't sound right now.

  31. Emmanuel

    quizlet has been my primary function of study since i learned about it, the language audio's are a huge plus, might i request for the future language a "Tagalog" audio as well

  32. Carolyn

    Yeah! Dutch audio....still gonna wait for the Scottish Gaelic Audio

  33. cutie:)


  34. Thomas

    I'm so glad that you guys finally did this. It will really help with my german studies. Thanks a lot!!!

  35. Ami

    Awesome Job Guys <3 .32nd

  36. Svend

    Please add Danish soon... I've been looking all over for someplace to study Danish.

  37. Svend

    Also, the Chinese "hello" in the graphic is a tad off--it should read ?? instead of ??.

  38. Carpediem72

    That's amazing but when is there gonna be Latin audio??? It's also hard to
    Do the games where you say stuff to the computer. I need help with
    Latin, Quizlet!

    Me and @cutie:) need LATIN!!!

    Please and thank you!!!!

    I love Quizlet!!!

  39. palore96

    Yes! Polish is finally added *dances* Love you!
    P.S. Polish audio is so cheery that it makes me laugh

  40. Daniel Marks

    I was totally blown away and all other similar expressions!

    Any chance of you guys doing Hebrew?

  41. ylowy

    Here is another vote for Hebrew

  42. milkncookies


  43. Kirtaro

    Any chance of Vietnamese?? =3

  44. dori

    Awesome!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!

  45. Anulom

    45th!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  46. Nicolas

    Thank you, I really needed the French!

  47. Danish is coming eventually, right?

  48. MJ

    Amazing! Much of the Russian is right on. You ROCK, Quizlet!

  49. glagtrop

    Please add Latin. That would be VERY VERY useful. Thank you.

  50. Steve n

    sweet! Norwegian please?

  51. milkncookies

    i agree. PLZ ADD LATIN!!!

  52. Anonymous

    Great job Quizlet!!! How about Latin?

  53. Joseph

    I am super excited about this, keep up the good work!

  54. GLB

    I was just assigned to serve as a missionary in Ukraine, speaking Russian. Now I can use Quizlet to start learning the language before I show up in Ukraine! Thanks!

  55. susan

    How about Hebrew?

  56. Lori Forman-Jacobi

    Please add Hebrew! That would help my students a lot.

  57. Jason

    Any chance maori can be created?

  58. milkncookies

    LATIN??? PLZ???

  59. dor

    What about Hebrew??

    THANK YOU!!!

  60. Madi

    You should make a latin one!

  61. Shawn

    This is great!! Hoping the number of languages and dialects are expanded. For example, Arabic. There are so many different dialects. I have cards for Egyptian arabic so if they are just given the Arabic tag they will not be pronounced correctly. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work!

  62. Renae

    I love this!i can learn a diff language

  63. fiona

    please make INDONESIAN audio available!!!

  64. ChonnieWin

    pl z make Vietnamese audio it will make my day

  65. Mr. Awesome

    can you please try Latin?

  66. Help me!
    I want to learn english!

  67. Help me!
    I am spanish and I want to learn english! Please.. What do I have to do?

  68. Can we have Indonesian soon please?

  69. Xinxi

    The app is brilliant! It helps me so much to keep up with my learning schedule. BTW: Might it be possible to add an advanced feature to set how many times a card is repeated? (Like: "Repeat each card 5 times before going to the next.") And I agree with the other Quizletters: More languages would add even more awesomeness! (e.g. Indian or South East Asian languages which are mostly ignored online. You could be the first providers of stuff like Burmese flashcards!) [Yes, I know, you have lots and lots to do. And I appreciate your hard and impressive work.]

  70. karol_kosut

    polsh is like latin. very similar or rumanian or italian .
    I like korean!!!

  71. david_m_decker

    Please add Nepali audio.

  72. Ilanchelian_K

    Tamils will be happy if Tamil language is added.

  73. jolos PLUS

    Getting Norwegian as a choice in the automatic audio would be fanastic.

  74. jolos PLUS

    I'd be more than happy to pay for Norwegian language. I'd be worth a lot to me. Among others, NextUp has some synthetic voice packs, but of course, there's no hassle free way to connect it to Quizlet.

  75. NHW12345

    The Japanese Flash Cards are very informing, even when they use preschool words like "go" and "do". Reading the calligraphy on Quizlet is much better than reading it on because never reads the calligraphy for you with automatic audio. Gosh darn, that is so unfair!

  76. FlashcardsDerm2018

    would be great to have Ukrainian please. 45 million people in that country. many of whom do not speak russian, contrary to old Soviet Union norms

  77. rharrison1979

    Please add Hebrew too! There's another vote for Hebrew

  78. delaxine

    The audio for my flashcards are speaking in an accent that's hard for me to understand. How will I go about fixing that?

  79. Erik_Simon8

    +1 for Vietnamese

  80. gwint_

    I've written a Chrome browser extension that tries to detect unsupported foreign languages in the Learn section and speaks the words using your computer's speech synthesis abilities:

    I've tested it with Norwegian, Hebrew, and Czech. Hope it helps people studying currently unsupported languages.

  81. TheRadiantPoet1776

    It's good to know that other languages are being supported. Though, I would like to see Scottish Gaelic support.

  82. dawsonm08

    if possible fixes to the spanish voice for spell would be awesome alot of double letter stuff like ll which should sound like y does not in several words also ue is way off if you can fix this that would be much appreciated

  83. dawsonm08

    thank you

  84. kaciepaigemorgan

    Would love to see Lithuanian!

  85. josh1895 PLUS

    Will hebrew ever come?

  86. maddadubdu PLUS

    Ridiculous that users cannot add sound files directly Would be vey useful for learning minority languages.. Can be done easily in ANKI ... which is a FREE PROGRAM!

  87. zhenny7

    Love quizlet! But would love it more if Thai is added!

  88. Asyuamath PLUS

    Please add Czech audio too! It is a difficult language and I think that hearing the pronunciation can help to remember the words!

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