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Audio is here!

News · Posted by  January 13, 2011

By now, many of you have noticed the speaker icon that has appeared on your flashcards:

That little icon toggles our exciting new text-to-speech audio features - now you can hear your flashcard content spoken to you, thanks to our advanced multilingual text-to-speech software! This is the first phase of audio integration on Quizlet... and look for a new feature called “Speller” coming soon.

Click the audio icon to review your flashcards with sound. In Learn mode, check the box that says “Speak It."

Instead of seeing the term or definition, audio will speak it for you - all you need to do is type in your answer. If you didn’t hear it very well the first time, you can always click “replay” to hear the prompt again.

For now, we support audio in English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean, with other languages soon to come!

Audio works because of an automatic language detection feature. Most of the time, we guess your language correctly, but sometimes you may have to manually override the language. There are a couple of different places where you can change the language tags on your own sets:

on the set page at the top of the terms list -and at the bottom of the screen when you’re creating or editing a set.

Check out our audio FAQ page if you want to read more about these features: How does audio work on Quizlet?

We hope you are as excited about audio as we are! As always, we welcome your feedback.