Hey all! I'm back from my two-week trip to France! I spent about a week in Paris, and another week traveling the country and visiting my French teacher at her house in France. Here are some pictures:

Me pretending to drive a tank on Bastille Day

Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day

The pre-race caravan of the Tour de France (yes I saw it!) had some funny cars

Just back from swimming in the MediterraneanIt was a great trip...But now I'm back and I've just about finished up what I promised y'all before I left.

I'm going to try a new thing: I've launched a secondary site for adventurous Quizlet users at beta.quizlet.com ... It has all the latest Quizlet features, but it may have a few bugs here and there too. It uses the same database as regular quizlet.com, so what you do there will sync up with the regular site.

So what's on beta.quizlet.com now?

  • A better Learn mode: completely rewritten from the ground up, it shares most of the same interface as the old one. It's much much faster (no more having to wait while the next item loads), and it has better visuals on the status of your studying. Also, if you give up or type nothing in to the box (or press escape!), it will have you copy the answer before moving on.
  • Better customizable accents and symbols: There's a new interface for customizing your accents, which allows you to change them in-page. A lot of people didn't know you could change your symbols box - now it's more obvious.
  • Streamlined downloads: I've spent a good while refining the HTTP requests and download size of the entire site. The total page weight of each page is down approximately 20-40%, and the number of HTTP requests is down about 30%. This should make the site faster for users on shaky or slow connections.
  • The usual micro-improvements here and there :)

Try it all out at beta.quizlet.com

Your feedback on all of this new stuff is essential, so please tell us how you like it in the comments of this post, or via the top-right Feedback button. Thanks! Lastly, I'm hoping to put all of this new stuff on the main site in a few days.

Hope y'all are enjoying your summers! -Andrew


  1. RJ

    I really like the new Learn Mode;however, do you think you could add an option to disable having to copy the correct answer?

    More importantly, could you add an "Accept as Correct" option, just in case you make a typo but knew the answer?


  2. ramonawi

    I like the new feature of having to copy what you didn't know at all, but I agree that it's probably usefull to be able to turn in off.
    Also, I'd strongly vote for a "accept as correct" button.

    It would also be great if you could set in your preferences which options in the learn mode you want to have chosen or not by default, so that you don't have to check the same checkboxes each time.

    As always: great job! Thanks a lot!

  3. sf

    I assume it's just a fine&replace job: could you (at least) double the size of the Studies-List? Would be helpful. Thx in advance. New learn mode looks nice! Haven't found any bugs so far. Well done.

  4. Andrew

    Hey guys - thanks for the feedback. I'm loathe to add options, unless absolutely necessary. Options make the interface clunky. I agree with the accept as correct - I'll probably add that soon.

    Instead of having an option to turn off 'copy the answer', you can just type in fjfeeowj and hit enter, possibly? When I was building it, I figured the only way you would hit give up or hit enter on a blank box would be if you had no idea whatsoever what the answer was, so you might as well type it in after you see it for reinforcement.

    Also, I thought the options were automatically saving every time you changed them. I'll have to look at that again.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've been working on the Quizlet search engine this afternoon and I've come across some stuff that will speed the entire site up a decent amount. Good times :p

  5. Xinyi

    Is there an option that kind of tags the words that one gets wrong? like what i usually do with my flashcards...i put away the ones that i get right, and keeps the ones i get wrong, so that when i finish the first round, all i have left are the words i don't know

  6. jdacoby

    Definitely improved. The reinforcement of typing the ones you had no clue on was a nice addition, and the display after entering the word is also more sophisticated.

    I preferred the "three circles" at the top of the previous version, and the drop down menu listing the words in each of those categories (although they could be used to cheat).

    Nice job!

  7. ichlernejapanisch

    The new interface (especially symbols & term/definition-choice is very well thought-out. And it also seems so work faster. Well done! Being able to fix the settings about what should be ignored globally would be great. Something off-topic, but maybe intersting for others too: I'm wondering how the Studied-List works, I haven't found a help document on the Dashboard-side - do the items disappear after a certain time oder is there a maximum number of documents? Can I influence it myself?

  8. french oral

    did you have fun with your french teacher?

  9. Dave

    I like the improvements speeding up the site, that is really awesome!! I was studying for my exams this spring and my computer was running slow and I had to sit there and wait for the next term to load. It was so annoying!

    I also agree with the other users that an "Accept as Correct" button would be AWESOME! Thanks for working on it for us.

