Hey everyone. Sorry for the rough stretch today. I just got Quizlet back up after some pretty heinous downtime. Everything should be 100% back to normal, and none of your data should be lost. Feel free to moan in the comments.

UPDATE: Some users have reported finding their groups deleted. I've tracked this problem down to some code on the groups page that will delete a group when there are no members in the group. When the Quizlet database was up-and-down today, sometimes the users table was not working but the groups were. So groups that were visited when the users temporarily disappeared may have gotten deleted. Fortunately I have a back-up from early this morning with all of the groups. It looks like about 15 groups may have been deleted. I'm going to work on getting those back up as soon as possible. Sorry for the trouble.

UPDATE 2: Restoring the data from today's early-morning backup went very smoothly. All deleted groups should be back up. Post in the comments if you're still out. Sorry again.


  1. thecatwhisperer

    i'm in the quizlet group for Ms. Selvin's french 4 class, but i think the group got unintentionally deleted. don't know if it was because of the downtime or if someone in the group accidentally hit a wrong button?

  2. that was weird

    i thought it was just my internet connection or something. 0.o

  3. :)

    I admit, I was pretty terrified that I would have to study for my Latin test the old-fashioned way.

    I love Quizlet.
    I've come to depend on it so much.

  4. Andrew

    thecatwhisperer - I'm checking today's early morning backup and I'll see if it has anything for Selvin's French 4. With everything else running smoothly, I'd be surprised if this got knocked off by problems.

  5. thecatwhisperer

    thanks, and sorry for the trouble

  6. mightaswellbeclara


    I thought it was my internet, too. I was freaking out because I have an English exam coming up, and I was gonna have to take out my flash cards.

    Thanks Andrew! You rock!

  7. VJ

    Hey wow I was a little ticked because I needed Quizlet that night. Man, on the night Quizlet goes down, i need it. That sux.

  8. Puella29

    Just a suggestion, Andrew, do you think you could tell us before Quizlet goes down next time? That way we could prepare for the test/quiz we had the old-fashioned way, with paper note-cards and the like, without having to depend on Quizlet.

    Just a suggestion


  9. Andrew

    Puella29 - I would love to be able to, yes. When I know Quizlet is going to go down, I will give ample warning. The problem is sometimes it goes down unintentionally, as in this case. And when that happens, it's impossible to give warning :(

  10. Drummer

    Maybe you could make 2 servers

  11. myextremlylongname

    i had a midterm yesterday and quizlet was down and i was like noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    and i had to study like they did back in the old'n days

  12. myextremlylongname

    acttually i had the midterm today but i was studying yesterday obvisouly
    and it was 80 question long!!!

  13. Anonymous

    can u make it so there is a backup that kicks in when quizlet goes down? Is that possible?

  14. Drummer

    want backup

  15. RJ

    For those of you who believe in having backup servers, its not a good idea. First, of all it cost quite a bit of money to run these servers. And second, if Quizlet had two servers (one normal one and one backup one) the backup one would have to to always be up-to-date in order for it to have all your info in it when the other one goes down--making it not really a backup, but more of a clone. Last, a second server would be to much work for Andrew, he already does enough.

    Thank you for Quizlet Andrew!!

  16. Schnozz

    Hey, Andrew, could you please work even harder to give me stuff for free? I have needs, you know. Thanks.

    Wait, that was sarcasm. What I meant was, "All of my flashcard sets are backed up on my hard drive, just like they should be, so no worries, and thank you for everything." That's better!

  17. dabbbbb

    agree with Schnozz...
    and plus, I LOVE AJAX.

  18. dabbbbb

    also, andrew, you may want to put an overflow:hidden for posts like these: http://quizlet.com/blog/archives/60#comment-8820

  19. Delia

    hey, my old account was deleted for no apparent reason. It was cabby14. I was wondering if there was anything you could do about that. thanks

  20. :) Smile!

    sorry i mean the same name and were only in academic groups so all the students/teachers let her back in. :)

  21. :) Smile!

    Andrew-Could you have some way of notifying us next tim Quizlet goes down. You know so we can bring study materials. The last down-time I was so used to Quizlet being my "study buddy" ,lol, I didn't even bring home my notecards. When I saw Quizlet was down I had to call word nerd friend and get them from him. Only a thought. :) :P :D :lol: :mrgreen: Peace and love...

  22. :) Smile!

    Sorry about the spelling!

  23. Xaturukumutuxat

    Backup would be a pretty good thing to have.

    how do u do the green smile?

  24. Andrew


  25. :?

    harsh lang. there buddy

    p.s. did the downtime have anything to do with "spray_paint_bandit" and the crash quizlet threads? someone told me he was using CMD.exe macros to spam in the forums.

  26. :?

    also: i agree usually its impossible to predict a server fault FTW

  27. packerfan95

    i think it was my friends playing a prank on me, but my group the orange door hinge, somehow dissapeared... and who said orange didnt rhmye with anything. But silver, i am still thinking

  28. Lussier

    haha the spray paint bandit/in my town we actually have a spray paint vandel!!! it sucks

  29. :) Smile!

    AKA E.S.C (my real initials)

  30. who?

    who iz the owner of quizlet?

  31. Xatu


    Duh, Andrew

  32. Xatu

    Andrew man calm down ur gonna get my teacher 2 ban quizlet! Do u want that?

  33. hello

    i forgot the o at the end

  34. smiley :lol:

    i <3 making smiley :lol: :mrgreen: :) :D :P ;) :???: :(

  35. hi

    yeah and he cussed my 11 year old sister out :) Smile! is her name

  36. :) Smile!

    Andrew erased my letter to him. Noone at my school is ever getting on Quizlet, again. BTW- my letter was before the one that says, "AKA E.S.C (my real initials),". He is a meanie sloveanie bobeanie. :( :cry:

  37. Dan_The_Man

    Hey Andrew I think u do a great job I pray for u all the time that u wont be under stress
    Thanks for inventing quizlet
    God Bless U

  38. sMILEY

    were we origanlly aloud to change our user name cause mine won't let me?

  39. Anonymous

    if my teacher saw comment 24 she would block quizlet for sure! was that seriously Andrew or a fake?

  40. Xatu

    That was Andrew but he listend & deleted so every body should just FORGET ABOUT IT!

  41. Andrew

    BTW - that wasn't me, it was an imposter and I didn't catch it for awhile... Sorry about that.

  42. hello

    ok i believe you. you should block someone from using the name "Andrew" except for you. i thought it was you and i felt upset and asked my self why would you say that? well have a great day

  43. soccer girl

    ya hi whts up i think that quizlet is the best studying site it helps in in all my subjects thanks Andrew you rock!!!!! :)

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