    One last thing! I agree with "jdacoby" in that I liked the "three circles" at the top of the interface MUCH BETTER than the new version's display. I think that the new version is just distracting me from the memorizing and the learning.

    Thank you again for your hard work!

  10. David

    I love it... the new learning is so much cooler.... It's just that the beta site is not loading a lot. it sorta of just freezes when I try to load and then I can't get back into beta for like 20 mins.

  11. Frostydino.

    I have lots to say about the beta site.
    I like the coloured things on the side, it was cool with the circles at the top but this is also good and it's nice to see how much you've got left.
    Linking to ramonawi's post, but also a compliment I found that now it is remembering the checkboxes I ticked - for one set anyway. Handy cause i always tick them all. Also I like how you can now edit the card in learn mode not just in familiarize (am i right in thinking this is new).
    One feature I would suggest is having a way you can just test yourself on the "most missed words" list because then you can skip the ones you get right every time. Thankyou for your work - this really is the most helpful site and i have recommended it to loads of people !!

  12. Frostydino.

    One thing i just noticed, at the end of the round, where is says the "standings" the % for wrong is always the same as the % for right, even when you get more/less wrong than right.

  13. jones4

    Yeah, Frostydino is right after the Learn mode at the end of each round the % wrong is the same as the percent right. Just a little glitch that you should be aware of.

  14. jones4

    Also, Frostydino, there is a way that you can test on just the missed words. AT the end of Learn mode click "Create a set with just these words" to create a set from any Round of Learn mode.

  15. hablaespanol

    I've just seen that the new version accepts spanisch punction as well (in the "ignore punctuation") :-) Very helpful, thank you! Keep up the good work!

  16. Afnan

    About the beta learn mode in beta, I like it, quizlet really is a work of genius. It was much faster than the older one. However, I have some suggestions. Perhaps I'm more used to the older one, i don't know, but i found it kind of uneasy to work with. The little balls falling off from the boxes on the left were a minor distraction while in the process of learning, and I'd rather the stats and all remain as they were before, this new one was clunky. Will we be able to access the older interface after the beta has been enforced?

    Love Quizlet Absolutely - 300 words in 2 weeks! Amazing, GO QUIZLET!

  17. Mark Beaver

    It's really good, though when you thought you knew an answer, the "copy the correct answer here" doesn't appear. It'd be good to have it if you thought you knew the answer


  18. ichlernejapanisch

    I like the idea of Mark Beaver too, what about an option "ask to copy the correct answer [ ] if empty / [ ] if wrong" in the options?

  19. Skraal

    I second ichlernejapanisch's idea. I'd love to have to copy everything I misspell.

  20. BigBan

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Greets.

  21. lol rofl


  22. me!

    makes quizlet even better :D it helps so much

  23. monkeypwn


  24. monkeypwn


  25. Bbulk

    In Space Race would it be possible to change the direction from which the words come? They float in from the left, which causes us to read them backwards. It should be more like the "crawl" at the bottom of a tv news screen.

  26. Darius


  27. TIPP #22

    come check out mi page WNBAgirl!!!!!

  28. aloya

    I am using this for my classes at a public high school, and with all of the fear of Myspace and Predators and all, having those two functions is gonna get your sight blocked from a lot of districts soon. But having a Chat-like Private Message Folder will totally get your sight blocked by a lot of school districts--I don't think the district I work in is all that unique. (Retarded, just not uniquely retarded) So please, please consider getting rid of the Message Function, or have a version of your sight without it--please would you consider that?

    Alan Loya

  29. giggle-giggle

    i like the pictures

  30. mii like ok

  31. friends7

    That was the worst that i have ever seen!!! :oops: :mrgreen: :P :D

  32. Jdawg3

    This is a great studying way. well improved

  33. baseball4me

    french is an awsome language to learn

  34. dude


  35. Buzzergirl

    I dont take french but its something id be interested in. my school dose not offer it to me so i am inable too. LOVE THE PIX!

  36. Girl

    well thats pretty cool and this website is awsome

  37. Dante

    The IPhone app has to be avalible on the Itouch and it has to work without internet

  38. nomzz

    Welcome back...
    Thx 4 sharing pictures,i never see picture of car like that...!Its good to know about beta.quizzlet...any change in <a href="http://www.firstwebhosting.net" rel="nofollow">website hosting</a>?
    It may have many interesting things...like u mentioned!
    1 A better Learn mode
    2 Better customizable accents and symbols
    3 Streamlined downloads
    But i like option 2 more than others!

  39. ajj3

    happy b-day Amanda!!!!

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